Golden Light Atunement
Introduction to the Science of Vibration for the Spiritual Seeker
GL wavelength   48.195 mm
Outer Dynamo Wave 11.47 - 11.48 mm
Inner Dynamo wave      6.66 - 6.67 mm

Light Rod Sensitivity is a Process

This process results in opening of the pineal vision of the physical brain, or third eye.
It can also stimulate a healing process.
I am seeing the person who sought out this information, setting with a Golden Light Rod in their lap,
maybe some past healing arts experiences, and struggling to understand all they are feeling from it.
Not believing it is even possible, yet feeling this is the proof. Where is the power coming from they ask?
There is no Reiki master in this "light rod." Wondering if they too can use this, and how it was done.

At this point they are ready for the mental models, and may actually be seeking them out.
They will now understand.
 The words will now make sense.
The Matrix document will spring to life, the fractal math will have new meaning.
This is by design, the information must be sought out by those who have experienced the phenomena, to be appreciated.

Opening to the Flow of the 4th Octave

[The GL Light Rod Fractal]
My writing style may seem a bit cold to the seasoned Light worker. I want you to know this is not the case,
I have had the most remarkable and intense healings in my Spiritual Life, and I have been fortunate to have worked with some of,
what I consider, the very best Light workers of healing in the world.
The technical part of all this is usually embraced long after such healing work has had it's profound effects to change ones perceptions of this reality.
Wilbert Smiths "Boys Topside," told him, "We cannot teach you the answers, we can only assist your learning process." So here again is the free will issue.
Will a person go to the effort to craft one of these Light Rods, touch it, play with it, then seek answers to the questions that will flow in? 
That really is the "process" I believe. Phenomena - mental explanation - phenomena - explanation, a cycle of the seeker.
It can not be reversed. The mental part is not the first step, it is the trailing step. The physical mind is the tool of the Light worker as is the heart.

I am a technician of vibrational devices, who has also opened to the world of the Light worker.
I was asked, "how did you locate these resonant lengths and how does one open the third eye vision?"
My answer, is that the Light Rod itself will give you the part that is missing. The primary experience, the first step, the atunement.
If you can not feel a thing, then it will never be real for you on paper. A Reiki master can give you an atunement, if you are clear and ready. 
They will be teaching you the emotional process part, and they will be oblivious to the science part, because that's "how it's done." 
A light rod, will do the same if you just keep it around and do not think about it at all. When it happens, you will want to know more. 

At this point you seek out the builder of the device, and the explanation will be welcomed.
Then you may even advance it, using your own vocabulary and this will now have meaning for you personally.
A "coherent vibrational field" is the teacher, because it is conscious, as a CU [Consciousness Unit.] Or a quantum unit of the "one." 

This oneness is recognized, without using words at all, simply by being near it.
The GL length, within it's own mass, generates a vibration from the 4th level of consciousness, or the 4th density. 
It is centered on Healthy Emotional Function, and the physical body will respond to it via the "emotional healing process" which precedes it. 
Thus we have a physical device that now produces an auric field similar to a Reiki healer, and as well causes the process of healing to start up, 
in the person who embraces this new vibrational awareness.
The main difference of course, is that a Reiki healer, must prepare his own 4th vibrational body before
giving the atunement, and the vibration will be opened only during the atunement.
The Light Rod will continue to pump out this same vibration constantly over time,
without warm up period, and without having to deal with it's own auric process.
Light Rods are a technology of producing vibration.
The vibration is a reflection of the whole which it is tunned into, a perfect fractal.
In the case of the GL frequency, this just happens to land in the middle of the Spiritual plane we recognize as Heaven, or upper 4th density.

If a Light worker, or a meditator, would choose to develop the skill, they can have a stainless steel caliper handy during their Spiritual work,
and record each distance or segment length, as they access it's vibration rate.

On the technical side, we call this a segment, or a fractal length.
We then go on to show how math can be used to produce this vibration at greater or weaker levels using a physical device.
These devices are known as the conscious devices.


Control Flows

Source Energy

The Control Flows are the vertical channel, known to many as the Chakra line.
It extends on the Astral from the heavens to the earths center and then back to the heavens. 
Thus it has two flows. An up arrow flow and a reversed down arrow flow.
A practitioner of any of the healing arts, will be familiar with these already, and can easily make the transition then to a science that describes them, 
and as well understand devices which can perform for them, to magnify these types of effects also, as the Rain Maker units produce at the flip of a switch. 
A 10 x to 100x boost in the conscious flow of the energy.
 This is Wilbert Smiths "New Science."
The Tempic Field

For me the entry point was quartz crystals, many years before I ever thought of trying to use this as a science.
I was getting hot and cold fields to build around crystals, back when I was in my late 20's.
In this process a great deal of meditation was involved over time, until finally I would walk into a crystal shop and certain ones would call to me, vibrating up across the room.
Seemingly from their own power.
When you work with healing energy, or chi, something happens along the path.
You realize, you do not have to create the energy yourself.
Although in the beginning you do have to create it yourself no matter what you are told to the contrary. 
You must first be able to reach out to grasp it, to first send.
You do have to generate the first field to open your own conduit and sensing ability.

This is a major step in personal energy work.

Form the technician level of current electronics or physics, we do not find any explanation for this, thus few look for it, on the scientific side. 
It requires a great leap of faith with an associated fear of the power that may follow.
All the "what ifs" start to come in as you slowly open to this possibility. What if I accidentally hurt someone?
What if I succeed at moving a knife and it hits someone else? How is this greater power controlled? Will I become evil and seduced by this power?

In karate I probably worked for about 7 years to finally find this flow of energy I only manipulate, yet do not have to generate within myself.
Now we may offer a much faster method, by giving devices that will offer the "proof" much faster, to the seeker.
These are the control flows from Source, and they are not powered by us, but channeled through us.
It is again the Spiritual seeking that opens this door, and usually after many atunements working with others, where it is realized "I"
can tap into the energy all around us, and create flows of energy that are way more powerful then myself.
As a healer one experiments directly with these flows, realizing only there is a great outflow into others, and also a powerful inflow or sucking possible,
and we can do it using only "intention" plus a little extension of our own energy to connect with it. 
There is the Light and there is the cold dark, and these are already experiences of healers.
A common ground and a common vocabulary. Intention becomes ever important, and one must be able to have clear "intention" to steer these flows.
That is the first experiment with an RM unit [Rain Maker] that will blow you away.
The flow responds to intention, and the RM can amplify the flow, without the need for a long meditation to open to it.

Perception Flows

Human Energy

 Next is the cross flow, or the center of the H.
This is the part "we must do," using our intentions in the healing arts. One must first extend their own vibration out just a bit to locate the control flows.
The big discovery for me, is that a machine or a device can also do these cross flows and cause energy to come in here from Source power and cross at almost any level.
Energy that we do not have to generate locally but can steer.

Where an understanding and experience, of this process comes to the masses of the people, it will be realized we can power our homes from Source energy, and stop living off other life forms energy systems.
In the Rain Maker configurations, is given all the experiences necessary to identify all 4 of these types of flows, and the materials that can be manipulated to achieve this.
These are the links, that need to be understood and accepted as real, for science to embrace the Spiritual experience, and begin to support it rather then remain in conflict with it.

Spiritual Evolution

The Spiritual people will first bridge the science gap, already having the experiences of phenomena.
Pick up the calipers and start recording what they are now doing.
Next the scientists must realize these bridges are real from the phenomena that it can produce consistently as a science.
And simultaneously there must be a "mental model" offered to reduce fear of the unknown,
as individuals begin to experience the psi phenomena openly, and discover the connection to the science also from conscious devices.

GL light rod catching on, is one device that seems to be working on the phenomena side.
Every one produced, does produce energy consistently, every time. 

This has not been true with the Spiritual community to date, which has been relying on certain "emotional motivations" to allow the flows to open.
Each healer gets different results, because each is working through their own filter of the 4th vibrations first.

The only choice people need to be making, is if they are motivated to contribute to the integrations, bringing harmony state to our culture,
or if it is their intention to leave here again, and go back to the "wheel of life times." Light - Dark - Light - Dark etc.  
Light body experience of ecstasy, then horrors of physical life, then Light body again, etc.... as it has been.
This is an extreme experience indeed, many are ready for a change.
It is not as simple as writing a bible for others to follow, it is an active interaction to bring the Light to the people and connect them with it,
then allow it to do what it will naturally, as it has with myself.
It is a process.

 Social Evolution

Many practitioners come to worship their Higher Light beings to direct these flows, with them in the physical now giving off the "control."
This is a necessary step also to learn. 
If you allow this for too long however, the Light being will take control of the ship.
The problem is that this being will not set all men on the same course of harmony, 
because it is like a little God with tremendous power, and would rather lead you in laziness, then do your bidding actively with mankind

There is now a choice to be made, to either move on and up personally, or to stay here and improve mankind on the 3rd level, the great human circle.
This is easily remedied, by the use of "intention."
A person must learn to operate from the level of "intention" only at this point will the Light body, then respond to you as it's master, 
or at least it's equal, ,freely giving support to the course you have actively chosen as a path here on 3rd vibration level.
We are all free to choose to exit the current path we are on, but only if we are aware of all the options.
I think there was a time where no two Light workers could work together due to conflicts from opposing will on the 5th level of vibration.
No amount of religions, could rectify this dissonance in humankind, because each one sought to control everyone else.
This is the Light body overextending it's authority as a God force we should follow blindly.
It feels no pain, when you are killed in a war with someone else.
It feels tremendous joy as you die, and wake back up.

This is the experience of the tunnel of Light, and so if we want to get past the wars, we have to
pull "harmony vibration" to the third level of vibration and set the Light body to assist, with "intention" technique.
I believe this is how the other cultures of our galaxy have achieved harmony state in the 3rd density and continue
to explore this level of the universe in space vehicles with physical bodies. It is possible. It is a choice.

Scalar Coils

Will they get to a point, and then have fear come up, lacking a mental clarity, then turn away from it due to "feelings?" 
This has been the long history of scalar coils?
 Scalar Bismuth coils at low power levels. Aluminum discs.
The process is documented, in my case, from the first small scalar coils onwards in the magnetism site.
And this is a string of documents called the Experimental record


The first section "experiments."
Where I discovered the process of "sliding" for myself,
in the physical using low energy vibration coils made of Aluminum and Bismuth cores.
These allowed me to slide even into the metals, and explore them on the atomic structure levels of "feel felt" forces.
This coil was my "eyes" in the beginning, and with it everything came to life on the inner vision over time.
I learned to vibrate up discs of thick aluminum with BBs of bismuth
placed like a checkerboard over their surfaces to extremely intense fields.
The mistake that is often made is to wind a scalar coil on iron, have it push up the top of your head,
cause pain, and
nasty emotions to rise up, and then run away from it.

Iron was the wrong medium to begin with, and instantly amplifies everyone emotions in the room!
Good or bad, so all people around must endure "all of it" at amplified levels.
One bad day for one person and the project is abandoned as something no one would want to be around!

This is no joke either. It has been the common experience with iron core scalar coils
The iron is tapping into the return flow to Source, that has all the information from the astral plane superimposed over it!
Again, one must have the phenomena experience to understand what I am saying here.
By study of the nuclear levels, physics and chemistry,
I was led to the "bismuth" and "Aluminum" for a mass of vibrational energy,
as having the correct properties for the mental plane access directly,
 in the flow from Source before it hits the emotional levels or the outer physical plane.

It is the nuclear access where gravity is the strongest

 The materials you  use, are important for the type of conscious access you desire.
Where the study of electronics shows us the fields, directly working with the different materials show
us the conscious effects, and links for each one.

Bismuth is the heaviest stable metal we have access to, and it is also the heaviest diamagnetic metal.
The conscious outflow from Source is accessed by the devices through the diamagnetic materials,
and the inflow links back to Source are accessed through the magnetic ones.
Using both Bismuth and iron one can set up a very strong flow between the components which
can be used for manipulation of the conscious energy.

Harmony For Planet Earth

Pull down the pyramids and replace them with triangles and circles.
In the circle everyone is Equal.
5th Octave of Vibration
I was also pondering this infomercial mentality that follows every new multi level marketing scheme.
The testimonials, all sound good but also expose the fact that no one using the stuff knows how it is made,
how it works, the formula for making it, or what it is really doing.
No one can get a print of how it works from the company.
This is the "ignorant consumer model," and used now for the MLMs and
fad diet programs that end up telling you only to stop eating fat, to stop getting fat! LOL!
Hmmm why didn't I think of that?
 They are designed to produce a hierarchy, with only a few with knowledge at the top and a whole bunch of blind faith followers at the
bottom who support the system with their labor at very low cost, and exuberance of energy getting "high" on the stuff. LOL!
The money model again, creating division of the classes.
The great pyramid. The Age we are supposed to be leaving now.
This is the first concept we need to overcome, and the solution is to offer all the knowledge with the experience simultaneously.
This sets the stage for a Spiritual evolution of Trust, in that we are all on even ground, seen in the great circle as equals.
Something that will be discovered working with this energy anyway down the road.
 The 5th vibration will have it no other way in the end.

Again it is a choice, and making this one right off, will allow a community to go much further together as one united force.
Harmony state can only exist within a circle, because if you have tunned into the pi/2 ratio,
you have already experienced this as something we are not achieving here in the 3rd density work environment. 
Anyone who has, will become disillusioned with the way it works now in our system of commerce.
More a pulsating extreme phi pressure.
Also if you have worked with pyramids, you understand the vibration at the bottom is very heavy, a 4x mix,
to support the vibration at the top, which is very light from the intersection of the 3x sides, increasing in energy to the top. 
It is printed on the money for Heaven Sake, and there for anyone who can feel this to recognize openly!
Again the experience of the phenomena, will make these statements very clear to the seeker who has done the experimental work for them self,
knows what a pi/2 harmony state feels like, and how energy in a pyramid is structured and feels at different locations.
Now project this group circle energy into the work environment and watch how everyone starts working together at the right times,
and things begin to flow along smoothly in synchronization.
This is very simple feel felt stuff, and is a combination of the Spiritual flow, and science.
A simple example, that can eventually pull down all the hierarchies fueled from lower 4th density level, a choice.


I have never personally witnessed a UFO.
Several of my friends have, and I have studied many case history accounts and pondered the descriptions.
From my experiments with shifting the field density of the Aether in various devices,
the following is my opinion, simply from my own reaction to this new energy type.

When people realize, how there is a science to consciousness itself, the UFO experiences will be seen in a new light.
In that witnessing the emanation from a density ship, will be recognized as a "side effect"
of a machine that radiates vibration at a conscious level of vibration where we also exist
Whether you see demons and great fear comes up, or you see angles and tremendous Love comes up, there [will] be an emotional response.
This is a function of your personal ability to hold a vibration at that level.
I believe this is the only difference in the two most common types of UFO experiences.
 They reflect your personal ability to shift vibration frequency, and what that vibration range has overladed on it by you.
What ever is in those ships is a totally different matter then your first "perception" of seeing them, and how it makes you "feel."
Loath and run away from the ship, or see the Light and be drawn into the ship.
This is a side effect of the ship, and which vector it is leaving or entering on, not the occupants, just like a light rod experience.
Most humans have not yet explored the vertical channel, and may have no idea what is happening
as the frequency is forced in the upwards direction on the Control Vector of Source at great power levels.

It is up to your own "process," when then hit with a strong vibration like this, your pineal may go into overload condition, to "process" the experience.
This is a massive experience of "phenomena" and an overload for most earth people at this time.
No wonder the perceived contents of the UFO has been changing over time as more people encounter them.

UFOs zoom up they change colors and shapes and then disappear and are gone.
They fade in and they fade out from 3rd density vibration.
As a UFO increases it's frequency towards the next physical plane upwards, it achieves intense light vibration,
and just before it crosses over the boundary of perception, it feels exactly like God has reached down and touched you.
You are staring into a higher light velocity system of the "control vector" of Source where beings may appear as Angelic or even Demonic.
The speed of light is different, and the shape of the craft can appear to warp into other shapes from the refraction off the bubbles "light or Aether bending qualities".

The ship has moved upwards on the Control Vector path, and for a time is dumping massive
amounts of higher frequency "outflow" into our density, filled with emotional charge for "us."
Going the other direction it may just fade out into the darkness down the inflow vector.
Inflow is at first experience, often personally painful .
There are 4 paths out of this density for consciousness to slide.
Each ship controls where they land in this system, by manipulating the 4 flows relative to each other.
Intense high frequency on the outside of the bubble and an intense down shift to the inside of the bubble, the craft floats on the Aether.

The beings inside are not having the same experience!
Unless they have also set it up to do that, and are from a higher density to begin with.
From the higher frequency side the beings there see the ship fade out and go dark without the radiant light show.
After you cross a density, or open a portal into one, the Light is intense for a time,
and until your vision adjusts you feel you are in a room filled with intense light, radiant off every object.
Eventually you come to adjust and then realize, this is only a new level of vibration
rate and there are ordinary beings with ordinary problems here also.

I opened an upper 4th density portal one time to this level, and was at first sobbing laying on my desk, during this adjustment process.
My mind raced in a very harmonious way, as it started to synchronize with a faster time flow rate.

This is physics, pure and simple, and like the first tribes to see an airplane,
the plane is not a God from above, nor are the pilots Gods from above sent to interact with us.
 It only seems that way from the new experience.
Most Aliens are not interested in interacting with us, on the emotional or
physical levels from the small contact I have experienced on the inner by sliding.

What Does Want To Get Our Attention?

What does want to interact with us, is our own inner Light, and it will take any form we choose to communicate with us.
It will lead you down any path and accept any lie or "mental model" you are willing to pursue with it, just for the contact to begin the "process."
 It is an extension of ourselves on the other levels of consciousness, much like our hands are extension of the "one us" in this 3rd Octave.
This higher light is recognized as a very personal connection, and that is exactly what it is, a personal extension of us.
It is the same Light of the tunnel of light observed at death, and we are all connected into it.
A few years back, do you  remember our beloved Blossom Goodchild.
A channel for the Galactic Federation of Light. She predicted the Light Ships would be coming to save us from ourselves.
I fully believe she was having authentic experiences, with her personal Light levels,
manifesting to her in order to have the integration of the physical and the Light body of 5th vibration.
This did not turn out to be true for all of us watching the event, and is now viewed then as personal unfoldment, or "personal process."
This process is the sacred unfoldment.

It is nothing to be ashamed of, where a complete understanding is present of the "process" described in this document.
I have gone though the very same type of experience also, and also grasped for it's true meaning.
I had to disqualify the Galactic Federation when I realized it's structure was a pyramid hierarchy.
Within the channels was much conflict, and disagreement on what was being seen by them.

The Alien contact I have run into long after these sort of integration experiences,
was never filled with emotion or any involvement in our local politics.
They consistently tell me, work with one another, until you get accuracy and agreement,
 then approach us again via the inner channels, when you have a clear vision.

The message is "Do this between earth people until you are transferring message accurately."
Until then, such channeling as the Galactic Federation of Light, where no two channels seem to have agreement,
must be considered, personal integration process.

With the introduction of the idea that now two people can not only share the same frequency,
but can slide together to meet there, this is starting to look more like psychic ham radio.

Alien contact, will become a possibility, after we have grown up to adults in this galaxy.
Learning to observe and even measure the "segment frequency" you are vibrating on, is a very big step in
the integration of our Science and our Spiritual understanding of the universe.
 Learn to enjoy the Process at every step, and honor the Process in others, where ever they are working in the spectrum.

David Lowrance
c_s_s_p group
7 - 29 - 2011