ZPE Coils

[Public domain document 3/1/2007]


Intended for the betterment of mankind, these coils are the result of many working in the alternate energy research field of public domain information. This is a collective project shared by many sincere and giving individuals, with the intention of discovering a new source of power and healing for our planet.


Lathem coil - a coil based on a special length of wire [44 feet 6 inches] found to resonate a free torsion energy that has been discovered to be present in many places on the earth. They are typically wound into alternating scalar canceling and normal clockwise or counter clockwise forms, and wired in series to produce healing devices that are self powering to a mass of crystals present with them.

Terra coils -  a coil based on the long side of a triangle distance crossing four Terra lines at opposite corners. The distance can be found experimentally by "pruning" but is theoretically about 45 feet  3 inches / fractions or multiples of this length to capture wavelengths or harmonics. As earth points may vary. Terra lines may be palmed or sensed in a local setting and various lengths can be connected to the RainMaker coils to sense the power levels of the captured fields.
Earth Grid Coils Reference

Kosol coil configuration -
One scalar bismuth coil is parallel wired to one normal wound coil with an iron content and both are setting in the same alignment. This system provides a strong linear torsional powering system. If placed into platonic form can create a density sphere system.

Limax Coil - Coil developed by Martin Pott, is wound with a floppy disc type flat ribbon cable. Ends are then spliced alternating to achieve a reverse current flow in each wire moving up the coil. This coil can be opened with a switch to shut it down. Coils can be now wrapped quickly to almost any depth.

Weave Coil - Designed by David Lowrance based on the description of Wilbert Smiths writings, a coil with each single loop reversed from the one next to it. Loops are placed on the coil form then twisted around one another at each of 180 degree points along the sides of the coil moving upwards. Normally a one layer coil is plenty for a bismuth core to become notably strong using a function generator. This is the coil detailed in the RainMaker vortex generator.

Tempic to electric conversion coil- Two coils of normal wind in non resonant lengths can be set up at 90 degrees inside a Faraday cage and tuned to receive torsion field waves induced using mobius or other scalar canceling coils. The coils must intercept the torsion waves at specific angles as torsion waves are polarized much like light or photon waves. Measuring equipment can then be attached via coaxial cables to monitor the presence of torsion induced waves. It was discovered during tests that many electronic devices actually radiate fairly strong 60 cycle torsion waves not detectable by normal EM equipment, and this is a common practice used to cancel unwanted EM.

Platonic form -
Grouping of magnets or Torsion coils such that all torsion fields are equalized in all three dimensions forming a smooth confinement of space in which a higher density may be contained. Searl disc is patterned as a 2 dimensional platonic form. Kosol spheres as three dimensional platonic form. RainMaker base is a 2 dimensional form and the spherical crystal on top pulls this into a three dimensional one. Most all tube devices are single dimension.

Linear forms -  Any device creating a strong torsion field in only one dimension, must be balanced with "mass of crystal" to avoid possible torsion sheers. This includes most all tube devices as determined by direct experiment.

Clockwise coil - A coil wound such that energy will move through it in a clockwise rotation as seen from the energy looking forwards to where it is heading.

Counter clockwise coil - A coil wound such that energy will move through it in a counterclockwise rotation as seen from the energy looking forwards.


It is discovered that there are two ways to wind coils and both produce different atomic interactions as to Tempic, Electric, and Magnetic field forces.

To determine wind direction of a coil, sight down one end of the coil and pretend you are moving into the wire closest to you and moving away. If you end up turning clockwise then you have a clockwise coil. Note that if you flip the coil over and do this again you still have a clockwise coil. Both coil winds are unique in this respect.

A clockwise wind will favor Proton spin, as energy moves through it, Proton spin is added to, and Electron particle spin is lowered. It is expected that this would be reversed in a counter clockwise coil. Noteworthy also is if Electricity moves through both coils it will produce a magnetic field in each that is reversed due to the Right Hand rule for magnetism. Proton spin results in torsion fields and Electron spin results in magnetic fields, so each coil wind alters both forces differently.

Energy in Copper coils:
It is possible for all three forms of energy to move through copper.

Tempic - Torsion fields from Proton magnetism
Electric - Electron flow at electron shell
Magnetic - Electron shell in motion

With Terra coils we are working with the Tempic field and not the Electric field. To produce electric flows, some means must be used to reestablish the EM field from the photonic or torsion interactions. Tempic fields do not cancel but expand when set against one another, and this is the means of manipulation used to our advantage.

A Torsion Capturing Coil

This coil is basically a dead coil as to perception however within it is stored, invisible, a resonant torsion force much like a battery stores electric energy. If used in conjunction with other similar coils at 90 degrees to it or with other scalar coils the Torsion can be manipulated and becomes strongly perceptible. Altering the coils "wind" will alter its Torsion output. It is a linear form so is not normally used alone.

Torsion coil picture

This coil is constructed from a 1/4 inch bolt 2 inches long, 44.5 feet of Grey insulated 24 gauge copper wire and a short length of electrical tape to keep the final wraps tightly held in place. Wind the coil along the bolt thread such that it follows the wind and a clockwise coil will result. It is then carefully wound to many layers back and forth to complete the length.

Head Popper Picture

When connected directly to RainMaker this coil powers the unit to head popping power levels and the crystal sphere becomes too intense for prolonged use, showing the actual Torsional potential of the coil. The RainMaker unit can be used as a sensing device using this method, to determine the torsional state of coils and coil combinations if one has developed a working connection to it. This requires that the weave wind bismuth coils be used or some other non resonant length coils in the base.

Kosol coil wiring Diagram

This combination as diagrammed by Kosol in parallel configuration, if placed into the inside of the RainMaker base will also produce very powerful Torsion fields, and in the case of my large 6 inch radius sphere are too powerful to leave operational for very long as they are in linear form.

A Simple Donut Coil

This coil will demonstrate to one the nature of the earth torsion fields present and allow for experiment on two dimensions of torsional field compression.

Donut coil picture

Construction is done using two torsion resonant lengths of twin lead 24 gauge wire. The first is wrapped around a 20 Oz plastic coke bottle. The bottle sides are now compressed to remove the coil and the second coil is wound around it to form a donut. This is done using clockwise wrapping techniques [check description above for clockwise coil]. Second coil can be wound from the center of the wire passed through the first coil so shorter ends will be pulled through on each wrap, also a clockwise wrap.

We now end up with 8 wire ends that can be configured to show the energy interactions. Inside is one black and one white horizontal wound coil and outside is one black and one white vertical donut shaped coil. The two dual coils interact at 90 degrees to one another and can create torsion fields in 2 dimensions.

To configure either coil as scalar canceling simply take opposite white wires and connect them to opposite black wires reversed, so the energy moving through the two coils passes opposite direction through each. Black to white in each case from opposite ends of the coil are shorted to form a scalar coil that can be shut down by opening the leads. Since the torsion resonant coils can be very strong this wiring technique saves one destroying the coils if things do not proceed well.

The most notable effect produced from this coil is not what one would expect. If the black and white twisted wire ends are connected together as a single coil in each case and not in scalar canceling mode, connecting one end of the horizontal coil to one end of the vertical coil produces a tempic field receiver. This is sensed as a feeling of "joy" by myself. If one now holds the other two ends in a hand touching skin, but not touching one another, the coil will begin to receive vibrations from any elements placed inside it. I have never used a Witness well or a stick pad, but this setup seems to offer a sensing effect for feeling the NMR rates of different forms of matter.

A Scalar Canceling Laythem Coil 

A two dimensional coil form, if placed on a washer will focus most energy off its sides. If used in weak form will offer a standing torsion manipulation. It offers ease of winding and a quick access to torsion fields if control is not desired or necessary at low output.

Lathem Scalar Coil Picture

The Toroidal coil shown above was altered in my designs to maximize power output by winding it on an iron tie wire coil form 28 feet 8 inches long and wound into the donut shape. [Lyle winds them on washers in the Star Link System].Then the Lathem coil is wound over this after folding the 44.5 foot of 18 gauge wire into four lengths of 11 feet. The 11 foot group of wires is pulled through the ring to its center position and then wound both directions. This speeds coil winding considerably for the toroidal shaped coils. 3 inches of excess wire then is left for connections [the red wires shown above].
The coils are quick to construct and powerful, but cannot be shut down easily, so expertise is required to balance the system using proper crystal to copper ratios.

The Density Sphere

Built by David Lowrance on 2/28/2007 and released to the public domain as no longer patentable.

Density Sphere picture

A full function density generator offering torsion on all three dimensions as pioneered by Kosol Ouch. This can be adjusted in power output by turning its Earth alignment. The three scalar canceling coils are Lathem length coils but offer a control for shutdown not present in the Star Link systems, that was offered in the RainMaker ferrite base units early on. So this generator can be used as a stand alone controllable device. It is suggested that other coils be worked with first to determine whether these coils lengths are adequate for your locality. Ideally you will have your own custom lengths determined before constructing a full Density Sphere, otherwise the results can not be guaranteed to be consistent.

This device can fully replace the function generator used on RainMaker units and should not produce any notable headaches of itself at high power levels. The strong fields may however be altered as they are used to power other devices, which can result in a linear compression, so care must be taken in design of the powered devices as well.


Construction 1 picture

The forms for the wire are constructed by cutting cardboard rings and then taping these rings to form a full 3 dimensional coil winding container. Sphere chosen is 3" copper laced quartz having a rather strong field to begin with. Sheet rock knife, scissors, and various tapes are used. It is desired that the crystal be free to turn inside the unit later so care is taken in construction.

DS2 picture

DS21 picture

Rings must set on the sphere slightly to one side of center, but is not too critical as another ring is placed directly on the sphere to separate the rings.

DS3 picture

Showing the six rings necessary for all the materials to hold the coils on.

DS4 picture

Fold the rings in half and trim so they loosely fit over the sphere on a quarter section.

DS5 picture

Cut lengths of cardboard also now to seat under the rings. It must be custom sized to fit the coils wire amounts for width and sphere size. A coil can be wound ahead of time to estimate thickness. Coils can be any torsion resonant length or multiple resonant lengths for your local earth resonance. The strips are fitted then taped to cover the sphere on all three planes of spin such that the crystal may still be moved inside them for alignment if this is desired.

DS6 picture

The rings are now cut into quarter sections.

DS7 picture

Quarter sections are lined up on the crystal and folded to form into triangle shapes then taped into place using electrical tape.

Density Sphere Form Photo

No tape contacts the crystal surface but is contained on the coil form such that the crystal may be realigned inside the coils after construction.

DS9 picture

Showing completed coil form around crystal sphere allowing 3 coil winding containment channels. The unit is set in the top of a tape roll in this case to keep it stable while tapping the last pieces into place.

DS91 picture

More tape is added to seal all joints and provide a clear surface for wires.

DS92 picture

Coils will now be wound in layers clockwise wind, one layer over the other in each quadrant until the complete wire lengths of twin lead 24 gauge 44.5 foot  lengths are all used.

All three lengths must be started simultaneously, then the lowest quadrant is worked one at a time on each layer. The coils are wound by taping one end of all three wires in place at starting position and working one spin plane at a time for one layer. This will produce three interlaced coils of twin lead.

Powering RM picture

The coils are all now configured as scalar canceling by joining opposite ends of opposite colors on each one. Next the scalar coils are all three wired in series to provide a total copper interaction that flows through all of them. Two of these can be opened to be used as outputs to the RainMaker unit for direct sensing of the energy inside the Density Sphere.

Adjustment and control
Align the sphere of the Density generator so one coil is horizontal and the other two are about 45 degrees from the North Geomagnetic pole of the earth.
As you turn the coil now along its horizontal surface the intensity of the field will be altered that is emitting from the RainMaker and can be felt at any angle coming from the RM sphere. Direct input can be sensed also by touching the Density Sphere with finger tips on its crystal surface.

Coils can be deactivated by opening all the opposing coil leads and disconnecting from the RM unit.

The energy produced from the Desnity Sphere is "fun" and would seem to contain a high frequency healing crystal component vibration. At present I would class it as angelic female energy.

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