Complex Layered Fractals

9 / 20 / 2014 Note Added
At this point in time I was modifying the PI / 2 function as a looping correction method.
However it was later discovered that for a circular motion to repeat forever, it is actually the Phi function that is modified, for the theory to fit the observed phenomena.
PI cannot be modified, if one is to expect a never ending circular outcome, as with a "powered orbital motion."

Phi can be modified to fit the observed interactions, as a Fibonacci number lying very close to phi, but never actually hitting it.
In this way vibration energy can move from the inner depths of the atomic levels to the outer electron shells, and then cross couple back inwards on itself at 90x diameter steps.
This forms a vibrational loop of energy, between self sustaining, self correcting, boundaries.
Below is what I observed at that time, and using a PI modifier to cross couple back into the atoms core, rather then the correct phi modifier.
The technique however worked well, no matter the mental model used.

[Natural Gravity Fractals]
[The self sustaining energy loop]

The document gets deeper as you go, but also simpler.
What a powerful way, to determine resonant fractal ratios.
This is the one I was looking for in the beginning!

"The active range of ratios for energy exchange at multiple layers of matter!
Don't let the numbers scare you off. What you are going to accomplish is tune in a vibration that will bend Pi/2 towards Phi on many levels, to couple with the 24th layer of matter moving inwards.
This will cause the matter to come into synchronization on a great many layers of it's energy shells.
If you feel this as a vibration, you will never forget this "synchronous experience."" Dave L

The Quadrature Constant  [or the 90 steps of the Vedic]

The starting point where we all recognize Pi and Phi numbers.
For calculations where we are "stacking," and deriving the next number from the last number, inaccuracy has a way of adding up.Thus we use long numbers in our calculations.

However when you experiment with a SS caliper, you will only be able to set it to xxx.xx mm anyway. That is two digits past the decimal point on the caliper.
On the end of a long stack however it may come out a little different.
It is in this difference we discover we can vibrate up matter to very deep levels of it's core synchronously.

Note the ratio used in the upper boxes are conventional. PHI 1.61803398     2/Pi  etc... you would get off any calculator.

Quadrature Constant Chart

Blue Highlighted number is the "Quadrature Constant" rounded to 10 places, for conventional Pi and Phi values. Showing the result is not exactly in synchronization for a solid vibration loop back to PI/2.
It gets better! This is what "tunning vibration" is all about.

1.000000000  at the top left box is the "root" fractal. You could stick any fractal in there.
Down the left are the ratios of the layers, based on 2/PI * Phi ratios all the way.
At the 24 th line is found the Quadrature constant as (90 * root) / 57.394731662 = 1.568088175.
Using this ratio on line 24, will bring the coupling to a "dimension" back in the range of the PI/2 to PHI where we started the process, this is the interactive zone for coupling vibration.
A self powering energy vibration system has closed it's loop across density. [The snake eating it's own tail.] But it missed! Just a little.

1.568088175     90 / x  Density Reset  [Grabs all the layers to the bottom again]

1.57079             Harmony fractal

1.618033           Power

The quadrature constant, lies just below Pi / 2 and forms the third "metric" of "self powered motion" for a "vibrational relationship."
Energy is folded back on itself, but the tail is flopping loose, and ready to be used or grabbed.

Natural Gravity Fractals

When working with a Resonant vibrational wavelength, it is possible to jump various patterns of 2/PI while simultaneously jumping levels of Phi in the opposite direction.
The resulting ratios, are so powerful they can bend light in the VCT cell at the 9th level of the stack. [ratio = 3.318...]
This method of generating intense coupling fields that create weight, was discovered when scanning the earths core.
Earth Core Fractal Structure

To calculate the table of ratios we start with the fractal wavelength represented here by 1, and then move in triads.
The first triad is calculated as 1 x PHI x 2/PI
The PI/2 ratio is getting smaller, and the Phi ratio is getting larger, the result is the "product" of the two, and the net result is a "factor" that slowly grows larger in dimension.
As we hit the end of that triad, we make a different jump as PHI x PHI x 2/PI

In this way the second triad is built on PHI^4  x (2/PI)^3
This is the pattern "sensed" to be inside the earth generating it's gravity system, and how all the orbital layers couple energy between one another, to maintain stability and still move under power.
These ratios can be applied to the machines of Vibration, to couple elements is a very powerful way simulating a gravity field towards the center of a platonic form device, with orbital thrust, a natural result of a gravity field.

In the Hendershot Basket Weave Coil, the multiplier 1.618 and [90/57 = 1.5789] are used many times to couple energy between elements.
To increase this coupling, the wire gauges were increased in the 4 coils by 4 AWG steps, offering a single PHI jump in wire diameter and no PI/2 harmony fractal energy.
In the original system this was used 2 times with 3 wire gauges. Phi however is not a stable self sustaining ratio, and PI/2 is.
It is also used between the coil diameter and the resonator bar on the buzzer assembly in a single step.
The system could be better stabilized by using the cross flow method to introduce both PHI and PI/2 to generate the natural orbital layers, of a gravity system.
This is a fractal ratio list, and should work with any resonant fractal that vibrates itself up from the Aether medium.
Hendershot Project

150 mm is the RA fractal used in the Hendershot device. It is a 5x fractal. 1x = 30 mm
30 mm * 3.318293 =  99.54879 mm
Set up two SS calipers for testing this relationship.

Caliper 1 set to 150 mm
Caliper 2 set to 99.55 mm

Bring these together overlapped and centered and feel the interaction!
Many layers of the field bubble will be effected using this technique, it is very deep and penetrating relationship because it links to so many levels.
The interaction spreads out like Gravity creating a warp or a pull on the Aetheric Medium.
It generates a mass vibration "relationship" which can hold a circular orbital pattern as PI, with a Phi push behind it.

Derivation of  "The Stack"

On our world, the ascended human is aware of three realities. Each has 8 layers of awareness. These are the 24 layers of human consciousness we find ourselves inside.
As a pure set of relationships, these have a mathematical stack relation building from 1 or unity outwards and upwards. Each is a ratio of the one below it coupling energy but not allowing for it to fall back into the one below it. These stacks of vibration are powering our earth system from the core outwards, and from the outer boundary inwards, because they loop back on themselves. It is this looping back that causes matter to have inertial qualities, because light velocity changes the deeper we go into matters core.

We find the 90 steps of the Vedas in this, that 90 is an earth metric, and the "degree of angle" is also an earth metric. The reason is now hinted at from this realization to be simply this ratio set:

90 / 57.394731662  =  1.568088175

And this ratio is the "wrap back" to under the PI/2 ratio.

1.568088175     90 / x  Density Reset  [Grabs all the layers to the bottom again]

1.57079             Harmony fractal

1.618033           Power

The energetic world is based on this "range of ratios". All the orbitals are controlled by it as vibration.

1.568088175 holds all the multiple spins setting underneath it, but it also couples back to the bottom of the stack and makes an infinite loop of energy flow in the great circle back to just below the first pi/2 ratio used in the stack. It is the boundary. THE    BOUNDARY. It is on the end of both sides of our reality.

Conscious Feel felt Description:
"I ventured deep into the world and found myself on the outer boundary of the universe." "I could easily flow either direction, down into the outside of this universe, or upwards to the surface of the earth." Up is down and down is up crossing that special place where all is shifted in dimension. I am everything, and I am inside everything a tiny person. This is where the two perceptions of our reality are derived from. This is where the Spiritual perception meets the scientific perception.


90 * root / xf   is the point of re gauging. Only we divide into it, our infinite fractals of ratio. All three are necessary. 2/PI   PHI    90/ x

90 /   [ Phi^ 31 *  (2/PI)^ 23 ]  =    1.568088175    [reentry]  [for the common values of Pi and Phi]

From this we see the derivation of gravity inside it.

[ Phi^ 31 *  (2/PI)^ 23 ]

Thats a lot of layers!
Phi is ever getting larger in wavelength, as 2/PI gets smaller in wavelength moving outwards from the center.
Phi pulls us inwards and PI/2 gives us solid places of stability to land on.

A reverse of the process would seem to use the ratio inverted.
1 / 90 =  0.01111111111111111111111111111111
57.394731662  / 90  =    0.637719241
15 * 90 / 860.920974935  =   1.568088175

Vedic Math

Now the fun part!
It always bothered me that Vedic math always seemed too simple and never came out with the nice exact numbers. Angles and ratios always a little off, and I never understood why. The reason for this is exactly what they said. There is tension in all matter, like a bow string, and that is how it constantly vibrates. The big question has always been, why does it keep vibrating and never wind down, as the big bang people would like to pretend it will.

Pi / 2 attracts itself! Grabs the tail, then Closes the loop, and in this process bends PI off center towards Phi just a little! Creating inertia and force on the sphere, inside to outside. Manifesting in platonic form vibration.
The Vedas "90 steps" show us how, and gives us the clue to locating the exact value it likely stabilizes around, while going into a vibration that never ends.
The numbers seem not so nice and perfect, but that is how they connect to form loops that run forever, vibrating back and forth, in and out.

Diagram of the 90 Steps
A quick graphic of the 90 feet of steps, at 147 feet of distance. We derive the angles using trig arctangent functions. Then recognizing that the smaller angle is about 5 times the angle used in Hendershots Generator.
The difference is about  0.1 Degree at 5x.
Vedic ~PI = 6.295367 / 2   ~  3.1476835
Vedic Pi/2 = 1.57384175   [Note this is pushed towards Phi a bit off the standard 1.57079 relaxed perfect harmony distance.
This indicates a "stressed field" with both attraction and repulsion, operating in a stressed state with inner tension.
Where you will notice this gradual tension building is after a long progression of layers where in every layer PI is pushed towards Phi by this small amount.

Hendershots Circle of 57

Circle of 57 diagram

180 / 57 =   3.1578947368421052631578947368421     ~ PI
90 / 57 = 1.5789473684210526315789473684211         ~ PI/2 to PHI  (active energy range)
So who is closer? The Vedic stairs or Hendershot? Hendershot is bending even further towards Phi then the Vedas!

It turns out landing in the "Zone" for Pi/2 to Phi is really enough to make "powerful vibrations!" However now we are seeing some different specific points in the path between those two first noted metrics from using different designs separated by 5x.
What we might call a "bend" in tunning vibration, where over time, as more layers pull into synchronization the feedback loop gets much stronger and stronger, building up to a peak. 
All of them tune it because they are all in the Zone. But some of them "bend" it.

When a person is ready to start working with more physical tension at the pineal, they will slowly move towards using closer to Phi relationships, and channeling the power better, while able to keep both sides of the mind in balance.
I once caused massive pounding noises in the wood floor, like someone was using a hammer, by cutting very accurate phi relationships with the wood fractal. After then I shied away from phi for a long time, giving this a healthy respect.
Where matter pushes too far this direction, on all its layers things start to happen with a bit of power involved.

Next I wanted to know what life would be like with a Vedic ~PI ~ PHI, and so have done two more spread sheets, slowly adjusting PI until I hit exact unity at 90 steps.
In this first one, I shot for unity or zero point, at 24 steps of the gravity pattern.

Vedic PI 1 spreadsheet

Note the adjusted value of PI to make the 8th triad come out perfect. However the "loop around ratio" 1.57384  F31  is not the same as the PI/2  1.571046 ....... at A4
This is showing a "flexed energy side" of the self correcting loop in matter, but it is not yet a perfect connection.

The Perfect Energy Feedback Loop

I did the next one to get the "loop around vibration" to land exactly on the starting point again.
The perfect feed back loop from outside to inside of any multi layered spherical self sustaining system. [Atoms]
This one will fully synchronize all the layers to a ~ pi/2 of 1.570919.
This represents the centering point of all matter at rest, filled with tension like a bow string, exactly as expressed in the Vedas.
The 8th triad has to push under unity just a bit to reach it. Line D31 just under 1.0.

Vedic PI 2 spreadsheet

F31 now equal to A4! An exact energy coupling match. The dynamic tension loop is closed. It will always pull back to this place where it is balanced perfectly.

It's not that we need to redefine PI or PHI. It's that this range of ratios in wavelength interact in some very powerful ways, and the layers of matter will "bend" as we tune across and around them.

The self sustaining loop is reactive and self correcting. As it approaches Phi it gets pushed back down with stronger tension, and as it crosses pi/2 it gets pulled back outwards, to set up a vibration that never stops.
The atomic "strong force" is the strongest, we have found in nature.

Most interesting, as I chose to extend this chart on out to the 48 th triad [not shown], to discover another set of lengths getting longer, that actually tap into the very tiny fractals inside matter.

Down the lower right side of the chart in light blue, the reciprocal relationships also couple energy, these will tap into the tiny ones to the lower left directly, to couple vibration from them.
One of the challenges has been to generate heat, which is a very tiny wavelength. Possibly with this new relationship identified, we could arrange to hit that wavelength range with longer elements now.
10 microns is pretty small!


One can start with the 15 cm RA fractal making an iron coil slug. Plug that into the spreadsheet up at the top in slot D1. Now over on the lower right pick up some longer lengths for copper wire, that will couple very deeply with the iron.
When EM is then run through the wire, it is apt to amplify some effect deep inside the iron at a sub level altering the tension deeper inside that atom, closer to the strong force layers at the nucleus. This opens the door to much testing,,,, now that we have math to deal with vibration at these deeper levels of dimension.

The ultimate microscopic probe! I call these new fractals the leverage fractals. They are large levers, to manipulate the very small places.
I would not be surprised to find that one or more of these create a magnetic field in correct combination yet to be tried with copper and iron!
I have yet to plug into the formula, the deep scan values of copper, to see what comes up.


Chart of Tensions

Tensions Chart

Showing the "active Zone" of the inner most layer of the spherical coupling system.

Here showing where the 8 th triad couples back into the first step, and after it is pulled into place. It also contains a Phi component and one step past Phi.
Since the triad is tightly coupled on it's outer 3 layers, then all three are pulled as a set back to the inner core system.
Triads Diagram

The 8 th Triad moving inwards, reaches up to the first layer, and grabs it, pulling PI/2 harmony off it's center position from 1.57079 to 1.5709 and then PHI lands exactly on itself, as 1.666 comes along for the ride as well.
This creates a layer outside the system between the first and second triad now moving outwards from the root.
This creates the "bow string" of tension from inner sphere to outer sphere of the multi layered system with perfect PHI in the center, now contained.

Playing With Earth Gravity  @ 7.45 cm

Now with our corrected spread sheet, I plug in 7.45 cm in box D1 and get a close up of Earth Gravity moving inwards.

Earth Gravity

Of particular interest is column J. The Orange boxes are the 111111 release at the 8th triad moving inwards.
Column F is  90 * Column D / D1
Column H is the inverted ratio [= 1/column F entry].
Column J is column D * column H (in centimeters - a length)
Experimental lengths then appear in columns D and H based on the value entered in box D1

Note that A61 the 90x down shift fractal of D61, is the same value as D31 this exposes a whole set of "Bow Strings" which we will investigate next.

Deriving the 5 Layered Structure of Orbitals

This spread sheet, available in the References Section below, shows how the Vedic 90 x wraps the "bow strings" between multiple layers going inwards in matter, to produce a result of 5 layered rings that pull to the center position.
The PI adjuster is also given, so one can play with it. The Primary layers, are the basic triads already described. The Penta Rings are the result of 90 x energy couplings, or "Bow Strings" coming back up from the deeper layers to the outer layers. [See the fold back arrows.]
This spread sheet takes us 80 layers of vibration down into the structure of matter. Note the 0.1111111111 popping up in triad 9, and now having some deeper meaning for us.
I have omitted the PI/2 and PHI feedback loops shown in the upper spreadsheets, but they are also present as energy couplings from the 8 th triad.

Input Fractal In E7

40 Layers

40 Layers

Penta Rings

Penta Rings
Adjust A17 until E7=G7

Triads Primary Layers
Bow Strings
Outer Composite Orbitals

Inner Composite Orbitals




1 10.2999163926828000



ENTER >>>>> 10.0000000000000000 cm 10.0000000000000000 E37 x 90 1 10.0000000000000 cm 9 0.1111111111111 cm

9.7088166726325700 E38 x 90

1.6180339887499000 PHI
6.0003786942285600 9.4261121182788000 E39 x 90

3.1418390733722300 Adjusted PI
2 5.8256576708635300

0.6180339887498930 1 / PHI

5.6560242323929700 E41 x 90

1.5709195366861200 PI/2

5.4913302368270600 E42 x 90

0.9708816672632550 PI/2*1/PHI
5.3314318558237800 E43 x 90 2 5.6560242323930 cm 10 0.0628447136933 cm
0.6000378694228560 PI/2*1/PHI*1/PHI
3 3.2950060956030100



3.1990610117416400 E45 x 90

3.1415926535897900 PI

3.1059096887566000 E46 x 90

0.0002464197824418 PI Adjuster
3.0154707769891100 E47 x 90


4 1.8636634322613100



1.8093966603314300 E49 x 90 3 3.1990610117416 cm 11 0.0355451223527 cm

1.7567100463231400 E50 x 90


1.7055575786723200 E51 x 90


5 1.0540925533894600

1.0233991356845400 E53 x 90


0.9935994591291840 E54 x 90


0.9646674994712100 E55 x 90 4 1.8093966603314 cm 12 0.0201044073370 cm

6 0.5961973025155760



0.5788370310841790 E57 x 90


0.5619822618127200 E58 x 90

0.5456182753211090 E59 x 90


7 0.3372106390315410



0.3273916274418510 E61 x 90 5 1.0233991356846 cm 13 0.0113711015076 cm

0.3178585290987750 E62 x 90


0.3086030186852640 E63 x 90


8 0.1907271545783110

0.1851734978293680 E65 x 90


0.1797815543055450 E66 x 90


Loop Back 90x >>>>> 0.1111111111111110 >>>Fold Back>>> 0.1745466151873470 E67 x 90 6 0.5788370310842 cm 14 0.0064315225676 cm

9 0.1078757408070290









10 0.0610147804091895




7 0.3273916274419 cm 15 0.0036376847494 cm






11 0.0345101076528511







8 0.1851734978294 cm 16 0.0020574833092 cm

12 0.0195190005147016







13 0.0110399939903243



14 0.0062442473534747



15 0.0035317614344308



16 0.0019975728256172


Triads 9 through 16, multiplied by 90 x down shift fractals loop back up to couple energy to triads 1 through 8, creating groups of 5 layered orbital rings. All these layers of matter are thus interconnected with all other layers, in a web of coherent vibrational paths.

References and Aids

To save these spreadsheets to your computer, [right click on them], then select [save target as]

Unity Fractal 1.ods Spreadsheet

A basic form spreadsheet set up for calculation as used above for the triads, using OpenOffice.Org Calc function.

Loop Back 5 Layer Orbitals Spreadsheet

A spread Sheet for the 5 layered Orbitals, given any fractal length input.

To run these spreadsheets you will need to install OpenOffice.Org on your computer.

Download OpenOffice.Org here

Other References


Resonant Fractals Home


Personally I consider this some strong evidence of accuracy for the "Gravity pattern" I measured by "feel" at the earths core.
[The 2/PI times PHI stacking protocol in triads.] The notion it could land correctly on the 90/x ratio is incredibly remote and could not be seen by a relatively normal human without a spreadsheet.
I am often amazed in this work, to find some of my measurements turn out to be this accurate and useful.

Earth Core Fractal Structure

Public Domain Knowledge
All graphics can be used by anyone, as desired.
The knowledge belongs to all of us.

David Lowrance
8 / 4 / 2013