Platform 1a  V2EM

8 - 8 - 2020

A new SSF ratio for Electron and Proton self resonance was discovered, and can be added to the intention of this document.
That ratio is 658.20222 / 1 for E / P ratio frequency cycles.
Electron / Proton Ratio and Fractal Extraction 

Where  Pi / 2 was the only ratio we had discovered worked at the time , it did not work every time and was a one shot effect.

This gave only a glimpse of what is possible but did not resolve the problem with the vibration field sticking, "not releasing" after it came up once.
After one discharge of the voltage, it could never be repeated.
This new ratio should be applied to the document below and the objective of a DC power source from a string of coils and capacitors, may become a reality.

There was one more discovery that was suspected early on. It was working intuitively but never isolated as a certainty.
NVR Isotope resonance is calculated with Mhz frequencies. When we shift them down using fractal contraction to Khz ranges, we can measure the field sizes accurately using this platform.
The equation 1 mm distance in space = 1 khz vibration frequency was verified as accurate for determining Isotope field dimensions before they are set up using scalar coils.

Project Concept 2 - 20 - 2019

Mass power source. The concept is that mass is a collection of fields which are 137 times more powerful then electric fields can become. Their nature is vibration fields which are not well understood by current science. 
If we tap into the vibration system of the mass at the core of the atoms, we can extract energy as vibration directly, then convert it into electricity using capacitor plates that are separated, and a pi/2 ratio, which was shown to work already. 
Thus the title of the project V2EM  [Vibration to Electro-Magnetic] energy conversion.

Both AW [atomic weight] and NVR [nuclear vibration resonance] can be tapped into in the various metal elements and manipulated using vibration to EM techniques.

The mass is renewed from the background field that sustains it. The Aether medium, which is always vibrating at specific frequencies like the 333000 Hz one. 
The atom is self sustaining, and self correcting. It always restores itself to exact frequencies and dimensions.
So we are moving energy through the atom using it's ability to derive energy from the background field which is the actual Source of the energy.

I chose to use Bismuth and Aluminum for several reasons. Both have only one isotope at the nuclear center of the atoms and all of them found on the earth are identical. This is called 100 percent abundance in NMR work. 
For example copper has two isotopes, so it has two different vibration frequencies at it's core mass and is more complex to work with as they share a 60/40 split in quantities in all copper found on earth.
Also bismuth is diamagnetic external to it's physical dimensions making its' nuclear field very easy to access, and it is very heavy like lead, so has a lot of internal energy at the nuclear mass level.
Aluminum has a very low mass, and so when we combine them with [mediator frequencies] using vibration techniques, we can cause a transition in the Aluminum mass then send the extra energy into the electric field.

[As of 2018 - 12 - 25 ] 
The goal is to construct a 13.8 volt DC battery charger system, using the background field to power it.
Thus far I have had only 2 volts appear in the preliminary caliper testing using the earth grid to charge the caps.
See the previous documents of experiments in the V2EM section:

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Moving into other sources for the energy is a natural progression and will require a platform for testing that can deliver accurate frequencies of vibration with machine precision consistently.
Scalar coils are used to generate these vibration fields, as manipulators [mediator frequencies] and form controllable vibration energy coupling networks, as we have previously used in auto engine work.
Diagrams can be recorded for each frequency conversion system we find that works.

Diagram Platform 1B

Note: The Aluminum wires do not make any contact electrically with the copper windings of the canceling coils, that are driven by the Function Generators. There is no EM being injected into the capacitors directly from the vibration coils.

Scalar Coil Construction

Bismuth Coil Construction Photo

3/4" OD decorator Aluminum tube, cut to 1.5" in length was used for the coil core outer layer. Aluminum wire was placed through the center of mass of the bismuth filled coil cores. The wire will propagate the vibration fields into the Aluminum plates of the capacitor bank. Number 24 solid insulated jumper wire is wrapped on the cores in the Wilbert Smith pattern for scalar canceling, then a large heat shrink is placed over the wires so they will not come loose.

Coil Winding Method Photo

Showing the coil winding method, for a scalar canceling coil that will produce a field of mass vibration. A single layer of wire, such that each side of the coil is one wire moving back and forth around only 1/2 of the tube. On opposite sides they twist around one another and reverse direction. Lead in wire is then twisted tightly to reduce any high frequency interference problems. This coil produces a magnetic field with one magnetic pole turned inwards and the other pole outwards off the sides.

Preliminary Layout Design


To achieve self sustaining mode, we must raise at least 5 vdc to run the pulse controllers. Output of the EM capacitor should be a reversed saw tooth wave under a constant load. If we use 1.5 amp voltage regulators, we would then need at least 8 vdc or more to produce smooth regulated power. The EM capacitor bank section can be expanded to provide more power, with a longer discharge time constant.

Component Mounting

2019 - 1 - 13


Rubber feet were added to raise the cable tie joints off the table.


Black Cable Ties were used, so there will be no large magnetic materials near the Capacitors plates.

Magnetic Isolator Design

Isolator Wiring Photo

Separation of the vibration field from the EM field

In the final conversion of vibration to electric potential, a pi/2 ratio was set up across the last capacitor [EM Collector.]
Different vibration frequencies are placed on both sides of that capacitor, and these must remain separated during the charging pulse.
Copper wire will be used in the electrical circuit, and we have to stop the vibration from passing between the two capacitor plates through the load.

There is a method that works using iron tubes and magnets to divert the vibration fields off the wires that go to the load of the circuit to be powered, yet leave them both attached to the capacitor bank.
This method was used to prevent discharging of the 12 volt batteries in work with Joe Cells in cars. The positive wire had a short iron pipe nipple placed around it, and then was stuck to the sidewall using a magnet.
The cells vibration energy stopped at that point moving instead into the cars frame and did not return to the battery via the positive lead.
The magnetic field forms a block in the vibration path of the EM circuit, yet allows the electric field through.
Two small iron ferrite cores were used, and 2 or 4 small neo magnets.

Isolators Photo

As Built

Platform 1a Photo

Experiment 1 - Natural Self Sustaining Vibration Forms

2 - 19 - 2019

Frequency Set one - Bismuth SSF

F1  2,089,804.00 Hz    AW
F2     535,110.00 Hz    NVR

Torsion cap is now self sustaining, to a very strong field.
Remove F gens, then set up for Al and move them.

Frequency Set two - Aluminum SSF

F2   269,815.00 Hz    AW
F3   876,769.00 Hz    NVR

Aluminum fractal is now also self sustaining on the collector capacitor.
Remove the Function Generators now from the device, I just unplug the cables and shut off the F gens.

These are very strong fields, and the Bismuth one can be felt for some distance out.
There was very tiny voltage charges climbing very slowly on the collector cap. We are talking under 1/4 volt. No real power or speed to the charge.
Note I ran the Bismuth AW up into the Mhz range, and it is very definitely much more powerful around those frequencies closer to the actual NMR ranges for EM. [1 to 5 MHz.]

I would report this set up is probably the strongest yet for a stand alone self sustaining field to form.
Bismuth is a very smooth energy or it would have to be classed a "head banger" configuration.

It is also very impressive that removing the F gens does not lower the level of the standing field!
The power of this field is not coming from the F gens.
This is very important to realize. It is coming from the mass of the elements used.

I was able to clear out the field using my large Neo magnet, up and down along the side of the capacitors, and mainly at the center point of the height.
I find this to be much faster then using the 1/9 frequency sets, a cheat for faster experimental results.

Ok so this is emulating the nuclear core of the atoms, the self sustaining part, but we still seem to be missing the electron shell part of all this.
Any thoughts on achieving a standing voltage on this primal stack?

The Next Step

Atomic Weight Fractals

Metaphysical Notes:

The atom is Love. The many small atoms in the bismuth function like the many humans on the earth, independently. Then when we stimulate their God awareness, using vibration resonance, they all move into a synchronous coupling to become the larger field we cause to be set up. The field bubble reaches now well outside the capacitors and moves all around me. It is far more powerful now in my world then it was, and it has ascended into our worlds dimension.

Dave L

Frequency Sources

Function Generator Photo

Notes  2 - 20 - 2019

I can now recommend F gens with enough accuracy for consistent results with this kind of work. I ordered one that is only 15 MHz and one that is 60 MHz, but the price difference is so small I recommend both be the 60 Mhz model.
The F gen will go up to about 20 volts output and it has 2 channels, but all l used above was the 5 volt output setting. The digital accuracy of these units make operations very repeatable and stable, at least to 6 digits that we often need.


Koolertron Upgraded 60MHz DDS Signal Generator Counter,High Precision Dual-channel Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator Frequency Meter 200MSa/s (60MHz)
$140.00 - 60 MHz model
$100.00 - 15 MHz model

When correct frequency sets are determined, the F Gens can be replaced with very tiny crystal oscillators, which are very cheap and then turned on and off using a small programmable computer like the raspberry Pi or the Arduino boards.


Nuclear Vibration Resonance

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Electron / Proton Ratio and Fractal Extraction