11 - 13 - 2018

This document outlines a new source of energy, using an alternate method of establishing electric potentials.
It has been greatly simplified for the laymen and first time experimenter.

It will get you up and experimenting with self powering techniques and field generation around a device which have been experimented with now for several years by a small number of people who have understood them.

One of the most amazing results discovered, has been to charge a capacitor instantly at low voltage with no time constant delay, then discharge it through a resister to prove it is actual electrical power.

Pictured a single atom of copper or aluminum.
The outer layering of which is mainly electromagnetic, and the inner layering which is mainly mass, separated by a layering of the strong force.
Note that the main electric charge exists between the Electron outer area and the layers just inside the strong force area, the proton layers

Atom Diagram

We can label the areas of the atom, as the internal self sustaining field, and the external entropic field.
When ever we disturb the outer areas of the atom, the inner areas react to oppose and correct the disturbance.

With conventional electric powering, the energy is pushed through the electron outer layering of the atoms, by an external force from a generator.
There is resistance and entropy in this design, as electrons must drop velocity to jump between atoms in a chain, creating heat and resistance on the outer layers of the atoms.
As well the counter EMF power from the nuclear core opposes all changes in the outer layering with a phase shift delay we may call inductance or reactance related phenomena.

Energy Flow Diagram

Energy Flow Paths

If we realize that the countering force from the nuclear area, is the force that maintains the entire atom, drawing its energy from the background field, we can then comprehend a new energy design is possible.
The pattern of this energy design is displayed in palming a Joe Cells vibration fields.

The field that opposes the changes in the electron area, is not totally electromagnetic, it is mostly inertial vibration energy.
The proof is in study of NMR, showing the EM radiations from the nuclear core are extremely weak and have very little power.
However when working with vibration techniques we realize a Joe Cell can establish rings of fields in layers at constant distance from center of mass using only vibration fields where there is no EM to speak of.
This can explain how the electron shells do not crash into the nuclear center of the atom, even though they are charged with magnetic fields, that should attract or repel from the polar ends.
A Joe Cell can be configured to run an engine, demonstrating that this power of vibration alone is far greater then the power of the NMR radiations as an EM field.

In electronics we speak of a counter EMF force, and yet it cannot be measured using magnetic detection, as displayed in the spinning cylinder experiments, or in dropping a magnet down through a copper pipe.
The countering force of the incident field from the falling magnet is opposed mostly by an [inertial force] from the copper pipe, and not a countering EM field force which is not present at all.
When the magnet falls through the pipe we read the exact same magnetic field strength and polarity pass by from the magnet, as if the copper was not even present.

This [inertial force] is very powerful and it will oppose the flow of electrons jumping on and off the outer field area of the atoms.
The force generated at the core of the atom is the field that self sustains and self corrects the dimensions of the atom to very precise specifications of both dimension and frequency vibration.
This is so perfectly controlled we have a table of the elements, that specifies both mass and electrical quantities, they never need batteries to maintain themselves.

The countering force slowing the fall of the magnet is inertial, and not a countering magnetic field, which has been often taught incorrectly in electronics courses. This force originates inside the nuclear center of the copper atoms.

No matter what we throw at the atom, it will self correct for anything less then a nuclear explosion.
This force is 137 times stronger then EM and it comes from the nuclear core.
Now if we consider we can somehow pump energy through this area, rather then having to blow the atoms apart to get to it, that energy can be amplified using the natural self correcting energy the atom uses.

Thus if we can develop a method of vibration control to route our energy flow through the nuclear core, and then release it into the electric field, we can establish a new path of powering our electric fields.
In theory, it should be able to deliver far more power into our loads, and one need not move electrons anywhere except at the load location.
Vibration will travel down the wires passing from nucleus to nucleus, jumping through the isotope chains if we want to transport it.

Accessing the Quantum Vibrations

The word Quantum, is possibly a bit confusing, as it is overused and rarely defined.
Quantum means we can deal with a quantity as one thing.

The frequencies of vibration operating inside the atom are not secret.
We can set up vibration portals both into and then back out of the nuclear levels if we understand what kind of energy we are dealing with and how it propagates.

Wilbert Smith in The New Science gives some examples, and the words we need to learn are "convergent"  and "divergent" to grasp how the atom gets it's energy to self power.

Basically we study platonic form vibration on a sphere, but then also the background field which contains within it many paths of vibration energy that self sustain all matter.

When we set up a focus of vibration from outside towards a central focal point inside, the energy flow concentrates its power towards a central point in space.
Then the energy that reflects back outwards crosses through the incident energy coming inwards and we have standing waves.
These standing waves create layered boundaries.

The more space we access in the field, shoving the energy into a smaller fractal area, the stronger the force becomes, which will reflect back outwards.
Now the atoms do this with elegance. The electric field that ends up on the outside, is the secondary effect, of the vibration field bubble powering it from the inside, which has far more energy in it.

Convergent inflow results in a nuclear field force 137 times more powerful then the reflected outflow field that becomes the electron shell.
On top of this the nuclear force fights with anything we try to disturb in the outer electron shell.
Our current power systems are actually quite primitive, as a lot of energy is lost in the natural power of the atoms, fighting what we are attempting to do with them.

Source Energy

Where does this vibration come from?

Basically the Outer boundary of the universe.

It is the same frequency of the Hydrogen atom, the first to manifest form within the universe.
It has been given us in the resonant vibration arena as 333000 hz.

In the NMR charting calculator system we use 333 Mhz for H1 atom calibration to locate the precession portals into the rest of the atoms on those charts.
Now we can thus use a set of stainless steel calipers to probe any metal and detect what elements are in it, by feeling the vibration resonance, rather then trying to detect the very weak RF emissions of nuclear resonance.

Because these vibrations are so much more powerful then the week EM, of NMR, we can feel them vibrate down the calipers into our hands.
We call this chart NVR [nuclear vibration resonance] and discovered that it does not change with the external magnetic field unless we try to measure it with NMR RF equipment, which is very hard to actually do.

Now we look back at people like Tesla and Hendershot, with calipers instead of O scopes and voltmeters, and we understand how it all came to be.
It still works. 1 volt resonates at 1 cm on a caliper!  1 khz resonates at 1 cm on a caliper!  These are amazing discoveries that have taken many years to realize. I resisted every one of them mentally for years.

So you may now be asking yourself, what do we do with this knowledge, and how can it be used to channel energy through copper atoms that will result in a voltage charge developing on my aluminum plate capacitors?

We need to understand the stack, the points of frequency that make these quantum levels accessible to us.

Quantum Energy Portals

What I call the Stack.
Copper for instance has different layers of portal access to vibration paths. They are very specific frequencies that do not change.

We have nuclear level Isotope resonance frequencies. We have crystalline face resonance frequencies. We have the radii distance of the electron shells. Then on top of these we have the background field frequency set, as well as the earths vibration grid fields.


A sample spreadsheet offered so you can familiarize yourself with some of the basic electrical materials we might use in a device to charge up capacitors electrically with vibration pathways
. Right click then download the spreadsheet. It was created with, but they tell me it works on other spreadsheet programs also.

It is also good to recognize that when calculating fractals, the purpose is to tap into a vibration using a different length then the Source of the vibration.
With atomic sizes, we want a larger fractal we can build into a device. With earth and larger sizes, we want a smaller fractal that can couple energy to our device dimensions.

The inner nucleus of the atom tends to couple as mass resonance with 8x octaves. This is called geometric expansion. This is the inflow side of the power.
The outer electrical area tends to couple well with 10x harmonics, as in electronics. This is called EM harmonics. This is the outflow side of the power.

The reason for the above, is that at the core of the atom where the energy reverses, and starts it's path back outwards, we may find a pentagram. A 5 sided resonance turns inflow into outflow, as a conversion.
We can experience this in the  document  "The Basic Model" where the very inner fracturing resonance creates a string of 5's moving inwards to the very smallest levels of dimension.

I do not know if the 5 is present in all forms of outflow energy from atoms, I do know it does the job of the reversal of compressive energy, converting it to outflow energy.

Establishing Vibration Pathways

Now that you have some quantum energy portals for access, how do we set up vibration paths and routes through them?
The first thing is to decide what frequencies we want to try out on the power and compression side. Then we have some choices in applications to set up fields around the device to cause a convergence of vibration energy into the device.

Step one is to create a stronger tension on the nuclear center, then the atom would normally have at rest. This can be feel felt work, as it turns out what we feel in this work is the nuclear mass vibration.

Step two is to find the frequency, which will cause the increased energy to turn around and then pop outwards into the electrical area of the atoms.


Many very compressive fractals have been found by sensitives and recorded, we could explore.  We will compile a list of the ones we attempt to try out.
The documents are using both an earth fractal and a phi function to generate the initial nuclear compression force.

For the expansion pulse, a pi/2 was used, but because it becomes self sustaining, it only works one time, for one shot of electricity on the capacitors.
Other ideas are a fracturing of 1/18x  as 1 / 18 = .0555555555555555555...
This places the energy way down deep at the core of tiny, if it is done accurately.

Sections to come

Fracturing Pathways and Calculation

Accessing the background field from the two points where the energy will move from and then back into. 333000 => 37000  
The 1/9 fracture of the strobed field.
Coupling your frequency of the device into the background strobed field using convergent mediator frequencies.

The Laws of fractal energy flow

Vibration energy will follow the positive electrical charge - in Joe Cell work we tap the pos lead on the crank and the cells vibration power jumps into the crank from the carb.
Vibration power flows towards the smaller fractal that couples with it. In the pyramid experiences, the mind is coupled to the top of the pyramid, and then harmonically coupled to the larger sections below it to create the focused inflow, into the head.
Negative electric field flows towards the larger element of dimension, as the electrons push away from one another.


89 / 50 and generating gravity wells
Pi / 2  releasing tension
Phi Creating tension
Square root of 2, creating internal tension [electrical pattern] 45 degree scaling
33 degree conical manipulations in metals, isotope alignment and inertial resistance reductions

Geometric Conversions and Responses

Charting a fractal using calipers and nodal positions around the calipers
Conversion based on equivalent area, in the strobed field
Conversion based on volume, in the strobed field

Tuning for Power

With a single vibrating element, like a wire cut precisely on a fractal, we can move this wire around on any large surface like a window, or a long copper pipe and find a correct location that will cause the entire mass of the larger element to vibrate up.
This is called distance tunning. It was discovered in Joe Cell work when it was noted if we slide the wire to the center tube of the cell along the cars frame anywhere, there are points where the entire cars metal mass will begin to generate millions of light nodes all equidistant.
This is a powerful technique, when used to increase the mass resonance of a particular fractal without cutting the larger mass to correct size. You can practice this on a washing machine, or a dryer, or a car.

A Source Field Breakdown

Convergent frequencies moving into the earth from outer space. [ 185  187 ]
2 - Spreadsheets diagramming the Raw Source field sets [ 185  187 ]
The power of weather work using the Source field, and the Local or reflected field of the earth. [ Earth and Sky ]
Tapping Earths internal layers - Earth Energy TEM systems
Earths Gravity Fractal applications

Feel Felt Discovered Fractals

Fractals with no known calculations to metrics of science
Lyle Lathem's 44.5 foot power fractal
Bashar's Conical side length power fractal 51.692 cm  517 mm
Slim Spurlings dangerous psi portals in copper

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