DR-1X Fusion Repeater to PI 3   Using an RA-40 Control Interface

Pannel Front

Software Comments

Allstar [Asterisk] software was installed on the PI 3. It was discovered to be the most advanced package, and user friendly.
Within it is the correct control package to operate the PTT function through the RA-40 control board interface on pin 13.
The package offers Echolink, and Allstar directly with a Linux OS from one download for the PI 3  [32 GB micro SD uses 4 GB]

Engineering Section - Hardware and Cabling

Flow Diagram

RA-40  Repeater Control Interface Board


Green   HB = Heartbeat indicates PI/3 is talking to the RA-40 control board
Blue      Com OK =  Heartbeat Timmer Pi is Up
Red      PTT = Push to Talk indicates Repeater is transmitting

Voice Level = Left audio channel USB => Transmit audio to Repeater
Mic Level = Audio input to USB <= Recieve Audio from Repeater

Option Pins
JU1    Local / Remote Mode Polarity  Lo = Remote mode [set to A]
JU2    5v to 12v Audio Power amp Selection Set to 12v [set to B]

RA-40  Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagram

Custom Cable  9 pin Dsub on RA-40 to HD15 pin Control Port on DR-1X Repeater

This cable uses 8 conductor shielded wire for a total of 9 conductors. One each 9 pin D-sub male and one each HD15 male 15 pin 3 row VGA style D-sub.


Cable Pinnouts

Pinnout Definitions

Control Modes

Pannel Rear