Tempic Field Matrix

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Node length record was established in Jan 2008 by c_s_s_p group, and the first measurements were made at 57 deg North in Alaska.
Experimenters [sensitives] worldwide have responded and begun to record other lengths as they work with these and explore new ones.

Vibrational Rods and Nodal Distances present on the Earth

Vibrations are all around us, we only need identify them to begin.


To determine the fractal octave count one must start cutting resonant wires. Octaves have segment counts.
When you discover a resonant length, you must locate two strong nodes on it. Cut off exactly one of these segments, take another sensing wire of the same length and scan the wire for node peaks. Count them. When you cut off one segment of a resonant vibration rod, the frequency will jump higher and a new set of nodes will appear at smaller distance apart on the segment. This is the next higher Octave of vibration. This will be the base fractal count for the vibration set. 6x means that cutting one segment will result in 6 new segments forming on the smaller wire and a frequency shift upwards.
The following have been discovered 5x, 6x, 8x, 12x, 16x. The fractal system is then identified as an xx fractal system and one will immediately know that stacking this number of segments will now drop the frequency one octave.

1111 function

These multiplier functions can be added to the length of any tempic field vibrational resonant system to raise the frequency to higher octaves along the entire longer system. The cause multiplicity to become unequal or interactive, such that there is far less downshift of the frequency and many more light nodes to appear along the lengths. While these do not produce the intensity of the primes, they do produce a very powerful intensity of the field.

111 Document

12x fractals
    standard length times  1.090909090909.... = new length

8x fractals    1.1428570747

6x Fractals   1.2

5x fractals    1.25

This is an advanced technique after one is familiar with cutting resonant rods. It increases the node count tremendously.

Layered Fractals - Natural Gravity Fractals

GL node lengths were collected from the Iron Golden Light Rods, Alaska GL rod Linear form lengths 

Inches                       mm
1 x = 1.89745          48.2 ~        4.82 cm
2 x = 3.7949             96.390
3 x = 5.684235       144.379
4 x = 7.5898           192.780
5 x = 9.473725       240.6326
6 x = 11.36847       288.759
7 x = 13.263215     336.8856
8 x = 15.1796         385.56184

10.11973 ~  [10 feet 1 - 7/16"]   [3084.49472 mm] Copper Length - Golden Light Coil
Direct node sensing shows 24 ga wire at 10 feet 1" and 9/16" is closer!

Diamagnetic Node lengths are collected from a fractal breakdown of Copper coils referencing the length of Lyle Lathems coil - 44.5 feet.

Lathem lengths [diamagnetic materials] These are very accurate as a copper wire of 44.5 feet is a very long reference.
If used for water, remember this is the actual waters dimension not the containers.

R [reference] =  44.5' = 534"
R/8 = 66.75"
/8 = 8.3475"         - 8x
/8 = 1.04296875" - 1x  [our unit length reference for diamagnetic nodes]

The chart for diamagnetic materials circumference [Lyles coils are circumference lengths]:
1x - 1.04296875
2x - 2.0859375
3x - 3.12890625
4x - 4.171875
5x - 5.21484375
6x - 6.2578125
7x - 7.30078125
8x - 8.34375              8 - 11/32"

Now the chart for linear form is the diameter of the above: x / pi [sets water diameter and water height - square]
1x - .33198
2x - .663974528
3x - .9959617
4x - 1.32794
5x - 1.6599363
6x - 1.99192358
7x - 2.3239108
8x - 2.6558981

Space Time

[Earth]  space / time fabric  resonance.

333 Khz vibration [Bashar]

44.29 mm [Dave L]
Measured with F-Gen set to pump out 333,000 Hz  [Physical resonance of space time fabric]

Egyptian Rod  -  5x Octave

The Rod of Ra was offered for consideration, and a great many claims are also accompanying this rod. Recognized by Count Walewski in New York in the 1920's as something very special. His study seemed more based on the Spiritual reasons then the scientific, and groping for a "battery effect" to explain the conscious effects observed. The effects are far more then a simple battery can explain however.

I have done some experiment with this length to discover a few new perceptions based on the recent rod technology developing and identification of nodes.

The rods dimensions offered:
Length                     Diameter
150mm                     28mm
5.90055"                  1.1024"
5" + 7/8" + .8/32"     1" + .8/8" [approx the diameter of 1" ID copper tubbing]

Segment Length = 30 mm

Both copper and iron were tested. Rods appear to divide into 5 segments and feel very electric even if only one is used. Rather then having a radiant light node at the center these have a central EM or diamagnetic node that is not radiant [odd number of segments]. If palming hold them off center on the first light node you sense. The rods seem to work opposite to the 8 segment rods and pull energy into this physical realm. The rods pull all your conscious energy into the physical now and into the physical body! They are probably most effective in physical healing, but more importantly they bring you back into 3rd density. Set into the pitcher of water they produce powerful effects after 3 days, including numbing and "pains of healing" while freeing joint motional ranges and bringing a healthy physical state of beingness. Better then drinking coffee, they are a stimulant for the here and now.

It is my current belief this is the 3rd density length, and was the one left behind in Egypt for all trying to maintain earths vibrational level and beings on this present level. It would seem this may be the only length they wished to leave us, I have found no other one offered. All the statues were seen to have these in both hands. If one was using a pyramid to work on ascension, these rods would be used to re-enter the earth and get one back here stabilized. If we make it to 4rth density, the golden rods would become valuable in holding onto that vibration for any who were new to the realm, and did not wish to slide back to third accidentally.

This rod length is extremely harmonious with the golden light length also!  Once mastered the two can both be used in one device and will not produce headaches or dissonance.

Claims that do not add up for me:
I question that these need to be made of battery or voltaic dissimilar metals to be effective. A single copper one offers a strong electric sensation even without a second rod held. This denotes one wire electricity rather then conventional EM energy. As well altering the length is not going to work anymore for a Radiant light to EM conversion. Diameter is not so important as is maintaining the proper length. This is not a simple battery, but a Radiant light device, as the nodes are perfect. Any explanations based only on voltaic materials used are missing a great deal of the principles of torsion and tempic field matrix fundamentals.

I have found no one else identifying these rods as having 5 segments, so it is unlikely these are fully understood at present. I have also found no mathematical relationship to offer that these rods are related to the phi ratio in any way I divide the numbers. Phi is simply not present in the dimension relationships, and the claims that these are phi related comes up totally without basis. I believe they are fractal, and based on a finite length that causes light to break into radiant nodes of a matrix system of 3rd density. This length was theorized by myself, but I was not able to perceive it directly. I am very great full that the connection was made with these and given for our consideration.

Conclusions to date:
Do not spend $250 to buy these made for you. Instead buy a pipe cutter and some copper, aluminum, and iron pipe, and carefully work on cutting the lengths perfectly. Diameter is not critical but length is extremely critical. Charge up a cylindrical pitcher of water by setting the water level the same as the pipe setting on end at very center, for about three days. Also just hold them in your hands for a period until the body begins to feel them strongly. You should be able to sense these as they are the strongest physical rods I have used to date. As with all the rods there will be a period of clearing and cleaning, pains and adjustments to a state of balance. From my perception these are the physical rods, the golden light is the higher emotional rod.

This new perception may allow these to be used also for alternate energy work, as now we realize the distance can be multiplied by 5x to create large coils, as well as platonic form sides that may very well light up with EM under the correct conditions.

Earth Node Resonance

Photo Earth Node

13.5 cm 4 nodes - copper and iron wire
27 cm   8 nodes - This was discovered over the Garage earth node in the corner of my workspace. I did quite a lot of sensing the earth and searching out nodes using this length in copper and got strong results. It was cut, setting directly over the earth node and matching the vibration. I fashioned a very large copper tube at 27 cm that produces strong numbing sensation, and increases when held over these earth nodes.

Three Grids Identified

According to Dave's rod-length's I made tests with my variable rod and found resonant length's for those fields.
Tube-wound coils with twisted scalar winding are really simple to make - positioned on the grid lines or grid crossings change the fields in the room.

Hartmann Grid: 108,5cm
Curry Grid: 134,7cm
Water veils: 110,2 cm

Martin Pott

Earth Fractals

For more on earth resonant fractals and platonic vibrations please visit this page.
Earth Fractal Calculations

Water, Joe Cell, and Hydrogen Resonance

A most intense and high frequency field. Resonant lengths were cut over a charged Joe Cell. 
Joe Cell water resonant lengths:
4.2 cm and 7.2 cm that are radiant very near the cell were the two strongest lengths found

4.2 in the horizontal planes of motion - This one was felt to be the hydrogen atom vibration fractal, or some form of it.
7.2 in the vertical direction - This one was sensed to be the Oxygen atom vibration fractal

Aluminum discs were fabricated having 4.2 cm radius from the center hole outwards, with standing copper tubes added. This system was noted to become alive when touching water. These lengths in SS wire also light up water very fast when inserted to about 1/2" in or more.

Water resonance diagram

The Aluminum creates a fire hot sensation, and this system over a Joe cell stays hot, while the cell pulls cool.

Lengths were now cut over a running engine

Engine spark resonant lengths, running gasoline:

4.9 cm and 8.4 cm

in the horizontal, off the side of the top of the heads was most strong and one can zero in on each spark plug, a very electric feeling was noted, tingles and numbing up to the elbow off copper tubes having 1/2" ID diameter. It is thought that the arc of the plugs emits a tempic field pulse, and this pulse is clearly present all the way back to the door handles of the car. Using the 8.4 copper tube gripped in a palm you can feel this for yourself.

We see that we have a match of a double on the cell. 4.2 x 2 = 8.4, which is one of the strongest engine vibrations. The JC and the engine do seem to share a common rod vibration length.
8.4 cm

The two tests were done independent of one another. I have surmised the common element in both gasoline and water is probably the Hydrogen atoms. Evidence is however "intuitively matched" to what the Hydrogen atom is expected to feel like, based on its particular qualities. It is the smallest atom, with a diamagnetic field, and probably the highest frequency, laying right on the edge of matter as we observe it. Moving smaller we cross to sub matter sized standing energy waves.

Joe Cell Water Conditioning Sequence

Motor Oil Vibration Sensing 

It is offered that as an aid to charging Motor Oil faster, a device probe can be cut to specific length. When immersed in a tube with oil around it the transfer of torsion would be much faster.
These lengths are suggested as possible applicants as they appear to resonate with the carbon atoms in all motor oil.
The positive torsion field is now wired directly to the probe, which is insulated from the engine negative ground.
This probe must contact the oil in the high pressure side of the system.
The positive Torsion field excites the oil which then charges up the Crank Shaft of the engine as well as circulates through all internal pistons and rockers etc.under pressure from the oil pump.

180.25 mm is a 2x segment to Couple torsion fields into oil.
90.13mm = 1x

Oil is Penzoil SAE 5w-30

Cut off a SS wire and touch one end into the oil you will feel the vibration rise up.

Small Fractal sizes for Oil transfer stub

1x  7.51 mm
2x  15.02 mm
3x  22.53 mm
4x  30.04 mm
5x  37.55 mm
6x  45.06 mm
7x  52.58 mm
8x  60.09 mm
9x  67.60 mm
10x  75.11 mm
11x 82.62 mm
12x 90.13mm

1111 function these are amplified female node lengths

1x  7.51 mm x 1.09090909 = 8.194 mm
12x  90.13 mm x 1.09090909 = 98.32 mm
They charge up oil almost instantly. These lengths can also be multiplied by up to 12x to find appropriate lengths needed.

Palm Chakra and Healing Heat energy

1.65 cm

This length is small. It was discovered while playing with Light Resonant art using the paint program. Cut a SS wire this length, hold it between two fingers of left hand and shoot chi through it. This may attune you to the healing hands heat often felt in the finger tips during Jin Shin Do Acupressure sessions. Also visit the Resonant Geometry document to see if your computer  monitor will work as well.

Light Resonant Geometry

Bismuth Pi/2 Stack

1 5.3 mm
2 1.712 mm 20.542 mm
3 6.635 mm
4 2.143 mm 25.714 mm
5 8.305 mm
6 2.682 mm 32.189 mm
7 10.397 mm

Quartz Crystal Length

This length was discovered when vibrating up quartz crystals and is a lot of fun. It seems to work with all quartz crystals so is probably a fractal of the crystal itself at some very tiny level.
11.475 mm - 11.6 mm [range]
Vibrates up a field in any quartz crystal. SS wire     
1x                11.475 mm
3x                34.425 mm
5x                57.375mm
7x                80.325 mm
11x             126.225 mm
13x             149.175 mm
17 x            195.075 mm
19x             218.025 mm         [Inner Fire]

Cut the Stainless Steel wire rod a bit long and then slowly grind the ends flat until you hit resonance around any length on the chart above.
Hold this rod in a palm and touch any quartz crystal. It is especially strong when touching the sphere of RM or the crystal at center of the flower crystal form.

Quartz to Human Linking Field

17.23 mm

Guidance from Ben Malan who contributed this wavelength:
Just to make it clear, the 17.23 mm will be used for “tuning in” to any frequency/idea/situation, etc.  No matter how complex.

Quartz Diagonal Mediator Vibration

20.86 mm
7x = 146.02 mm

You may notice if you try this length on a quartz crystal, it will be felt on both sides of the brain equally.

Harmony Ratio Layering in Quartz

7X Layer Chart  pi/2 stack
Layer    Length
1        80.325 mm
2        25.944 mm
3      100.552 mm
4        32.476 mm
5      125.871 mm
6        40.654 mm
7      157.567 mm   or 13.131 mm

A strong field can be raised in a quartz sphere using any 3 of these in a row.

BL Blue Light Resonance Lengths

There were two systems located that seem to be coupled to seeing blue at the pineal.

Fractal 1   16.35 mm    The throat pyramid energy form

50 x 1.635 cm =  81.75 cm [centimeters]

This is a good length for a tube of Aluminum

Fractal 2    87.84 mm  a 6x system also

Aother good length to construct and hold.

6 x 8.784 cm = 52.704 cm [centimeters]

Fractal 3    The Blue Light of India  [Path of the masters]

78.5 cm [centimeters]

Diamond Frequency

Clear Diamond
8.710 cm - 12 segment fractal [side to side diamond]

The frequency was transmitted to me by Gillian  Lee, White Mountain (remedydevices@gmail.com) We met on JoeCell groups.
Gillian has an exceptional ability to send frequencies using a key code to release them. I used this to release the frequency into a jar of water, and then cut a resonant length from the water.
It is a higher frequency then quarts crystal and very pure to sense.

Gold Element

3.63 cm - gold element vibration
Discovered to vibrate up my gold ring.  Touch it against any quantity of gold.

1x    3.63 cm
12x  43.56 cm
24x =  87.12 cm

This is the element with a 50 / 50 balance between light and dark of the vibration system.
It is the most balanced element yet located, with an intense light of radiance.

Other Element Fractals for the Computer Monitor

Stainless Steel Vibrational Lengths

Vibrant resonant lengths    [cm = centimeters]                                                                         Cold Lengths                                      SS to water

              .7 cm                 1.05 cm              2.05 cm               2.25 cm          2.95 cm                               2.85 cm       1.4 cm          2.4 cm

2x        1.4                       2.10                     4.1                       4.5                   5.9                                   5.7                                   4.8

4x        2.8                       4.2 *                    8.2                       9                     11.8 ***         11.5**      11.4 ***                           9.6 **

6x        4.2 *                    6.3                     12.3                      13.5 ***           17.7                                17.1                                 14.4

8x        5.6                       8.4 *                  16.4                      18                    23.6                                  22.8                                19.2                               

10x       7                       10.5                     20.5                     22.5                                                                                                  24

12x      8.4 *                  12.6 ***

14x      9.8 *                  14.7

16x    11.2                     16.8

18x    12.6 *                   18.9

20x     14                       21.0

10.00105 cm is the product of all of these resonant lengths [head banger length]

SS wire is an excellent material to work with and the above lengths give a self resonating wire.
It was observed in Alaska using the hot SS lengths on the outer can of a Joe Cell tend to reverse the polarity of the cell in short order. Negative voltage will turn outwards. Thus one may want to avoid using them in JC work. They vibrate up the steel and cause the water to turn scummy, filling with a dark brown iron precipation which is probably iron.

SS to water

       .5 cm    2.4 cm     3.42 cm     3.52 cm     9.1 cm

2x    1 cm    4.8 cm     6.84 cm

4x    2 cm     9.6 cm   13.68 cm   

6x    3 cm    14.4 cm

8x    4 cm    19.2 cm

10x    5 cm    24 cm

12x    6 cm

14x    7 cm

16x    8 cm***

It is better to use water resonant lengths that will couple the SS to the water. These 5 fractals vibrate up the water and seems to aid the desired JC "inflow" process.

Upper Ionosphere Electric Vibration

Reference this document
925 Hz

There are five lengths of note based on a 6x fractal system.
Torsion Length  - 14.195 cm
Balanced Electric Lengths - 7.445 cm short    20.943 cm long
Unbalanced Electric Lengths - 10.82 cm short   17.57 cm long

They produce intense electric feelings, the lower groups actually generate voltages when placed in water.

Earth Moon Gravity Fractal

Distance of Earth to Moon, a known nodal distance for earth gravity / 12 x.
384,403 km
10.728 m
89.4 cm
7.45 cm  [12x fractal system]

Reference Documents

Gravity Rods

InfraRed Heat in Iron

The following lengths of SS wires were cut next to a red hot SS disc.
They represent heat resonant lengths.

1.931 cm
3.22 cm
4.936 cm
8.293 cm
12.437 cm

Party Levitation Frequency

166.92 mm   10x fractal system
16.69 mm 1x fractal
1.6692 mm .1x fractal

111 factor  = 185.2812 mm
-111 factor  = 148.5588 mm


Rock Salt Resonance

Iron wire - 32.55 mm    [touch one end to a large rock salt crystal]
6x  195.3 mm

Salt Water 100 percent saturated solution
Complimentary elements -  Tin - Silver
Cut a piece of 60 percent tin solder, to 195.3 mm and wrap around a jar of salt water! Nice.
Also wrap around a large crystal of salt.


Horizontal Resonance
Tree - 1.918" - 48.73 mm  [8x fractal system]

Vertical Resonance
2.515" - 63.89 mm          [5x fractal system]
1x -   12.778 mm    .503"
5x -   63.89 mm  -  2.515"
25x - 31.945 cm -  12.575"
Wood seems to maintain this polarized vibration even after cut and dried.

Other wood resonant effects

2.169" vertical pressure
2.085" pineal sight   52.96mm

Male Response

Lower Chakra Work

21.084 cm 
2.185 cm 


5.194 cm
5.719 cm
Very hot frequencies.


This chart is useful when choosing materials to vibrate against one another, one selection from each group will result in a balanced, self powering, vibration exchange. Tin and Salt work well, as do Silver and Gold.

Positive spin elements

Gold, Bismuth, Lead, Copper, Aluminum, Sodium, Hydrogen, Iodine, Fluorine, Phosphorus, Carbon, Manganese, Tantalum, Barium, Chlorine, Sulfur, Nitrogen, Zinc, Tungsten, Iron, Selenium, Cobalt

Negative spin elements

Beryllium, Silver, Tin, Silicon, Germanium, Neodymium, Strontium, Chromium, Magnesium, Calcium, Oxygen, Cadmium, Xenon, Helium, Zirconium, Neon, Nickel
Mercury has both about half and half like SS only even more balanced. Water has both. Silver gold combination has both. Air has both. Silicon carbon [crystal] has both in low abundance

Sensing the Tempic Field Vibration Nodes

diagram rods

In the above graphic the rod has 2 segments and three nodes. If a meter with AV plug is used, it will be noted that all voltage drops to zero exactly on a node. The background noise floor goes quiet or dips. There is a definite difference in sensing the Tempic nodes of Radiant Light and the diamagnetic field of pressure setting between them.
When you truly grasp the difference is an important step in sensing. The node points of radiant light are perceived as a true light at the third eye. This light contains information and is the conscious aspect of the energy. Between the nodes of Radiant Light are the fields of diamagnetic interaction setting up repulsion, and inside are buried the opposing fields of EM. These are sensed as the familiar pressure of both scalar canceling and torsion coils. The Light is not sensed along these areas, but the pressure seems to peak between nodes.

For those interested in confirming lengths the following experimental setup is given.

We are in need of more world wide data at this time to confirm the above models and length charts.
It is recommended to work with the Iron and the golden Light energy first using a pitcher of water at specific depths, as this will be a very nice experience.
Move to the copper to find the power of the torsion fields, if this escapes you.

Node sensing tool Picture

Showing the location of a tempic field node as found on a 5/8" by 15 - 3/16" rod using the sensing tool.

Tool picture

The tool shown is held such that the ends of the copper touch, and this creates a scalar canceling loop of tremendous power. There are many who will find this too strong for prolonged use and want to divert to using a 6" Loop as after the basics are felt and learned, it will become easier using tools that are not so Loud to the head. The Lathem length fractal is offered for those who have never felt the energy or know what to feel for. After use it must be cut "off center" to disable its torsion effects. A much thinner and smaller one can be made for more accuracy of measurements.

It was also later discovered that bending the last 1/4" of this coil to a 90 degree position will reverse the spin and totally switch the coil to a female vibration having very little head banger effect!


This is a most interesting length. If you scan the ring itself you may discover there are strong inflow nodes at 33/64" from each end. This is about 1/2". If you carefully bend the ring into an overlapped coil, with about 1" overlap, where these nodes cross, and then widen the distance between the overlapped area also to  this 1/2" distance the combination will create a 3D torsion system that is quite powerful.
Fun with small pieces of wire! Now stick a finger between the nodes and feel the energy.

When passing the rods through the coil loop a sense of "diamagnetic force" is observed resembling magnetism, and the pressures will become obvious. The rods must be tunned to the correct lengths so that Radiant light energy will be expelled in rings at the node locations for the copper ring to intercept. Then the tool can be used to find the peaks or the exact centers of the node points.
Increased sensitivity will lead to using more accurate measures, as the "diode lead" for very precise cutting of the rods, and measuring the node distances for your locality with extreme accuracy.

Picture Iron Loop

When an iron loop of any size can be felt and then set in place perfectly then enough sensitivity has been attained to make accurate node length measurements.

For rod testing, iron rods are best placed in an EW alignment and copper is better in a NS alignment. In this mode there will be little shift from the earths fields and nodes will be centered and easy to locate. The angle of the copper loop rings can be varied to experience the angular effects in mainly the copper rods of additional nodes appearing at low angles below 45 degrees.

[Original nodes were found using only iron tie wire rods of 15 - 3/16" at 57 deg North latitude. Crossing them at 90 degrees.]  It is recommended to work with soft iron if possible.

Email rod distances to the collector of data here:

Email Dave directly

Water Sensitivity

Water could be first experienced using the Magnetic lengths of the Golden Light.

Picture Charging Water

There is nothing more fun then feeling the energy around a container of Golden Light radiant water.
The water is diamagnetic and produces a constant field, with no pulsing, while the Stainless steel rods Pulse the water with Radiant Light photons.

For the more serious, one can simulate Joe Cell fields by accurately filling the water level to a node point level and the water itself will start to energize as a diamagnetic rod, with magnetic SS [Stainless steel] rod centered inside it. This sets up concentric oppositely spinning torsion systems and creates a layering of the field outwards.

Picture Water Cell

The water here is filled to the third magnetic node level and strong rings of torsion are felt around the pitcher for as far a 6 feet, filled with the Golden Light energy, spaced at even 1.89" steps.
This is presented for any interested in experiment with creating Radiant Light water, and exploring its healing aspects. Much higher quality rods should be used, as you can see the rust being given off by my low quality SS rods, and setting on the bottom of the cell. Note also the SS rings of wire being used as sensors, one fell to bottom of container and one sets on the top. The pitcher diameter almost matching the ring calculated size for the golden light rods circumference.

Further experiment with diamagnetic dimensions for water will be coming I'm sure, but expect a more powerful interaction, and to be respected as such.

Diamagnetic Forms

"We have nothing to fear but fear itself", and the headache that may follow!

Picture Diamagnetic Form

Experimenting with an attempt to contain the strong diamagnetic torsion field strength of the Laythem Fractals!
Here I am using everything I can, both triangle and circle, the field is still very strong, but feels more balanced.

Palming the Wheel of 24

The diamagnetic materials produce a constant output and the magnetic ones produce a pulsed output. [Early observation]
Now palming the diamagnetic form pictured above, having a strong constant pressure, and known to cause headaches.

Diagram Wheel of 24

The nodes are extremely easy to locate and are very active as constant pressure off the copper legs. They can be felt using almost anything even the finger tips, or a short golden rod of 1.89".
This is the same wheel we discover with simply a copper rod appearing at 15 degree increments as we rotate the rod from EW alignment through 360 deg rotation of the earths field.
The rod is held at exact center with two fingers and lights up at every position of the wheel. In this diamagnetic form we now observe the same pattern, as a lower sized fractal of the earths field, and must believe that this pattern then probably reaches all the way to the atomic particles and even further down then this to the origination point of the Radiant Light itself.

Atomic model

I was very excited at the next discovery, as I sought out ways to convert the strong diamagnetic field of raw pressure to a Golden Light pulsing field.
You can see the application to a model of the copper atom itself, and how the Radiant Light would be moving through it.

Picture graphic atom

I placed a bismuth slug inside the form and it increased the raw and constant pressure to the head. This is not necessary! LOL!
What you cannot get from the picture alone is how this actually feels as one touches the various points of the system. I discovered not only the wheel of 24 present from the center of the system, but at the three triangle points a very strong flow straight outwards. As the iron "electrons" are passed in a CCW circle, which they seem to prefer, at the first layer of pressure outwards of the form, a pulsing field is set up, and the intense raw pressure turns to a Golden Light energy at about 1 rotation per 3 seconds. As one moves faster the pulses of radiant light become much nicer to feel and interact with.

The "Electrons" are constructed of iron tie wire the lengths of the Golden Sections in the charts above so they have strong nodes along them appearing naturally.  Each one of them intercepts the raw radiant light from the inner diamagnetic form and turns it 90 degrees distributing it outwards along 24 more paths of its radiant light nodes. You can feel this shift of the energy pressure. As the "Electron1" form is rotated around the circle, when it passes the triangle points, a strong radiant pulse is discovered.  If we take the "Electron 2" pictured above, and roll it, as we move it around the circle a new rotation pulse is felt and its wheel of 24 now distribute these into a secondary rotation as well coming from each loop of the coil. This is all energy jumping between nodes and being rerouted by 90 degrees within the atomic motions, and turned into pulses.

You can see how all the fields interacting create the quadrature turning of the tempic field to manifest all the others. It is the nodal points of platonic form where the Radiant Light is passing through all matter from inside to outside and from outside to inside carrying the communication links that we have learned to slide along consciously and establish communication with. [Kosol Ouch Forums]

There is no longer a need to deem that Lyle Lathems 44.5 foot coils are toxic, or that they are negative or harmful. We only needed a model to express the operation clearly. In their form they are the most intense Radiant Light field we can generate in a static device. The Golden Light is truly made of the same energy only it must be given form by pulsing and steering it. Lyle has given us the gold, and the way to see this for ones self is to build the forms and work with them. Once experienced it will become obvious how matter pulses the Light. Why the golden light rods of iron pulse, and the copper rods merely light up.

This is the Tempic Field Radiant Light Model of Matter, and why when we look at an electron it pops in and out of our vision. [Quantum Physics] The electron does not have to move into an imaginary dimension to disappear, it only need contain all its energy as EM which is not radiant light, to vanish. As the next node of 24 rolls around it reappears as the radiant light being emitted now aligns with our equipments receptors. Thus electrons seem to appear and disappear in motion in two circles of spin around the atom, spewing the flow of gravity in all directions out at 90 degrees and using the same flow to regulate their spin momentum and charge themselves. The Light sustains all from moment to moment. Keeping this model in mind lets review EM and gravity to see what may come up.

Em is not Radiant Light:

We can show that in a resonant circuit, the energy present is not lost except by a small amount from the resistance of the wires. The actual energy within EM can very easily be restricted to these circuits and totally contained unable to escape. In a capacitor we can contain a voltage gradient stationary in space for many years with a field that surrounds the capacitor in physical space slightly larger then the capacitor. This is the nature of EM, both E field [voltage] and B field [magnetic] can bounce energy back and forth nearly forever with only a little spurt added to cover the copper losses. EM fields are not radiant forms and from a distance they disappear from view. One must enter the active area of these fields to interact with them. Gravity works nothing like this, but easily passes through all the components of electronics being contained by none.

Gravity is Radiant Light:

Recently I encountered the question "why are the formulas identical for E field and Gravity. Can they be the same thing?

If we picture out in space a light bulb glowing, now slowly move away from it, the light grows dimmer by a function of distance squared. At great distance we still easily see the light. If we now place a charged sphere with 1000 volts on it and move away within a few feet we can no longer interact with the arc generated from a short circuit from the voltage gradient, this also falls off as a function of distance squared, and unless the sphere is set to motion we are powerless to even detect its voltage nor can we find a ground common to either of our separated systems to measure this voltage. While both drop as function of distance squared, gravity has a far greater reach to be effective as a Radiant force.
These models explain the difference between EM and gravity. The Radiant Light propagates "straight" through space carrying the tempic field spin of the system that sent it out, and delivering that spin without loss at great distance. The EM field is "contained", and photons move along curved path along their E and B field vectors in circles and ellipses. As we move away from the bulb in space the light spreads in the sphere of radiance out along all the 24 angles of every particle in rotation pulsing, spreading a constant stream of energy into the universe and altering its background tempic field which is the Radiant Light density crossing that point where we are at. As we approach a planet we get hit with a constant flow from all matter present. The resulting spin fields alter our own, and c velocity changes, slowing towards the planet. Gravity pulls us in, as our own matter now spins with a warped gradient of c velocity lower towards the planet. Gravity bends Light, EM fields do not. Thus the matter of our own bodies is made of light at c velocity moving in circles through the EM cycles which are reduced in velocity now on only one side. It is the light propagation velocity being effected by the background tempic field radiant from the planet itself as we exchange photons.

Anti gravity may be nothing more then setting up a node position that can deflect all the radiant photons to 90 degrees and fling them outwards around us through a tempic node path, then bring them back to the top and create a more dense field above us, and we simply fall upwards towards it. This is pure tempic field manipulation. Wilbert Smith indicated we cannot counter gravity or tempic field, we can only bend it. It is a force with no opposite pole. How Wilbert arrived at this model should now become obvious, although we may probably never see the information that he compiled on this.

The experiment sited above really helps to comprehend this radiant light model, and actually feel it in operation. The force now radiant from Lyles coils can be thought of as pure gravity, or Radiant light without a pulse or form, but it is the very same force contained in the Golden Light and spews from the diamagnetic layer of all matter as a pulsed form.

As a side note, with this model,  increasing the electron count in copper atoms would seem to increase the field spread of gravity and lighten an object, not because of the increased negative charge interacting with the earth, rather because of how this effects the Radiant light propagation of gravity.


c_s_s_p group makes no claims as to the healing properties of the Golden Light or the intense radiance of the diamagnetic coil lengths. If you are sick please consult a physician. The information is for experiment and knowledge base of the science of spirituality. Combining the knowledge of both fields to reach a truth that may become self evident based on experience from direct experiment.
As an opened sourced non profit entity, we assume no liability resulting from personal experiment. The views expressed here are always opened to altering, and none are written in stone. They are only "models" offered to explain what is perceived in the experiments, and can never compare to a personal comprehension gained only from a deep connection with the Light itself. They will give one a "mental model" to accept these newly discovered energy forms.

May our knowledge base outlive us!