Aetheric Tube Alignment With The Earth Grid

Our intention is to work for the greatest good of all present, In our local area, In our land, and with the Earth.
Developing this attitude about our planet and fellow humans can change the populations larger field and improve weather overall.

The water in our atmosphere comes mainly from the oceans. There is plently available to supply the entire living land mass of the planet.
There is no need to compete with our fellow man for what little is present in a parched area. There is only need to restablish the jet streams, so it becomes cyclic everywhere once again. A blocked flow or a stuck system can be broken up. The stronger these trapped or blocked flows become, the more violent will be the release of them. Huricanes, tornadoes and cyclones, are common today as nature works to break loose static pockets of outflow energy on a large scale.

Our intention is to couple the earths vibration grid into the tubes and radiate this energy into the sky at a low angle of radiation, off the ends of the tubes. These tubes will be our amplified surrogate consciousness field to attract in the rains that bring life [Orgone] to the area. During the operation, the human intuition is as important as the science. The field produced is balanced, and will bring balance between Earth and Sky to reestablish the water cycle.

Earth Alignment is done before activation of the strong field. Alignment will position the tubes oriented with the earth grid. There will be a small field from the center tube, to allow one to feel this correctly.

Activation is inserting the Bismuth core elements and the magnet strings on each side to raise the large field bubble, which should reach out about 3 miles across in all directions. This will amplify the inflow effect of the earths grid.


The three tubes were shipped in concentric layout already assembled. Packing was stuffed inside one end, so they would not slide around. Push the inner tubes out slightly to get all the packing material out of them. There were also square foam spacers along the outside of the tube, and a larger foam piece that can be used as a cradle if desired. When moving them around, either tape the low end, use a hand over the end, or keep them level so they do not slide out of one another.
Wheel of 24 graphic
They should be placed with one end directly over the center of the earth grid node, and the other end pointing in the direction of the prevailing winds you want to attract in. They need to be set up and kept level so the magnets and bismuth will not slide out or get off centered when inserted.
The end which is placed over the center point of the earth node is aligned so all the tubes are even. This is to couple them all together synchronizing them with the earth grids vibration field. Locating the best point on the earth grid is explained in other documents. It should have a strong inflow field, and make you feel heavy or compressed to stand right over.

Copper Tube Wave Structure Diagream

The center tube is specially cut and tunned to make three down shift waves from the earth grid vibration at 36x length. This creates 4 points where you can couple energy into the tubes from the earth. These run along the inner copper tube placing the nodes on the two ends and two points evenly spaced between them. If you mark the tube into three even distances you will see there are two other node point that can be also used for alignment.
The other end of the tubes, will come out tapered with inner tubes getting shorter, when aligned correctly.
With the tubes all aligned in this way you will be able to feel the small field of the inner tube amplified to the outer tubes.

It may be noticed that when parallel to the earths East West line the tubes flare up somewhat with a vibration. This indicates a perfect tunning position for operation.
As you move this alignment around in a circle keeping the one end stationary over the earth node, every 15 degrees the tubes will flare up and lock into the earth grid also, extending the Earth energy outwards in that direction off the ends of the tubes.
You want to locate one of these 15 degree spokes of your wheel towards the prevailing wind direction, and align with the "energy spoke" so the field couples to the earth grid nicely.
As a training exercise, you can hold the inner tube that is tunned perfectly pointing outwards, stand on an earth node and then slowly turn to see if you can feel these directions where the tube locks in, and feels connected to the earth grid through your body. These nodes appear every 16 feet on the earth and on every 32 feet they are stronger. In wet ground they can be located using two ground rods and a volt ohm meter, they will have a standing positive charge less then 1 volt.

My tubes were set to 33" above a cement garage floor, with the end directly over the earth node center point, and the free end pointing directly Southwest, at 4 feet away from the earth node center. The water in the atmosphere was drawn in from that direction and the wind shifted to a South Westerly, away from it's normal South Easterly direction almost 90 degrees. I was targeting rain off the coast and pulling it in towards me.

This is not the only alignment possible, it is however how Reich would tap them into the earth grid system on one end using cables.
The tubes should be level with the ground and set up so they will not roll or move if the wind hits them.
We desire to have control of this alignment, and ability to remove the inner tube to take it down if necessary during an active cycle. Once you are happy with the tube alignment and it feels right, you are ready to activate the system.


The center tube is now removed from the aligned tube system and set level for insertion of the core elements, well away in distance from any iron or steel, and well away from the iron tube in the device.

Bismuth is the strongest diamagnetic element we have access to on earth.
Bismuth cores are pretty tough, but they are prone to shattering like a crystal if dropped to a hard surface over a foot or so.
They are packaged inside copper tubes of the same length, with layers of tape on the ends to absorb shock if they are dropped before opening. The tape on one end was left with a tab that can be pulled up and the cores will slide right out in a hand.
These cores need to come together at the center of the center tube you are now loading up. I stick them in first, then slide the magnet strings in on each side.

If the entire magnet strings are used and both are the same length, you will not have to mark the insertion rods. If you want to use shorter magnet strings, then the insertion rods can be marked showing how far to push them in to get the core Bismuth centered perfectly. I marked the wooden insertion tube, for a string of magnets on each side of the bismuth that will just fit inside the length of the copper tubes that store the bismuth. In this mode the field will be much smaller. Slide the magnet string into the center copper tube and carefully slide the excess magnets sideways to disconnect them, if you want to use this configuration at some point. Note that to separate a string of these magnets you have to push sideways very hard at the point where you want them to separate, you cannot pull them apart longways.

Neo Magnets, are the strongest ones we have access to, they can chip if you let them suck to the iron tube too fast on their own, or if two strings of them come too close they will snap together and can pinch a finger. The magnet strings were packed in long plastic tubes oriented with ends in attraction so they stick together for shipping. They are only dangerous at the end of the string where the magnetic pole is located. You can break them apart one end at a time, to separate them, then slide them out of the plastic tubes. Keep them separated over 3 feet. If they get closer then 6" they will start pulling one another together and snap into one long string. Now you will have to start counting magnets again to get both strings exactly the same length.

With bismuth in the core, you must now identify the polarity of the magnets before inserting them.
The North pole of a magnet string will turn the compass's South marked pole towards it.
Both magnet strings are to be set with North pole pointing inwards at the bismuth core for maximum field power in the Northern hemisphere. Reversing this will drop the intensity of the field only slightly however, but they must be set up in opposing configuration.
The compass will read end polarity backwards because with magnets, opposite poles attract.
Neo magnets are so strong they can reverse polarize a compass if you move the compass too fast around them, or if the needle is locked from rotating. You can read them at 6" to 1 foot away and do not need to get the compass close to them at all, which should be avoided. To check the compass use the earths field to see that it is polarized correctly.

If you use the magnets as I packaged them, each string is already marked on the end with an S or an N. This marking may not be correct, and it may be backwards, however the device worked with them in that arrangement. If you reconfigure them these marks may be buried inside the new strings you create. To get the absolute maximum out of the tubes, you want to recheck the polarity of the magnets, and get N turned inwards at the bismuth core.

They will now slide into the copper tube very easily from each end, but remember to keep them away from one another.
Keep them away from credit cards also, or these will be erased.

If the magnet string is too long for the copper tube, slide the excess magnets to the side to remove them, they may be one magnet too long, as I recall. This is not critical, but even with the ends of the copper tube is best for an earth grid resonance.
The magnets and the bismuth are now inside the core tube, and you are ready to slide it into the large tubes.

Keep a finger over the low end so they do not slide out during this process, of sliding this tube into the larger tubes.
As you approach the iron tube the magnets will want to jump sideways onto it. You have to control this interaction and get them in the middle of the hole. To make this go smoother, you can slide the magnets back into the center copper tube a couple inches so the copper goes in first to hold the position, then after you are fully in, slide them back to center from the end that is now extending outwards. If you drop the back side of the tube, the magnets and bismuth may slide out and be damaged, keep them level, or have another person assist you in this operation.

Once they are inserted and all the tubes are again centered flat on the earth node side, you can place a piece of tape over the ends if you want to realign the tubes as one unit to change your wind direction angle. The magnetic field will now wrap over the iron tube and they will tend to hold themselves inside it, but the outer copper tube will not be held  by this effect., so now if you tilt the system the iron tube will tend to slide out with the magnets and core tube. The complete unit, about 13.5 lbs, can be lifted and repositioned by keeping it level. It is not too heavy for this.


Once your field starts to come up from the earth grid and radiate from the tubes it will likely grow over a two day period, or even a bit longer in time if the water table starts to raise as well. At this point it will stop growing, then likely stop pulling on the weather.
After this period, as clouds pass over they may dump rain on you as they enter the field bubble and get compressed, however your system will no longer create a wind direction shift and pull them in. It may still cause them to dump, and by staying active I have seen the rainfall reach record levels up here the year I experimented with these tubes. If they stop working you can "pump" the field again.

Taking it down at this point, will result in an outflow event, blowing clouds away in all directions as the field collapses, but this time will be shorter and the clouds will not move as far. After time of equalization, a new field can be built again.
This can be repeated many times as needed and is referred to as "pumping" the Aetheric medium. I have never had to do this, however in the Australian drought Smokey did this on occasions. The weather is pulled in by varying the time between active and not active. Two days active one day inactive [pulsing]. Two hours active, and one hour inactive. In this way the clouds will step towards you, then move back less distance each time.

The weather was observed to be most effected by a change in pressure of the field. Just after set up, and just after take down.

Watch the weather radars, and IR satellites, or even the visible satellite images, to be aware of concurrent effects. The field is spinning 90 degrees to the vertical orientation of a tornado, and has been observed to spread the weather out horizontally in lines.

Take Down of the Field

Stopping the interaction that you have started, if it begins to become more intense then you expected, can be a most tense part of this experiment. You may experience a near panic mode to take the field down quickly. Try to protect the magnets and bismuth if possible, and keep your mind and intuitions working clearly during the event.
Take down is removing the magnets and bismuth then separating the bismuth cores or laying them side by side.
"End to end" they will continue to down shift earth grid energy into a local inflow bubble.
Remove the center tube, get it away from the larger tubes and the earth grid point, then remove it's contents and separate them apart.
The inner copper tube is also resonant but it's mass is far less, and when separated from the outer tubes it becomes a very weakened field.
The magnets can be brought together in attraction mode as they were shipped, or they can be separated physically over 3 feet so the opposing field collapses.

Out flow can be increased by laying more iron on the earth grid point. Or by laying iron rods or tubes where the device was located pointing in the same direction to reverse the field. Remove the copper, water, bismuth from the earth node position to release all the inflow energy from radiating. Diamagnetic elements are removed and magnetic elements are inserted. This would be only for an emergency reversal of the field.


As every site is unique, and every individual will have intuitions active, configurations will evolve that work better for your area. Relocation of the tubes over the grid point, working them centered over the grid point, or a 2/3 alignment, moving them to 90 degrees of the wind direction, pointing them at a rain cloud 150 miles away....etc.. Even how the field makes you feel at night or during the day. All that is recorded will be used on the next time out as a reference, and that might be next year or even six months away. We have found that keeping accurate record is very valuable in this work. Each time you will make a new discovery and add to the understanding.

Maintain an awareness of your body, if you are becoming depressed or overly happy, and know that these effects can happen around strong torsion field devices. Keep an eye on how others are reacting to your energy bubbles, and assist them if necessary to become aware of the reason. This design has been tunned pretty nice, and I did not get any of the negative reactions during the testing of the tubes, which I did get with un tunned tubes. There was a raising of our energy levels, and finding we needed less sleep overall.

Dave L

Some Advice From a Seasoned Weather Engineer

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The knowledge belongs to mankind as one.
Please use it with wisdom.