A Past Experiment

Self Powering Energy Bubble


I was building a Joe Cell water charging power supply, recorded here.

Tensor Energy

Components Used

Components Photo

Diode types are listed in the URL above. Must be high speed diodes - 6 each.
Lamp is a 100 watt bulb.

Description of the Experiment

The goal of this power supply was to produce rich vibrational energy to the Joe Cell,
with ability to also remove the electrical energy to prevent burning or heating of the water.
The last two diodes pass the vibration without passing the voltages of the AC waveform.
Leads then go from them to the Water Cell.
They can be connected directly to ground without shorting out the voltage of the circuit.
In this mode however current will flow backwards through them to the light bulb when the dimmer circuit is in the off mode.

The light bulb load is necessary to get the circuit into a powering mode where vibration is then present.
The lamp dimmer circuit can then be tuned to produce rich vibrational components.
The vibration is then extracted by the reversed diodes, and routed to the water cell.


Tunning the autotransformer, and the lamp dimmer, I noticed the light would vibrate up really nice at certain settings.
Using clip leads, on the ends of the two diodes, normally routed to the water cell, I grounded them and noticed how it also changed the lamps vibrational feel.

I started to slide the clip leads along the ground wire [screw driver blade with clip lead to ground] to tune specific ratios of vibration on the bulb from each one.
This is similar to how you tune a Joe Cell to vibrate up an entire car.
I was totally captivated in the feelings the light could produce, by the smallest change in the distance the clip lead held on the ground wire.

I hit on a setting that felt much like the bulb was alive to me, radiant with a joy feeling.
I later recorded this vibrational ratio as the pi/2 ratio and recognize it now by feel.

I then noticed, I had 60 volts DC on the meter between the diodes ends and the ground, although there was a direct connection between them.
I also then noted the meter lead was reading 60 volts dc on all the metals nearby me.

My wife came in, reporting her computer was messed up, and the hair on her arms stood up as she passed through what seemed like a light blue plasma bubble.
It was approximately 8 to 10 feet around, and I was in the center of it, not noticing it at all until then.

I switched off the autotransformer toggle switch, the corona bubble remained, and the light kept burning just the same, with the beautiful vibration present on it.
I pulled the plug from the wall outlet, and the bubble remained and the light kept burning without even a change in intensity at all.

At this point I was panicked not knowing if I could shut it down.
 I grasped at wires, and recall removing some of them, and the light did not go out.

I unscrewed the bulb, and the light went out.
I pulled all the pieces off the table and quickly put them away.
The field bubble was still present to some degree, with a strong energy presence.
I actively stepped inside the bubble area, and sent it down into the earth by command.
I had intense astral experiences for days after.

That is the best of my memory of the events from about 2 years ago now.


Due to the simplicity of this setup, I puzzled over it for a long time, recalling the feeling of the light that kept itself lit up and how the vibration was so beautiful.
How could it keep operating with no regulator, and no electronic pulsing governor? Where was the clocking coming from?
I never dated that document, but it must have been a couple years back now.

At this point I knew that self powering using copper medium was a reality yet to be comprehended and recorded.
I have been searching for a way to hold this phenomena in a smaller space and keep it from destroying other electronic components.
It destroyed two Internet boxes, and messed up one computer monitor.
I have never shared this experiment as a document publicly until now.

Dave L

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