Magnetic Vortex Generator - Construction Detail

[5 / 7 / 2008 - Added alignment section and also Fractal Golden Light coil core dimension option]
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VT 11

Aluminum Bismuth Scalar Canceling Coil

This coil is the heart of configuring the device for a diamagnetic outflow or inflow.

Coil Pic

There is much leeway in the coils, they can be custom sized to fit the device however try to keep the diameter under 1". 3/4" is optimal and bigger is not better.
If a crystal ball will be used keep the coil shorter then the ferrite ring so the ball will sit on top for vertical operation.
For horizontal alignment check the inside diameter of the ferrite.


Aluminum tube - 3/4" diameter cut to 1 1/2 " [or a Golden Light length of approx 1.9" for horizontal operation]
Bismuth shot BB's [enough to fill the tube about twice there will be some waste]
24 gauge copper or tinned copper hookup wire about 20'
Electrical tape Grey or red as black is rather ugly
1 Pkg modeling clay
1 small cast iron melting pot
Aluminum foil
Cookie sheet or other small pan
1 Propane torch - [or stove top can be used burner on high 520 deg F]
1 hot pad mitten for pouring
Safety glasses


The coil is made from an Aluminum tube 3/4" outside diameter 1 1/2" long. It is filled with Bismuth.
Using a small pan cover the bottom with Aluminum foil.
Set the tube upright and then seal it on the outside with a thick ring of modeling clay to contain the bismuth from escaping as it cools.
The Bismuth is shot BB's that can be found at a reloading supply store. It is melted in a small cast iron melting pan that can be found at a kitchen supply store.
It takes about 520 degrees F to melt the Bismuth, I used a propane torch. Bismuth expands as it cools so do not fill the tube completely.
Take your time in the melting and slowly swirl the pan to get all the shot melted.
There will be some scum at the top but as you pour the liquid bismuth the scum will be the last thing out so do not worry about it.
Let the core cool well before touching it!
The best coils will crystallize along the top of the coil as they cool and heating the metal longer and hotter will help this.

After cooling the Bismuth will expand out the top of the slug as much as 1/4" or so.
 If making a Golden Light fractal length slug, be sure the entire tube is full with no air gaps below the top of the tube.
The end must now be ground down on a grinder to exactly 1.8975" both ends as perfectly flat and perpendicular as possible.
As you grind it down when you hit 1.9" you may feel the Light resonance, or upper heart [sun energy] pop out, this is usually far enough.
The flat ends act like mirrors to set up an internal light bouncing system of nodes inside the slug.

Next wind the coil:

Coil detail

Subtle Vibration Test

Hold the scalar bismuth coil in the left hand. Strip about 1/4" of insulation off the wire, and touch the two ends together.
You may be able to feel the vibrational field rise from the coil into your hand as the two wires make contact.
Hold the ends shorted together now for a time and see if you can feel the bismuths vibration bubble.

If you have a second bismuth core, place it in the right hand, and now feel how the energy jumps across to it through your body.
The second core will vibrate up then also, without a winding on it yet.
You can short the ends, and then release them many times to get a sense of how pulsing this coil will work with an F gen.

Ferrite ring

The ferrite ring can be scavenged from an older computer monitor, the bigger the better.
It is a slow job and care must be taken not to break the ferrite as the chalking is chipped off near the bottom.
The ferrite ring sits inside the yoke on the back of the picture tube.
If you do not know anything about TV sets and discharging the lethal voltages get someone who knows as the voltages
present even in a powered down set can be lethal if the bleeder resisters have gone opened and are faulty.
Be sure to keep the metal clips that hold the two halves of the ferrite ring together.
If a ferrite ring is not available a 2 1/4" or 2 1/2" diameter iron pipe nipple can be used about 2" long,
at the cost of the desired angle at the base of these ferrites.

VT 10


K & J Magnetics

Many patterns can be used to set up the magnetic field however
Neo magnets are recommended of sufficient quantities for a strong outflow to be achieved.
Here is my latest recommendation:

24 each  type DC2  3/4" x 1/8" disc [placed around the bottom in six locations of 4 each stacked]
24 each type DA2  5/8" x 1/8" disc [Placed around the top in six locations of 4 each stacked]

Optional magnets can be added to these of a smaller 1/2" x 1/8" size to expand the fields width. D82 is a good choice.
If a large crystal ball is used this will expand the field envelope. A good magnet layout may cost  around $60.

Use a compass to make sure magnets are placed correctly.
North pole should be out on all the magnets and no reversals should appear anywhere along the ferrite ring.
Depending the size of the ferrite ring it could take more or less magnet stacks.
There will be a maximum limit of magnets before they start to push one another off.

Ferrite coil

Function generator coil:

The Red coil around the ferrite ring shown above is optional and offers a scalar interaction with the iron atoms.
It is used to create an Electron inflow or outflow vibration using a function generator to excite the field.
It is made by laying red electrical tape turned sticky side out along the ferrite then wrapping a twin lead 24 gauge wire around it between the magnets
as thick as desired then wrapping the tape over to hold the shape of the ferrite so the coil can be removed easily.
To configure this coil for scalar operation the wires from each end of the coil are fed opposite directions for a magnetic canceling effect.
As an option one end can be shorted and taped then the coil is fed from the other end.

Flat Pancake coil:

The green Tesla type pancake coil has now been shown to be effective and useful as well for an
Electron activation element in the device if one is researching power generation effects or just wants to feel the Electron heat energy.
It easily throws out a 6 foot field around the unit with no bismuth coil inside just from the magnet, iron, coil interaction so lends to creating an Electron vortex device.
This field is comfortable to work around and has no ill effects I have found as with the Lakvolsky and Mobius coils that produce chaotic energy.
The crystal, if used, may be turned so that the lattice forms a V to the center of the unit rather then flat because this coil produces a conical field.

About 24 feet of #12 solid copper wire
Electrical Tape
SPDT switch [optional]
8 feet hookup wire [optional]

Tesla scalar coil pic

The coil is #12 solid copper wire with insulation, two wires stacked one on top the other.
I placed 9 turns on this coil but the winding could extend fully to the ends of the longest magnets for the greatest effects.
The coil is wound from the center of the wire,
If you want an on off  switch cut the two wires apart and solder them to smaller jumpers for extending to a switch,
if not, just bend it over at the center lay it flat on the ferrite ring and start the wrapping process.
Tape the next layer at each quarter turn and keep both stacked very neatly.

When you get to the outer end of the coil strip 1/4 inch and
tightly tape the ends together so they are touching, or solder to smaller wires for on off switching.
Both ends of the coil must be switched on and off using a DPST switch other wise either end will act to cancel magnetic fields.
Radiation pattern is a conical shape off the precession angles of the magnetic poles of the iron atoms and the Neo magnets and is found to be quite hot.

Function Generator

A program is available on the Kosol Core Tech group that has been especially designed to drive the coils using a computer sound output.
If this is used an 8 ohm to 100 ohm resister may be placed in series with the coil to protect the sound card of the PC,
however I have never found this to be necessary for any of my computers.

Other wise a function generator can be purchased to drive the coil. Ideally one can experiment with frequencies,
however NMR resonance effects happen between 1 and 20 Mhz for the metals present. Frequencies even as low a 8 Hz have been used,
but I recommend the higher frequencies. As one works with the frequencies they normally tend to increase them over time.
Up around 19Mhz is much more intense, and I find 7 to 15 Mhz to be around where the dials usually end up for me.

Crystal Ball

The crystal ball pictured is a 125 mm Diameter Calcite sphere.
Quartz crystals have a natural electric vibration and any spheres can be used.


Since the research using the Light Rods and the earth grid, it has been discovered that the RM units can be aligned such that they will couple into the earth grid.
In this configuration there is a much faster connection moving consciousness through the earth to other points then in external sliding.
With two such systems coupled into the earth directly both parties may establish a psi connection between them with near instant connection speed.
It is not known why an earth connection is faster, just noted that it is well worth the effort.

Set up the magnet count on the ring of the ferrite to a sub multiple of 24. 8 is a good number for a fit on the rings.
There are two alignments noted that help tremendously.
If a Bismuth slug is fabricated using the Golden light length [just at or slightly under 1.9" long,] this coil is then placed on its side and aligned E/W if possible.
The coils alignment will amplify the output, as well now finding a correct Function generator frequency to set the Golden Light into a strong Radiance mode.

Now the outer ring is aligned to fit the wheel of 24, one of the magnet sets will point roughly N/S,
and as you find the correct alignment it will be sensed as a great expansion of the RM fields outwards as the E/W magnets couple in.
This could be done with any even number of magnets that will fit the wheel of 24, which is set on 15 degree increments of compass angles.

Further if you can locate an earth grid point in your work area setting up exactly on this point will allow a much more perfect linking.
Use caution , this is an advanced technique that may require personal healing. I do not personally believe any earth points are toxic,
but some folks are simply not ready to open to a strong flow of reverse spin, or Kundalini energy. Once contact is established through the earths grid system,
you will likely not want to decouple, the earth Light is strong. I look forwards to a day where there are a great many coupled in as I scan the earth.
At present there are only a very few doing this regularly that I am aware of.

Dave L
Kosol Core Tech   9 - 29 - 6

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