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The following is the experimental record complied by David Lowrance at c_s_s_p group, working with Smokey in Australia, who has been monitoring the weather for many years and has a genuine Love for the country and people. Smokey has further developed and now tried operating a couple of the conscious devices. The tube device, which he first built using the principles of diamagnetic fields, and the RainMaker 1 unit  from our previous work. He is very attuned to the weather patterns and has been for some time, thus has a spiritual connection with it. As Australia has been in drought now for many years in these areas, he gave permission to make this information public outside our group and extend a warm thank you to Kosol and those working on these Spiritual/Science Technology devices.

We are beginning to learn, these devices only work with the operator present and are an extension of our own abilities to tap into the diamagnetic and conscious fields. They do not work for all people. This is the method we have observed working for those like Hamel, Searl, Sweet, Hutchison, and many others where often, only the creator of the device can make it function due to their conscious connection with the devices.

As per the "Organizational Unity Concept" offered by the advanced cultures, I also feel the need to share this information freely with the sum total of mankind, as the higher purpose of these discoveries, as they are being made.

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Perception Event Record

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Drought Feed graphic
Smokey provided us with this chart to indicate his work on why Australia has experienced such drought over the past several years. He indicated that there is presently lots of rain falling over the oceans but it has stopped moving inwards over the land. The red and pink areas are the worst effected. We had another individual come on the Kosol site expressing a need for rain in the Victoria area just inside the bottom tip along the coast. During the second development section this caused Smokey to take another look but he decided to set his "target" for the center of the worst area with the intention that the rain would hit all the points in need even 220 Km South of the target.

Smokey first offered two emails for public release containing the following photos and information showing the depth of his involvement:

This is a data record of the OZ Rain Event from 31/10/2006 to the 07/11/2006 - The Event has not ended and is still continuing but this is the start. I have only just woken up to the fact that I am using Compass readings and then transferring to Maps/Charts and was concerned that I had about a 10degree error. Well the error here is +11 degrees and that now brings all perceptions/observations back into line which immediately gives me greater confidence in pointing ability.
Photos follow in order:

Triangulation Graphic

1. Satellite - SemiCircle of Cloud over Australia. Have noted the Triangulation of Storm activity on this Map and this is subject to Physical analysis. I have mentioned somewhere the names of Bruce L. Cathie and David Hatcher Childress and was wondering if they have stumbled upon Earth Weather Pressure/Balance points because I believe they do exist. This phenomena I will continue to monitor as it may lead us to an Earth solution to Drought.

Further analysis:
Did some calculations and found:
1. Base Angles are 50 degrees - Pyramid is 54.609 deg.
2. Ayers Rock (Sacred Site) is sitting exactly at the King's Chamber position - 72/23 = 3.13 nearly Pi, 3.14. (72 is the full distance, peak to baseline in mm and the 23 is the distance up from the Baseline and equals Pi in the Pyramid). I don't believe I have taken any liberty with these measurements but have guessed centers of activity and that's what is appearing here.

As a consequence, I am now looking at the Energy emanating from these Devices as being 'different' and possibly in tune with the Planet. Why wouldn't it be because  what we are connecting to is Mother Earth - Natural Energies.

Can this possibly be the 'Tool' we need to 'Heal The Planet'???? Is this possibly what the Guardians are saying to Kosol, that we must develop these Devices, using our knowledge and abilities and this is the result - This is what we are meant to discover?
Why have we detoured away from OU/AG - we haven't - we have been pulled away to Rainmaking to show us what is needed to Heal The Planet'. We are being Guided. 

Chart 2

2. Radar - Storm Line along 295 degree 'OZIIC' pointing angle.

Chart 3

3. Radar - Rain Band SemiCircles after passing Operations (OPS) Area at Taree - NW going to SE.

Chart 4

4. Radar - Rain Bands from SW 'Seeking Source'?

Chart 5

5. Satellite - Clouds falling in line behind 'OZIIC' after its pointing was changed from 295 to 255 degrees to attempt Rain push into needed areas. Not successful as S/SW winds were too strong and you can see front SW edge being swept away to East. This was active for 12 Hours - Formed in 1 Hour and Decayed in 1 Hour, after pointing changes - Amazing! You can see the signature of 'OZIIC' in the distinct Cloud Bands behind the unit on either side, like huge rolls.

Chart 6

6: Chart - This is the 7 Day Rain Chart. Areas in the 'Top End' of Western Australia (WA) and Northern Territory (NT), top left, are the results of the Triangulation, a Monsoon that is one month early and already Record Rains. Bottom Left is Perth where some Rain fell over Agricultural areas but requires input. The East Coast is showing a huge impact for both New South Wales (NSW) and Queensland (Q) with some Record Rainfall. Rain falling on the Great Divide which begins from the South Australia (SA)/Victoria (Vic) border and sweeps in an arc right to the tip of Cape York in Queensland. Rain here flows both West and East and with 5" up here, the Farmers now have flowing Rivers and Irrigation waters. A Start. The Experiment pointing is now attempting to fill in the gaps - basically from Perth to Sydney - all Agricultural/Irrigation.

Chart 7

7. Satellite - First indication of Vortex forming.

Chart 8

8. Chart - Believe this is what we are creating to encourage Rainfall. Cool Pool air from the South in an Upper Level Trough, is perceived to have been drawn up by the Devices into warmer climates where Storms are created, with eventual Rainfall. I have drawn the 5600 Upper level in red, indicating the 'pulling' at the Upper Level, right up the East Coast. This is an MSLP (Mean Surface Level Pressure) Chart but shows both Surface (Dark) and 500 hPa levels (Light).

Chart 9

9. Radar - Storm Circles - Amazing! - First time witnessed. The Devices are creating a Vortex, but different this time, may be at a different Upper Level. The Long Line Trough that is formed by these Devices is being formed into a Circle to the NW of the OPS Site where the Storms are forming. Trough Line in South, then Vortex, then back to Trough Line in North. Two Types of Vortex form and these are also subject to further analysis.

Devices being tested:

Also for the Record need to clarify the two Units used for this Exercise.
RainMaker Photo

1. 'Rainmaker1' - David's but modified with two Lakhovsky Coils, two added Ferrites, loaded with Bismuth Pellets in the Core and Magnets on the outside and a large Quartz Crystal sitting on top of the 2nd     Lakhovsky Coil - promoting 'Calm'. 

2. 'OZIIC' - As pictured in the original design, but with second Lakhovsky Coil alongside first.

Both Units are programmed with Intent and Conscious Palming on a regular basis. I am beginning to feel that the Units are responding to my presence.

Second Major Development:

At this point Smokey had managed to bring a consistent rain perception to his own area. I must admit at the time thinking ok this could have been a fluke but of corse we were happy for him.

I did a "slide" on this date to observe Australia from above it using my RainMaker here in Alaska and just check in on Smokey. I set up for inflow mode as it seems to offer a greater depth of perception. I observed that Smokey had lit up the whole East coast of Australia with Light energy. I then moved to the center of the continent and began to perceive the convergence point on the earth to discover that it was feeding Smokeys device. He had already sensed that a higher consciousness had been guiding us and he had mapped these sacred points on his continent. I was then drawn outwards by guidance and shown the whole earth. The connection to the Earths consciousness brought a new perception. The Earth is moving through the "convergence" and we are only the beings on its surface setting in its' field. I confirmed Smokeys center point in Australia. Then took some time to try and understand what had just happened while in the "conscious slide" and if it was real.

Northern Hemisphere Points

Mount Arrowhead Picture

Dell brought to my attention with the above reference URL that I was setting on one of the earths central energy points myself, and a scan of my local area revealed that Mount Arrowhead approx 7 miles away from me here in Sitka would seem to be a point of the "convergence" as well. I connected into the earth at this point and began to channel a lot of information that would tend to support many things we have already been told by our Spiritual community. "Electric systems will fail to operate after the convergence" was the most disturbing, but that magnetic devices would continue to work and far easier then they do now. Induction will no longer hurl electrons from the diamagnetic field, and this is the basis for all our current electronics, due to a coherent diamagnetic field becoming present much like a UFO flying over.

Smokey was still concerned about getting the rain to the drought areas but had also noted that his own garden was up around 4 feet and covering the bird feeder, where last year 4" was all he had gotten.
I suggested using the earth points and setting up two tubes. One tube was already pulling in much life force to Smokeys locality, now the goal would be to extend or channel this energy to a second location by placing the tubes so that they would create a conscious or diamagnetic energy link from the earths energy point to the target.

He set up a second tube, one to receive the earths energy point and another to project it to the South West where the drought was worst. Energy is sensed hopping between the tubes and Smokey indicated it would probably take several days to see the result.

11 - 11 - 06
Smokey writes:

Remember me talking of 'Blooming' being evident when the Clouds arrived at sea. Dell and myself, both talking of rain not wanting to come onto Land.We are being sent a very clear message that Mother Earth is not happy. We perhaps know that, most don't. Have just woken up to what I believe is the problem. This is Mother
Earth telling us that there is too much 'crap' going on, on the Land and that's where Humans are! She is happy at sea with the natural creatures and Energy there.

We are now seeing 'Blooming' wherever our Devices are present, particularly on land. The Land simply lacked vibrant Energy to support Rainfall before these Devices. People, when they go to Ayer's Rock are uplifted by this mammoth sitting out in the middle of nowhere - really they do not know what it is that is doing the 'uplifting ' bit, it's not awe, it's Spiritual!

The People are 'dead', lacking in Spiritual Development, not being a part of God. Current 'Religion' does not teach nor support, true 'Spiritual Development'.
This is the beginning of the cleansing of the Land. We probably knew there was going to be changes but what? Is this the start of something better now?


Both Yarram and Deniliquin have had Rain, only light but more to come, Thunderstorms. I was looking at the 'Blooming' over the target area, (OH so Beautiful!), when the Lamp lit. Bit Slow! Still in disbelief here. South Australia only light rain, had bad wind earlier but may get more rain later. Hoping Cloud mass will slow and build in size. Rain Bands are turning to rough 240 degree angle as they enter Victoria.



There were both tears and cheers at this point at the c_s_s_p group!

You can see from the above charts snapped on 11/12/06 that Smokey has managed to bring clouds and rain into an area some distance away from his position over on the East coast region. We recognized this to be one of the greatest accomplishments we have experienced to date. He had reported that this might take several days to happen, and indeed he is getting good at knowing how his technique operates. Approximately 4 days for rain to be "perceived" at Smokeys target area. [Note the date format in Australia reverses the day and month from the normal US method and the photo dates look reversed to us day/month/year] Also there is a time difference and it would seem that often we are on a different day. The 12th in Australia is the 11th here in Sitka for some hours of overlap.

Dave L

Later on the 12th Smokey writes:

Hello All,
Slept well last night. Believe I was being told, not to worry, all is in hand. 'Conscious Energy' at work! I sit here in abstract awe, most Humbled, watching these Rain events unfold before my very eyes.

South Australia, 1/2" to 1 1/2" - It does not happen this way in South OZ - it always just gets teased with Rain, nothing like this and more to come. My home State.
Deniliquin, 1/4", a start and highest for the target area. Yarram is receiving and also NE Tasmania, also Drought area. Rain Band is curving after target and moving to Source, here. Did not expect this result, it is immediate! It IS where we need it the most! I am a perfectionist, hard to please, I don't believe this! The concept of 'Conduit' is valid - a kind of Spiritual Awakening for the Land, a 'Conscious Awakening' for us.

The significant Weather event I mentioned last night follows:
There is a large circulating LOW just below the South Coast of Western Australia. These are the guys that suck the clouds and rain down into the Southern Ocean - lost rain. If you have a look at the animations at:


You will see it is there, still rotating but cloudless! All the clouds are still on the Land with the rain! This simply does not happen! So what IS happening? A more appealing Energy Source attracting the Clouds and Rain? The Inner Earth Energy from Ayer's Rock? Two Earth Energies - Surface and Inner? One from the Heart, solid, true - the other is the Surface, teasing, the 'Weather', unpredictable, inconsistent, variable, unsure - where we normally are. 


Compare the above chart to the first chart at the top of the page, is this just amazing?

11 - 13 - 06
Smokey has a lot to report today and we are referring to the tube layout as a conduit for the energy:

Conduit Graphic

Hello All,
Have added photos:
Tubes Crossing Picture

1. 2 of the Tubes in the Conduit configuration - The 'Cold Power' boxes they are resting on is purely coincidental - That is 'Stimpy', in the background, totally oblivious to anything as usual. Likes to be near People and this is bed No.36! Does not sense what we do.

2. 'Love' in Cloud writing and some articles from the Rural Magazine, 'The Land' with regard to the previous Rain Event on the North Coast.

Sattelite Image

Since completing my daily Weather dump, the situation here is not as disappointing as first envisaged - Good rain is being acknowledged in South Australia - 10 to 22mm over most Rural areas, best rain in 4 to 8 months, 25mm in one area, best in 12 months. No talk of crop losses. Tomorrows totals in NSW and Vic should be similar and just as useful. Not now so sure about the Gales up North but the South Westerly change will probably go through and will not allow a stable rain environment. We wait and see. At this time there are two streams of Lightning Storms both directing themselves at the target area, one in the middle of the Country.

Tubes With Crystal Picture

Forgot to advise that about 2hours after setting up the 'Conduit' Experiment, I laid, touching Copper, a large Quartz twin Crystal against the Receiving Tube. This for 'Calm' again.


More observations may be added as comprehension grows.
Smokey indicated already planning some modifications to spread the energy out more.


While I had merely observed this rain phenomena as a curious effect of the devices early on and nick named the first one RainMaker 1, Smokey and Dell had realized its' true potential and the Earth may benefit, as now some more of us are realizing she is Conscious. I realized that some process would be involved in us "taking our reality" from my first slide but could never have expected our involvement with the Earth consciousness as being a necessary step. I have received an "initiation" or "attunement" into Earth Consciousness during this process that Smokey and Dell connected me with.

We have been locating other points on the earth that would seem to be involved in this "convergence" process. Three of us seem to be sensitive to these at present that I am aware. A couple in South America, Nebraska, Hawaii, and one in Africa thus far. As I scan them all my devices light up with energy as though the earth is telling me and confirming where they are when I am connected into the mountain.

The information here in is considered Public Domain and may be used for any source material needing or attempting to preserve this knowledge and aid the comprehension of mankind.

David G Dawson of Australia
David Lowrance of Alaska
Dell Coleman of Canada

c_s_s_p group - International

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