Love = Pi / 2

     Human Relationship - Geometric Relationship 
Spiritual - Physical
   Oneness - Separation
Experience - Science      
Meditative - Conceptual
Heart - Mind
Feel Felt - Crafted  
   Outer Boundary - Body Perception
Vibration - Vibration

The concept, in it's application will draw together, both slants of humans, to working together as one.
This is the crux of Vibration Cell and other forms of conscious technology.
It can allow us to see, with clarity, to any point in the universe,
And to the smallest places on the inside of Atoms.

It is the "feel felt" connection with platonic form geometry, that opens the vision, and then connects one with the science.

The Science of Vibration.

The chart above will separate people into two classification. Some will feel more intimate and proficient with the left of the chart, and some the right side.
People should be allowed to choose this, and not be looked down on for either choice.
Let the people separate themselves out, this is about now creating relationships.
Both perceptions of our existence are very real.

The Neutral Choice

If you can not decide a polarity from the chart, then you are a special person who may work from the neutral center and assist others to connect who are more polarized then you.
Everyone however will find an ability to choose one of the three perceptions, as more valid, or more real to them.

Now for the people on the right side of the chart, we must somehow prove to them vibration is real, and then give them a "relationship" they can feel.
For the people on the left side of the chart, all we need do is present them with a vibrational relationship, they can feel, and then show them the scientific formula for creating it in a device.

Vibration is the crossing point, where these two will meet, and resolve all conflict.
We are building a bridge, between two of the most powerful dynamics in this physical world.
The technical and the spiritual philosophies.

Power = Phi   

Pressure    Force
              Stress    Compression
           Hate    Repulsion
                       Escalation    Infinite Frequency Shift
              Rebellion    Loss of stability
                                  War   Engineered Destruction
                       Kill    One time event
Self destruction   Implosion
    Dizzy dissorientation    Loss of reference 
 Anarchy   Chaos
    Disintegration    Disintegration

Phi takes an energy form and disperses it across infinite wavelengths. Disintegration.
Or it takes infinite wavelengths and compresses it into one center. Implosion.
Perfect Phi has no end, and will reach across infinity to disperse or to pull in energy.
A perfect Phi force "accelerates", with infinite power.
Gravity  Magnetism
Riding the Phi in meditation, causes loss of ability to hold onto any one location.

Cross Flows

Phi =>  <=Pi/2

Stable rings of Pressure
Structure with Force
Controlled Power

If Phi is turned inwards, and Pi/2 outwards, this creates Gravity.
If Pi/2 is tuned inwards, and Phi is turned outwards, this creates AntiGravity.

The above descriptions, fit the science of vibrational wavelengths, and do not map directly onto EM formulas at all.
There is similarity to Power in EM work, but using EM is a very indirect method to generate self sustaining forms of energy.
In order to tune vibration with voltage or current, one must have precise control of them and full adjustment.
That is working backwards to reach the energy in the Aetheric medium.

Crossing Point of EM and Vibration

Electron Proton Neutron

EM layer - Electron Proton
Vibration Layer - Proton Neutron

Crossing point - Proton Layer
Access Point - NMR in solid copper

From modern physics, it is easy to pinpoint the crossing point of Vibrational Consciousness, and EM meters.
The waveform extracted from the Proton layer, the positive charge layer, will also contain all the information of the conscious vibrational universe.

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