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There are so many having experiences, and so few finding the structure to connect it all.
I was moved to offer my own map as a reference to the frequency bands, and to express the Love from the creators who hold this reality for so long a time for us to learn their arts.

This is the place where personal science will now fully overlap the Religions, and much Religious vocabulary now fits into the larger picture.
For the scientist who has never touched the conscious universe, my heart goes out, as you will likely be totally lost in this document.
For the "seeker" who has touched so many different realities, and can not make sense of the connection between, this document may assist you.
It's all about frequency and wavelength, and for those who have now picked up the calipers, they have a direct opening into this new realm of personal science.
To directly explore it for themselves as have the ancients, and the Sages, of past times.

Chakra Line Revisited,

You may find this sort of chart in many Religious disciplines.

Chakra Diagram

A diagram as found on this site - Chakras

Here is another good reference - Wiki

The 7 or 8 chakras of spiritual advance, lie along the vertical channel, and within each one you will experience a larger realm with more information and different ways to relate to other people.
The root - is the baby learning to balance, as well the male having sex to procreate. This is the root of life in the physical, and must be mastered for the race of physical beings to survive as a human form species.
The hara- the creative center, and the reproductive place for the women to procreate. It is emotional in setting up a world around you of beauty. Developed it becomes the center force of a good home for the child to be raised in.
The solar plexus or power center - teenage years, and offering a larger picture of life in that now one realizes they can make their own home space and control what goes inside it. The power of fast cars, etc...

Within each on this stack the sphere becomes larger, and contains within it all that came before it. This is how truth is built also. But this experience of 7 years of life, holding one small shell of the greater experience of a lifetime, it shows how the structure of consciousness is organized. For without the physical balance mastered in the first 7 years of life, one cannot hope to run a race car in their late teens, and truly appreciate the experience. The baby has no desire to be inside the race car, as the teen does.

Next the heart center in the physical - and the longing to now share with the opposite sex a bond of greater size, holding all the others inside its bubble area.
Then the throat center and the ability and desire to speak to the world or society from the heart.
Next the third eye and the wisdom from observing all that one has done in the 5 centers below this one.
Lastly the "longing" to exceed the physical body, and the crown opens an entire new world of seeing understanding of the entire cosmos.

Exactly like the field forces are stacked one on the others, the conscious vibrational spheres each contain the ones before it, and from the smaller vantage there is no understanding of the larger ones.
The young child does not grasp the social meaning of the adult world.

The shells of operating in each of these layers also from layers in the physical head, where each one learns new "rules" of operation.

The Greater Body of the Astral and Mental

Astral Diagram

All these bubbles, of life path in the physical are overlapped, and the largest one containing all the others, which developed before it, and lay inside it, like a rainbow. 
This is the conscious structure of the physical being of the human, as one large coherent field of vibration with no less then 8 layers or realms of functionality. 
Each layer offers something unique to the greater structure and purpose of the beings life, giving it's development "meaning" and relationship.

Now overhead, is discovered another set of these and 8 more layers, opening to the Astral existence, and an even greater flow of information where the physical life is being staged and planned from.
Over this another set, in the Light body, of the angelic being.

This is the position of the Ascended masters, but not so great a thing as to feel untouchable at all.
It is well within the reach of the seeker today.

Over this is discovered the intense light of Source power, seemingly coming from the outer boundary of physicality, and from outside and above us in some unknown way, 
and yet having the power to reach through space from out there and touch us with the powerful light vibration, for the asking.
This is the "structure" as we discover it to exist from the inside of the human body. 
It is very physical in it's hierarchy. Each layer has it's own frequency band, and it's own laws and holds the others inside it.


I can feel above a persons head, where his veil is located, and tell how far up he is opened. 
This is a physical distance, and each center overhead is a physical place with reference to that physical body. 
The hierarchy of vibratory rates around a physical human is constant, and all humans seem to have one, which I have scanned.

This is a feel felt science, and within each of these layers is found something common to all humans and yet unique to that individual. 
Although I can now also record on a caliper the wavelength, and the exact distance each of these vibratory centers are located in space.

You can lay a person down, set at the head position and then slowly move away from them to the second body, 
where you can then begin to fully balance all their emotions, and balance both sides of the physical body. 
You can do this without touching the person at all. 
The points you will find, you can ask to be drawn to and will feel them rise up, to locate the points of pain in the aura overhead, 
you then balance them side to side with the opposite side and pull the turbulence to the center for balance.
You can do this for others, as within the emotional turbulence it is very hard to do it for yourself.

Greater Structure

Rainbow Photo

There is a structure in the physical directly related to the frequency bands we are spread over as conscious beings. This is all an extension of palming technique and knowing yourself.

This is all a smaller reflection of the physical realms, the densities being held by the Gods on the outside of the physical planes boundaries.
Within this one physical density is 8 layers of conscious development. Like the rainbow above only one density is visible to us normally.
You have the preview of how this works all attached to your own body for the exploration. 
It will be opened for you to see and sense for the asking. Until you ask it will remain invisible and unknown to you as a reality.

3 x 8 = 24,  2 x 12 = 24 , and within the three lower densities we have two Aetheric spacial harmonics. These are known to us as density 3, 4 , 5. 
Physical body, mental plane and astral plane, then light body.

This is like three rainbows each within the other on the conscious planes. One can be fully absorbed in any one of them.

The 4th is thus not a real density as the 3rd is. For it is derived from the Aether space fractals as 1/2 laying on each side of only two spacial densities having the 12x factor.

Our human existence does not have 12 chakras per say, but only 8 in a visible octave, much like matter is organized into an 8x fractal octave. 
Our vision, like the rainbow, does not see the 4 above this, and into the mental plane.
The 4th density is then split in half, having a lower reality and an upper reality, we have come to feel as heaven and hell space. 
But is actually, heaven bliss and machine intelligence or protocol in it's bottom half [Grey Space].

You cannot hope to manifest in this 3rd density without learning the protocol of the lower 4th [as science].
But that location of that space needs to be recognized for what it is, and what it is not. It is not, our God or a hell space. 
It is the rules for 3rd physicality. The law of the field forces. We only need to study it as a science, and come to learn it, as a feel felt method.

You can compare to the 4th chakra if you want, but the 4th chakra is only a subset of the 3rd density on one layer of it's 8 layers, and is not the 4th density at all. 
For within the 4th density are 8 more chakra that appear overhead. There is a 4th center up there, inside the 4th density also, your higher heart center.
It can be some 15 to 22 feet over your head or so as accessed from the physical body. Not sure on this accuracy, but a scan could locate it for sure. 
I have never recorded these before only touched them as needed. It stand to reason they also have fixed lengths, as do all the resonance centers of all light nodes.

Until one becomes aware of the physicality relationships of these frequency bubbles around their own body, they may be at times lost when tunning into them, 
because each one can open a seemingly different world of sensations to the pineal, and a new type of information flow, and relating to the outer world around us.

As you can see, I am the explorer and organizer of the levels, and the path between the levels. It is my mission to catalog document and provide the map only.
I do not set inside any one of them seeking the internal meaning so much. 
I find them, and then record their nature, as a structural engineer would sliding the vertical channel and observing without entering to get lost in any one.
 Healers, spend much time working from the inside of each level, to assist others to also find them and heal what is there inside, things they have created within themselves.
These things can cause imbalance and cause the vertical channel to close down obscured at any layer not in balance with the vertical channel.

Each person comes to live more inside one layer and find life meaning at that vibration. I slide between them often and study how they fit together, as one would study a ham radio circuit.
So the overall structure of the physical Densities are bands of rainbows, concentrically positioned to reflect different bands of vibration from Source. Physical light does not pass between the greater densities.

Light Body

The completion of the human experience, is on the upper 12x harmonic, the Light Being experience. The frequency is far higher by 2 each 8x  frequency barrier  hops, or by 1 each 12x hop. 
I do not believe the bodies of the heaven and hell found on the 4th are complete as is the Light body and the physical body.

4th density is where we are split right now.
So that covers the vertical channel of frequency as it slowly rises up through many layers, and several realities are contained within it separated only by frequency.

Location in Third

The road map is within each one of us.

The black place I found Arno, is on the 3rd density of dark matter, pulling open portals to other places in the physical universe. This is very physical and why Arno is able to effect physical matter so well, even shinning up rocks.
It was hard and uncomfortable for me to go there at first, feeling as if I was clunking into the position. Forcing me to open my 3rd density heart center and let all the nasty stuff come up, to be slowly cleared away. 
A painful path at first. Seen from inside this 3rd density physical reality, where so much pain has been inflicted between humans over time. The path of a true healer in the physical.

I discovered the heart center has two chambers, and upper one of the light, and a lower one of the dark, the balance will determine the beings buoyancy in the physical.

I now have a cord to follow to go there as desired, and study the place more, but from the entry of one of Arno's rock formations, I was able to locate the planet in physical space having that energetic signature, and observe it directly. 
A more advanced culture reaching out to us across vast space, on the vibrational levels, to communicate, with a two way connection.

The portal was achieved somehow, locating the planets emotional vibration, and then following this vibration from the outer boundary a relative position to us in the greater galaxy. 
I forget the angle, but we were crossing spokes of the central wheel of 24, and able to connect physically on 3D space, as two UFO craft would connect and travel as one, at fixed distances.
Opening this channel of psi communication for a time on the physical level.

If the UFOs that visit here, are doing so on the lay lines, then tapping into these lay lines may also allow us to tap into them with communication abilities opened.
For where ever an external being opens a channel to scan you, it is a two way channel, and this is the nature of the conscious links. 
As they scan you, you can scan them as well. There is no way to stop this back scan, unless they are of such a high frequency you cannot yet handle to observe directly.

That is my perception from experiments, and how it all fits together for me, allowing my mind to be very settled in these experiences to date.


The following an email shared between Arno and Dave L


It seems there is a resonance in my words for you also!

It also seems I am beginning to sound more like a Religious Path, then a scientist at this point. Discern the difference, in science and Religion, in that Religion should only follow the truth of the reality we find ourselves inside as a science.
The "nesting" you mention is diagrammed by what I call the densities. 3rd is inside 4th is inside 5th is inside 6th etc..... and yet if viewed from the conscious side, 6th is inside 5th is inside 4th is inside 3rd. As 3rd density is the furthest out from source energy at the center of the conscious universe, having the lowest Aetheric field density. Since the mind can become entrained, to any one vibrational system, it is very easy to get lost, if it lets go of all the other references.

The past lives are connected in meaning, on the 4th emotional level. The Indians would call this our forefathers, the sages would call them past life times.
The physical worlds, are connected in their distance from center of the conscious center or Source, each one has a different light speed velocity and intensity of reality
Field density = sense of reality. Greater reality = higher field density of the background Aether. More energy per cubic inch in the higher densities, more intense reality experienced.

For people who have not that experience we could let them experience that inside the ico. Like i always say close to a sphere. close to creation. Inside the form we are nested into a other reality like the outside is now projected.

Inside your ICO [Resonant side Icosahedron] structure, there is a concentration of vibration. The presence of the vibration acts on the Aether to increase it's field density. As you describe, a "brighter reality" is inside the form then outside the form. However both the inside and the outside, are being manipulated from the one outer boundary where we are [my map of perception]. The persons consciousness, operating through the physical body, is now, offering his own physical mind, a technique, it has been using for a very long time. To produce a small taste of how the larger realities operate also.

You are emulating the great Gods that hold the densities in place. By using a fully resonant platonic form vibration to concentrate inwards, some of the flow of source flowing outwards.
You have now tunned it to the Aetheric Space held by the 3rd density God force as the Medium in which we operate.

You are the first I am aware of in the groups, to do this using fully resonate rods tunned into the background Aether! Congratulations on this.

From out there, on the outer boundary, we can generate a great many spherical forms, and connect them into a great many shapes and structures, simultaneously. 
Where we generate a field gradient as gravity or torsion layers, we are only emulating Source doing that to create the various densities already.

You can measure them as to "more real" or "less real." Or you can attempt to locate the boundaries of the densities that Source is holding.

The yogis, named them the Gods who hold the realities, but they never gave us the geometry directly.
The God, say "Jehovah" is holding the 3rd density in place from the out stream of source. The God say Elohim or Brahma, is holding the 5th density. Etc...

Thus each having a different set of laws and different light velocities for physical matter and bodies to operate within.

These are not the correct names for the Gods, but you get the concept, as they are conscious beings, that one can directly contact for them self as the past meditators have done.
Because these external beings from Source, are each one holding a position around Source in the orbital rings at fixed distance their light speed is rather constant,
each one is projecting a reality towards it's center, and we do not have to create our reality, to be here in the 3rd density.

They have already created it for us, but not too comfortable so we would remain lazy. 
We then co create within the medium of each density as we choose to and learn how they are doing it. They are our big brothers in this. 
We must take up the path of the disciplines to become like them and learn there art.

The Brahma Gods, are there to teach us how to do this creating for ourselves. But for a time they supply the energy and form of a short lifetime
After we grasp the methods, and choose to create, then we have opportunity to create the immortal form for ourself. Best guess. 
The lazy soul then goes around and around, in the system created by one of the Gods, and just rides it out. The curious soul, becomes the creator, and self creates, learning to leave here as he chooses, in the spirit, 
able to manifest himself into any of the densities he chooses to manifest within.  The saucers were the stepping stone for lower 4th science to comprehend the methods.

Our Chakras were given, to teach us how this works on the small scale inside of one of the great density layers as sub layers within it. 
Where you breach the 8th chakra and punch up into the next density, and see there is a reality there totally different from this one, you are crossing between the Gods realms. 
You have now met another of your great brothers, holding another of the systems of creation within it's boundaries on another frequency band of vibration from Source.

I breached the lower 4th using a coil system of greater mass. I breached the upper 4th and spoke to a girl there for hours, using the greater mass of a jug of water and a tunned rod at it's center, 
by setting the water height, and then amplifying the vibration all around me, to punch my head into that vibration level.

This vocabulary is steeped in Religion, of both the Catholic and the Eastern Religions. 
Jesus rose from the dead, showing he "self created," beyond the normal life death cycle given by the Gods [Our Older Brothers of the American Indian culture description]. 
Buddha also.........appearing to others still in the flesh of 3rd density, under his own control. Any CU can learn to self sustain in any of the densities. 
It is the same thing we are all seeking now, to create an over unity system of power. The seeking of this is related to our spiritual growth directly. 
It is the same method used by our big brother, the God holding 3rd density in place for us.

This is the information that should be withheld, until the phenomena is clearly understood as a science in this time period. 
No one needs to be burdened with "self creation or death". Creating your own Orbs, is a beginning of practice, for the ultimate creating yourself. 
Until one choose to self create he is supposedly destined to this suffering existence, to motivate the process to start. 
Death is like the mother bird pushing the young one out of the nest, to learn to fly on it's own. 
Without that fear no soul would choose to advance towards creation. 
This human race, has an advantage of having extreme curiosity to drive them also, but no matter the reason to seek, 
it is the process of "seeking" that creates advance.

> But almost not own. Like strange unfamiliar.
>So we make a double loop. Nested realitys
>A inverted reality also. because now the outside (the normal projected from outer boundary (the common world)) looks like it is not real and the inside looks more real.
> So the experience we have on the outside (normal world like people perceive)would be in a ico (on the outer boundary)projecting our world like we perceive it now. and then sitting inside a ico (in this world)making a projection inside a projection.  (so double projection we dream our existence here and do it over with form inside already projected form)
> But i even have a hard time understanding or bringing it too words. And i have experienced lots of times that i am somewhere there projecting/dreaming my state here. 
This is also were in the past my questioning from are you (Dave) sure you not create this was coming from in the cssp days. Me doubting my own existence. And your creation within

Truth builds on itself. The c_s_s_p time was one level of truth for me, which had only one mistaken foundation post, that we are not all equals here in the 3rd. 
Most are lazy as to seeking the truth of this physics, they just want to be shown, without the effort of the seeking process. In that "seeking process" one comes to Love the "big brother" as it provides for the asking. 
The rest I learned from it was truth for me, because I saw it very clearly after being sought out. The structure of the universes, the densities, they can only be arranged in this manner, there is no other possible model I can find at this time. 
The model led to ability to see anywhere in the universe, zero in on any planet, record its frequency, and then project it's image to my garage using a fractal expansion, 
by holding the correct points for it's image to manifest at a convenient size. Many cultures out there are already able to study earth in this way, I have no doubts now on this..

You Arno are doing this from the dark place, opening these bubbles, of which already exist, but not having the physical overlap connection to tell where they are in physical space, to relate to where your physical body is also in the universe.
The reference from the outer boundary gives the clarity, as to where everything is inside it. Hopefully as you have assisted me in the heart opening I may assist you in the physical science of this.

> It is so nice how close theses storys we experience have come together. Both experiencing same issues different colors but coming closer in words now to understand.
> Do you think the dark matter you witnessed me is the medium Wilbert Smith you mention?

Yes, there is no doubt. You are opening to what is already inside that dark matter of 3rd density, and looking on the vibrational system. 
Further if you learn to do it from the half waking state, you can set up a caliper to hold one of those planets in it's image, 
and then enlarge it to a convenient size to observe that planet as it is in real time. 
Rather then just a circle of rocks not uniform enough for clarity but able to hold the emotional range of that planets reality vibration. 
You should be able to manifest an image of the planet so you can walk around it and see it from all directions, as it sets in the universe, as it is now in real time. 
That was a most amazing experiment for me, very intense. Once I had a small fractal of the planets vibrational range, I projected it's image here to my left, 
fixed into the earth grid for stability, then I moved around it and observed it.

Having done this once, I now realize I desire to have the process mathematically, to describe how I did it.
There is so much I would love to share, and so few who can be open to understanding of it, without fear.

> and is that place a form or formless ?created inside a projected bubble?. In other words how deep will this nesting go. You experiencing your self on the outer boundary Thinking you are outside or inside....

Experiencing myself both inside as a human, and outside as a conscious bubble, surrounding the entire universe. This is not "thinking" by any means. 
Thinking gets in the way, and the words I write, are a mechanical process of the physical mind trailing the experience, in an attempt to record the perceptions from this lower mind of the physical.


OK, gaze on the crystal ball, and feel your brother projecting it from the outer boundary, the God of the 3rd density, holding this form for you to ponder.
For you to learn from, how this crystal ball can exist within the Medium of Source, we call the Aether

Feel the long enduring Love of this being, who never waivers in the holding of this form for you to awaken and learn to do the same. 
It is a bond of Love you will never forget as long as you live here in this 3rd density. To do this for so long, for us to awaken, within the Medium of Source.

> So how deep does the nesting go?
> My experience till now is always flipping over again.
> So me experiencing on what you (i think )call outer boundary is that one also a nesting?

The outer boundary is nested in the conscious universe, at fixed distance from Source at the center. On this structure, the frequency drops to the outside layers. Third density is one of the layers.
We do not choose how deep this goes, the Densities all have natural boundaries. While you can jump around on them back and forth seeking emotional continuity, and never connect them together in physical reality, 
you can also trace them in frequency or vibration rate and place them into a structure, placing them at fixed distance from Source at the center of the conscious universe.

One morning as I awoke, I jerked through a layer of the realities. It was like being sucked backwards. Then another layer, and in each layer was a different dream. 
Then another layers, and then a rush of many layers, to suddenly be awake fully with eyes opened in my bed with a jerk.

This was from a dream exercise, and going inwards with the thread of memory intention, to recall all that happens in the dream. 
It was a very disturbing experience, to have all those realities jerked by my center I feel as "me." 
There was a painful disorientation between disconnect and reconnect of each one, as the me has a strong desire to know where it is within it's environment. 
To form connecting attachments to each one of those realities and orientate physically.

What surprised me, was the great number of layers of the dream realms, and how in some of them I could fly and in others I could not fly.
This is a very small reflection of how the Gods create the densities of our reality, in layers, and we seem to be solid in each one we can tune into.

God Love

From the outside as a conscious being, the God of third Density invites you, come in, I will do everything for you, I will send you into a lifetime within my density of the great medium. 
A short lifetime, for you to learn the mechanics of creation. Come in to me, I will teach you. Remember this event and your choice to accept the great God of 3rd densities offer, it was not intended you stay here forever. 
And yet the greater number of souls invited in have done just that. The God of the 3rd density then gets angry and intolerant at times, knowing he is locked into this commitment until someone wakes up enough to replace him at some future time.

The God of 3rd density, wants you to wake up, and will send anything you need for the next step of your advancement, your training. To become co creator.

Just giving it, a full recognition intensifies all the physical objects around you!

Your Big Brother wishes you to learn and to wake up!

> Like me experiencing my past lives as present. There is no future or past. so no sequence.
> But the other lives have more distance. observing from this projection. But also to be able to experienced like i am the one now and forgetting about my projection of this existence.
but always bringing in the experience in a later time frame like experiencing it in this life.
> Like being oneness there is no existence of Arno anymore till the moment the boundarys are there again and me witnessing the thing like a experience. 
But only in a time frame later. because at the oneness experience there was no one who was called else then one. So no Arno. 
And awareness noticing. But sliding back in Arno the awareness couples directly to identification of me and bringing in the experience of the oneness to be experienced from separated. 
God anyone following me?? Haha now you guys can read how difficult the languages barrier for me sometimes is

You have managed to connect with your pure awareness, outside all form. I too have done that but only really one time, so as to have that reference also. 
Awareness exists, for all of us, in a place of nothingness, outside all form and all creation. That would be the beginning state, before we jumped into this reality experience.

After this calmness is experienced, there is no more fear of death, as the after life, is also discovered to be the pre life, condition. This state exists outside the wheel of life and death cycles I believe.
There is always the choice to go back there to that nothingness and abandon this physical world pursuit.
One channel, known as Destiny has offered even this path to mankind.

> Anyway the clue of all of this is the nesting and the flipping of the observed. And even the observer seems to color sometimes. 

The observer, has the ability to create also, but the process is obscured as intuition. Within the existing creation of the big brother Gods holding what is present now, we are the babies, being trained to learn their art.
This is my present feeling. Knowing there is much support for the asking but we have to do our part to observe ourself and to modify our techniques as we go. 

Creation is an active pursuit.

To realize that Source is the actual powering system and all we have to do is learn to manipulate it's flows to create, there is no real power we have to generate to accomplish this.

I learned from a math teacher long ago, there is no strain in thought. Do not tense the muscles of the head when you try to think. Thinking and processing numbers in your head is effortless. 
He taught me a lot about how to use thought correctly, as a wonderful curious flow, rather then something we must fight our heads to accomplish.

Arno, my heart seems opened again, and a connection with the big brother 3rd density God force.

Dave L

The Medium

Photo Water

The Medium of creation is like the water. It is reactive.


As a human we cannot begin to know for sure, the total nature of creation, however we can touch the very basic foundation of how it works, because in the image of the creator, we exist on both the inside and the outside of the medium.
According to Wilbert Smith, starting at the point of nothing at all, he recognized, that awareness is the prerequisite, for all space and force to come into existence. He stated that conscious awareness lies in quadrature to the medium or the physical and energy pattern universe.

We can not begin to know what this awareness was like to experience, but as we touch it from the human form, we get back the human form experiencing it. I like to think in terms of the sphere, or the conscious orb now, but I know it really can not have form, in any way we are familiar because all the form was created.

There must then be two things to begin the process, all we can really do is observe and experience them.

1 - Awareness

2 - The medium [Wilbert calls this the field fabric]

Awareness then acts on the medium, to create within it.

Thus whatever the creator is, is split into first the medium, and second the awareness operating on it.  As humans, we are a subset of both.


Further we can observe, that the medium, of this universe, for any boundary we choose to consider, must have an inside and an outside.
We can next observe our own ability to operate on the medium, from both the inside and from the outside boundary, and these are the two perceptions we call science and spirituality, or consciousness.

Few people have witnessed operating on this medium, we live inside, from the outside. I have been privileged to have personally witnessed both. 
I do not wish this observation of my own to be lost to humanity, and yet unless one observes it directly for them self, there is no real meaning for them, to the mental model.

It is the experience of turning inwards, and discovering the universe lies inside you, and you exist outside all things. Thus you are able to project an energy form into this realm.
For me the Rain Maker was the vessel I used to prove beyond a doubt, I exist not only in the physical body, but on the outer boundary as a conscious being. 
I slide into the physical body via vibrational links, of both cold and hot channels, whereby through these links move the perception and the control functions of the brain interface with the physical world. 
The brain operates the body via vibrational stimulations provided by the spherical bubble that lives inside it, which is a projection from the outer boundary where we all truly are "conscious".

This local mental model comes from a very long time of experiments at each step, to where, one is left with the actual experience, there is no other explanation that fits the observed facts.
This will become more obvious to people, as they learn to create from the outer boundary, and bypass the body in this process.


The Medium is Reactive

The saucer people tell us, if you send out a wave of vibration platonic, space itself reflects that wave back to the center, and if the frequency is correct, there will be a standing wave created at the center, of the form. 
This center becomes consciously controlled, and awakens within us the knowing as to where we actually are on the outer boundary.

Our consciousness, has the ability also to send a wave inwards first, to converge at any point we would choose to have our awareness zero in on. 
The center of that form now reacts, and begins to become radiant and visible in this medium from the outside of it's boundary layer.


There is free will involved in the wave we send inwards from the outer boundary. There is no free will for us as co creators in the way space responds to the convergence of this wave.

In other words, we can create form, only as the Aether will respond to that form. We cannot create form, without both the medium response, and the intention to create the inflow wave
Thus all we create must be aligned with source vibrations structure on the density we are working on. Thus we are co creators.

Thus gravity per say is the balance between the inflow that we create, and the response outflow that is built into the medium by source.
When I slowly build up a strong bubble from the RainMaker, and the field goes hot or cold, I am working with this medium, and learning how it responds from the center point, 
or the focal point of my own focus on it. Awareness, operates on the medium, to create form. The form is a response.


Free will - Creation of the inflow wave

Aetheric Response - Determines whether the creation becomes stable within the medium as an outflow wave.
The body then sees this form from inside the body on the inside of the medium. The form can surround the physical body as an auric type field or it can be external to the body and next to it.


The creation is a shared mechanism, where we choose to participate with the existing medium, or where we choose to ignore the medium and fail to operate on it as awakened beings.


The medium, or the Aether, is responsive. It's natural pattern of vibration is the largest prime number fractal there is within the universe.
We can conveniently section off 12 x or 24 x counts of these root standing waves and cause them to manifest in space, by simply placing "still points" in the medium at correct distances, then offsetting the two flows of the standing waves. 
12 x is the root of the medium, and the octave by which it is down shifted into all things at all levels of size and form. Prime counts hold higher frequencies of higher density, and even counts create down shifts and lower density, of the fabric
within the same physical space.

The 24x wheel is 12 steps up, and 12 steps back, on the cycle, and all space seems to respond to this on the tempic field, with specific 15 degree angular coupling points for any coherent vibrational system.

12 operates on the Aether.

As matter becomes more complex it generates secondary octave structures, and we are familiar with the 8x metals. These are reactive vibrational octaves also, but they are secondary to the prime 12x down shifts creating the forms.


The ultimate manifestation, is to realize the patterns within the medium and learn to project awareness on it, to create energy forms and matter, using the techniques of down shifting of frequency consciously.

The techniques operate backwards, in that to cause the Aether to vibrate up stronger, we merely seek to create stillness within it at the correct positions geometrically, and then off we go.
If the science of string theory, could realize this, they would have no limitations. It is far easier to raise a field from the Aether then they would ever imagine in their heads.

This is also the reversed perception noted, from the "inner scientific view" and the "outer spiritual or conscious view."

To cause the physical to go into motion, we must operate on the conscious to slow down and stop, as focused from the outer boundary perception in the correct way.


In this way the Creator associates with the creation of lessor creators, to manifest all that is, in all the densities.

As Ghandi stated, God is within the sword killing, and within the knife of the surgeon healing.


I have found this to be the nature of the creation, from my direct experiments, and "truth" for me beyond question at this point.


If one learns to create Orbs, the next question is, with whom should this be shared?


The problem is one of knowing the result of free will, and basically not trusting mankind to operate morally.

The same force used to kill, and to heal, is available to everyone. Why would I want to offer a greater capacity to accomplish this killing to anyone, as that has been the current slant of humankind?

The natural progression, of study of the RainMaker bubble, and the Joe Cell bubble will end at the free standing Orb, of which I have created a few of these now, and had to ultimately kill them, 
due to lack of knowing how to control them properly. Each time the bubbles were bigger then the time before, and they definitely have power.
They have both inflow and outflow in a dance, both creator and co creators work to accomplish them. They are a direct participation of me with the Aetheric intelligence.

I feel I am on the verge of cracking the math of this system, however who knows if that is true. If the math be cyphered and shared then anyone can effectively create orbs, with a device and a little meditational practice. 
The orb then can become the new form of communication on the planet and replace all the cell phones! LOL!

The main problem is that once understood, this can easily be turned to the pursuit of selfish desires, and also war. 
The majority of mankind fits in this segment, and will likely follow suit, working everything evil they can dream up at first. 
You cannot convince them, their karmic reason for being here is incorrect, unless the karma is ended.

In other words, all the emotional crap people do to one another must come to resolve before this knowledge is released, or certain destruction will result.

If we start creating Orbs and using them, the information will get out how to do it, because they are visible!

Because they are powered from the Aether itself, there is no way to regulate them at all. 
In a world of outer regulation and law, the people will simply go crazy with the new freedom, and the infantile emotions will take control in short order.

I am dismayed, this conscious technology must be introduced so very slowly.

Dave L

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