Vibration Sticks

A Resonant Light Rod Healing Tool

In this document , the secret to a uniformly distributed high frequency, high field density, vibration, powered directly from the mass of the wood.

Photo Vibration Sticks

The sticks can be used under the foot, or held in the hands, or stuck anywhere the body can touch them. The vibration produced, in my set, causes a deep relaxation response, and can also cause emotional releases over time.
For Wood medium they are relatively strong due to the short wavelength that results from an Aetheric fractal of 12x polygon being used to determine the length of the dowels.
Removing the touch, the radiant field is very short also, so can be disconnected from easily.
The wavelength is about 3.6 mm.


Accuracy is key to making a high frequency system like this work successfully, such that every 3.6 mm down the entire length is a uniform vibrational node.
My stock of wooden dowel has a diameter of 27.85 mm. This is a mean average, because the dowel is not perfectly round.
It is marked 1 - 1/8" diameter wooden dowel stock.

Self vibration will rise from the center of the mass, or center of weight. For a platonic form vibration this is 1/2 the radius inwards.
See the X in the photo below, this is the length you must find for your particular wooden dowel stock.

I divided to 1/2 the meat or thickness of the solid wooden dowel. Radius = 13.925 mm, this is my new diameter for finding resonance
vibration patterns that will vibrate up the dowel stock, from it's own mass vibration.

Polygon Formula
Fractal Length X = Diameter * (sine (1/2 the angle))
The angle for a 12 sided polygon is 30 degrees.

Pie Chart Calculation

  Now using the polygon formula, a 12 sided polygon will have a side length of 3.604055 mm

Intensity or [field density] is now set using a very large prime number stack to set the length of the dowel.

I consult a prime number chart, to set up a length near 52 cm, which is about right for the width of the foot support under the desk.
520 mm / 3.604055 mm = about 144. Here are the two closest ones on the prime number chart.
P 149
P 139
139 x 3.604055 = 500.96367 mm = about 50.1 cm
[As a side note, 144 is a 12 x 12 down shift fractal function for dropping the frequency if desired.]


OK the next step is tunning.
 I set up the SS caliper to 19x = 68.4770 mm, set it on one end of the dowel and feel the vibration range.
It immediately hits me in the head, and is rather surprisingly strong for wood. I now measure out using a tape measure to 50.1 cm and place an ink mark.
Using a razor knife I move slowly along to zero in on the same vibration I get from the caliper.
The whole length now vibrates up and I feel the energy all around me, and through me.
The razor cut in the dowel marks the exact end position of the length.
The saw curf must just meet this cut as I cut the wooden dowel to it's final length.


End View
This particular vibration, does not seem to open any portals, or to match any earth resonance lengths, it just seems to set there and power itself, providing a constant vibrational energy to the touch.
This is exactly what I was after.
It's really cool I can use math to make this work, and find a length very near where I want the unit, that will cause it to become radiant from it's own mass vibration becoming coherent.
I could never have found that single point along the dowel just by slowly scanning it, or if I did it would have took forever, and then I would have no reference as to what the vibration was coming from.

The concept of this particular piece of furniture, is that one have a foot rest under the desk, that when touched with bare feet, will energize the body from the feet upwards.
Now with several of these dowels fabricated and then slid in holes in the two side supports, and glued in place, a convex curve can be added to focus the vibration towards the foot.

Further now if I desire a warp to appear in the design of the unit, all I need do is create a down shift dowel length also.
144 x 3.604055 mm = 51.898 cm
Thats about 1 mm under 52 cm and will give two 12x hops of frequency downwards.
If I also tune this one inside the high frequency field of the the others to hit a zero beat down shift, it will create a warp between them, and start to bend light and time,
if the distances are adjusted correctly between the dowels for a 15 degree angle, the gradient will be easier to handle.

This could turn into a head banger distortion field if not set up correctly. Set up on a curve with body inside the curve focal point might be a fun experiment.

Wood is a lot stronger then I expected. It is also much easier to work with, and needs far less tooling then the metals.
You can also see that each piece being cut must also be tunned in perfectly for its particular mass irregularities,
so one must be able to feel the 3.6 mm vibration to create this kind of furniture using wood,
if expected to vibrate up from it's own dimensions, rather then to couple into external earth nodes as it's source of energy.

A GL type of construction would not be this way at all, and you would be cutting to a fractal from the background field,
rather then generating your own down shift fractal from each individual piece off it's diameter of mass vibration.

12x is a space or Aetheric resonance pattern. This would not work the same with square pieces.
With square pieces you must set one linear dimension to pi/2 of the other dimension to get a harmony fractal from the form.
You could either plane down one thickness of 2x2 stock, or work with pi/2 multiples of the lengths compared to the sides.
There are a lot of possibilities for furniture! LOL! Feel good furniture. FGF Incorporated.

Healing and Relaxation

If you are not sensitive to the wooden dowels at first, go slowly.
The higher frequency penetrates the entire body, even from the bottom of the feet and can cause emotional releases also.
Be aware of any emotional releases, dreams, and also if your sleep becomes more sound or deep, and lasts longer then normal.
Irritability can also rise to the surface if you are suppressing something in your life that needs to be dealt with.

Healing is always a complex issue, and self observation is very important.
Know that any emotional depression will pass with time, but it always helps to take a walk outdoors with a friend.

Dave L
12 - 19 - 2011

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