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My wife has been a great inspiration to me over the past years. Without her acceptance and support in this, I would not have been able to study vibration science and nature in such depth.

Mankind is strengthened through relationships of harmony. It is hoped this document may assist those who are seeking such a strengthening between the two types of reactions people have to Joe Cell technology.
In the one case, a person will investigate the Joe Cell and decide immediately it is nonsense, he will then take up the battle to disprove it as an emotional quest.
In the other case, the seeker will embrace the Joe Cell mystery, as a spiritual quest, one that leads to a change of perception and to how we fit into Nature and the Orgone universe.
There is a middle ground where both can shift, to share a common understanding of this tech, and each can then choose, whether acceptance of this form of energy is going to be the case for everyone???

This document has been a long time coming, it is another step on the merging of the Conscious discipline with the Science of vibration.
I am in awe of this discovery, and how it now seems to vindicate what the leaders in the Joe Cell community have been telling us for a long time now, but we may have been blind to hear.
You do not have to cut the tubes to any specific length!

This document is filled with "Y factor" reflection and realization.
It is also going to upset the Joe Cell community, because both sides of the art are going to have to be bent to the meeting place where science meets the spiritual community.
Each side of opposition must then recognize a truth is present, put down their emotions of conflict for a time, and then consider the possibility of again working together as one.

Some have stated if we could ever crack the "Y factor" ,then the cells might become useful.
I would be offended by this and say, the "Y factor" is what the cells are all about! We need to embrace both the Y factor, and the technical parts until the truth emerges.
The problem is not with the "cell," it is with the people, and it is the people who will embrace the change, that will get the cells to do things, amazing things.

This document shows me, that I can not only program a Joe Cell tube using an external vibration device, but that if two share the proper relationship, they will then self sustain.
"Dial up two calipers to the correct wavelength, touch them on two of the JC tubes, and boom! The cell is now charging itself!"
This is the power of a relationship, for each to effect the other, to achieve a stronger position together.


I was about to create one of the best Joe Cell configurations I have ever arrived at using the science of vibration. And I do consider this a purely scientific process up to this point.
Here it is, the specs for the Pi / 2 ratio Joe Cell! This is the one that is going to feel like it is "alive," right after you assemble it.


The cell would instantly vibrate itself up, to a pure harmony state, and there would have been absolutely no need for human programming, for Orgone, or for Loving the planet and nature either. These things of Joe Cell philosophy, or the great past master Reich, could all be left at the door and forgotten. Something did not feel right. All my methods were just simply too hard to accomplish, and although we could accomplish them, there was still something missing. Getting the tubes cut to the nearest .001" can be done, but should it be done. Something was wrong with this approach. Spirit was screaming at me from my "heart center," stop this and listen, there is much more you need to understand.

Spirit told me, do not cut the tubes anymore. I had proved to myself how to cut the tubes to create polygon waveforms, of platonic vibration on them. I had formulas for the fractal wavelengths, and to use the prime number stacks to make very high frequency and high density tubes!  Spirit was shouting there is something more you need to see, set down and listen, to everything you have learned form the Joe Cell, to this critical point of the next decision, and you will learn something amazing. For as strong, which is the message for  you now, you are on a negative path, this will be the strength of the joy where you now see the better path of understanding.

I sat down and then asked Spirit, what is my path, what should I do, what is the next step? I then began to see more clearly, the nature of consciousness, is not to be trapped into a body of flesh, or into a Joe Cell can, but the nature of consciousness, is to inhabit these forms for a time. If you make a cell that is self sustaining of it's own geometry, the energy will be forever trapped in there, and unable to grow, or to leave when the Conscious evolution is ready to move on. Spirit was telling me the Joe Cell life form, needs to die at some point and to move beyond it's container. Please do not trap it there forever. Build a tube which can simply hold it temporarily with the life force vibration pattern, but not too perfect that it can never escape again. For this life form pattern, and it's relationships are the structure of consciousness itself, and it will maintain itself if programmed onto a tube set that it can only "fit on" physically.

What is that level of perfection, it appears to be about the thickness of the tubes. The tubes can be pushed to vibrate up off there natural mass resonance to about the distance of .065" use this to instill the life consciousness on them in perfect pattern, but let the tubes remain slightly off center of perfection. Better yet just take two tubes and test to see first if they can hold the frequencies, and that will be good enough. If they can hold them, there is no need to cut the tubes.

Joe Cell energy, and playing with the vibrations, is all about honesty, integrity, and truth. So at some point one can no longer deny, you must start to listen to it, and recognize it's own intelligence is present there. This was my critical decision, and the path choice was to listen to it, or to attempt to take control of it, to be used blindly with the flip of a switch. Our technology to date, is based on accomplishment, and then setting back in laziness while our devices do what we tell them to blindly, much like a robotic soldier is trained to perform. This is a major new concept to have devices, which are also intelligent, and can respond to us in this way also, to even make us begin to question what we are asking of them, and to offer a better way to accomplish it.


What I am about to reveal, as to Joe Cell charging, to me is nothing less then the Gold of Joe Cell charging technique.
Keeley was using this stuff long before me, I have only stumbled on it from study of the old masters works.

For any possible vibration, there is a resonant length to express it. We have been using calipers now for a few years also to record many of these frequencies.
There is nothing better then a Joe Cell, to show this, and how it can become a workable reality for probably anyone.

We have been cutting Joe Cell tubes to resonant lengths for a few years now, and Bernie has been ever vigilant in this effort to assist our learning process.
As this development has moved to ever more complex patterns of platonic tube vibrations, we have gained a great deal of skill at making cells that do self charge over time, however if left alone and unattended, they do not remain "conscious."
At some point, one can merely lay the caliper on the end of the tube and feel if that wavelength is going to vibrate up that tube when cut on that fractal length, because the caliper itself will vibrate up the tube for a preview! This vibration will normally stop when the caliper is removed, however if two concentric tubes have the correct relationship, they will not stop vibrating when the caliper is removed. This is what Spirit was trying to get me to discover!

Here Spirit is now telling me why we do not need to even cut the tubes anymore. It is the relationship between the energy on the elements that is what keeps them alive! It is the Pi / 2 relationship, that creates the circular holding force of infinite repetition.
For a vibration moving in a circle, always returns to the starting point perfectly. Any two tubes that can establish this relationship between one another, can act both "with and against" one another to hold themselves charged.
This is similar to an orbital vibration arrangement, and it holds atoms together also. It is what Tesla discovered is the difference ratio between the light velocity of EM and his ground wave or T wave velocity.

It is not the hardware, that is alive and conscious, it is the relationship between the vibrational energy forms.
What I discovered next was totally amazing to me. Here is the report.

12 - 29 - 2011
Dave L
Joe Cell tube charging experiment

JC with caliper photo

Photo shows me charging the outer tube of the cell with a caliper, by just using the touch to the inner lip of the edge.
Then slowly moving along it to locate the best nodal position where the entire tube energizes.
The wavelength must have a segment length which matches a polygon that will just fit within the meat of the tubes thickness.
This sets up a platonic form vibration, and if two adjacent tubes share the pi / 2 relationship, they will sustain one another, as the calipers are removed!


I just took two calipers and vibrated all the tubes on my large cell, they are setting there and singing together! The cell is charged with vibration, and has no water in it yet!

Here is what I did:


From the chart for my tubes of .065" thickness in this document I pulled out 4 short lengths to use on the SS calipers. [My base fractal now is .069" slightly larger then the tube thickness.]

1" tube 7xP - 42x Polygon .483"

2" tube 4x  -  56x polygon  .433"

3" tube 3xP - 54x polygon  .510"

4" tube 2x   - 46x Polygon  .534"

Ok set the two calipers to the first two settings very carefully. .483 touches to the inner tube and the .433 to the next one out.

Look straight at the center of the tubes and feel it vibrate up in your head also. You are holding the two calipers with both hands and this vibration interaction starts to run through you also. Now hold that frequency feeling in your head, and take the calipers off, tell that vibration to continue. The two tubes do a little struggling sliding a bit and then stabilize one another with this same really high vibration now on both of them.

There is a strong flow of energy as these two frequencies not only vibrate up both tubes, but then the two frequencies on the two tubes begin to interact to hold one another present in the tubes. That is the nature of the pi/2 relationship, and once started it wants to persist. It is also a very happy energy to feel, and what the Y factor is all about.

SS is a very neat material in how it can do this, and be flexible. You can program in the frequency to the tube, and it wants to store it there for you for a time. If the wavelength is nearly as small as the wall thickness, the tube can compensate and hold the frequency just fine.

Next I proceed to the 2nd and 3rd tube gapping, and the energy is now way stronger, because that tube has a way larger mass. It now starts to pull on the other two and there is another little dance, then they stabilize all together finally.

Lastly, I just do the 4th tube against what is now already happening on the inner three and the power of this one is way more, my head lights up really strong through the third eye center and connects to this frequency set of pi/2 cubed. The cell is holding these while dry. I do not have any water in the cell!


I run my hands over the top of the cell , and the shifts are instant, I feel joy from the relationships. The conscious relationships between each tube with the next tube. They feel Joy in their relationships also!

Now palming the cell at about a foot out, the energy bubble is also forming. Maybe I should put some water in next!


This is a most amazing experience, my head is just buzzing with the vibrations, and the cell is continuing to kick them out at me strongly.

The frequency, is the key.

Dave L

The result of about 4 days of mulling over spread sheets, to locate wavelengths that would mesh up to jump between the tubes having the correct relationship to one another to self sustain, paid off big time.
My Joe Cell is setting here and feeling alive with Orgone, and the water has yet to be added. What are the scientists going to say about this one? LOL! They are still pondering whether vibration is even real or not!

The next door is then opened by Spirit, and the attempt to instill a second vibration pattern over the first. As we know AC in copper wire can send frequencies opposing directions through the same wire, we might guess that SS, having both magnetic and diamagnetic atoms in a neutral state may be able to do similar.

For now, be it recognized, the fact that one can start up a Joe Cell using Keeley vibration techniques, and the results are amazingly fast, using two simultaneously to generate a relationship that will self sustain.
For one who can then remember these as feeling, or feel felt energy forms, they can learn to do it using only the fingers, and the focus, now as possibly Joe can do intuitively as well.

Polygon Formula

Tube Cutting Formula for Polygon Resonance

Relationships Photo 2

It's all about the relationship, and that which will make you smile with Joy!

This document reflects, my relationship with the Art of celery, and is not meant to be a claim of any sort.
I study the cells, and the tubes, and at different points my eyes are opened to another level or perception.
Nature holds the keys, and we can only lay claim to the personal discovery of such amazing things, it holds for us.

While I could now write the equation [Love = Pi / 2] it is meaningless without the direct experience,
at the root levels of self powering vibration.

David Lowrance
12 - 30 - 2011

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