A Three Circuit - Phase Modulator

The box is a combination radionics, and AC power manipulation system with 9 dials. It is intended to be used by people who have both skill sets.
I fully trust my fellow human to observe safety protocols, as hazardous electrical energy will be present.

[I was led to this avenue of design while doing study of Floyd Sweets photos and diagrams for magnet programming.]
The root operation of a Self Powering field bubble is based on accurate tunning of vibration.  I have chosen to construct a 3 gang triac type circuit for modulating the 60 Hz wall power into a load.
I studied many of the simple circuits for Lamp dimmers and Speed controls for motors, then began to experiment with engineering what I desire for vibration work.

Note - This is a solid state replacement for Tesla's spark gaping technique and can generate vibration in a 120 vac circuit with a load present, up to 12 amps per each circuit.

I have started the design by removing any "snubber circuits", you would find in a normal lamp dimmer circuit, so rich harmonics will be easier to obtain.
The BTA12 triac I chose, has no internal snubber and can handle up to 12 amps of current.

 Digikey Traic BTA12     pn 497-7186-5-ND

Digikey Diac DB3CT-ND

Very slow movements of the phase may be necessary during inter mod mixing, so in my version of this circuit I have set up 3 potentiometers in series with different full scale sensitivity,
for very fine accuracy, while using "feel felt" senses for tuning.
[Note: parts list may change with further development, see list below.]

The Project Box

Box Aluminum - part number L161-ND 

Phase Modulator Photo 1

Basic layout development process, I chose a box that is 10" by 10" by 3" high at the back, with a tilted face for the 9 knobs.

Sensitivity and Targeting

[100 to 1]
500k - 50k - 5k  for a full turn of the dial.

[I designed for 500k  50k and 5k ohm pots, then had to make due with what Digikey had in stock at the moment. I substituted 25k for the 50k pots.]

The purpose for using 3 pots per circuit, will be appreciated when one is in the middle of a tunning operation with AC Power.
The desire is to fully experience a pi / 2 ratio of vibration on a system like the dual cones, so there must be perfect accuracy to hit the "irrational ratios."
These ratios can penetrate physical dimension, all the way down to the atomic levels [Quantum Level.]

The 500 K ohm can be used to center near the 45 degree phase of the AC wave using a scope, where the greatest power is present,
then the 50 K and 5K used to target a close ratio between that and phi, with another of the circuits.
This should give a very fine adjustment of the phase angle, for tuning various ratios.

In the Bashar dual cones the orbital rings may appear on the 90 x tips of the cone when we get close enough to perfection.

By having 3 independent circuits, we can now adjust the ratios as desired between them, to "mix" down,
searching for a variety of Sources from the background field of the earth, and "cross couple" them into our project.

Source Energy has been identified on various levels of dimension in our background Earth field.

1 - Copper Atom
2 - Schuman Vibration
3 - Outer Boundary of the Universe

The well developed Psychic may be able to target any one of these Sources and record wavelengths on a SS caliper as well for reference.

Knob Layout BMP

Knob Layout Pattern

The graphic is in BMP format, and will reflect actual size when printed correctly. You can download it with a right click, then save to your computer for printing.
Centers are punched, then drilled for the potentiometers.

Internal Component Layout

Internal component layout photo

All components shown here were ordered from Digikey online.

Triac 12 Amp Wiring

Triac 12 amp Wiring

The high current 14 ga triac wiring is the most difficult part of using the solder terminal strips, rather then a standard circuit board. It was done so the gate components can be easily accessed and changed during development.
Inner Chassis is cleaned where triacs and ground lug will be mounted with steel wool and alcohol, then triacs are mounted using heat conductive white paste and rear panel heat sinks on the outside.
See lower photos for heat sinks and ground lug views.

Bottom Layer Wiring Diagram

Bottom Layer Wiring Diagram

Note the solder 12 pin strips I used have two layers high. The wiring that will not be changed during development is placed on the bottom first.
The Potentiometers are pictured upside down, but the wiring is drawn for final through hole position of the pots.
[See photo below for finished wiring.]

Bottom Layer Photo

The 100 Ohm 1/2 watt resisters span two pins on the left side bottom area of the solder terminals.

Top Layer Component Wiring

Top Layer Components Diagram

Top Layer Component Photo

Internal Wiring Photo

Showing a completed internal wiring layout. The red and white wire is 20 ga bell wire.
While the current will be microamp and milliamp levels, they will normally have about 32 vac on some of the points, pre-triggering.
If the external circuit is inadvertently configured to switch the hot lead at the neutral block, they can also go as high as the circuit neutral lug, 120 vac.

External Wiring

External Wiring Photo

If one is careful to get the three circuits wired correctly, then Potentiometers for Row 1 can be on the same side as the Terminal block positions, and the internal fuse 1 to the back of the panel.

Online Parts List

Phase Modulator with knob labels

The potentiometers full turn range of 300 degree rotation, matches the dial indicators perfectly, giving a recordable reference of  0 to 100 for each knob
The Aluminum dial indicators from Newark are for 1 - 1/4" diameter knobs, however I ordered 1 " diameter knobs from Digikey.

[Each part below, is a URL for the part number ordered online.]


 Digikey - Box Aluminum pn L161-ND

Potentiometers - Knobs - Dial Plates

Digikey - 500K ohm Potentiometer  PDA241-SRT02-504A2-ND

Digikey - 25K ohm Potentiometer  PDA241-HRT02-253B0-ND

Digikey - 5K ohm Potentiometer  PDA241-HRT02-502B0-ND

Digikey - Control Knob 1/4"shaft 1" Diameter   697-3545-ND
[See Knob Update at bottom]

Newark - 5000E Dial Plate     64K9245

Triac Diac

   Digikey Traic BTA12     497-7186-5-ND

Digikey Diac - 2A    DB3CT-ND

Digikey - Super Thermal Grease   473-1096-ND

[Heat sinks from junk box]


Digikey 2.2K ohm 1/2 watt 5%   OF222JE-ND

Digikey 100 ohm 1/2 watt 5%     OF101JE-ND


Digikey - capacitor 0.1 uf 630v 10%  445-2650-ND


Digikey - Fuse Block 15A 3 Position   3538K-ND

Digikey - Fuse Slow 125v 12A   507-1536-ND

Terminal Strips

Digikey - Conn Barrier Strip     A98504-ND

Board Term Turret Mini SGL 12 Pos    15532K-ND

Misc Wire

14 gage copper wire - high current side of the circuits.
Red White 20 gage bell wire - low current side of the circuit.


It was determined that varaics with iron cores do not work with these circuits.
Autotransformers using air core toroidal windings do work.
They are adjusted to hit the E/P ratio.

Electron Proton Gyromagnetic Ratio


Knob Update


Knobs - 1- 9/32" - Mouser part number 5164-1110

5 / 18 / 2014
Dave L

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