The Tube Device Duplication

Demonstrating the interactions between Proton and Electron magnetic materials and precession angles in the AG metals.

The tube device is a linear scalar magnetic device and thus can be used to study the effects of large coherent nuclear spin fields. It is not intended to be a device for any other useful purpose at present, or a device you leave active and forget about.

As of yet all the experiments I have done on the tube device have used the body and the palms to observe effects of a diamagnetic or electric nature. While the device was originally intended for O-scopes and magnetic wave pulses to propagate through the tubes, I have become completely sidetracked from this original goal to study the extreme diamagnetic and scalar effects we have been observing. The device is generating scalar type fields that are highly perceptible to 100 feet or more. They are also somewhat interactive with intention.

In my first configuration the device sets up two opposing magnetic fields, each one covering a distance of about 2' , using a series of tubes constructed with the AG metal Copper and the magnetic metal Iron with a Bismuth center placed in the area of opposition. This is a reflection of the RainMaker 1 only adds Copper as well as large counts of AG material atoms setting in the large magnetic fields. Alternate tubes of Aluminum are also provided to set between the existing tubes if desired. The tubes are 4 foot long and two opposing fields are set up one on each end. Dual Tesla flat coils are placed at the center and shorted together on inside and outside ends to form a scalar canceling coil in two planes of motion. Inside tube is centered using layers of electrical tape and the tubes do not touch. Even without any scalar coil present very strong effects are noted.

It is thought that the long magnet strings create an isotope line that begins to move coherently, that is, the fields acts as one magnetic field moving through only one or two precession motions. This creates a moving magnetic field that easily interacts with the scalar coils and the AG metals. The AG metals are magnetically precessing through the HF band at the Proton shell and the Iron is precessing through the microwave bands at the Electron shell. The Copper tubes short this field and cancel the magnetic fields. As the magnetic field is cancelled in an atom of the Copper or Bismuth some of the diamagnetic field is freed from its normally locked 90 degree position of spin.

Magnets are long strings of disc Neo 1/2" diameter and slide into 1/2" copper tubbing easily. Bismuth is 10" of standard pelletts which also fit the tube nicely. Various patterns of magnet and Bismuth pellets can be used to show how field coherence is effected by mass of elements present [atom count].

Tube device graphic

Another copper pipe can be slid over the iron pipe to increase the copper to iron nuclear precession coupling interaction.
All the AG metals placed around the magnetic tubes over time become coherent [spin coupled] and begin to precess at a higher then normal rate at the nucleus. The two fields spin opposite directions and at the center a nuclear scalar interaction occurs which propagates along all the metals but particularly the AG metals Copper and Aluminum. One gets a sense of the unique quality of these metals. With normal magnets interacting with only the Iron tubes, magnetism moves along the tube and drops off in a foot or less where we see a polarity reversal with a compass and finally very little. The energy propagating along the AG metals does not experience this kind of loss and moves completely to the ends of the tubes heating up the entire 4' lengths to the same constant level of perception.

The scalar coil begins to radiate a heat energy perpendicular to the coil along the tubes, as well as conical fields expanding outwards from the center for each precession angle. This energy will spin couple to other tubes held in it's field and particularly around 42.5 degrees it will propagate down Aluminum and Copper tubes crossing it's path and extending the heat field perception of diamagnetic properties. This effect is very powerful and heats me up much differently then the RainMaker 1 unit. I have no sense of "inflow" or "outflow" as is present in the cylindrical RainMaker 1 unit, but the strong sense of 3rd eye pressure and heat at the palms.

Irregardless of  magnet polarity the device seems to cause a low pressure area around it for a great distance, as well as a radiant hot field notable to about 100 feet that can be felt with the palms and the third eye center as strong pressure.

Tube device picture

Aluminum Copper Interaction

Using the above device in the active mode [magnets inside] it was noted that holding a 4' Copper or Aluminum tube at about 42 degrees with one end laying on the iron tube the heat energy immediately radiates down it. With a 4 foot copper tube in my right hand vertical beside me and an Aluminum tube in my left hand crossing the device an electric sensation is felt moving through the body that leaves the left arm tingling. With both tubes lying on the precession angle about 1 to 2" apart a chi heat is radiated strongly from between them and heat is constant the entire length. The effect does not decrease with distance down the tubes.

If an Aluminum tube is placed inside the device between the inner copper and the outer iron pipe the effect is lowered.

coil pic

This photo is showing the dual scalar Tesla coil fitted over a layer of steel wool to preserve the magnetic flow. The original device used a large Lakhovsky coil which was found to be so strong that I was unable to work in the area for more then 20 minutes at a time so I altered the design to use the scalar dual Tesla coil. 9 flat wraps of #12 wire in each side of the coil and the coil is shorted at the center and on the outer end. This coil will easily short out the nuclear precession frequencies in the HF bands and cancel Proton magnetic radiations.

Each time the device had magnets inserted, and often soon after they were removed unusually heavy rainfall was noted in downpours.
Although the field strength seems to build over about 2 days to a constant stress pressure, removing the magnets tears down the field very quickly to a residual spin that can be felt in the copper for a time only at very close range.
It was also observed that unusual cloud formation would develop centering over the building where the tube device was active. Clouds often seen moving towards the building from all directions simultaniously in an area that normally has a prevailing Southeast wind.

We have been studying the device for approximately 2 months and feel it has the largest radiant field of any of the diamagnetic devices that  we have yet worked with. After attempting to control the weather we realized that it could not be predicted exactly the effects that would result from flipping the magnets, or the patterns. I got the most sun with all the magnets aligned in attraction across the device and perfectly aligned with the earths magnetic field,  however even in this mode the device throws off a rather strong field.

Sleeping off the 90 degree angle of this device even with all magnets in attraction I observed physical arthritic pain, tension in the head and other basic ill effects all being strongly aggravated, as well as a pretty constant 3rd eye pressure. The only way to deactivate the tubes seems to be to remove the magnets. Turning the device, one side now pointing at the bed, from the next room, the effects are decreased considerably and become tollerable.

It is commonly known that a combination of Aluminum Plexiglass and Copper layeres may produce HV electric effects if setting in a magnetic field that is being vibrated with a small tickler coil or a scalar coil. I have not found the correct combination as of yet, however adding a plexiglass tube is seen to add a certain heat feel to the mix of the energy radiating out in the field produced.

An alternate pattern consisting of 18" of bismuth pelletts broken up into 1" sections and dispersed through the magnet strings evenly will produce an extremely hot series of fields the entire length of the tubes, although it is very hard to slide the inner tube into place because of the strong magnetic interaction with the iron tube. It was discovered that while each of these small fields felt hotter at close range, the overall spin field is much smaller and has little or no weather effects observed in this arrangement. The field coherence is definitely a function of each magnet strings length as a single magnetic field, all atoms becomming one coherent field. Breaking up the fields causes a loss in the coherence of the big field and a tremendous shrinking of its' reach for linear tempic effects.

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