Vibration To Electromagnetic Field Conversion System Basics

11 - 24 - 2014  DL
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Mental Model

T wave Diagram

T wave at it's Source

Tesla Wave - [Counter Space] Vibration Field Gap Location - E field Gap Location [Voltage]

Pictured above an atom of matter, as we perceive it to be solid.
Use of caliper technique operates on the mass vibration located with the weight of the atom at the center.
Protons and Neutrons are the major weight of the atom. They are suspended at the center, and naturally vibrate.
The outer electron shells of the atom holds the electric field between the E and P layers [Electron negative charge, Proton positive charge].
This is the location of [counter space] as demonstrated by Erick Dollard, although he makes no reference to the atoms structure while describing it.
Velocity factors of  pi/2 c come from transmission of the vibration energy at the nuclear level, as a mass vibration plus a canceling electric field
as it passes through both sides of the atom along the diameter, which are out of phase in each radius.

The vibration field of the atom is the organizing force.
It is referred to in physics as the strong force.
It cannot be measured very far outside the Proton layer by conventional science, and is usually calculated indirectly.
This calculation involves the weight of a larger mass of the atoms, compared to the known weights of the sum of all the atomic part.
It is assumed the change in mass to a lower weight, converts to the strong force binding energy, which has been labeled as "meson" energy.
It is 137 times stronger then the EM force. The power of an atom lies at the core mass location.

Meson Energy - Binding Force

Where two Protons are separated in distance, the electric field will cause them to push apart and repel.
Where the two come within diameter distances of one another, they then begin to attract with 137 times more power then the separating force.
A vibration moving between the Protons causing this attraction, has been labeled as the meson particle by physicists.
However believing it is only a field with a specific vibration and not an actual particle, I attempted to measure the frequency of the meson.

I got an initial caliper resonance when scanning for this force at 6.79 mm.
Through caliper accuracy manipulations using much longer lengths
I came to the conclusion the meson force is a 7x octave fractal with the following actual resonance fractal dimension.

950 / 140 = 6.7857142857142857142857142857143 mm

Note the repeating decimal  857142 common to 7x divisor systems.

Meditative Experience

It is created from a converging vibration originating on the outer boundary of the universe, as sensed in meditative extension, described as "God Awareness" in meditation.
It can be felt and measured by sensitives, using proactive martial arts, or meditative techniques, with power involved, to scan it via the Source Field, then recorded at some "fractal" using a SS caliper.

Self Powering

Once created, the atomic system [self sustains] within the background medium, both it's size and it's vibration frequencies.
It develops a physical consciousness of it's own, separate from the Source Field powering it, and becomes a localized "consciousness unit" or CU field within it's own dimensions.

Chemical Bonds

The outer world Electron shells connect to other atoms forming weaker chemical bonds, of which our world is constructed.
This outer layer forms what we see as "still and stable matter". It's dimension will be corrected and held, from the nuclear center, by vibration powered from the Source Field.
It's outer weaker EM layer will become the binding force between atoms to form molecules using multiplicity.

Joe Cell study shows that this vibration can be tapped into by a "sensitive person" using pineal "feel felt" methods,
up to power levels, able to run an automotive engine, with no other fuel source.

T Wave

It is important to observe that in T wave propagation, as Tesla used to resonate the earth ground path with energy,
there is both a Voltage and a Vibration running in the same direction of travel, and configured in series platonically from inside the atoms.

After this energy moves outside the electron shell, it can be used at 90 degree angles to generate motion in motors with copper windings.
Here is where we observe the quadrature alignment of the field force familiar to all electronics technicians and engineers.

Motion or Pressure [Vibration Field]
Electric Field
Magnetic field
These are all discovered to set in quadrature geometry outside the atoms shells.

Inside the atom however two of these line up in the same vector of motion. Voltage and Vibration.
Because all atoms, not just copper and iron, have this structure, a T  Wave can move through any matter,
to deliver power to a remote location on the earths surface.
For this wave to carry an electric field component, the atoms must be distorted such that the two electric field radius vectors no longer cancel, at the site of the transmission.
The distortion can however also come from the nuclear vibration level, as a phi ratio pressure, as experimented with below in the diode charging experiments.

Dielectric Insulator

Inside the atom there is a Strong force layer just outside the Proton shell.
It acts like the perfect dielectric layer for the Electric field gap at the P E area of the atom.
This gap is the smallest distance where we can calculate a voltage present.
Because the gap is so small, this field disappears from our view in most atoms.
The dielectric field can be accessed mentally at ~ 6.79 mm.

Electrical Techniques

There is an imbalance in the atoms of copper and iron, such that we can use these elements to harness EM as power outside the atoms as well.
Iron has an extra electron force, and is easily magnetized on the outer electron shell.

Copper has an extra positive proton force, and will easily move electrons creating currents in wire, and inducing magnetic fields in Iron.
Because the Proton shell is bound inside the strong force layer, it also has a vibration much different then the electron shell has, and unexpectedly lower in frequency.

The frequencies coming from the nuclear level are in general lower then coming from the electron shell level, and this is a physics phenomena working backwards of how we perceives EM waves to operate.
That is, we expect a smaller wavelength to result in a higher frequency. Yet where we oscillate up copper in an antenna, or NMR values,
we quickly discover the proton with heavier mass oscillates at about 1000 times lower in frequency then the electron shell with far lower mass and faster tilting ability.

So here we see a gradient of frequencies that are getting lower as we move inside the atom to smaller distances, about 1000 times smaller then the electron orbital distances,
and if we hold to the premise of current science that these are simply EM oscillations, this is a violation of the existing understanding of EM resonance.

The solution however is to now add the mass as a factor of these new wavelengths, that lie inside the meson or strong force bundle.
As we cross to the inside of this tempic field boundary the frequencies again drop relative to us outside the boundary.

These mental models, are helpful to intelligently make use of geometry in systems.
To apply math, and extract energy as EM fields, with a driving force, or power present.

Applications Section One

Note: We can also look at why this may be from the earth ground work, where we were also able to get a diode to charge a capacitor using an earth node ground rod.
Electrical energy through the diode was observed to move in the opposite direction of a forwards biased diode.

Earth Nodes

Earth Grid

Local Earth Grid Field

13x Ground Node Field

The Diode as a Source of Electro Motive Force

[Note a warning: If you are able to tune in a perfect phi ratio, [1.618] be aware, it must be taken back down or will continue to grow over time adding stress to the background field.]
[In this diode experiment I used a perfect phi, to prove something very quickly, rather then take the time to calculate out a 90x phi adjuster value. I had "astral entities" visiting me after 7 days of charging time.]
[These same results can be achieved without using a perfect phi at all, by using the F chord ratio, or Fibonacci numbers, or even earth fractals of diameter and circumference, perfect pi / 2 ratio which is totally safe.]

Earth Nodes

It was noticed in experiments with earth nodes, URL just above, a diode can collect small negative voltages when placed at the positive charged node location on the earths crust.
It is obvious these are not RF reception as the diode is never forwards biased, but instead build in the reversed bias polarity mode.

If we study the offerings of Dr. Pajak, we observe he is convinced, there is a method to extract EMF Electromotive Force, from a crystalline mass, and use this to power standard EM loads.
He shows us the mechanism he calls the recpricator, and compares it to an old steam engine, with two pistons that are 90 degrees out of phase in order to pass through the area of the circle he calls the locking point.

At the levels of inner atoms function, these fields are already spinning and vibrating in motion,
and with the use of resonant fractal technology, we can extract small amounts of EM from any high frequency Diode.
We do not need to use special elaborate crystals as thought in his work to show this effect, as every diode is a crystalline mass already cut and set up for voltage use.

What I discovered on diodes is that the crystalline vibration is a different frequency on each side of the diode.
In order to create a recpricator function, we simply use frequency shifts of phi and pi/2 or pi, to cause the rotation of the nuclear field to dump energy into the electric field layer.
This diagram and photo from my experimental notes on 11 / 23 / 2014.

Circuit Diagram

A diode, two capacitors, and 4 vibration tuning stubs.
Notice that I used two sloping frequency functions passing through the diode but reversed, and a small current arises which can charge a capacitor over time to almost 1 volt DC.
With this "frequency set" the current is constant but very small for a single diode as a battery.
There are likely other frequency sets, that will be far more powerful discovered, by adding the use of 3 octaves rather then only one octave of vibration I used here.
As well cascading these in both series and parallel could likely increase the energy output of a [diode capacitor tuning stub matrix.]

Rather then using a spiral coil,
The phi vibration ratio is applied to the diode resonance of one side to generate nuclear pressure.
The pi/2 ratio is used to offer a path for the energy to move into the electron proton gap layers, creating the conversion to EM.

Experimental Set Up - 2 Capacitors - 1 Diode

Photo 1 experimental setup

4 capacitor plates are necessary in this setup. The outer two hold the activating vibration set causing the interaction at the nuclear level to activate the diode as a generator of DC voltage.
The inner two hold the vibration frequencies of the diode.
Since the capacitors are being filled using electric currents, they fill slowly.

Sensing the Diode

Photo 2 Sensing the diodes two vibrations of resonance

In order to establish the diodes inner frequency shift parameters, we have to consciously enter the diode using feel felt projection techniques.
Consciously project yourself to enter the crystal mass, and then begin an active frequency scan using your own head or pineal sense.
Raise the field of projection from your mind slowly in frequency until the diode vibrates up from one lead strongly.
Set a caliper, below 3.33 mm then close it slowly to locate where it resonates up this lead and record it's first frequency.
Do this again on the other lead and record it's second frequency.

The BY03-400 HF diodes I have here vibrated up at 2.30 mm on one side, and 2.69 mm on the other side.
This is the root frequency of this diode, or crystalline recpricator system as Dr Pajak would label it.
Next I calculated both Phi and PI/2 values for each of these moving both up and down.

Activate the Diode using it's own Resonance Vibration

Bending the lead ends

Set up the first two vibration stubs on the diodes leads

A technique I often use to raise a vibration from a component. Bend a wire at 90 degrees on the point that vibrates it up.
Do this by feel using a needle nose plier, and locate the correct point of the bend, or use the calipers to set the distance to the end of the lead.
With the caliper also touching your hand somewhere for a reference, by feel, you can clamp the pliers at the correct location and bend it.
If you get the bend distances close enough, the crystal will vibrate up on both sides as a powering system.
Note on the bends I hit a 2x value of the resonance distances for each frequency.
These two frequencies will not vibrate up at all from the wrong end of the diode.

The diode is now intense for me to hold onto, but not an unpleasant sensation.
The diode is a frequency converter at molecular dimension, and aligned along it's electrical axis,
so you are accessing two layers of it's internal energy system traveling in series.
A Tesla Wave.

2 Capacitors

Photo 4 Capacitors
[1000 uf non polarized]

When the diode now touches one plate of a capacitor, that plates entire mass vibrates up to a stronger level of energy from the vibration.
This energy will move at pi/2 c velocity and then set up a mass resonance adding more power, then the diodes leads alone can.
Note we now have 1 plate of each capacitor vibrating at the diodes Source Field resonances.
On the outer two plates we now add another vibration pressure system to cause electron proton gap to begin absorbing the energy of the mass vibration pressure.

[2.3 mm]  and [2.69 mm]
crystal resonance

[3.61 mm  pi/2]  and  [1.66 mm  phi]
Outer plate resonance

[Each passing with reversed scale of size through the system]

Calipers are used to bring up these two fields on the outer plates of the two capacitors, and the charging of the caps begins.
The field self sustains as these ratios are ones that create self sustaining fields on capacitor plates and on Joe Cells.

Note here, it is possible to craft special capacitors with plates cut to resonant lengths of the diode, that will activate the diode when they are connected.
How much this will increase the power of the diode as a generator is not yet tested, but would be expected to be considerable.
A square or rectangle plate having dimensions which are prime number multiples of the diodes crystal resonance would be in order for the first plate of each capacitor.
Note the two capacitors would be crafted differently.
The other two plates would have the other two dimensions used to set up the electron flow pressures, in reverse direction to the vibration path.
In the two special built capacitors would be 4 different vibration resonance frequencies, from the 4 different plate dimensions.

Metering the Voltage

Note that a meter, will inject a voltage into a capacitor, as it uses a battery in the sensing circuit.
One must be careful to only touch the meter on for a short time, to make voltage readings, or the meter itself can cause a voltage climbing effect.


Another effect that can cause false voltage climbs is a long wire [meter lead], that will pick up RF as an antenna.
One can use an RF shield around the experiment to eliminate this effect also.

If you have resonated the crystal inside the diode, the voltage will still climb with an RF shield around the experiment.
The T wave vibration can travel through any matter, and it is also sustaining that matter from the outer boundary.

I now placed a third capacitor and another bent diode in series and got around 1.4 volts DC. Nice Job!
They can be networked!

This experiment taught me, there is truth in the concept of conversion of vibration into electrical fields,
although a martial arts technique was used in order to locate the most important beginning measurements.
I had to shoot my own energy [KI] into the diode and couple with it consciously, in order to measure it's Source Field Frequencies.

Also the energy gain with this set of frequencies is very small, in this setup, but will likely become larger with larger capacitor plate size, and specially tuned in plate dimensions.
As an example, a typical 8" tube Joe Cell system can power an LED indefinitely, once the vibration field is established as a self sustaining system.
This is not a simple battery effect, the voltage will climb with more tubes added and even using distilled water, where an electrolyte system will only generate one fixed voltage per cell.

3 Capacitor Setup - 4 Diode Recpricator's

12 - 4 - 2014 Dave L

A new digital voltmeter was ordered to obtain 4 digit accuracy, and self adjusting scale.
The Mastech meters proved to be too unstable at very low voltages.
The Amprobe AM-510 seems a far better meter for this testing.

[Note in the circuit diagram below, the similarity to the T wave passing through an atoms diameter.]
[Another stage could be added on each side to bring up the meson field as well, and would be an excellent experiment.]

Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagram

6A diodes added

Connecting diodes with larger mass, to decrease the charging time on the capacitors.

I discovered the new diodes 6A 400V have the exact same resonance parameters as the original ones do.
The chart above for tuning stubs can be used for them also, however stubs are not needed as just connecting them to the other diodes will drive them as well.
Mouser PN 640 - 6FL.40   6A  400v  Fast recovery diode
The case can even be resonated up by slowly opening the lower nut to the correct distance, shown in the photo above, but the small end needs an external vibration injected.

Tuning Procedure

I used the red and black clip leads, slowly moving them along the existing diodes leads until I could feel the energy inside the large diodes vibrate up on each side for each frequency.
Results were awesome! The vibration levels from the larger diode are about 10 times stronger by feel.

Voltage on left end of string

Measuring the voltage on the left electric field collector capacitor.

Right capacitor voltage

Measuring the voltage on the right electric field collector capacitor.

The .018 volt difference resulted from the diodes all pointing the same direction.
It is not possible to reverse one set of diodes without adding another capacitor at the center,
as two diodes with same vibration pointing inwards, will not likely both respond to the same phi ratio on the other side of the capacitor.
If perfect symmetry is desired, a 4th capacitor must be used at the center to separate the two like phi values.

Crystal as a Voltage or Current Source  - Conclusions

Capacitor Diode String

It is likely with more experiment of the octaves and frequency ratios of music,
a rather substantial amount of "first energy" voltage can be collected, to capacitors, using crystals,
to start a machine from the ground up, using no external and exhaustible sources of power we are familiar with.

John Huticheson was able to create enough energy to run a small motor,
by mixing crushed quartz crystal with silicate based construction chemicals [tars],
melting them down in a large surplus tank shell casing as a cylinder with platonic form,
and by "random chance" hitting correct fractal resonances.

This has been referred to as the Cashmere effect as I recall and attributed to a mystical force we cannot see or experience directly, appearing randomly in the space medium.
In reality I believe there is nothing mystical or random about it, if you understand how the fractal matrix vibration system works.
I believe I have presented the underlying techniques, technically, how this can be engineered, when mankind achieves ability to measure nuclear mass resonance using pineal sense.
I do not consider this type of "vibration detection" as channeling, it is very physical, precise, and repeatable.
The fractals I offer above can likely be reduced in dimension using machines to increase the output as well.
I believe the 3.33 mm distance may be the largest one that may produce this electrical effect.
This threshold may be some kind of crossing point, although not yet proved from experiment.

Applications Section Two

Capacitors as a Source of Instantaneous Voltage

[Counter Space]
Many intuitive Torsion Field experimenter have encountered this effect, and then not been able to repeat it consistently, or to give explanation as to why it is created.
The 44.5 foot copper wire coil fractal, has been known to generate voltages above 15 volts, and even higher on rare occasion in capacitors "instantly."
The people playing with these vibration energy techniques a lot, are the ones reporting it most often, like Lyle Lathem.
The following are my present attempts to define and master it's use, as a source of energy in the public domain.

Counter Space Generator Diagram

The Experimental platform as originally conceived.
The experiment below - only the red box diagrammed above is built with two capacitors.
No coils or diodes were used in this first experiment.
Small voltages were attained about 50 percent of the time from 1/4 volt up to 1.5 and even 2 volts instantly.

Experimental Description

We can now also use a capacitor as an active vibration element, to generate voltages instantly from the Source Field.
These can then be discharged as electron flows giving power over greater time periods, then needed to charge them.
Using what we learned from the diodes, we can simply use self sustaining vibrational shifts of the earths vibration resonance to move energy
from the nuclear mass vibration core, outwards to the electron proton gap, in various ways, on the capacitor plates themselves.
This is using Aluminum medium, in the capacitors, which is also a diamagnetic nuclear material, similar to copper.

Source Power

A spreadsheet is created using the Earths Diameter divided by 2 repeatedly to come up with the first fractal distance somewhere below 3.33 mm.
At the 34th geometric octave ~1.48499 mm is located, then tuned on a caliper to peak this energy. On my calipers at 1.49 mm setting.

Earth Diameter Spreadsheet

This spread sheet also contains to the right all the musical harmonics and both pi/2 and phi ratios for fast access to this data.

One Shot Effect

The voltage charging is a result of a change in torsion between the plates, and after the torsion comes up, the effect stops.
I call this the "one shot" capacitor effect, as if we use a self sustaining vibration fractal system, it will never release again.
Thus after the capacitor is discharged of voltage, it will not replace this energy, without further intervention.
Dr. Pajak describes this as the Locking Point.
It is not the voltage that is locked however, it is the vibration pressure field [torsion field] that locks up.


Charging via the Vibration Path

Capacitor Setup With Ground Bar Photo

The same capacitors as used above are used in this experiment, for the "one shot effect." 1000 uf  non polarized.
A good earth ground was used by taping an old copper water line with a large heavy wire, to a ground bar on the bench.
 A caliper is set to 1.49 mm, and now slid along the bar to locate a point where this fractal will resonate, as a very intense energy field.

This point is clipped to the first capacitor in the string using the yellow clip lead, and the caliper is touched on the capacitor pole.
The wire is tuned in perfectly to resonate this energy on the first plate of the capacitor,
by sliding the clip lead along the ground bar extremely slowly back and forth. One must use "vibration senses" to get it perfectly peaked.
This may be a long difficult tunning experience, but is done exactly the same way as the diodes, until the cap is strongly resonating the earth Diameter vibration field fractal.

Next we calculate the phi ratio off this, in order to create our frequency diode effect, similar to the real diode effect found above.
2.41 mm is what I used, and then touch this on the next plate of the first cap, which is also present on the first plate of the 2nd capacitor via the red jumper.
If you got the calipers correct, the charging is instant, and you will feel energy flow as vibration from the ground bar into the capacitors, flowing away from the ground bar.

The Phi ratio will self sustain on both capacitors now and create an imbalance with the background field, with the last plate of the second capacitor still unconditioned.
Phi = 1.618
phi = .618
If you felt this shift of energy, then proceed to the last step.

The caliper is set to 2.33 mm, which is a pi/2 ratio off the earth diameter field and also smaller then 3.33 mm.
Place a meter, positive lead on the ground bar and negative lead on the last capacitor plate of the 2nd capacitor.
Touch the caliper to the last plate of capacitor 2, and if you have tunned the frequency correctly, the meter will shoot instantly to about +0.254 vdc.
The energy moves directly from the mass resonance vibration into the electron proton gap of the aluminum atoms.

This is the fastest you will ever see a meter jump on a capacitor of this size.
The capacitor is charged up to a voltage with no electrical current flow instantly.

Energy enters the capacitor as vibration field energy, a [pi/2 c velocity T wave.]
It then jumps outward from the atoms inner mass level into the E P gap and converts to an E field stress [Voltage].

This is a difficult experiment even for me, and a few times I got voltages up to 2 vdc, but most often 0.254 was the value I got, or I missed about 1/2 the time and got nothing.

Slow Discharge via the EM path

Now use a 10K ohm resister to bleed this voltage off the capacitor and watch the meter drop slowly again back to zero.
This proves the voltage collected has power to deliver to a load, and is not simply a static type field which is not useful as a power source.

Discharge or "Crash" the Torsion Field Resonance

Discharge Torsion Field photo

The capacitors will not charge up again with voltage, until they are cleared of the self sustaining torsion fields across the plates.
This is done by sparking them forwards then reversed with a DC power supply at about 30 volts, and shorting them out with a heavy wire or screw driver blade.
You will feel the torsion field clear, as a drop in pressure around them. When this is complete, the nuclear field will return to background levels for an Aluminum atom.

Discharge TF photo 2

Capacitor is shorted causing a fast transition of high current that crashes the stored self sustaining torsion field on the plates.

Now the experiment can be done again, and another "one shot" of instantaneous voltage generated.
This shows Dr. Pajak's, "Locking point" very nicely.

I have yet to set up the dual steam engine concept to see if one field can shift the other out of the "lock up region" to create an ongoing AC wave, using only capacitors and ground.
If that frequency can be determined , then an oscillating circuit could likely be developed using coils to create an AC energy output, as is suggested in the Pajak documents.
We merely need a source of energy to tap into, and in this experiment the earths mass is used to locate our prime fractal distance, rather then using a diodes crystalline energy as source.
There are however a great many other torsion field coil fractals that could be used as well.

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