Fundamentals of Scalar Coils and Self Powering Vibration Fields

Technical Paper - Experimental Proof of Concept
Public Domain Document  4 - 21 - 2019

Added section at bottom "Experimental proof of isotope calculations" from V2EM site  7 - 9 - 2019
Here we give data to raise up a dual cone field on a pipe [ Walter Russell ], and then invert the field to become the classic football of Tesla.


Scalar canceling coils are not pseudo science. One merely needs to know what they can do.
With these coils we can bypass the electron shell layer of the atoms and access the nuclear core directly, delivering mass vibration fields at precise frequencies.
The math formulas, and a prototype apparatus will be included for an experimental proof of concept.

Science always comes after phenomena is witnessed personally. Mathematics can be used to describe real phenomena, after the phenomena is discovered.
The phenomena we have witnessed is very real. I have seen it even loose control, and wipe out electronic components, when field bubbles came up at very large sizes.
What comes next is the taming of the fields. This document intends to join the intuitive play, with conventional science, and show the connections to making it something we can engineer.

When a "coherent nuclear mass field" is raised from an element, it manifests as the organizing force, that creates atoms, and causes them to self sustain from the background field.
Thus when a nuclear mass field becomes fully coherent, at a larger fractal size, it will sustain itself.
During experiment, care must be taken to have measures in place to take the field back down, if the results are unexpected or disruptive.
We have a sample caliper injection post now added at the bottom of this document, showing a field set up with "take down" data also given.
Take down can usually be accomplished using 1/9x factor for each field in place, 1/3x for the geometric calculated conical Isotope forms with multiple layers.

We have begun to cipher how to calculate the dimensions of a field before activating it. However these vibration fields can be disruptive to electronic equipment if there is an overlap.
The new discovery of limiting the dimensions of the field using scalar canceling coils is a major step in control of the fields we can produce, and adds an accuracy not present in the earlier caliper work.

The Universal Vibration Path

Universal Flow Diagram

It is recommended we have a solid mental model of the universal vibration field, to understand routing of vibration energy fields.
As Wilbert Smith also discovered communications in telepathic modes with the boys topside, I have also had such experiences with them personally,
from the use of scalar coil devices at very low power levels.

The Source field works from the outer boundary of the universe, converging vibration inwards toward the Proton, which is a smaller fractal of it.
When two different dimensioned fractals come into resonance on a different octave, vibration energy will flow towards the smaller element raising it's power level at lower frequency.
Within the nuclear bundle, we now see the energy reverse to outflow, creating the secondary fields of EM, which are entropic in nature.
There are no purely EM self sustaining energy forms. Vibration must be used as the base self sustaining medium.

This effect was modeled in the document "The Basic Model" where we used SS calipers to create a 3 layered self sustaining field inside a Ferrite ring.
Using the 1/18 function of fracturing to reverse inflow to outflow. 1 / 18 =  0.0555555555555555... to a very tiny dimension we produce 5's.

The Basic Model

Energy was accessed from the background field at a small fractal of the 333000 Hz resonance for this experiment.
The parameters meet all the expected effects of how an atom would operate, as the field is bound to the Ferrite on it's outer shell with the two inner fields floating centered inside it.

The electric field ratios calculated as Area function end up with different ratios then the linear form tempic field ratios, and we see how voltage is canceled out using the 1/9 function of vibration,
but vibration fields are not canceled out using the root of 2, because they are calculated differently as linear lines. We now face the prospect of ciphering volumetric vibration fields within the mass.
These new fields we raise from the metals, are more dense then in previous work.

Also of note is the fact that the pentagram, and triangle, as vibrational forms will take inflow energy from the cubical field and reflect it back outward, to become the entropic field.
The vibration resonance routed in this manner with odd number of cords, causes a cancellation of the root frequency, creating an outflow field and reducing the weight of the compression field.
That does seem to be a path of weight into energy.

Energy Flow Directions Observed

Vibration energy flows towards the smaller element in fractal resonance with it as a compression field, in general, although this can be shifted using geometry.
Electric field moves towards the larger element as a radiant field which then becomes entropic.

These effects have been observed in a number of experiments, but the flows become "self evident" after some careful thought and working with these fields.

Electron fields tend to push away and out from themselves, distributing a voltage evenly over a sphere, where at any point an arc may be able to jump outwards.
Joe Cell work with vibration programming shows strong inflows can bend light as we would expect from gravity.
This is demonstrated in the document  Earth_CFS.  Earth Dynamo

Nuclear Mass - Atomic Weight

Max Planck showed a relationship between mass and Energy in spectral emissions, and received a Nobel Prize in physics for giving us a mathematical constant. The Planck constant.
"Since Energy and mass are equivalent, this constant also relates mass to frequency." Reference:
This work below uses one possible conversion that worked, but the Planck formulas should be explored in greater depth as well.

For us to raise a larger nuclear mass fractal from an element on our table of elements, we use 8 x Octave jumps in atomic weight.

This must account for a 2 x expansion in all three dimensions of space. 2 ^ 3 = 8
This is a Walter Russell illustration for 3D relationships.
Thus we can convert Atomic Weight into grams using planks constant.
Next we multiply by powers of 8 to come to a fractal scale that we can use in our dimensions in the lab. 8 ^26 is usually a good starting point.

We now have to visit the concept of Quantum Equivalence because we desire to find a frequency for our F gen to resonate with our selected element's AW [atomic weight.]
This involves an understanding of the strobe effect that manifests our universe and from Planck's specific mental model [mass to frequency], to see if it will result in something useful.

A quantum value can be expressed as energy, mass, frequency, voltage, distance, area, volume, etc... and if we find frequency fractal equivalence we can establish resonance between any of these measured values no matter the energy form.

If it basically takes the universal strobe the exact same amount of time to scan and update two collective quantum field groups, then the two values will come into a sync of vibration.
An exchange will commence. We must convert to vibration frequency, in order to apply these calculations to vibration work.

As it turns out, we can resonate a voltage with the length of a copper tube, or a caliper gap distance setting in the air.
We can resonate a vibration from a scalar coil with a volume of space.

This is likely how the first people to determine what a volt would be calibrated to, came up with, for all the people who cannot feel this, to use meters on.

Set your power supply to 1 volt DC, hold the hot wire, set your SS calipers to 1 cm, and feel the vibration couple through your body between them.
Clip the hot wire to the SS caliper and slide back and forth over 1 cm and feel the peak in resonance as you cross it.
All tension has internal vibration. Do you think this is an accident? You can feel it is a real energy coupling effect with numerical calculations that work.

Set your Function generator to 1 Khz, and your SS calipers to 1 mm, and do this again.
This time use the black wire on your F gen as vibration flows back to the ground side while voltage moves the other direction in the AC circuit.

Change to 2 khz, and 2 mm, and note the resonance of the vibration couples between them through your body and you can prove it by sliding back and forth on either of the settings.

The Source field is calculated like a power source, not like an antenna that is a load. Longer is higher frequency resonance like the water height in a dam.
Ok so here we take the magical Quantum jump and realize that 1 gram = 1 cubic centimeter for metric conversion based on water.

If there is a better formula
, this has yet to be determined as we are opening the nuclear bundle of the atom and not the electron shells at this point and the only data we have is weight.
We want to hit the quantum synchronization between Atomic Weight and scalar coil frequency of vibration so we can progress with our experiments.
We then arrive at a set of values of some mm length cubed on 8x octaves of dimension, for scalar coil frequencies of khz, and start raising up fields and measuring them in size, then noting if they self sustain.

Derivation of formula =>  Expansion of Atomic Weight Fractals
Results were stunning, these ones do self sustain!

To date we have self sustaining fields rising up from our coils and capacitors, resonant with both mass vibration, and conical precession frequencies of NMR / NVR
Records now need to be compiled, and then ratios experimented with for extraction of energy forms, such as EM power, and gravity effects. [Detailed Below]

Here are some sample spreadsheets with injection values =>  Aluminum Bismuth AW Fractals           Aluminum Bismuth Fractals AW and NVR

Aluminum and Bismuth Nuclear Properties

Both of these elements are 100 percent abundant, each having only one isotope on earth.
That is why these metals were chosen for the prototype apparatus.
We can take control of the entire mass to form larger field coherence using only one frequency.
We can couple to either the Atomic Weight, or the Nuclear Vibration Resonance NVR, for nuclear spin alignments.

Both systems have been experimented with to date with positive results. See document "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Fractals"
NVR fractals were derived and then expanded by powers of 10, as electrical energy tends to favor that method, however they could also be expanded geometrically to see how they will react with the AW fractals.
This would likely best be done using a ratio method.

Apparatus Showing Proof of Concepts

A distance of the field can be measured, by bringing an aluminum wire slowly into the field, and noting the distance out where it vibrates up also.
The wire should be brought in at about the center of mass height of the coil core. Each time a magnet can then be used to discharge the wire, without disturbing the field on the bismuth core.
A test can also be done using a laser pen, to see if passing it very near the center of mass, through the density field, causes it to bend.

Aluminum Bismuth Coil Core

Polar graph for measurement of field sizes. 6 mm graduated scale. An Aluminum Bismuth Scalar Coil Core is set at the center and fed through it's center Aluminum wire.

Aparatus Setup

The Nuclear Frequency Injection System. This driving system is documented in the V2EM section.  Platform_1a
Immediate goal here is to be able to accurately calculate the field size, and verify our calculations are accurate.
We can then extrapolate smaller dimensions to stay inside the capacitors.
We will only be using the first F gen and Scalar Coil F1, for our field mapping process.

Scalar Coil Construction - Scalar Coil Construction

Self Powering Field Bubbles from Nuclear Mass Vibration

Calculating Field Dimensions
A chart of values can then be constructed from direct measurements, with the following columns.

- Element   - F Gen Voltage - F gen frequency - Field diameter -   
Aluminum  -  5vac Sine       - xx,xxx,xxx.xx hz -     xx mm

From this chart we can verify our theoretical calculations, and make real world corrections for each fractal octave if necessary.
For this coil platform, does voltage on the scalar coil have any effect on the resultant field strength or size?
Is field size only a function of frequency applied to the scalar coil?
What does the field do when the F gen is shut down?

Duty cycle, and DC biasing, may also be experimented with after these initial questions are answered.

These questions need answers, for the purpose of engineering powering devices.
A powering field may be very uncomfortable to touch, or to enter the field bubble with a body part.
It may also take out electrical devices as the atoms nuclear core is what holds all the spherical fields of the electron shells in place at given distances out.
When we create a larger fractal of the atoms central control system, it will attempt to organize and control electron paths.

For the testers who are used to feeling vibration fields, nuclear mass fields are different. there are no specific nodal positions [stationary light nodes].
A correct raising of the mass field will create a constant density everywhere inside the field, that is more dense then the background field, with a very sharp boundary layer.

Other Self Sustaining Vibration Ratio Systems

Quantum Conversion equivalence of geometric forms, fields , and mass
The Strobed Universe
Electric field is calculated as an area for resonance purposes.
Mass as a volume.
Magnetic field as a volume
Tempic field as a line, as with A field.
Pi / 2 Self Sustaining pair
89 / 50 Inertial Shift

The Conscious Element - The CU

Sliding Inwards to Access the Outer Boundary of the Universe
The Proton is a Fractal of the Universe.
We can consciously slide inwards and find our perception jump to the outer boundary of the universe.

Mental Control [Wilbert Smith]
"The tensor beam I have found to be quite unmanageable. I can generate it OK but can't make it do much for me.
You see, it is identical with the energies associated with the life functions in the human body and accordingly can be incorporated and directed with them, by mental control, by experts!
I hope someday to be able to do it, but I am informed that it takes at least 10 years of concentrated training for the experts to learn how to do it."

The Nature of the Universe and Reorganizing Concept

Perfect Phi = > 1.618033989 ...

Any two frequencies mixed in a non linear gradient will sum repeatedly, to create the Fibonacci function at the largest dimensions of the non linear field reach.
When the phi ratio is hit upon this will result in an inflow field, or a gravity system forming from outside them and then passing inwards through them.
If this is the prime source of the gravity field, then gravity itself is not a primary field force of the universe, but a secondary one resulting in the mixing of outflow fields at different frequencies turning back inwards.

Spread Sheets Here  Fibonacci-1.ods

Gravity is Inevitable

Creation is Inevitable

No matter the amount of explosive energy, destroying anything, gravity will eventually win and begin to reorganize with a phi function that is inevitable mathematically.
Creation will always win out over destruction.

The Mediator Frequencies - Products and Sums

Mediator frequencies are used to make connections of power between Sources of vibration energy and machines that can use that energy with inertial ratios. Source Field
Another example of the "mediator" system of coupling can be found in the work with piston resonance in ICE internal combustion engines.  89 50 Pathway Into The Engine 
In this one the Engine is the source of vibration that we then modify using ratio and then reflect back towards it, creating fields around the engine changing it's inertial qualities.

Suffice to say, we have a great deal of data collected to date on vibration resonant fractal values, from healing the body, to powering fractals that are too powerful to hold in the hand for very long.
We have covered many ways to tap into other powerful systems of vibration present on the earths system of rotation.
Too many documents to list here.

We have charted a great many Sources of vibration, from the earths outflow grid grid at 27 cm, to the ionosphere at 925 hz, and to space itself incoming from the outer boundary of the universe 1.85 mm and 1.87 mm [the prime field stacks.]

We have even vibrated up systems through the earths core, and coupled to points all over the world calibrating each tube to an angular skew so they all converged at the earths core to produce a secondary platonic form field that came back up balanced.
We discovered a length that if made in iron will knock out electronics in the immediate area if a copper tube is added at another point on the earth grid system.
This involved tuning over earth grid nodes and alignment with the 4 directions of earth spin.

The wide band transformer - 90 degree winds

Low frequency and high frequency splitting go 90 deg out of phase, and can be recombined geometrically by crossover connections.
The density Transformer is diagrammed down the page here  Smith Coils

Basically the primary is a scalar canceling coil wound on a diamagnetic element sphere, copper or even a quartz crystal sphere.
The secondary coils are normal winds connected in series and setting at 90 degrees to each other.
When a wide band signal hits the diamagnetic material, it's frequencies split.
The electron shell carries the very high frequency components and the Proton shell with weight behind the rotation carries the low frequency components.
As the electron shell can rotate at microwave frequencies, but the proton field anchored into the weight can only turn at mhz frequencies or even much lower.
These two shells spin oppositely and precess in opposite directions, going out of phase as they each one roll over inside the coherent nuclear field and the electron shell field that are both coherent fields in a diamagnetic element like copper.
If we take the two secondary windings and reverse the polarity on one, then place them in series, we get the entire bandwidth back out of the secondaries.
A wide band transformer. You can literally send a square wave through it and not loose the corners. An impossible task for any normal copper wound coil transformer.

Now because the primary is scalar canceling, if the frequency is selected correctly, it will draw almost no apparent power from the EM source.
If you have zero voltage nodes appear such that there is no measurable power into the coils system, the output will be mostly generated by the rotation of the atoms in the spherical core.
I hit on this one time, and powered a 120 vac lamp through it.

The next step is to begin coupling the nuclear levels into the power train, using mediator frequencies to power the system.
Anyway the geometry of the spherical transformer deserves more experiment, based on knowledge of the atoms in the elements being used for the core.
A density sphere was wound on a spherical crystal here at the bottom =>  ZPE Coils
All sorts of experiments were also done in the Field Density document, to observe the inductive effects with respect to this splitting effect, using a hollow copper sphere. Field Density
This one showing how a 2x voltage will come up at 90 degrees to the scalar coil from the two AC waves moving in opposite spherical rotations.
AC Electric field in copper medium rotates as spheric forms waves.

Traditionally diamagnetic cores are not used in coils because it has never been understood that they do not produce reversed magnetic fields of counter emf, but the opposing force of induction is an inertial force.
I have used Copper and Bismuth, and also Aluminum cores in electrical coils, and that is mostly what we use in scalar canceling coils, and they work great.
It is the mass of the diamagnetic metals that produces the tremendous kick back effect, which can easily become more then the energy put in, because it comes from the nuclear level of the atom, and not from the electron shells.
Iron cores block this ability to a great degree. Iron has almost no coupling to it's nuclear bundle. Iron core coil supplemented with a copper pipe just under the windings, have tremendous "kick back"qualities.
The root cause is of course that electron and proton spin oppose one another geometrically and operate at different frequency ranges due to the weight of the proton mass and the fact that it sets inside the Strong Force volume.

Wilbert Smith Quotes

Awareness and Reality
"We do not know if this basic Reality exists independently from Awareness or whether one is the consequence of the other; or whether in the final analysis they are in fact one and the same.
In any case we do know, or think that we know, that Reality does exist and we are aware of it. But we do not know how far beyond us the Awareness extends,
and we must either postpone this determination pending a better understanding or accept the statements by other entities who are presumably more advanced than we are
that Awareness is universal and extends throughout all Reality and has a particular relationship thereto ..."

Scalar coil Orientation
"This field is very much like electric and magnetic fields except that it is at right angles to both."
"Tensor Coil ... it is three field resonance condition."

"The New Science" connects awareness with the field forces of nature, and gives us ability to alter light velocity of the field fabric that fills all space. Wilbert Smith Index

David Lowrance
4 - 20 - 2019

Experimental Proof of Isotope Resonance

In order to show the calculations are sound, I am sharing a post from the V2EM site.
SSF = Self Sustaining Field, these fields can be palmed using a finger or hand around the active metal tubes or pipes.
A copper pipe of 6 to 10 inches can be used successfully.


Setting up a conical field on copper pipes and tubes.

Caliper => 92.71 mm

Hold the pipe or tube with it's center of mass in the caliper gap at 90 deg, SSF comes up with wide ends of the field on the ends of the pipe [ Dual Cones ].

Caliper 2 => 92.71 mm

Touch both calipers to both ends of the pipe simultaneously, field  flips [ Football Shape ]. Wide field at center of tube two compression nodes on each end.

Caliper => 10.30 mm

Touch on the compression nodes on the tube to take the field down.

Clear out residuals using a magnet, if there are any present.

This is but one fractal dimension that is possible, taken directly from the spreadsheets below.


Dave L 

2019 - 7 - 6

Latest Spreadsheets

Atomic Weight and NVR - Aluminum Copper Data

This spreadsheet for calculation of self sustaining spherical mass and conical nuclear isotope fields.

Data is derived from the next spreadsheet for the calculations.

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