Scalar Aluminum Bismuth Coil Core Construction

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4 - 22 - 2019

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Photo Sequence

Photo Fiinished Coil Core


Aluminum Tube 1.5" long and 3/4" outer diameter
Aluminum wire 14 gauge
Modeling Clay
Tin Foil
Melting Pot
Propane Torch - Lighter Striker
Hot Pad Glove
Eye Shied, or Glasses
Wood base - drilled for wire hole - if the hole is wider then the wire fill it from the bottom with some clay also.

Bismuth expands a bit as it cools, maybe 1/8 inch or so at the top of the tube.
The expansion will compress on the inner wire and anchor it well to the coil form.
The Aluminum wire must pass through the center of the mass of the bismuth.

The scum on the Bismuth, if there is some, will float, and as you pour it into the tube the lower clear metal will be what comes out.
The tin foil base will keep the bismuth from sticking to the wood.

The modeling clay is pressed around the outside base of the tube to keep the bismuth in as it first cools, which happens very fast.

This method worked well for me, I can "feel" when the aluminum wire is centered, and I can "feel" when it is vertical.
It takes very little vibration energy to feel this, if you have never tried it.


24 gauge insulated hookup wire 20 feet

Coil Winding Diagram

One tight layer is enough. You can stick the center of the wire at the top using a little hot glue to hold it in place.
The entire coil can then be covered with a heat shrink tube to hold the wires in place over time.
Twist the lead in wires together tightly to prevent RF radiation, and interference.

This winding is used, because it can be shut off, and controlled well. This is not the case for many such scalar coils.
Most sensitives will feel this coil vibrate up if the two wire ends are shorted, when they are opened the coil will go dead.

Field Reach Sensing Chart

Photo of chart

Download Polar Chart 6 mm Graduations

Photo Sensing the Field Reach

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Dave L
2019 - 4 - 22