Light Being

The diagram represents me,
Communing with my own Light being.

Light Being Diagram

The radiant body is able to stretch to great distances, and then retract, with a thought.
I saw it extend an arm out to several feet away, then retract it again.
Able to travel the universe with only a thought.
Made of the fine angelic substance of the radiant light, and held in form by consciousness itself.
It can appear to any lower vibration being as any shape, or form, that being chooses.

This is the form it chooses to use when moving through the stars.
This was one of the forms it used to commune with me,
during my scientific pursuit of the field forces.

The Light Being

In my exploration of the frequency spectrum of the pineal area of the brain, and sensing frequencies directly, I have discovered what is referred to as the 5th density.
It is a reality of physicality, where the physical body is Light Radiant. I have personally stood before light beings, that shown such radiance on my physical body to make me go weak,
sobbing on my desk with the total beauty of their existence. I could feel the radiance against my skin.

In the lower 4th density, and in the physical, one needs a craft, such as a saucer, to move about the universe using conscious control.
In the light body, one needs only the body of the 5th density to do the same. From this level of vibration, time is experienced totally differently.

The universe responds the same whether Light being or Saucer craft, only the beings physical form has changed in frequency.
There is a science to the universes operation, and it is a conscious science.

To the extent of this science infringing upon Religions fixed belief that an external God created us, and can do anything, to the understanding
that the Aether itself holds the basic building blocks of all form as fixed physical distances, and this is not unlimited, we will alter our views
as more people directly experience conscious phenomena.

Consciousness itself has physical form, and rules on each of these levels of frequency.
In the 4th density and below we are not all equals.
In the 5th and above it is discovered we are all equal in the Spirit.

The Phoenix Lights

A great many eye witness accounts are now available of a UFO craft, and an exposure of how the US government responds, as well as how the populations now also respond.
The similarities to what I have experienced in the conscious devices is astounding

"The lights traveled at fixed distances"
This follows exactly the pattern discovered with a vibration technology, shown clearly in the Light Rods.
The light nodes are always separated by fixed segment lengths. When placed correctly they hold themselves in formation
using the background field of the Aether.

"The observer felt a conscious intelligence present"
This follows exactly, that pattern of reaching to the higher vibrations using mass resonant devices, or the conscious devices
Creating bubbles or CU's in the physical, and communicating through them, exactly as we have done with Joe Cells, and Rain Makers

"The lights showed ability to move as one, or to separate and act independently"
This shows the basic principle of a "field coherence" based structure,
there were also lines running between the lights of a higher density which blocked the stars out to some degree.

The field our current science has missed of coarse is the "conscious vibrational field" and how it operates in layers of 3 or more to feed back on itself,
And to maintain a form powered from the Aether it rides along inside.

"The lights were so close, you felt you could almost touch them, it was a technology. There was no sound."
The powering systems, were operating well beyond our ability to hear sound from them, but still within our pineal sense to feel telepathically, and our eyes to see light radiance.
They were interactive with Space itself, rather then interactive with the air, as our flying machines are.

"They inspired a sense of awe."
Anyone who has had a direct experience with a light being, or felt the light of a light rod, knows this awe.
It will touch one Spiritually, as well as physically.

"It changed the people who witnessed it"
 Many now know we are not alone in this universe.
In light of this they are no longer willing to discredit other observers,
or to make fun of others who have seen such craft, as is the present practice of our government to date.
Also no longer willing to entertain that these external beings are evil.

Many Have Now Perceived Phenomena

Are they ready yet to embrace a science of consciousness which can explain much of this?
A science which has observed all the same patterns of operation of the universe?

The Light Being Perception

From this perception, we know that we are are all equals, and that consciousness itself is a beautiful experience.
The only way to operate as one, on the outer boundary is by free choice, and then free compliance to one path for everyone as one race of mankind.

Our present war, is in this battle to decide whether we will continue to operate as unequal beings, or as separate but equal beings.
This is a 4th to 5th density choice, and shifts mankinds hierarchical structure from the pyramid to the circle or sphere as a coherent field,
with parts that can move off, as desired, then return to the conscious whole.

From the 5th everything seems so different, and far more simple.

Many who observed the Phoenix Lights, made the shift, from feeling this as a God force,
far above us and something to fear, to feeling equal with it. A real possibility to get there also with "them."

This is the shift of consciousness, for humans.

The lesson I have learned

The main lesson I have learned over time, associating with both Spiritual healers, and scientists, the Light body is not fixed in form.
As it appears to me in the above drawing I made, it had all the same energetic feeling of the Angels, and the Spiritual forms I have experienced to date,
yet it was not in this form manifesting any such Godlike superiority. In this form it appeared more as an equal with me,
and I believe it wanted me to see it now in this new Light of truth.

The Light Being can extend one hand down to touch me on the back of my body, just behind the heart, and light me up top to bottom with it's Field Radiance.

Dave L

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