A Fractal Matrix

An Introduction


  A technical document intended to answer some of the obvious questions, for a new designer or builder of vibrational technology.

What is a fractal Matrix System?
How can I use one to design resonant items at various sizes?
Why are certain segment counts totally different then others?
Are prime numbers real?
What is a segment?
What is a node?
Where is the Power coming from?

Fractal Division

Fractal Rod Diagram

A fractal is found to contain a complete image of itself, both inside and outside within it's complete form.

Thus the term multiplicity.
One part of the 12 quadrature levels of the universe.
[Wilbert Smith]

 A Light Rod needs no batteries. It is self powering both from within, and from without, in the never ending dance of life.
The "Science of Vibration" is the Spiritual Science.

What is a Fractal Matrix

Fractal Matrix Diagram

We stand in the physical body as "one" body, the sum of all its parts. Looking outwards we see countless other people. Looking further we see countless stars.
Looking inwards we see countless cells, and still further inwards countless DNA molecules, and finally countless atoms, electrons, protons, and neutrons.
All of these are alive with energy in their physical forms, but have various dimensions and organizing structures.

1 x  = The Central Reference

Normally our body is our 1x position, and we see it as one consciously functioning part of our awareness, the "center point."
The "one" is a powerful place to stand, it offers one continuous control and synchronization of all it's parts.
With a little effort, we can also observe other objects as "one" also, as we focus on them intensely for study.

The point where you decide to assign the value 1, is arbitrary to a fractal system, although it becomes the new reference
to what is a convenient size to work with in your mathematics, to reference the complete form.

One contains the full meaning of the form.
Everything smaller will become a fraction of the whole, and everything larger will become a number x counts of the whole.

Whether you have 12 people, 12 cells of the body, 12 atoms, or 12 inches, the presence of each will effect the others in a similar way, which is synergetic.
This synergy forms a new "one" reference, now viewed as the collective.
12 people working together, become the council of 12 equals, functioning as "one" council.
The term "man" can be applied to both the "one" and the 12x group in this case.

In a fractal system, there is a pattern lying outside the "one," which matches exactly that pattern which is found inside the "one."
Thus within the "one" is held all that is found outside the "one."

This is discovered to be the nature of consciousness, observing the physical universe.

Segments and Nodes

Fractal Rod Diagram

In the diagrams above, we are exploring, with our senses, a [metal] that is formed into a straight or linear length.
The metals conform to an 8 Segment system or Octave in general. To express the form of one octave, one must stack together 8 smaller copies of itself.
These are referred to as 8x Stacks, in the diagram shown above.
At the point where the full 8 are present, now a larger whole image comes into view and forms complete.

The top line shows the even divisions, and the bottom line is an expanded view of one of these divisions, showing how fractions are now used to count them.
Thus the term fractal. When expanded the bottom bar looks exactly like the top bar, the only difference is the length of each. In every other way they are identical.

We discover that by cutting this length to a specific distance in metals, it begins to become radiant with an energy we can feel rising up around it, and from it.
Where the length of the Rod, Tube, or Wire, happens to hit an exact natural fractal multiple of all it's inner parts,
the new "one" we have found, takes on an energetic connection with all it's smaller inner parts, to become the "One" expressing the larger image, or field.
Energy is now coupled between them. Each of the small parts inside now begin to power also the larger form outside them which they are now only a small part of.

Coherent Field

This is known in electronics as a coherent field, noted with magnetic fields, and magnetic domains that are inside soft iron.
In Light Rods however, they are much deeper, and coupling to the very dance that allows the matter to hold it's form.

The human body also has such a "coherent field" allowing all it's separate parts to act as one.


Segment Diagram

A segment, is a length.
It is a magical place, where the many become the one, where the many vibrate as the one.
Whether this happens between the molecules of the metal and the new larger image of them, between the atoms and the new image, or the crystal structure, does not matter.
What matters is that we have located, a larger fractal, of the units of smaller size, which will couple energy into our new size, and can be treated as one unit of vibration powered from all it's inner parts.
This is a coherent vibrational field. All vibrate as one, in total synchronization, and this forms the SEGMENT.

A segment is an amplifier or magnifier of [size], a copy of it's smaller parts. If we happen to resonate up in a straight line,
the correct number of atoms, their vibrational pattern will now be expressed at greater size.
As you increase the size of these energy couplings, the frequency changes by Octaves or musical note interval.
At the center of the segment is the point of maximum physical vibrational power, or pressure, and here we do not see the Light. 
Denoted by the bulging oval, widest at center
Here we find the Power. 


Node Graphic
A Node, is the place where two segments join, along in a stack of segments, for multiplicity.

At the point where two segments come together, there will be the Light.
And there the Light will dwell within all things.

There is a node on each end of a "linear form segment" and within that segment there are minor node positions of fractal distance where smaller images are located also.
The smaller images will lay end to end, and each will reflect the same pattern at some fraction of the size matching the larger pattern. In our case for the metals, there will be 8 more inside every "one."
And further if you move closer, there will be 8 more inside all these.

A node is the place where the pressure of a vibration falls off into the Light, where the frequency rises and the pressure drops in this physical world.
These are referred to as the Light Nodes, as often the designer may see them as Light at third eye center, when touched directly.


Using this 8x metals Octave technique, shows that matter itself is powered, from moment to moment by Source, and also that we can tap into, and bring up, it's power on our level of [size and frequency] for exploration.


Observing the drawings above, note  in the metals, there is an 8x octave segment count. An octave is each time you get bigger and hit the magical place where the size jumps to "one" again.
For the metals this is an 8 segment length of the original 1x length, or it can be 1/8.
This pattern continues to either grow or shrink as we have ability to cut accurately the dimensions that will hold perfectly the fractal patterns of it's form on any level.
This can operate on distances as far as the moon to the earth, where a gravity fractal has been cyphered that is quite strong to work with.

We can divide by and we can multiple by 8, and we see the same flavor of the "new image" with different frequency and different distance.
If you want a metal rod to act as one, you must hit exact multiples of 8 for your lengths.

Note that for an 8x or 8 segment rod, there are 9 nodes.

The diagram offered will avoid confusion on this, and when you relay information, be sure to understand the counts for segment or nodes will be different, although the rod is the exact same length.
8 segments = 9 nodes for a single linear rod.
This of course changes only where the rod is bent back to itself as a 2 dimensional form, or an area.
Thus a circle, triangle and a square will be found to have the same number of nodes and segments.

Evens, Odds, and Primes

[Manipulation of frequency, and intensity.]

Up to here we have described, the nature of one Octave, how to operate on that length chosen as the 1x, to either make smaller or larger dimensions.
This creates a "full image" of the "one" on many levels of dimension as desired.
It should also be noted here that the 8x Octave is not the only kind of vibrational Octave there is.
All energy seems to travel through the Aether at long distances via the 12x Octave.
There must be both a 3x and a 4x pattern present for the energy to couple across large spacial gaps such as earth to moon, etc.

Even and Odd Stacks

Now what happens, if instead of making an 8x, to get a full Octave jump, we instead cut only a 7x length?
Well you will not get a full image of the larger 8x length, you will not get a partial image either, but you will now have 7 full images of the smaller octave in a stack.
This 7x creates a different kind of synergy between the segments.
Because you have missed the next octave, it's lower frequency will be missing, but you will have now 7 times the mass vibration of the smaller 1x, which is a higher frequency.
Thus a 7x will actually produce more energy out then an 8x will, but the distribution is not evenly located.
The 7x will have many more energetic minor nodes along it because it contain 7 each of the form in smaller dimension.

There is a pattern to increasing the counts of segment stacks by 1x, and each one has characteristics rooted in consciousness which are unique to that count.
From experiment, we have noted a 7x, or "one less then the octave count in metals" will produce a strong polarity to one end of the rod, or tube.

7x Graphic

This is multiplicity.
The 7 segments do not become one identical image of the parts, instead they interact as as group of individuals to produce something different.
In this case, a polarity, where all segments are not equal but weighted to one end.
In general even numbered count stacks will drop the frequency by 2's harmonically, but odd numbered segment stacks will not.
So there is a pattern of the Odds, and this leads finally to a pattern of the primes.
As the odds stack, there is, in general, a division that crops up, as patterns of 3, 5 ,7, 11,13 etc...... and recognized later as the primes.


Multiplicity is only possible with the prime count stacks.
Everything else will break down to larger multiples of the one, or to larger primes.
All light rods will "down shift" frequency to the lowest level of their primes, whether this be 3 as happens in a 9x length, or 5 happening in a 10 x system, or 7 from a 21 x length... etc,
if you can evenly divide down to a prime it will stay present at it's longest prime dimension of appearance and not down shift in frequency any further.
Thus an odd stack of 33, will down shift 3x and then vibrate up at 11x, with 3 times the mass in vibration, 11standing wave sets of 3x distance.


The only way to get a truly intensely "high frequency" is to use the primes, where the larger Octave count can never pop up anywhere.
Segments combine as individuals which are no longer equal to the whole.
Primes are the most intense form of Light Rod stacking, due to their inability to down shift the frequency harmonically.
No matter how much mass you have vibrating, for a fractal system that may be very small in segment sizes, all of it will vibrate at the same higher frequency if a prime is used to cut the length.
Primes are a very advanced use of the vibrational technology for this reason, when applied to the metals.

It is thus theorized that the vibration that fills all space, is of this nature. To hold within it, all patterns of form at nearly infinitely small size, accessible everywhere within the prime fractal stream from Source.

The Loop Of Infinity

The Infinity Pattern from a magnet

This is the effect that our current technology has been missing.
Here is the gold, and the secret to over unity powering in a conscious universe.

EM energy tends to disperse, and be lost into the background Aether as a shift to higher frequencies.
EM => Loss is dispersed to higher frequencies in chaos patterns.

Vibration is the force that works the other direction to complete the loop.
Vibration will down shift the frequency back into our level of practical use.

T field [vibration] => down shifts frequency, and brings order to chaos
This is the beauty of our world, and the physics we have chosen to participate in.

We can pull energy directly back out of the background Aetheric medium!
It is not lost.

Density Shifting

The key to setting up Torsion field gradients, is using the primes against the evens, to create massive frequency hops of energy.
The prime cuts will maintain very high frequency with very high density of waves.
The larger even cuts like 24 x 24 =  576, will drop the frequency vibration 576 times the original frequency.
The space fractal system of 12x, or 24x on it's full cycle, can be set against any prime from 3, to 5 to 7 to the highest prime you need, to set large masses, into extremely sharp field density shifts.

Gravity is a function of how the Aether is changing in density. Adding more waves of higher frequency to it curves the Aether more.
Thus passing between a high frequency energy bubble and a down shift, or low frequency bubble, where the two are fully resonating one another and coupled together by fractal, there will be a gravity gradient encountered.
If high frequency is placed outside low frequency,  in circular, spherical, or platonic form, the effect will push towards anti gravity.
The reverse is also true, and defines the nucleus of all matter where gravity is located at it's nuclear center.

Frequency of Vibration

A very important reality to comprehend, and for me was hard to believe at first.
If we take a 1x segment, from an 8x system, and make it 8 times longer, we will hit an octave.
The mass vibration frequency will rise.
With a pipe organ tube the frequency would be 1/2 if we double it's length.
This is because the energy source is from outside the atoms.

Mass vibration, is powered from the nucleus of the atoms. It is self sustaining, and derives it's power from the background field of the Aether.
When this source of energy comes from the inside of the atoms the frequency rises with length.

The more atoms that form a coherent vibration field at the nuclear field level, the more space the field fills and the faster they vibrate.
The longer we make a tube in general the higher the mass vibration frequency will go.

In the metals, the octave structure is 8x, the mass is doubled 3 times to form the larger identical pattern of major and minor nodes.
It is likely reasonable to expect the frequency to rise by 8x as well.

This is the working of the inner world side of the atom, when the vibration field couples between multiple atoms.
The electron shell, or outer world connection, works backwards of this.
As RF runs down the electron shells of copper atoms in an electric circuit, the longer we make the wire the lower the frequency of EM resonance.

At the dead center of every atom, is the center of the universe, or in other words Source energy.
As you move inward on the atoms layers, you get closer to source energy.
There will be less space and more time.
The boundary referred to as the strong force in physics, is a density barrier. Inside the barrier the field fabric is more dense.

There is an experimental set up, where we use a function generator, to vibrate up a copper tube, to discover the mass resonance frequencies of it's length.
We then compare with a tube that is 2x the length of the first to see how the frequency changes.
This is the Electric field operating on the Tempic field.

The Function generator puts out two kinds of energy. The voltage moves out the red wire, and the vibration travels out the black wire, or the ground.
When a circuit is connected the vibration and electricity travel around in [opposite] directions. As we add a load the vibration gets stronger.
We simply connect the black wire to the end of the copper tube, wrap a hand around the copper tube to feel the vibration, and record the frequencies where it peaks up, or flares up.
These are points of mass resonance and cause a perceptible vibration. There will be many points of resonance for any one length of tube.
If we double the length of the tube, the same frequencies will vibrate up the new tube, because they will couple energy on even or musical octaves.
The longer tube however will feel like a higher frequency, then the shorter tube, and if we get long enough it will not be possible to feel the vibration, as the frequency will go up beyond our ability to feel it in the physical.

If on the other hand we we resonate the tube up using RF energy, the longer tube will attenuate the energy that resonates on the shorter tube, as EM resonance will only couple energy on odd harmonics.
We must tune the RF to 1/2, a lower frequency, on the longer tube to resonate that one up.
In this tunning, we must use EM instruments to detect resonance, as it is unlikely we will hit a mass resonance when resonating the electron shell flows.

Most random wire or tube lengths will thus have two resonance frequencies, one will vibrate up the mass and one will resonate up the electron shell which is ~weightless.

If you set the F gen at one frequency, then take two wires and one at a time slide down the wire with a cutter. When you hit vibration resonance, cut the first length. On the next wire cut the electric length, it will feel like a battery.
The electric length will be longer, but now both wires will resonate on the same frequency at different layers of the atoms structure.


David Lowrance
c_s_s_p group 7 - 26 - 2011