H Theory

A Science of Spiritual Awakening - The 4 flows

H diagram


If one is aware of what they are searching for, there is greater likelihood for a successful outcome.
One model for all operations of both Scientific and Spiritual endeavor.
Whether healing arts applied to 4th density, or physical science applied to molecular breeding using Joe Cell tech,
3rd density reality offers the same vibrational linking system channels for flow of information, to each endeavor.

The 2 Perceptions Of Our Reality

[Spiritual and Scientific]

Recognizing that our consciousness is found to be present both on the outer boundaries of this reality looking inwards, seeing all as one, a very large spherical perception in which all is held within,
and then also we observe that while inside the physical body looking outwards to study this physical world as separated parts, we find we are inside the large bubble of the physical universe.
Thus the fractal nature of this reality and yet the two views of our reality from both levels, may appear to be ever in conflict with one another, known to us as the Spiritual reality and the Physical reality.

From each experience, we obtain a different set of feelings, observations, rules, and laws.
Thus our Spiritual seekers have often found themselves in conflict with our Scientists, over perceptions and vocabularies. 

These two perception, from where we all are operating, need never be in conflict, as in the Spiritual mode it is discovered that "all that is," out there, exists within us as well.
It is not that we all have a different universe within us, a copy of the one out there, it is that all of us carry these two uniquely different perception of the one universe, from both inside it and outside it.
From the outer boundary we are intensely large beings of Spirit, and from the inner physical body we are small beings inside a very large bubble of awareness looking out into it from the inside.

Thus the Spiritual input tells us we are very powerful and loving beings with great capacity, and the scientific input reminds us we are nothing at all to brag about without obtaining great knowledge of the physical world out there.
During the opening process it is often hard to understand, how the entire universe with all it's parts can "seem" it is inside our Solar plexus center as we shift between these two perceptions of our being.

Between the two boundaries of our awareness and perception, holds the entire universe between them, and this becomes our personal playground of trials and errors, as a small child experimenting with who and what it is.
We are the babies in this galaxy and only beginning to be born of the greater Spiritual understanding which recognizes it all as "one."

True experience of this dual perception of our reality, from direct experiment, is usually embraced as a mind bending truth.

 Flow vibration rate 33.82 mm
You may set a caliper here and touch fingers at the center of the gap to verify for yourself the receiving end of this flow between the two boundaries of perception.
As perception is one of the most powerful methods used to steer the Source flows.

The 4 flows of Source Energy


 Diversion Diagram

There is no need to attempt to define Source energy of this universe,
other then to accurately describe, the effects encountered as we function as life within it.
Whatever Source is, it is in a constant flow of maintaining all energy of vibration flowing into and out of our realities,
and whatever the reason for it's choice for this, we find ourself  both within, and without, looking in.
From the great central Source, of vibration that flows out to sustain all form,
light velocity becomes a gradient.
In the two cross flow systems shown above as the 4 paths of diversion, the gradiant for light is [c] and [pi / 2 c] as discovered by Tesla.

The further you move away from the center of Source energy, the slower time moves for you relative to the rest of the universe.
This is the Outflow from Source, which must be located at the center of the conscious universe.
As the outflow reaches the outer rim of the universe, it turns back inwards,
and then like a breath, reverses it's direction back to Source.

Control Vector Energy Path.

[The breath of God]

Source Symbol

From center moving outwards is a vibrational flow of purity, with an incredibly large "prime number" of wavelengths.
Control vectors of the control fabric pass through all matter via the Protons vibrational flow system.
As the vibration passes through each density, where light velocity is a given range, it may pick up and deliver modulation of information,
but also sustaining and feeding all vibration systems that tap into it, and powering all motion.
On the return trip back to Source it now passes through the Electron spin vortex system and also now carrying all the vibrations it has encountered on it's path back to Source.
Thus Source, what ever it is, has both chosen to sustain all the universe, and also monitor it's progress of unfoldment.

This is the Source of all Gravity, and Light, which follows a path bent by Gravity.
This is our link to infinite energy within the sustainable universe.

Just as photons will appear if we look for them to appear, this energy is free to all forms of life who would tap into it.
In the diagram above, the vertical arrows picture this flow from source to universe and back.
Within these type of flows light is always changing it's velocity.
This is the conical flow of vibration, which can be used in both physical science and in conscious manipulation.
The Tempic field Density gradient.

Perception Vector Energy Path

[The breath of Beings]

 Cross Flow Symbol

Frequency Levels Diagram

 We as beings separated from Source for a time, now operate on this flow to establish, perpendicular flows,
by diverting this central flow 90 degrees and setting up layers or spheres of operation where light speed appears to be fixed.
Where systems of stability can now form at "fixed distance" out from source,
which are now fed from the central Source powering system of the conscious universe.
We divert, the energy into and out of our separated densities, but the Control loops are what sustain this and power it.

This type of energy manifests as spheres or bubbles of vibration, appearing at a great number of diameters as we would choose to manipulate it.
The field which has standing rings of intensity at specific distance from center in our local Space, as aura, to the larger bodies of earth and suns orbital rings.

In the mixing and crossing of these two types of flowing vibration, at close range,
forms the pattern of the H, at any one layer, where conscious life is working to develop.
It now has access to a sustainable flow as power, and as well, a communication link with Source directly.

Thus all the densities, hold their positions at correct distance and do not overlap in function with one another.
Light does not normally pass between densities and we do not normally see through these boundaries with the physical vision.
For light to pass between, requires it accelerate or be slowed in velocity,
by creating a density manipulation, from the control vector path.

This establishes the layers of Auric vision, as specific frequency ranges in the vertical column we perceive as the vertical channel.
From top to bottom there is a constant changing of light velocity, intensity, and "rate of pulsation" we know as time sensation, or "time flow rate."
Thus communication between the levels, also carries a time differential.

To emulate the control system, we can cause the field density of the Aether itself to be altered by filling it with more vibration per unit volume.
To create a useful Density gradient within smaller area for a device, all it takes is an up shift harmony, and a down shift harmony,
where all of the vibrational energy is converted on either side of a spherical or circular boundary layer, to fully maintain a shift of it's frequency or pulse rate.
This will shift the field density of the Aether itself and push the device towards, and may even cross, a density barrier.
This crossing is described as a portal.

The portal can be fully explored within the Rain Maker geometry by projecting your focus and feeling, into the various components.
Our waking vantage is from the center of this chart, and can be opened through the bismuth and iron materials into either mental or astral sides.


Technical RMD

In this document, the first time I ever wrote such a chart and discovered I was not really inside my physical body
but existed also on the outer layer of the this physical universe, looking in from the outside also.
I was able to then steer the RM field, from out there, not using my physical body at all.


From any one point in the universe, as beings of perception from the inside view, we can look at this crossing and identify the H pattern through which all is sustained on that level.
The conscious flows, where light is changing velocity with tremendous power, and the physical flows where everything works backwards of this perception in "perceptual entropy."

Whether we look at one single atom, a collective group of atoms in platonic vibrational form such as in water, a crystal, a magnet, an organ of the body, or a chakra,
the H is present and operating to sustain it's functional vibrational energy on one of these levels of vibration.
Conscious focus, and or devices, can be used to increase or decrease the diverted energy flow from Source.

With this knowledge may come the ability to sense the specific "distance" of vibration and record it's functional frequency within any other level including the physical.
This is light Rod Technology.

[A mental model, without giving specific example, is of little value.]
[One needs to show both Scientific, and Spiritual Value for such a model.]

Manifesting - Physical Layer

Water manipulation in a Joe Cell.
~39.23 mm a bridging point

In this art the seeker attempts to condition water first into an inflow, with an imprint vibration moving towards Source.
As the imprint vibration moves down into the inflow, where it reaches the bridging point, it is then directed to cross over to
begin imprinting the outflow stream from Source via the H location of the mental plane.
The water can be flipped from inflow to outflow, or two devices can be bridged together at proper depth of intensity such that one
inflow device imprints one outflow device at proper distance of separation.
A prime fractal count of the bridging frequency, from center to center of the two devices.

Distance is time division, when using Tempic field vibration.
This is why you see healers in Reiki sometimes moving their hands closer or further from the client to access different information levels.
This distance is very technical, and operates as a vibrational system around all physical beings and objects.

Cleaning and Clearing - Healing Arts

[There are not less then two technical approaches]

Outflow Healing, with Knowledge and Compassion.

46.32 mm 4th density outflow [one example on the emotional level]
Bringing the healing Light to those who have closed off for a time.

In this art, one seeks to bring the client a perfect experience of their own healthy state, from the outer rim boundary,
where we are all held as one, and suggest or offer release of the blocks in their life sustaining flows.
Often it is described as illuminating the dark.
However it is forming a bridge between the two flows to intensify the outflow side to expose to full view, that which is causing a restriction.
The client may learn over time they can do this for them self, if it their desire, once they have experienced directly how it operates.
Intense Love and Compassion are brought into the clients life system as an attunement process, for direct experience.
The client has free will choice at every step, as they begin to see how to release their own blocked flows.
Discovery of the 2 perceptions, for a time may linger after such work.

Inflow Healing, with Empathy and release.

15.56 mm 4th density inflow. [one example on the emotional levels]
In this art, one seeks to draw out from the client, that which is blocking their flows of life,
and discharge these patterns into the greater inflow to be fully carried away and cleared by Source inflow.
Release is far more instant in general, and the client may not at first grasp how or what is happening, but may recognize, things have simply vanished.
Thus after such work it is good to share information of the techniques used, and what was seen by the healer if possible,
as well as how to release patterns which act against us.

Offer mental models to assist the learning process where possible.

The best healing is where the client becomes aware of how to begin the process of doing "for and to" them self
using the great Outer Rim Perception, where we are all naturally viewed as one and connected.
This is sometimes sensed as the cloud of mankind, which is one layer or area of the outer rim.

On Healing

True Spirituality, is not taught by Mental programming, it is an "experience" which needs mental programming to be accepted.
Thus there are many mental models which must be available, as the client has need to understand what is happening.
In the absence of mental models, all fears may rise to the surface too fast for a healing to be accepted or allowed in.
As the goal of healing is to offer the keys, so that all become equals, empowered, as equals in the Spirit.

Once the vision is opened, now anyone can use the Light Technology as they wish,
to jump in and learn directly at any level of the universe we hold inside us all.

The Cubical Grid Outer Rim

The space fabric
Exploration of the outer rim, reveals there are multiple forms of it in operation, necessary to set up the Aetheric field we think of as Space.
While the objects and manifestations of matter and life forms conform to the spherical, circular, and platonic form geometries, the vibrational
grid at various points, viewed from the inside, appears to conform to the cubical form grid of rectilinear space.
As to the math of this, it is experienced from doing, measuring, and playing with it.
There is a healing system, which uses a rectilinear grid work which is placed over the human body to increase the healing vibrational flows.
There is also a resonant length on the earth which appears to be operating as a rectilinear form vibration, documented here using a prime fractal.

13 x

How ever this cubical grid turns out to be attached, it is recognized to be a very stabilizing source of polarity which can supply energy directly in our physical levels on the earth.
One may tap in and work from this rectilinear model to derive many other field resonance forms as a Source power fractal system.
Using the rectilinear vibrational systems against the spherical ones may offer insight, as to how this is all being done.

A note
I am often amazed, when I allow the flows of Source to open within me, and flow forth information into a document like this one.
It is my sincerely desire that the information be shared with any who would benefit personally from such mental models.

 Cross Flows Symbol

David Lowrance
c_s_s_p group
7 - 24 - 2011