Human Wavelength Structure

The scientist is concerned with location in Space, and operation of dynamic forces.
From this sensory perception, the universe appears slightly different, then from that of one in the process of ascension.
The main difference is discovery of the center of Soul position, after the Light and Dark have been commanded to play nice together.

The exploration of conscious vibration for the human pineal has been observed by many to have 24 individual and distinct frequency shifts, much like a rainbow.
Although the terminology has been varied, each layer contains a different "perception experience" for the human being.

Soul Wavelength Chart

The Wheel of life and death shown here cycles around the Soul Center Dynamo where source energy enters.
All manner of Angelic expression, Physical body expression, or ghostly expression lies within the human frequency bands.
The wheel of life and death is a cycle around the outside of the circle, which are the extremes.
At each point there is attraction to move around, and not be happy or static at the frequency  you are at.
The world of flying saucers, lies at the lower half of 4th density, as well as the Pleadian Template healing grid system for the human form.

The technician wishing to establish contact with other worlds in our galaxy whom desires accuracy,
would be shooting to open the central point where information can flow between different souls telepathically.
This is the point which is first hidden by the strongest emotions, which all tend to propel consciousness away from the central position.

Outer Boundary

Showing the outer boundary of the physical universe, where we actually live, and project our consciousness down into the Soul.
The soul having three expressions of life form on 3 different densities of the earths surface grid.
This is the awareness point for Galactic Travel and transport.
Any point in the physical universe can be accessed telepathically from the outer boundary perception experience.
Every point within has a unique identity on the 4th density vibrational experience that will attract your perception to that planetary system.
Navigation is then from 4th density "Vibrational Recognition," then physical location and distance are  derived by tunning to the vibration.

Source Flow Dynamo

Source Flow

From the center of Soul position, vibration is received from the outer boundary projection, and then from the inner dynamo
system of soul, splits to create the 24 step band of conscious body expression back outwards, and it's wheel of life and death cycles.

This central dynamo is discovered at the exact center position of the 4 th density or Astral plane as called by some.

In all of these sensations of experience it is not hard to now see, from the physical structure how all the Religions
were formed from having only partial vision of the entire Human envelope system.

The discovery that you are your own Angels, Demons, source of synchronous  life experience, and development, seems to be the final expression of Soul awakening.
Awakening from the wheel of life and death, of the partial vision, as others have, and learned to move soul expression freely through the universe.


GL  Wave system
Radiance 48.195 mm
Outer dynamo Wave 11.47 - 11.48 mm
Inner dynamo Wave 6.66 - 6.67 mm

PT Pleadian Template
 1x 8.53 mm
12x 102.36 mm
13x 110.89 mm

Human Wavelength Structures Mapped by David Lowrance 3 - 13 - 2012

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