100 Watt Light Bulb - Self Powering Circuit

Intuitively Channeled Circuit
First comes Wizardry, and much later science catches up.

Document date 2019 - 6 - 18
Dave L

When this experimental document has come to completion, a new document will be provided for a procedure.
2019 - 7 - 31  Anomaly found in the Variac [Auto-transformer] section added.
2020 - 8 - 6    Section added "Setting up the Autotransformer for a Self Sustaining [ Electron / Proton ] Ratio"
2020 - 8 - 10  Section added  "E/P Resonance Sensing Tube for 60 Hz Power"
2022 - 1 - 17  Autotransformer was measured input coil side 1.7 ohms   108 mH

Tuning Setup Photo


I have been working to understand this circuit off and on for the past decade since it was experienced, this document details my advance in that effort.
Goal has been to reach a "comprehension" of how this circuit can do this without using any EM resonance or high voltages.
This requires observing several different effects which involve tuning vibration fields, and grasping the oddities of how the circuit is wired,
which does not conform to the normal standards of commercial power supplies, but does conform to the creation experience of the atom.

100 Watt Circuit

This circuit was built many years ago, and the 100 watt light bulb remained at full power when the AC plug was removed from the commercial wall socket.
This was a result of intuitive feel felt tuning of the stub clip leads, after holding a finger on the hot wires. Pure wizardry if you will.
There was no electrical field resonance designed into this circuit, the power of the field was sustained with only the ground wire connected,
and a feel felt vibration bubble that formed around the apparatus at a diameter of about 9 to 10 feet.
This effect resembles the descriptions of the Searl duplication conducted at a lab in Helsinki Finland, where a faint blue glow manifested around the device.

Parts Identification

The tuning stub was a Phillips screw driver stuck into the ground pin of a house electrical outlet, and sliding clip leads along it. This is a steel material that is also magnetic.
60 vdc to ground appeared on all metal objects inside this field bubble as measured with a voltmeter to this ground.

All the components used were suggested in observing Floyd Sweet's Circuits.
The light bulb was 100 watt incandescent 120 vac.
The autotransformer is an old unit. Adjust-A-Volt  Type 500B  7.5A
[See photo below] It only has 2 prongs on the power cord.
I do not believe the lamp dimmer had a snubber circuit in it, it was the smallest one made back then for home lighting.
Diodes are Mouser - pn 511-BYT03-400  [ 3 Amp 400 volt - ultra fast damper ]

The 6 foot stub of Romex was added later, in attempt to measure the nodal length of the frequencies on the field, which came out to 8 inches, which is 2 times the outside diameter of the toroidal coil inside the autotransformer.
If we divide the length of the Romex by the diameter of the toroidal coil  [ 6 foot = 72 inches ]  72 / 4 = 18
  This is also a 9x fractal of the 8" nodal length.
8" = 20.32 cm indicating a frequency vibration of around 20.32 mhz, or possibly 20.32 khz range. 20.32 khz x pi / 2 = 31.91858 khz for an SSF.
While these are important ratios to observe, the circuit worked without this measuring stub.

Electrical Polarity Relative to Ground Potential

In observing the difference between a positive and negative charge, we have two examples to consider.

In the case of power linemen suffering accidental shocks, there are two possible outcomes.
In the one case the appendage receiving the electrocution causes a burning of the tissues between the two points of contact.
In the other case the result is being thrown clear and this manifests as a violent motion outwards away from the high tension wires.
The odds of either is 50 / 50, and it totally depends on the high voltage charge with respect to ground which changes 60 times a second.

In the second case we have the old color TV repairman who accidentally came into contact with the positive high voltage point [ 36 kv charge ] on the back of a glass vacuum picture tube and was thrown across the room receiving no burns.
Now we can identify which polarity is doing what.

The two polarities of the electrical field in the commercial AC grid, oscillate back and forth between the negative and positive charges with respect to ground, in the two phase residential mains feed system.
Each side of this electrical cycle has different qualities related to the copper atoms which are holding the charge.
One must then realize this cannot be fully explained if all we consider is the flow of Electrons back and forth down the wires.

The electron shell holds the negative charge, which becomes a moving electron flow that generates heat as it jumps between copper atoms outer shells.
The proton shell holds the positive charge side, and protons cannot get loose from the atoms to move between them, thus we have a light velocity photon flow of the charge originating at a different location inside the copper atoms.

Sine Wave

The electrical powering field exists between these two layers of the atom, and if we can discover it's secrets, we can use them at larger fractals on our workbench.
Physics tells us the charge on both is the same as to field force level, 1 electron volt [ eV ]. However it also states that Electron and Proton spin are reversed and this is how they produce different voltage polarities.
When Electron spin is dominant in the copper element, the energy causes a hot interaction, and when Proton spin is dominant we get a cold power of motion, enough to shoot things through the air without causing heat.

As a voltage, the vibration field of each side of the energy is also a different frequency, however that frequency is still operating in a Self Sustaining Field [SSF] between both Electron and Proton shells inside all the atoms. These are the two fields we wish to tap into our system for it to begin to emulate the atom. Then we can emulate the creation of the atom at larger dimension called a [fractal].

SSF [ Self Sustaining Field ]

Reference:  Mass Vibration Science Machines

The reason this is important to "feel as a sensitivity," is that we have two kinds of vibration energy present, the one we refer to as inflow and the other we refer to as outflow or radiance.

It is the inflow field, we often do not enjoy feeling, that offers the power and it creates the cold energy.
The outer electron shell is held in place by the power from the central core of the atom with the positive compressive charge and the higher physical weight.
Between these two we have a system of self powering, that derives it's energy directly from the background field.

Between the electron and proton shells is a vibration field operating, connecting them, that does not short out the charge, but causes the two to go into a self sustaining mode of vibration at two different diameters around the atomic core.
We can observe this effect using Joe Cell tubes and vibration injection with Stainless Steel calipers set up for a pi / 2 ratio between their length settings.
We touch one to each of the concentric tubes and the vibration field comes up and never stops until we separate the two tubes.

Pi / 2 is how the two waves interact. The nuclear core vibrates straight inwards and outwards through it's center of mass, and the electrons run around in a circular path on 1/2 the circumference of the atoms.
The ratio of distances covered by each path is a pi / 2 ratio. When we set this ratio up, we can observe it creates an SSF [ Self Sustaining Vibration Field ] which is very stable.
Pi is used in many of the electrical formulas when we start to calculate resonance of radio frequency circuits, and also using rotating magnetic fields.


How does it work?

Accessing the Vibration Field

Reference : Tensor Fields

Diode Bridge

Moe Joe Cell Practice

During early work on the Joe Cell power supply, it was noticed that when we add the load to the powering circuit, the components begin to become radiant with vibration fields we can feel.
Unscrew the bulb and the vibration vanishes. Note this diode circuit produces pulsating DC and does not use capacitor filtering.

Moe Joe SSF

In order for this self sustaining field to start working, we need the vibration from the field into the load to come up strongly enough to feel it.
Note the backwards polarized diodes are being used to allow vibration onto the cells tube, and yet block the voltage of the electric field from flowing through it.
The diodes block the Electric field but allow the vibration frequencies to pass right through them.
The water inside the Joe Cell responds to these vibrations.

Hardware Photo

Next it was noted that the vibration field can be extracted using an Aluminum tube as a "feel felt" sensing device.
Vibration generated from loading the circuit, can be felt by touching one wire of the coil to the circuit at different points while touching the Aluminum.
You do not have to actually touch the voltage in the circuit.

Autotransformer measurements input winding:

1.7 ohms  108 mH  [Primary AC side of the coil measured off the plug to the wall with on/off switch turned on and voltage dial turned all the way up / no load connected]

Diode Block Photo

Original Diagram - Odd Grounding Point - Both Vibrations Exposed

The Autotransformer creates a unique powering set up as the grounded neutral ends up grounding an AC point of the bridge rectifier.
In a normal DC supply the ground would be connected to the positive or negative DC location on the Bridge rectifier and the transformer winding feeding it would be isolated from ground.
Unknown to me at the time, this is why the circuit works as it does. This drives the DC pulses across the light bulb to both positive and negative sides of ground potential at different times, exposing both Electron and Proton vibrations of the Electrical field. At the same time the electrical current always crosses in the same direction. This will not work with a normal DC power supply unless the ground is reconfigured.
Compare the waveform voltages in the next few diagrams below which makes this more clearly evident.

Positive Pulse

This early experiment was showing how tuning the ground distance could capture a resonance vibration on the secondary ground wire to the right, and how both polarities feel different coming right off the load.
The ground wire on the right is slid along the diodes lead, and over the short distance of the leads length, points were hit that caused a high frequency vibration field to come up all around the device. Both the positive and negative points did this.

Negative Pulse

As the voltage is increased on the autotransformer, the rise time of the lamp dimmer becomes faster. More rich harmonics are produced, some of which can be resonated up as vibration fields on the secondary ground path.
In a normal circuit that draws power from a power supply, the main voltage is found on the hot wire, but the main "vibration" is found on the ground wire.
This is why the vibration tuning system must happen on the ground side of the circuit.

Once observed, these effects become self evident.

Wave Shaping and Power Level Requirement

Now comparing this circuit with a normal AC powered circuit, each time the current reverses it tears down the active opposing spin field completely.
That is the magnetic field rotates over and over as the voltage polarity changes.

This circuit maintains the current in one direction on every pulse, while Electrically jumping above and then below the zero point Earth grid background field.
This allows both kinds of vibration fields, to keep contributing to the same polarity of the magnetic field.
In an atom the electron spin does not normally flip over and over as that is the bonding point to other atoms, in general it maintains one precessional magnetic polarity while powering itself from the two vibrational systems in a stable harmony state.

Wave Shaping

Each pulse from both Electron shell and Proton shell, now contribute to the same spin direction of the field.
Energy bounces back and forth between them, exactly as it is does inside the copper atoms, and both add to the same magnetic field polarity.
Magnetic field is a function of the current flow. Note the direction of the Current waves in the diagram.

For a Self Sustaining Powering system to become viable, it was stated in many references the load must be at least 100 watts.
Both Wilbert Smith and Floyd Sweet made reference to this. When you actually start to feel vibration from the circuit you will understand.

Split Ground Vibration Resonance

[ Comprehension ]

It takes two vibration frequencies to set up a self sustaining field. Adjustment of each one is essential. Only vibration can self sustain without losses.


All electrical fields from the copper atoms have to pass through the electron shell, so are modified by it. From the outside a composite voltage is the result between electron and proton shells, however we have already witnessed that vibration fields pass right through the electron shell without any distortions. The NVR and mass vibration work proves this concept. Thus we can tap into both the Electron and Proton vibration fields separately, and then mix them at larger fractal dimension.

Tuning the Two Flows

Pulse Tunning

When the AC voltage and Lamp Dimmer circuits hit on a clipped wave form with the correct harmonics to tune into the Electron and Proton shells on the Earth ground system,
they will cross
over between one another in the large field bubble system also and begin to self power from the background field.
After this field forms the house electrical feed is disconnected, and only a ground wire then powers the circuit.

If you get the tuning backwards, the Proton vibration will not sustain the positive voltage present on the light bulb filament.
Only the Electron resonance vibration frequency from the ground can sustain the positive voltage side of the electrical oscillation.

When the circuit flips to The negative voltage of the electrical cycle, the opposite is true, now the Proton Resonance Vibration frequency will sustain it from the ground.
It is imperative we get the two vibrations both present in the field bubble with the correct pi / 2 crossover vibration links running between them.

This can only be tuned in when there is a 100 watt load or greater on the circuit. If you are familiar with how a pi / 2 vibration resonance feels already, you will be able to find these points of tuning.

A Next Approach to Locating Frequencies

Separations Circuit Diagram

Experimental As Built

Wiring Diagram 100 watt

Opposing diodes block EM and allow vibration to pass for split ground tuning. Also note the polarity on the light bulb has been moved for a crossover tuning on the bulbs base.

Wiring Diagram Autotransformer

Adjust-A-Volt  Type 500B  7.5A - Fuse is on the output side of the circuit, there is no fuse on the AC input side of the circuit.
I had to tear down the unit as the coils toroidal core sets on 3 metal extensions, and the insulation had degraded and was shorting out 1/3 of the windings on the metal base.
I simply added one layer of black electrical tape over the three standoffs and the unit came back to life.
Input side of coil: 1.7 ohms  108 mH  [no load connected]

As Built




2019 - 7 - 31  Anomaly found in the Variac [Auto-transformer]

When experiment again started with this Variac, the AC power cord had to be replaced as the old original one was cracking up severely. This only required opening the plastic case on the front where the toggle is located.
As the unit was then powered up, with no external load plugged into it, a single bright arc flash came from inside the case near the bottom left side, although no fuses or mains breakers were blown, the power was quickly manually shut down on the toggle switch to avoid any more damage and investigate.

The unit was fully torn down to determine the cause, and to ensure the inner coil was still functional and not burned opened.
When the toroidal core was lifted off the three base mounts, it was discovered a black carbon was present around the left base mounting point and the insulation on that raised metal protrusion had been moving and eroding away. Some kind of hard black electrolytic coating had been degenerating over the years. Where the wires of the coil contacting that mounting protrusion were examined one of them was bent and bare copper was exposed.
In the diagram below, this was the one on the left or low voltage side of the winding. The one on the right showed the same but without the black carbon around it. I added a layer of black tape over the three mounting protrusions, then reassembled the unit and it tested out fully functional.

It is my deduction that the case, which was normally floating and not grounded was in fact being energized by contact with the higher voltage side of the coil on the mounting protrusion to the right side shown below.
When the one on the left finally made close enough contact it created a short circuit on approximately 1/3 of the coils on the core, jumping between the two points. No actual damage to the windings continuity was found, I really have no idea why it stopped. Possibly the tiny gap broke down on the surge from powering up the coil, and after it came up to voltage it then stopped.

Variac Circuit Diagram 2

Now the main difference of a unit built in the 50's versus one built today is the presence of a green ground wire to the outer metal case. Back in the 50's they just let the case float and no safety ground was used.
The contact made on the higher voltage side of the coil would have charged the case up to about 2/3 of the highest output voltage from the coil, and held it there constantly no matter the setting on the dial.

I measured the painted areas of the outer case to discover the paint used did not conduct at all. I could have touched the outer case and never noticed it was energized. However at a few points where the paint had been scratched off I did meter continuity showing the metal was fully conductive to the base of the unit.

I now believe that the presence of the 2/3 voltage on the case was likely a factor in getting this circuit to work as it did. Also it is possible that when the lamp dimmer hit a specific setting there could have been an RF arcing there, that went unnoticed and became the source of the outer electron shell of the field bubble. Lamp dimmer causing a variation of the load would have created transients on the toroidal core, and voltage spikes may then have been present enough to jump the tiny gap at tuned frequencies.

While we do not in general use spark gaps with voltages this low, it is possible the addition of the lamp dimmer pulsing, created a triangular form geometry on the toroidal core, setting up a mass vibration system on the core, resulting in a platonic form nodal system becoming resonant on it. The sparking between the two points at very near a 60 degree angle generating a full spherical field at larger diameter around the unit. The short circuit does not fully short out the voltage on the core, but only about 1/3 of it, so does not blow the mains fuse. This is all best guess conjecture at this point, but takes us into the realm of Tesla operation. This is not what I would have wanted to discover.

Setting up the Autotransformer for a Self Sustaining [ Electron / Proton ] Ratio

The Autotransformer was fully repaired.

This procedure was "quantified" by a group working on the awaken to vibration discussion group in August of 2020.
Starting at the front end of this circuit, we applied a ratio to the two winding sections of the unit to make a voltage division, which sets up a link between the Electron shell and the Proton shell in the copper medium.
Calculations worked and a field came up when the voltages were calibrated correctly between the two sections of the winding. This is the first field we have fully quantified in this previous "tweaking" sort of experiment.
We have discovered how to create the phenomena I experienced so many years back, at least the first part of it.

Reference:  Electron Proton Ratio and Fractal Extraction

Autotransformer Ratio Diagram

10.2844 / 1  E/P Ratio SSF

The ratio 10.2844 to 1 is a 64x fractal reduction of the Electron ESR to Proton NMR ratio of the first atom Hydrogen from current science.
This is the ratio that causes the electron to go into orbit around the protons nuclear center and begin to self sustain the Hydrogen atom.
This is the first atomic engine in our world of matter, and all atoms have the same number of electrons and protons in their non-ionized state.
This is the Yin and the Yang of creation in the physical realm.
Derivation to follow:


Electron Particle Spin           [28.025 Ghz / Tesla] ESR  

Proton Particle Spin 
          [42.5781 Mhz / Tesla] NMR

Ratio =  658.20222 ...  to 1  
 Electron Frequency to Proton Frequency in a 1 Tesla Magnetic Field

For each time the Proton vibrates one cycle, the Electron vibrates 658.20222 ... times.

Note: This ratio will never change if the two are in the same external magnetic field, or in no external magnetic field.
658.20222 x is far too large a difference to fit into our project, the Autotransformer only goes up to 142 vac from an input voltage of 120 vac.
We must then use the fractal reduction technique for Voltage, which is an Area type field. Wilbert Smith and Walter Russell give us the correct technique.


Octave Reduction for resonance coupling of vibration between voltages is a 4x hop in frequency [Voltage].
4 Octaves puts us in the ball park of our equipment. This is 4 octave hops smaller in voltage = 1/64 x.
A geometric reduction for Voltage as a frequency, and frequency Octaves are how we couple energy.

658.20222  / 64 = 10.2844 ...

We know this is the one that worked because the next larger one falls above the output voltage of our unit.

658.20222 / 64 = 10.2844 ... Ratio
120 vac / 10.2844 = 11.668 vac
120 vac + 11.668 vac = 131.688 vac ... Output from the Autotransformer.

131.7 vac => Tested and works, field comes up on the unit with no load attached to it.
Calibration performed using a digital volt meter.
2020 - 8 - 6  1:50 am AKDT  Alaska Daylight Time

I was pretty excited because I then remembered how this feels from back when I was tweaking it by intuition many years ago.

Note: The Autotransformer had an AC plug that would allow one to reverse the Neutral and Hot wires.
If this is done we end up with both sides of the coil landing on opposite sides of the earth ground and this may turn out to be another factor for a successful set up, yet to be tested.

Diagram of Voltage Reversal

E/P Resonance Sensing Tube for 60 Hz Power

Photo of Aluminum Tube

Aluminum is the best material for feeling this, as it produces vibration off it's thinnest dimensions, all the way down the outside of the tube.
You can tune the auto-transformer by feel, with this in your hand, holding it over the small segment end.

The tube is cut to 219.45 mm.
There is a score made in the tube at 200 mm, which will vibrate up when pointed at a power panel drawing a load.

Normally the long Electron end will feel light, and the small Proton end will feel very compressive in the head.
When you point it at a power panel drawing a heavy load the whole tube will go into compressive mode.

From these sensations, one can begin to understand that the actual power of the electrical field in copper comes form the Proton or Isotope level.
The Electrons are controlled from the atoms nuclear center, and if we get the vibration balance correct, the two will work for us rather then against us.
When you get this right in the powering circuit, the sensation is one of natural balance of the yin ad the yang.

Numerical Progress of Wavelength Data

2019 - 8 - 16  [old info, pi/2 ratio being expected was incorrect. See new section above.]

From direct measurement using SS calipers it was determined, that the main wave front of the 60 Hz power grid is 20cm and it established vibration shells in the air with that distance of separation to very close to 9 feet out, or about 111 inches from the center of the variac. This length is very close to 8 inches and explains why the 8" Joe Cell tubes always reacted to power line, and the low power load times of night on the AC grid.

It was next determined that the actual frequency on the Tempic field is 20 Mhz if the distance calculations are correct from the V2EM experimental platform.

Next it was attempted to cancel one of these energy shells using a 1/9 division with the system under load. Calipers set to  2.222 cm, = 22.22 mm.     20 cm / 9 = 2.222222...cm
Bringing the caliper to just inside the field bubble of the first one out, the vibration energy disappeared, and it was felt this energy was then pushed into the electrical vector.
This is a technique to store the field parameters into a quartz crystal, but in this case nothing was there to store it, and this method is commonly used to take down self sustaining fields.
It worked quite well to make that vibration shell disappear, but when the caliper was removed it came right back as the Variac is AC and keeps refreshing it.

Then it was realized that if the power grid is pulling a load, one can feel it using a SS caliper set to 20 cm, or 200 mm. This was tested on the electrical panel and proved to be accurate.
Now  the actual vibration frequency of a 60 Hz em AC wave should be 120 Hz one compression on each 1/2 cycle. The wave front forms at 1/6 of this frequency, 120 /  6  = 20
This is also 1/3 of 60 Hz  = 20 Hz

These numbers have shown that the 3 6 9 relationship theory of AC power may be accurate, but as divisors, rather then products.
So these numbers need to be explored further if we have any chance of developing an electron shell at some distance out from the variac toroidal core.


The way we set up the Self Sustaining Electrical Field is by tapping the copper atoms two vibration fields of proton and electron, bringing them in crossover structure to support the other polarity of the voltage, as a pi / 2 SSF by tuning the ground path to vibrate up at the two frequencies, by the use of a split ground path.

We do this by resonating the split ground path to produce a standing field bubble around the device, with both an electron vibration appearance and a proton vibration appearance at larger fractal dimensions of the project.
This larger field acts like an atom in itself and starts to power the circuit as an atom would power it's electron and proton layers.

When a person is able to feel the two fields and distinctly know which one they are tuning by feel, then intelligent adjustments can be made to establish this self powering field and run the 100 watt light bulb "off the grid," for as long as it stays connected as a stand alone circuit within itself.

Taking down the field can now be done in a more intelligent way also, as what you do to kill a frequency is divide it by 9 and apply that frequency to crash it.
This means that first you must be able to measure and record that frequency, and second you must be able to calculate then inject the canceling frequency into the field.
This was initially done using stainless steel calipers and pineal sensing, however it can also be done using scalar coils and a function generator once the frequencies are known.


I was asked why only some people can make this circuit work.
I believe that the "boys topside," have given us something to make us have to develop ourselves. This thing worked the very first time I attempted to make it work.

When the pineal vibration sense is developed, the way it works is that vibration links open when you ask for them to. You set your targets with intention.
It is an intelligent connection with your "higher self" driven by pure curiosity.

If your intention is to feel the live circuit, and make the connection with the electron and proton layers of the atom, then those are the ones that come into your feel felt sensing through the pineal access.

However in looking back at this I see the wisdom in the way the circuit separates the two different vibration frequencies, and isolates them each so it can be sensed directly. This was not something I planned out at all.

The fact that a field bubble can become charged with a voltage, produced by a bridge rectifier is rather amazing. Everywhere inside the field bubble there appears to be the 60 volt DC charge in the air itself [ a space charge ]. The circuit with 120 volt AC input came out at 60 vdc, and then the entire field bubble that is vibrating between the two vibrations fills with that charge and maintains it from the background field.

This early experiment, which was successful, convinced me that SSF free energy devices are possible. The goal now is to unlock the secrets and bring this into a science application if possible.
Other wise it will remain an oddity or a mystery, that only some psi people would even attempt to play with. From the traditional training it is totally impossible to even consider trying.

If this had not worked back then I would never have stayed with this experimental field for so long. When you see something like this working in front of you, it fully changes your belief system, and "faith" is no longer the issue, or the driving force.

Outlet Testing

Outlet Testing

Earth grounding is very important in this experiment to get the two kinds of vibration both present in the field bubble.
Many older houses are not wired correctly, often times the ground is not even present and / or the Neutral and Hot 120 vac can be reversed.
It is recommended not to use the house wiring ground system at the load, as it may cause interference to other electrical devices on the same ground wiring.

Electrical box wiring is also a concern, as there are various codes involved, not all electrical panels have a ground wire present or a good ground
rod right under them, and connection between the neutral and ground is an option screw in some of the panels.
Our electrical grids have a [ neutral ground ] or MGN [ multi grounded neutral ] at all the transformers on the power poles.
Neutral [ White ] and Ground [ Green ] wires are separated in the house because powering current runs over the neutral and it can become charged with low voltages.
Earth ground [ green wire safety ground ] is then run separately and that wire should remain at earth ground potential as no current will be running over it inside the house.

Off grid Generators

Ideally we want to take this system off the commercial grid. It can replace solar and wind powered systems and provide unlimited energy at isolated locations, without using any fuel sources.
Once the frequencies of both polarities are determined for field bubble dimensions, we can then get around the sensitivity problem, that only sensitives can tune this circuit to power up.

If you are working without the commercial grid, using a small generator to set up this field bubble, be aware that good grounding is of paramount importance to get it working.
There should be one point in the generators output circuit where the neutral is connected to the Earth Grounding system also, very close to the Generator for a 120 volt service.
The ground that then tunes and runs the field bubble will be very close to the load and the green wire in the connecting cord will tie them together.
Once the field is up and working the generator will be disconnected. The loads ground will then power the circuit.
These are the current expectations until further experiments are conducted to show otherwise.
Ways of then tapping into the normal AC at the auto transformer to power backwards off the system can be developed further.

Disclaimer and Warning

Electrical energy from the wall outlets is dangerous and can cause serious injury to the human body.
Work with this at your own risk, as an educated electrician or engineer. I can assume no responsibility for reckless use of the circuit presented.

Be sure that if you decided to touch hot electrical circuits with your fingers as I did, you fully insulate the rest of your body from any possible contact with ground, water, or other metal objects, and only use one hand with the other behind your back.
Harm can result from the electric field moving through your body between any two points of contact.

I recommend if you want to feel the vibration energy then build the aluminum tube with a coil on it, and use one side of the coil as a probe to pull the vibration out onto the aluminum tube to feel directly.
In this way the voltage of the circuit will not come directly in contact with your body. Wire the coil into one point of the circuit to be tested, then move your hand to the tube before you power the circuit up from the wall.
Anytime you make changes in the wiring, remove the plug from the AC outlet to a foot away, do not trust on off switches as the vibration energy can cause them to act closed when they are actually opened.
It can jump up to an inch or more. When vibration creates a closed circuit across an opened switch, there is no visible indication of arcing. The voltage is transported over the vibration field and through the air invisibly.

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