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Smokey officially reports [for the record see below] from Australia, set your ion devices horizontally or with a low angle of radiation at the horizon.
Vertical tubes being used right now in Mexico are equivalent to "robbing others of rain," and may be partly responsible for the Texas drought at this time.
I believe they can cause the weather to spin only around you.

I have also noted this in the design of the tubes, to get weather flowing over the land and the jet streams restored so all the rain will not get stuck falling in one place.
The earth is a conscious life form, the bioform layer has flowing blood, and the water cycle must move through all of it, from the oceans.
Weather engineering must consider the larger picture.

A vertical device can cause a plug in the flow, it is the opposite of what we want to serve mankind.
Reich only used this for short peroids to unblock a flow that was already stuck. After a couple weeks at most vertical tubes should be removed and shut down.

On occasion we have seen vertical devices used in a mobile situation, where the weather followed a device as it was taken up the coast.
The vertical energy flows are like sticking a pin in a blood vessel to unblock a restriction. It is 90 degrees off what a cleanout catheder would do.
Everyone needs to have access to the oceans constant evaporation cycle. Only in this way can there be enough water over all the lands for everyone.

Dave L

At the end of an email Smokey reports,

I have just concluded an experiment to bring rain to Central Australia and was perceived a spectacular success with record rainfall for May in some areas.
Record rainfall for May was also recorded in the Kimberley area of Western Australia and also the Darwin area of the Northern Territory.
The rain was dragged in from the Indian Ocean to the south of Java and spread right across the interior with a natural NE flow.
The official Monsoon is from November to March and to receive this rain now in late May is always going to break the record books.

Ion devices should be pointed along the horizontal and not the vertical to create rain as this will reduce rainfall to areas along the natural rain lines and this could be a reason why SW USA is rain deficient at this time as experiments in Mexico have these devices pointed vertically and that is equivalent to robbing others.

This is for the record.



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