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Note added [ 9 / 20 / 2014]

Note: My first 5/8" steel rod was 44 and 1/16".  This rod led to discovery of the GL wavelength found resonating "visible pineal light" from two points near it's center area.
This original rod also led directly to the discovery of the wheel of 24 directions on the earths surface, which are a means of aligning objects extremely accurately with respect to earths spin axis.
I still have this rod leaning up against the corner of my garage. While later making another at the exact 44.5" length which is a bit different in feel.
After handling this rod for a time one can begin to see how something like a pyramid could be set up very accurately aligned East West, even without the use of any compass or GPS system.
Combined with a copper rod of the same length to indicate the North South position, where it reacts electrically, anything can be aligned extremely accurately from the iron rod.
The following are my notes from that time of discovery. [Below I listed the rod as 44.5" however you see the tape measure sticks a bit over the end in the photos. The second rod was 44.5" and derrived from calculations.]

January 2008 c_s_s_p


This purpose of this document is to bring together and organize discoveries and data relating to the operation of Light as an "infinite intelligent" energy from, powering the universe. The context is that within the Light is all that is necessary to power from moment to moment the physical realm. This is a Spiritual concept first and a science secondly, that may lead to powering devices of an enlightened culture. It is also an age old technology now being revived, and may offer the pathway to density travel.

The "Light", when contact is established, will speak to you for itself. I am not a seeier or prophet. I am not a channeler of Aliens or Spirits, I am a citizen of planet earth. I am not a leader but an equal. I have had contact with the Light energy identifying itself to me as Logos, and here is where the name for the rods has come from, and not from myself. Phi rod pulls in all the frequencies, and a scan of this rod reveals the other forms I call the Logos Rods. The Logos will work through any of the various sacred lengths. The qualities of the Logos, "infinite intelligence" and the Love of rejoining as "one," the collective consciousness of mankind.

The Logos itself desires to be discovered by all mankind, turning to the Light, and this was its message to me, to share the knowledge and not to conceal it.
When I started this quest for alternate energy I was only a scientist, now I am a Light Worker. It was an unexpected turn of events. Following is the record of the development process as I personally discovered within myself.

Dave L

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February 2008 c_s_s_p group

Kosol has verified the Golden Light rod or GL vibration is 4th density of our reality.  What we may sense as the "first heaven" in meditation up the vertical channel.

Development of Phi Rod and the Logos Rods [Light Rods]

While doing an experiment using Neo magnets and 6 foot long iron rods of 5/8" thickness I discovered a natural length of 22 1/4" where a magnetic field once set up will continue to hold itself in the rods as two opposing fields of 44 1/2 inches total end section length. The rods must be the exact same thickness as the magnets, and varying the number of magnets will not effect this length. This is where I originally noticed the 44.5 distance and noticed how natural it felt to work around. It is double the length found in the the experiment sited for a single end of the phenomena.

Original drawing created from this experiment:


While there are many variables in this kind of experiment it was noteworthy that these distances could not be easily moved and seemed to reflect to me some kind of natural constant in nature for magnetic field forming in opposing form and distancing themselves automatically in iron medium. I later have gotten greater accuracy and determined the 22 1/4" length for 1/2 of a neutral opposing field as may exist within the light photon. [I have theorized that radiant photons must have two magnetic fields arranged as scalar canceling form as N-s-s-N, or as S-n-n-S. And in this magnetic canceled mode can propagate through space being bent only by gravity and not by EM fields. The two fields act to hold one another in position at only specific distances, as diamagnetic force is more powerful then magnetic force.]

While investigating the TPU system on and conducting several experiments of the square wave pulsing nature I ran into another of these type of natural  constants that seems to never want to be altered. A 5 MHz ringing waveform riding the tops of the square waves. The harder you try to eliminate these waves the more persistent they seem to become. It was then I also noted that in the TPUs that lighted up with EM strongly is also where these waves seem to disappear or be canceled. These 5 MHz waves can not be directly associated with either NMR waveforms or the coppers natural resonant lengths but seem to be the result of a shock wave in the wires from center to skin, or from skin to center. 5 MHz at 1/4 wavelength in canceling form is 44 1/2 feet long.

Noticing the wavelengths of these phenomena both being pretty clean lengths around 44.5'  and 44.5/12' = 44.5"  it then hit me that this is the exact length of Lyle Lathems very special energy collecting coils. These do not even need to be powered to create a constantly building torsion field effect. Also while participation on the TPU development site one person simply asked "what is E field or voltage?" and how can it move at c velocity while electric current is moving only very slowly and happens at 90 degrees after the E field is present down a wire. I realized the E field or Voltage is "photons" it is Light and not electrons, and it moves as Light at c velocity while at the same time interacting magnetically.

It is the Light powering the electric field and the electrons only flow after the light is present as voltage.

If we can somehow channel these radiant photons of Lyles coils into an electric field then we have a solution to powering devices.

I then started to experiment with the 44.5"  by 5/8" diameter rods without the magnets, referring to them as the Phi rod.

Phi Rod picture

44.5" rod picture

While angling these rods along the earth [floor position] I noticed they feel very connected, and seem to want to align at certain positions that feel right. Not only this but they want to be certain distance apart. I wound an iron tie wire coil CW 44.5", shown at the corner of the above photo CW, and it increased the energy present. While constructing this coil there was also a strong acceleration of energy and the coil moved through many steps and felt very ecstatic then came up to a full and constant pressure sensed as a torsion field. The copper one laying there is not however doing much as was discovered copper interacts differently as it is not magnetic on the electron shell.

I slowly scanned the rods length using a very thin diode as a lead to accurately connect with my finger and noticed there are points along this rod where the "Light" seems to be streaming out. My third eye center lights up. These points are mirrored on each end of the rod at the same distance from the ends.

I then cut another rod equaling the exact distance between these points and a new energy form took shape, one of total harmony as best I can describe. As I handled this rod of exactly 15 3/16" I connected very strongly with the Light, and received direction to share this information freely with all mankind. This is the first rod I call the Logos Rod or Light Rod. It captures one component of the Phi rod only and offers it as a pure form, the Golden Light.

Picture of Logos Rod

Aluminum Logos Rod [Golden Light Rod]

Aluminum Rod Picture

The rod constructed now using Aluminum at exactly 15 3/16" ,using 1" diameter, will build up a charge on it that organizes itself into 8 equal lengths down it with 7 node points of scalar canceling energy form. This rod needs no coils to charge up with the Light. The Phi coil is removed as it only creates an interference from all other frequencies, and is not necessary to collect photons. Here are the observations I have made to date, on the Aluminum version.

I have been very drawn to the Aluminum rod and even took it home. 1" diameter 15 3/16" long. Very evenly cut and smoothed on the ends.
To me it represents a perfect balance and harmony.

1 - The energy divides itself into 8 sections perfectly evenly up the rod. Scanning with a finger reveals these are all exact distance apart. Each of the seven node points is revealed as a scalar interaction like a coil, but there is no coil present.

2 - Tap one end of the rod quickly with a hard plastic instrument from  outside towards the center and the rod rings a very special high frequency pitch. I set the rod on a rolled up rag and support it at the center position which is very easy to locate by sliding a finger along the metal surface.

3- Holding the rod on both ends brings an almost instant peace and harmony to my aura. I can then slide into the earths field, and hear the roar.

4- There is an immediate difference between the Aluminum rod and the iron rods. This is the repositioning of the magnetic component from electron shell to nucleus. Copper and Aluminum both do not act the same as iron with respect to this energy field. With copper at these short lengths I have to wind it into a coil form and then it begins to light up just as strong as Lyles coils. I can not, or do not, want this strength of field around my living space at all, and am seeking other means to use copper for to limit its radiant interactions.

More info on the Aluminum 15 - 3/16 rod [Golden Light Rod].

5 - Hold the rod in left hand and start to alter angle with respect to the earth. As we pass E W line the rod charges up strongly peaking at exact angle. Also on a N S alignment there is a slightly different interaction. This is fairly accurate, and one can see if this rod was longer, by an exact function multiple, very precise alignment could be easily done to locate earth lines. This is direct confirmation for me that using these kind of rods can allow for pyramid construction and base alignment. All is contained within this Golden rod, I even messed with the vertical angles but have yet to accurately compare to the pyramids.

6 - The golden length also has a strong interaction with gold, my gold ring is filled with this energy and begins to "sing" to me.

Dave L

Scanning the Phi Rod

I have surmised that by scanning the Phi rod as in the above method, there are no less then 13 steps or an octave of some kind present along its sacred length.
The second sacred length I discovered is the Blue Light at 20 3/4" distance.  The first rod constructed was at 15 3/16" and this is a Golden Light.
I believe that these kind of Rods were used to construct the pyramids, as a tool . They not only reveal exact angles of the earths field but also angles of tetrahedron where energy is transformed from Radiant Light to EM Light. As well they reveal exact lengths down them where nodes can be felt by sliding a finger along them, these nodes are equidistant. This may be the precursor to the foot we know today.

I also believe that the lengths of these rods are interacting only with the velocity of Light photons, and the rods create reflections from each end that set up photon discharges that crash into one another along its length. The rods pulse just like setting inside a pyramid. A frequency of very near 6 seconds was detected. The Phi rod will create all of them along its length and so is much like holding down all the keys of an organ. After long working with it you will get a headache. The 44.5  length is thus the basic template to expose all the other single forms. I believe it offers the Phi function of Light velocity. Lyle Lathems discovery of this in copper of 44.5 foot, which I lovingly refer to as "the head banger coil length", may in fact be a Phi length for copper as it is a direct multiple by 12 of these rods. While the Phi distances will draw in massive fields of "radiant light" across the whole spectrum I do not believe we want them all present to create harmonies of form. We need to identify the scale of pure tones and work with 3rds and 5ths, to create spin with platonic form.

As to how a specific length of a mass can do this, we reference physics and discover that all the electron and proton  shells of every atom are in constant process of absorbing and releasing photons. There is constant exchange of this inner Light happening in all materials at c velocity constantly. This background field of Light is present in all matter, and thus a rod of any material may have this effect, as within it is already contained much energy passing along the tempic vector as Radiant light.

Radiant Light moves in a straight line until it interacts with gravity. Where electric field confines photons to a circle or sphere of distance squared density decrease. Magnetic field forms the donut and photon exchange in a magnetic field is confined to the fields geometry and thus when radiant light is confined as EM we have the creation of matter. Photons give up their magnetic canceling fields and break down to single photons that now interact with their EM fields.

Referring to mass of the rod, the iron rods are stronger then the Aluminum rod, and holding the iron rod as it is aligned with E W is an experience worth repeating! The pulse of inner light this brings will fill you with joy and peace. This makes sense as in a larger mass there are many more photon exchanges happening and much more Light moving through them. Pulse strength seems to be related to mass of the rod. The Aluminum tube is a very fine and smooth interaction offering scalar reflection from its inner nuclear field area.

It was since determined that the Blue light is identified as having 6 segments and only 5 nodes and creates a new system.

The Triangle and the Circle of Power

Picture circle of power

After much work using the Phi and Golden rods, I  was drawn to the notion that to generate EM fields we would need a path suited to their circular type of photon flows, and be connected to the radiant light flows that move in straight lines with a natural pulsing nature. The above picture is what happened on pursuit of this notion. The inner triangle is made from golden lengths of iron tie wire, and the circumference can be calculated using geometry. The Phi coil was also used as I thought it was necessary at the time to energize the system.

The ratios are presented in the next graphic.

Graphic of Logos circle

The form created gives the energy clues as to how this probably works. While it may look like something out of a B movie involving spells, it is really the result of platonic form geometry and torsion field interactions at specific angles. The lengths are calculated using sine and cosine functions to find the diameter in the smaller right triangles. The pi function is then applied to find the circumference. And here we see phi transformed by pi to become the circle of power. This model laying on the table lights up with a very strong sense of third chakra raw power. The inner radiant form ceases to radiate energy and the circle of power lights up absorbing the energy to produce a  ring of power. I believe this is the transformation of radiant light into the physical form of EM fields.

I later performed an experiment to confirm this effect using a large copper sphere and two full sized rods of the golden length. One of iron and one of Aluminum as this was all I had built at the time.

Locating the 60 degree angle using the Golden Rods

Picture of 60 degree angle location

I placed a large copper sphere at a central point, approx 6 inch diameter. Align one rod up to it and then the next rod at about 90 degrees. Now slowly alter the angle of one rod closing the angle. When you hit on 60 degrees perfectly the rods go dead! The radiant Light ceases to be output. This offers the question where is the energy output from the rods going?

I have not figured out how to read if there is a voltage developing or where I would measure from and to, but the interaction is very promising. I have not gotten a voltage as of yet, and do not know what
form it would take, as the copper sphere may be shorting it all out. It is possible this interaction would generate both a proton and an electron flow in opposition that are canceling. Deriving EM from scalar coils is not a straight forwards task and we see a complex system is used as in the Sweet configuration and the mobius coil setup.

This locating method is extremely accurate and measuring with a protractor shows an exact 60 degree angle is where they go dead and totally quiet when working into the copper sphere. We are starring right into the tetrahedron form at this point and the triangle hitting a circle once again.

Dave L

Fractal Division

The process of fractal division was identified by Nassim Haramein as the method of operation of the universe, and if these Rods are in fact based on finite lengths of creation of matter, then this would be how they would operate. The Aluminum Rod clearly shows a structure of 8 subdivisions of the tempic operation of Radiant light moving through it. If these nodes forming at equidistant spacing are a fractal, then cutting the rod into 8 equal sections should result in a new pattern forming on the shorter lengths of the same pattern, only one octave higher in frequency.

The experiment was preformed using only iron rods and the result was amazing to say the least.

Diagram of Golden fractal calculation

Scanning the shorter rod using the larger rod indicated that 8 separate nodes now formed along its length! This was the best confirmation I could have imagined.
Base 8 math for some reason, and 9 becomes the power of increase for octaves. All linear dimensions doubled would result in 2 cubed increase in mass.

Nodes located

It was then discovered that placement of both rods at their centers and slowly moving them apart by about half the length of the shorter increased the energy field by approximately 8x intensity.
At this point I had a long involvement with the Golden Light, and sat in awe for a time trying to process the impact of this discovery.

Light Amplification

I suddenly realized that now I was working directly with the Light as it moves through all matter and creates form in the physical world. And more important then this I understood the operation.
One step at a time was given, the process and the means to control the energy. Placing the forms inside the circle will harness the energy released by the rods. Light technology is within our grasp.

I must also comment that it was my immediate desire to be enveloped in the Golden Light and sensed a tremendous healing in the envelopment experience of this Light.
The triangle shown above was formed as a harmony of both the blue light along its base and the gold light rising up both sides. This was found to be a very pleasant combination.

A Sensitivity Training for Connecting to and Constructing Light Conscious Devices

Photo of Logos bundle

In Spiritual pursuit, if something cannot be felt or directly experienced by you, then it is probably not real for you and is pretend. Any further pursuit, only builds an Ego model in your mind that is neither real nor effective. The goal of this exercise is to enable you to discover the Light within, and begin to perceive it as a very real experience. This was given to me Jan 14, 2008 and the results were a very powerful experience with my own inner Light. There was no pain involved in this whatsoever for me.
Obtain either a long section of wire, say 24 gauge insulated as I used in the photo above, or just grab onto one end of a reel of wire and start pulling some off it. With a pair of snips, diagonals, or scissors of some kind in your right hand feed the wire off slowly from your left hand. Place the snips in cutting position along the wire, and scan down the length starting right on the end for the first energy node you feel. As you pass the snips back and forth over the wire there will be felt a peak of some kind. Just center on the peak of output and then snip the wire at this distance. My first cut landed at about 5/8" shown above inside the tape at the top.

As you progress to the next size now do the same, and find each step in the lengths of wire that speak to you personally. These are the lengths, each one, that will resonate in your own aura.

Now after you have located a large group of these lengths, say 10 or 12, pick them up one at a time in left hand and just feel them, centered in your grasping palm. Toss out the mistakes, and only keep all the ones that power up by themselves in your hand. I found about 8 that had been perfect cuts. Collect them all together and now center them exactly. Tune this line up by sliding each one up and down a little until you get them all centered and can feel this process as very real.

Collect them together and tape them at this point at the center. Now wait and see what happens as this little bundle of Logos Light Rods start to build a field that is matching your own field. As the energy comes up from the bundle, it will connect very strongly bringing a Light energy that should become extremely perceptible for you personally. Slide the left hand over this radiant bundle and see what comes in. I got an energy of Light all up my body and moved into the chakra centers between solar plexus and third eye centers.

1 - Hold this collection between two fingers of left hand at the center and feel this energize your whole body.

2 - Hold it at center with right hand and pass left hand over the ends to enter the mother energy side of the field.

3 - Set this on the table and scan it with left hand at distances locating individually each layer of the aura around it.

If this training works for you then you have now entered a new field of investigation, that of using the Light to design and rout its energy into the material world.

To locate nodes on the iron rod, or in the copper rods, use a length that is resonant to your own perception, this is paramount to success. With one tunned rod in your right hand slide its end down another cut rod and seek out the nodes. These are the nodes where Radiant Light energy can cross between layers of matter. They represent the platonic nodes of platonic form as energy is trapped by matter into its circular fields of EM. They also represent your own acupressure points along the meridian systems of Chinese origin. These are the points where consciousness can slide through and directly sense energy levels. The surprise is that a wire has many along it also, especially if it is aligned with the earth East West.

You have just created your first Light tool, and this bundle can now be used to locate nodes along the Golden Rods, Phi rods, or other rods of unknown qualities. Be responsible with this tool, and if any of its lengths start to give headaches or interact badly cut them into non resonant lengths before disposal. Do not lay these bundles around without regard to the energy they generate. If a tool is to be disposed of, cut it all up to non resonant lengths. One off centered cut through the bundle will usually do this nicely.

Dave L

The process of scanning for nodes along the rod, using personal energy resonator bundle to couple

Picture Scanning

I am shown here using the Light tool bundle to scan a rod. The ends of the bundle are passing into my palm and energize my arm all the way up past elbow very strongly with Light. Third eye sensation peaks at a node point along the rod. Also as with all the Rods an E W alignment will raise them to much higher output levels.

I have also used this rod bundle to locate acupressure points on myself as well. It is very accurate and makes them extremely easy to find. They peak up at very precise location. I scanned my left hand using this bundle and ended up energizing an old point of injury, [it lit up powerfully from the longest wires tip held just over it or slightly touching.] A broken meta carpal from an old karate injury, the flow was amazing and seemed to restore the flow of life into the bone position that has always been bumped up since the injury.

Dave L

Post Observations 2 - 15 - 2008

It is the day after my first experience with the Copper bundle. My hand feels great, the effect whatever it was seems to be lasting.
Definite differences between the Iron and Copper medium for the energy. Going backwards I realized this.
To scan Iron rods use an Iron rod. Copper is much different and will interact differently.

Here is what I wrote:
After the strong flow I had last night from the wire bundle, I started to experiment with lengths of Iron wire again to produce heat. I had so many disruptive flows going things all came down with a crash. LOL!  It is like this was all a dream at this point, except my left hand was healed in some way I have yet to be sure about. The pain from an old injury is gone totally today. 

I have not charged up again today using the copper wires bundle, going to give this a break. I am also starting to sense I may not need the wire bundles to do this myself, after attunement.
Looking back on this there was an escalation, from the first experiments with iron tie wire and the rods, to finally making the short copper lengths which were more intense. I have to add several
observations now about the difference between the two metals.

Hard to know how to class these interactions at present.

Iron - Earth container - Radiant container - Radiant Light Pulser - Lazar [We are given the method to design containers to channel the Light]

Copper - Raw Kundalini - Pure energy - Healing - Nurturing [We are given the key to unlocking these qualities by direct connection with lengths]
The pulses however are not the same, and scanning is much different. The flow is not pulsed but seems more constant with the short bundle, the frequency must be much higher.

The main difference is when I went back to scan the iron tie wire rods using copper it stopped working the same. You should use iron rods to scan iron. The copper bundle could still be used for scanning the heavy 5/8 rods, but with the tie wire many many more nodes were appearing, I had not found before.Copper is still undecided on exactly how this functions but is much more human interactive as the Light directly, more intense. While the copper resonates to the same lengths as the iron, the function is totally different. The copper bundle is more effective as a Light tool for healing work, as in acupressure, or Reiki healing arts. The tip seems to be able to locate damaged areas and inject the raw female energy healing response of a veteran Light worker.

I will continue to ponder and reflect.

Also worthy of note - I started to channel my inner Light self, and it offered to step in and type for me. This was such a jolt, that I asked for the process to back off, and immediately it did.
During the flow however I flashed on the Joe Cell, I was immediately given a new model for Joe Cells involving a circular containment of metal for the raw female aspect Kundalini force. The cell is the "form" [male aspect] and the Light is the power Source, for a conscious machine. I was shown to add personal rods in the center of the cells to communicate with them telepathically, as well to cut the tubes [as rods] to specific lengths that can be felt as nodes when placing them down into the water. It was inferred the battery could then be dispensed with, and the tubes would contain the correct Rod length to provide energy as an 8 layered [7 segment] resonant form to contain this energy. The rods and tubes of the cell would then begin to pulse photon bursts in a co ordinated cadence.

Dave L


Having been asked to examine the rods closer for a greater accuracy of the Golden length I have striven to make more accurate assessment of its length for duplication purposes.
Measuring with a tape measure I can get about 1/64" accuracy of either rods length. The median length I have found as lying between 15 - 11/64 to 15 - 12/64 or approximately 15 - 23/128"
This comes out to a decimal of 15.1796" for easy calculation for figuring multiples of 8 or fractals of 1/8".

Again I feel that the craftsman must feel this energy first and cut at the energy node as it lights up the sharp point of the cutters in the hand. However for a first time experience it will be necessary to build one and try it, for attunement purposes. When one is attuned then the nodes will become unmistakable for soft iron tie wire lengths.

A length chart is thus created to reflect node distances for design of Joe cell tube lengths as well as rod lengths for crystal energizers, and legs of the platonic forms, for experiments.
Keep in mind please an accuracy of 1/64 inch is about .015" accuracy and no better. The trailing numbers are from the calculator and no such accuracy should be assumed to exist at this time for the Golden Light distance. I have no doubt someone else may cut one that begins to charge more quickly and the distances can become more accurate.

1 x =   1.89745         1 - 29/32"       ~ 4.82 cm
2 x =   3.7949           3 - 25/32"
3 x =   5.69235         5 - 22/32"
4 x =   7.5898           7 - 19/32"
5 x =   9.48725         9 - 16/32"
6 x =   11.3847         11 - 12/32"
7 x =   13.28215       13 - 9/32"
8 x =   15.1796         15 - 6/32"
64x = 121.4368        121-14/32"   [28/64"]  [ 7/16"]

10.11973 ~  [10 feet 1 - 7/16"]   [3084.49472 mm] Copper Coil Length

6x [water pitcher size] - 11.3847"   11 - 3/8"+1/64"  [25/64"]
6x [water column size] - 91.0776"   91- 2/32" -  7'  7" 1/16" +1/64" [5/64"]

These are the lengths for capturing the Golden Light photons, and using them to charge your conscious devices. [Think of this as the Kundalini filling the forms of your devices circles.]

All measurement is confirmed locally using an E W placement and sensing for a charged iron wire length at ends, before cutting any actual device parts to this length. The length will charge up a crystal from its end very quickly to a level of Radiance. With the 1.89" cut I get the area between the heart and throat charge up in less then six seconds after pointing it at any side of the crystal at about 45 degrees incline. Set the crystal pointing upwards and hold the rod against it with one end of the rod on the table, alter the angle between 60 and 45 degrees.  With the 15 3/16" rods I get a powerful head energy yet easy to feel as it has only one frequency component.

Further a small copper wire coil of 10 feet  1 - 7/16 inch will light up with this energy, and when shorted give a pressure at the third eye center. Hold this coil in right hand with left hand fingers holding the stripped ends together. The mind will feel the pressure and the fingers will slowly light up with the Golden Light. Over time the Golden light will fill you and you will come to know it. The energy photons will flow through the nodes points of the coil and your own node points. There is one at each end of this coil and one on the tips of each finger, as well as almost any joint of the body. So strip the coils ends by 1/2 inch or more and see if the nodes are actually at the tips or a little in from the tips of the wires. Learn to tune these by feel and cut on the nodes.

Place a crystal inside this coil and begin to charge the area as you keep it shorted.
After you have some of these coils going it will be far easier to feel the energy and to tune in node points as you build your sensitivity. It is not recommended to combine other radiant lengths until mastery of one length, as the interaction will create harmonies or disharmonies just as music, and generate more nodes. Stick with one system first, this is why the chart has been made. Too many lengths will get confusing at first as it is very hard to tune out a dissonant radiant element once it connects with your body nodes.

The following chart was prepared for using the lengths also as tube circumference in the Joe Cells:

Circumference                                           Diameter = x/ pi

Inches                        mm                            Inch                mm
2 x =   3.7949            96.390                      1.20795          30.681
4 x =   7.5898            192.780                    2.4159            61.3638
6 x =   11.36847        288.759                    3.6186            91.9148
8 x =   15.1796          385.56184                4.8318            122.7281

Using these as lengths and circumference would create a full matrix in the cells in two dimensions and may lead to a voltage appearing that is more stable deriving its power directly from the photon resonance of the golden light. This leads to an awkward size of tubes and may be hard to locate. They may have to be fabricated for experiment. Tube spacing ends up at about .6" rather then the normal .5" for Joe Cells.

Winding a stainless steel wire of "even numbered" x lengths [2x,4x,6x,8x] into a circle will verify that the energy from this form is a power producing product whether the ends touch or not. Now keeping the vertical dimension of the tube also at an even x length will allow two photon vectors of tempic field to interact and may contribute to generate a voltage on the surface of the tubes.


[The flower]
[Note this device may be too strong for some and other ways to tone it down will come with time, it offers only partial containment but demonstrates the effects, on the second day I considered a destruction of the tetrahedron form coil but learned to use it by not resisting the raw power of the radiance]

The raw energy from the rods can be very intense off the ends, the female is at the ends and the male is along the sides. It is discovered that placing the form into triangles will contain this to a good degree. Platonic building blocks. The energy imparted to me that circles are the method to produce a power flow from these linear forms, but also a containment system. This experiment creates a partial container for the energy and manifests the male or power aspect of the energy. It is very strong.

Picture Flower form

The method to create this form as a meditation tool is shown in the diagram below. Sliding one finger along the sides until a node is located is a good practice. The nodes will transfer Golden Light energy into the fingers, yet the form will not radiate female energy outwards much because there are no opened rod ends. In each section of 1x the energy vortex is reversed, so turning the wires in this config aligns a ring of them that are all aiding fields around the outside, and up through the middle is another vortex, all aiding. This tones the energy down to a level that can be tolerated in the home, for a time, if desired, and confines it to touching the device, and as what the crystal setting in the power vortex sends out. Crystals convert the strong male energy to a much nicer form.

Graphic tetrahedron coil

This form emulates a crystal structure and creates a coherent ring, as well as a vertical vortex at the center. I made the first one using a 1x length, so the sides are all balanced forms, for meditation and not for power generation, but I got a surprise. Each section reverses the vortex, so every 1st, 3rd, 5th etc will have the same spin. The form brings them around and into alignment with one another on every fourth turn at the center, and also on the outer ring.

Flower Picture 2

This was a quick construction using only my feel for the nodes to make the bends, I may have missed a little on a few of them by 1/8. Greater accuracy of this form would be a very powerful tool by my estimates. Reach under and grab the crystal along the inside and all the fingers light up in the same flow down the crystal. After it is fully charged up it is very powerful. The flower with no pointed ends like this, expresses much more male energy on its inside and along the outer ring the nodes still have the female presence. This form allows for containment and at a distance of  a few inches the field seems gone during charging. Reaching inside is a great surprise, as all the power of Lyles coils is right inside there.

On containment, I am told we are reviving an age old science that was taught to students of the priestly class long ago. This is conscious energy and can even teach you directly once you are attuned and working with it. These lengths can be used on the Hammel cones as well and a dream suggested that the height of the cones should be one of these lengths in the vertical direction. I refer to this dream as the Cones of Golden Light. The cones actual length ends up longer as it comes down at angle, opening the vortex on only one end and closing it on the other end. The energy node must exactly hit the tip of the cone to increase this effect. Angles of 72 degrees were discussed on the c_s_s_p group. The direct information I got was that these lengths will fill any circular form in a tube, cone, sphere, or a circle to a state of power.

I am very glad I did not destroy this form, it is a never ending source of Joy to have near me.

Personal Note
From the first time I wound one of Lyle Lathems powerful 44.5 foot "head banger" coils, I have sought to harness this energy into a very pleasing and useful container, and to comprehend how to use it. This is one step closer to that goal for me. I had no idea that such a progression might lead to this, involving such a beauty of mathematics phi ratios, circles, and lengths of nature! The "flower" shown in the pictures above, contain the knowledge of so many, and offer the energy as a very powerful flow of Golden Light simply setting there for the touch. This pursuit was well worth the time and effort spent. Thank you all.

The Matrix

[The Tempic Field Grid]

 Graphic Grid

Alignment of energy node points would seem to be the geometry of these tempic field devices and amplification of the Radiant Light energy.
Two rods can be tunned using two alignments. As pictured above, sliding the rods side to side to align the nodes, and setting the distance between the rods to increase the coupling. This shows a matrix effect. It was further discovered that a wheel of 24 angles around the circle will couple the energy precisely at these 24 angles, and flow will move between rods at any of these, peaking at the exact angle. These distances may move downwards at fractal division as well, and using 1/8,1/4, and 1/2x lengths now allows a greater flexibility for adding extra lengths such as the distance between the tubes in a Joe Cell and its bottom of container.

Along the 8 lengths of the golden distance, there are 7 major reversals of the coherent spin energy. A distance of 1/8x is therefore a reversed field, and a distance of 2x, or 4x is an aiding field. This is critical when making circles, as the count must come up "even" to become aiding. If we use 1x spacing between the elements we get a female energy, if we use 2x spacing we get a very strong active male energy. The distance was found to be about .6" for a male coupling between elements of Joe Cell and coils turns, as the energy changes materials. It is not known why this does not calculate perfectly to the 1/8x  of .236" and 2/8 x of .4725" other then the nodes that form along one path may have a natural width, opening this distance by a small amount because they are moving outside the materials and altering their density path.

Joe Cell Related

If the water level in a Cell is set to this length exactly we discover the water itself will become a rod, and charge up very fast.
Water placed down the inside of an 8x Aluminum tube also creates a powerful torsion field around it. These fields from water columns of exact length and width will radiate a field that has equal spacing between node layers out to 6 feet from the containers. At each location of 1.89 inches out, the hand can feel these easily [palming]. A pitcher of water filled to this height with an 8x SS rod down the center is a very strong radiant energy form.

Using this grid we now see why multiple Joe Cells interact, so often discharging one another that it is the "unwritten law" to only work with one at a time. The Tempic field grid suggests we can now not only work with multiple sets of Joe Cells but we can in fact set them up to generate more energy then either of them would working alone, or we can set them up to discharge one another.
For cells of a like polarity. Setting them at twice this distance, or 30 - 3/8" along an East West line should now cause both to charge one another using the earths field as well to amplify the energy levels.
Setting them at 15 - 3/8" should drain both of them to a dead state, unless one is reverse polarized. This is the expectation based on the observed phenomena with the rods, tubes, water and the grid that forms between tempic devices.

Tempic Coupling Coil

A coil with spacing on all dimensions creating nodes of energy interaction in multiple linear lines.
The coil is wound with a circumference of the golden light distance. The first wrap is therefore a set of nodes say 8. The first loop is 15 - 3/16 long. It now crosses above the first wrap at a distance of about .6"  to create a vertical stacking of the nodes now along two directions.
The last element is to space another coil inside or outside with a 1/2 or 2x size of node length such that moving inwards there is also a coupling of the energy and at least half the nodes will align.

[It was discovered that the nodes along a perfect circular SS wire will now shift to the 12 major angles of the curve, as the platonic nodes inside the wire shift at fractal levels.This is because radiant light must follow a straight path between atoms. The ring ends up with 12 major and 12 minor nodes around its circumference aligning with the 24 angles of propagation. The golden length continues to crank out energy in this mode.]

With two coils now coupled with tempic field, this creates a new kind of transformer. As these lengths are not so much material specific, but are related to light velocity, the distances can be though of as fixed for the most part, but should always be felt for accuracy. Such a transformer may have interesting electrical characteristics. We know that now any torsion will be precisely coupled between the two coils, and in copper medium, torsion is the force providing power form the electric field to the load. Such a transformer may be able to pass power better then our current technology, over many frequencies, and requires no iron core. If feed wires are also now made at 1x lengths this coils geometry will become resonance on the tempic grid.

Picture Male Spacing

You can see my first iron coil I adjusted to 1/4" spacing and felt natural at this distance, it is the canceling distance, for static matter at rest and the female energy config for the coil. As I stretch this coil out to 1/2" to .6 inch spacing the coil heats up with power energy, and becomes active.


Analysis of what power is in an electric powering system will reveal it is a product of the voltage and the current. [P = E x I] For a resistive powering system, voltage will lead the current by 90 degrees in the sine wave, and the product of these will be peaking at the 45 degree alignment of the two waves with respect to the wires geometry, as one is increasing the other is decreasing. Where either voltage or current cross the zero point there is no power in the circuit. To thus create a closed loop loaded circuit to receive energy from copper medium we need only provide these two elements to create real power in the circuit. With resonance the two waves are altered to cross together along the wires geometry, and at this peak we get a peak power function, and at the dip we get the same zero power level, but now there is only one dip. Power increase at resonance is then shown to be a mathematical relationship of two wave forms dancing in the copper medium.

However both waves are spinning physically in the spheres of the copper atoms and this is not a simple linear form wave. EM is the circles and ellipses that photons become restricted to when their EM fields become non scalar canceled as they are in Radiant Light. When dealing with EM we must now consider these circular forms of photon flow, interacting with the diamagnetic field of copper wire. The nucleus reacts to the electrons E field and sine waves are what comes out. The force of this reaction is diamagnetic field and has far more energy then the EM field raising it. In copper we have strong diamagnetic effect, and a relatively zero magnetic electron shell. The electron shell is however a coherent electric field along the copper, and E vector voltage moves at c velocity along it. If we disturb the E vector field then the atoms can become magnetic. This is done using spin compression, or coils of wire.

What we have missed in electronics is the interaction of the tempic wave moving between the nodes where frequencies are not a factor for energy flow to manifest. The coil designed above will allow exploration of this new effect now manifesting within the Joe cells, and the platonic devices of Kosol Forums to date.

In the Aluminum rods we see an interaction forming a 90 degree deflection of the energy. While the energy is bouncing end to end of the rods at c velocity resonance for tempic field, it creates nodes along the rod spreading photons out as a donut around the rods in the circles at the node positions.
This 90 degree deflection is typical of a spin system, and resembles a circle block in karate. Force is added at 90 degrees and is responsive to the force of the energy coming inwards, and this is how copper works with E field and diamagnetic response to it.

Copper Medium

In copper as the diamagnetic field is exposed, the atom is regulated as to shell distances by the diamagnetic field, however there is also a leak of the radiant light photons during this period and we are able to link with mind using the conscious field as well at this same time. The tempic energy can only couple at platonic node points in the atoms between layers, so much radiant light is spread out across the points also where no coupling is present and the atom itself now emits a "gravity field". Photons originating within the strong force area of the atom will have "altered spin" and this will effect the surrounding tempic field density of space as a distance squared force. While the atoms are using this force to regulate themselves, they have learned to use the Light to self sustain their existence. This is not only an intelligent design but an intelligent response that is constantly dynamic. The flow of this radiant energy is controlled.

Diamagnetic response will surface where copper receives a changing magnetic field. The field can change in angle or in intensity, and the diamagnetic field will respond outwards to compensate dynamically, as a spin force countering the offset force at 90 degrees to the input vector force of voltage. In physical space therefore the current in a spherical system of copper will be generated at 90 degrees to the voltage vector. Both forces will now spin physically around the sphere and as any one crosses the wire we see the result only along one linear line. They spin opposing directions. EM in copper is a 3D operation, and it also involves tempic field as an intelligent control mechanism.

Where we set two diamagnetic fields to interact we get powerful torsion fields. As they both come up to correct their own atoms shells they interact with opposing and increasing force countering one another and a situation of runaway proceeds to see which atom can win.  This battle will produce such strong radiant light in the area that it pulls on the fabric of time, and will alter the tempic field for 100 feet around a device.

Thus all atoms emit this radiant photon energy that falls off as a function of distance squared, and we have a generally constant gravity field around the earth. Spin intensity increases as we approach matter, and here is the coupling between tempic field and gravity. It is photon radiant light coupling across many bands of frequencies, transferring altered tempic field from the nucleus of the atoms outwards while normally functioning to regulate their shell distances. The radiant flow is gravity, and it is time flow rate as well. This is the propagation of the torsion field between all matter linking us to a constant time flow rate. It is the Light!

A big thanks to all my present and past influences!

"I would like to thank each and every individual out there seeking the knowledge at present. This could never have been discovered and shared without so many that have contributed in so many ways.
We are one consciousness, and one mankind. The door is opened, and we can choose to pass through of our own decision." David Lowrance

Kosol Ouch:

A personal thanks to Kosol Ouch for having connected my two halves, the scientific and the spiritual side of one personality. Also a never ending source of new ideas and new ways of perceiving the world, as much more then we presently see around us today. Thank you for the great vision, and the Spiritual connection of the Guardians, without which the concept of a Conscious Light Technology would have gone unnoticed and undiscovered by myself and many others. Working with Kosol has hallways been an energy shake up for me, and openings have followed continually.

Lyle Lathem:
Special thanks for the sharing of this technology from its beginning forms that you first discovered and harnessed into machines. The "Divine Wind" has been growing and bearing fruitage. May we live up to all your hopes for the contribution you have made to the world.

Sharfuddin "Sharf  of crystaldevices site"
Without your efforts to record this technology from its discoverer, I would never have been introduced to it.

John Nelson:
Creator of the first of the platonic form devices, on the Kosol Groups showing promise of voltage collection, a big thanks for all the time and effort put into the building of these devices.
Hours of coil winding and tinkering with electronic parts, and finally the first LED with a steady light!
A place for brainstorming some of the aspects of EM not considered in normal sciences. Opened minds are the beginning step of progress to new understanding.

Special thanks to all at c_s_s_p group for intense support and brainstorming efforts, and literally dozens of device builds and experiments, as well as all the devices that did not prove fruitful but we learned so much from.

Martin Potts:
Thanks for contribution of energy sensitivity. Confirming the energy presence and incorporating this into your own designs and experiments towards the advancement and eventual use of containment. Your devices have been an inspiration to us all.

Dell Coleman:
For your excellent models and understanding of Wilbert Smith and vortex energy analysis. Identification of the nature of the nodes along the tubes as reversing spin fields. And thanks for being there so often always ready to contribute both time and  resources.

Andrew Bellon:
Mathematics and geometry functions with respect to phi and pi, your models have confirmed much of what I sensed as real but had no words or math to describe. Your efforts have made a true impact on me from the beginning of our sites organization.

David Dawson:
Your undying efforts and seemingly eternal quest for the machines that will change this world for the better, as well as the humans that inhabit it. Your knowledge base has been a truly awesome contribution to this effort, and your host of devices an inspiration to say the least.

Kelburn Koontz:
For my introduction to Nassim Haramein, as well as many excellent observations and creative thoughts on the sites over the past years. It is a pleasure to interact with such a seeker of knowledge.
Bernie Heere:
Your input and interactions with Joe Cells in North America has been a continuing asset for the groups projects. They always lead back to the Joe Cells in some way. You have introduced me to water and the water dynamic as to energy flows. An ongoing learning process, and a sharing of the information between groups.

Johannes Sprigode:
Your generous contribution of the Australian web site space, and also the confirmation of the lengths effects in your area, a big thanks!  And thanks for the lessons in metric system conversion and accuracy of measuring devices of other countries. Your efforts have greatly helped to spread the knowledge base.

Tom Bearden and John Bendini, without which we would have little basis of physics or proof that over unity is possible. These have devoted great effort and resources in this movement to advance mankind out of the dark ages of energy use. Your influence and work over the past years has been an invaluable inspiration!

Nassim Haramein
The sharing of your perceptions and common sense approach to physics will change the world. My special thanks for the sharing of this information openly. Your presentations have radically altered my own views and brought a great clarity to many previous models that were not easily connected.

Wilbert Smith
Without  some concept of tempic fieldalternate time flow rate, and field density, we would all be lost as to a greater physics. May Wilbert be forever remembered as one of the great pioneers who faced a world with opened mind and began to perceive it differently then those coming before him. For the quadrature models of reality beginning with consciousness itself, Wilbert may qualify as the first to grasp this concept. He always gave credit to the boys upstairs, but without his long efforts to "comprehend" there would be no record for us to advance from.

David Hamel
Your example of seeking truth over how the world perceives you, will be an inspiration for the rest of my life. Rest in the Light.

I could not begin to list the rest, from Stubblefield to Searl, to so many others who have interacted with me online and stimulated a new concept at the proper time in my searching.

[This pool of minds and hearts spans the globe at present via the world wide network, and connects us together as one group, one mankind.]