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In Order to fully explore and experiment with earth core energy coupling systems, I found there are too many calculations to keep doing them on the fly each time.
The simplest solution, is to create a document where we calculate all the inner dimensions and store it in one place.

The methods used have already been developed in the Saucer section, where it was shown that a 15 degree or 30 degree wedge will position linear form rods to pass energy between them irregardless of their wavelengths.
Some will add and some will cancel, however all of them present will exchange energy. Energy flow will be from larger to smaller and from smaller to larger. This will allow one to calculate the distance between any two light rods where they will couple.
The earths core is two counter rotating plasma spheres, with a separation gap which generates the gravitational field. The actual motion of this counter rotation may be as complex as an atom, but we do know the resulting fields from observing the earth.
Magnetic field vertical in precession. Resultant torsion spin, as the earth rotates. Electrical stratification at distances from center. In the atom would be called the proton and electron shells or layers of charge. In the Joe Cells can be measured between the tubes.

In the case of the earths core, we discovered from experiment, making 11 layers of "phi shift" pass the opposite direction through 9 layers of "pi / 2 shift" on a multi layered system, we end up with a length 44.141 mm which has 9 standing segments on it you can feel.
This is 7.11 x 6.2083333.... which is the Earth to Moon gravity fractal. The 7.11 is the factor of the Gravity wave set, that matches the gap between the two counter rotating spheres exactly. The resultant pattern inside the active area between the sphere, is neither a phi or a pi / 2 distancing of rings, it is the result as they grind against one another and set up a self sustaining energy flow between them. It is the first point of a 9x octave I have encountered in nature.

Bridge Circuit

The concept in this coil set up was to bring all three of the fractal lengths into one circuit for experiment in a sensitive bridge format. Indeed the two outer points at the center are very vibrationally active with what feels like an electric energy.

The three lengths offered on the Earth Core spreadsheet -

9.86 mm  inner earth plasma bubble vibration - torque
32.712 mm outer earth plasma bubble vibration - torque
6.208333 mm is 1/12 of the earth / moon gravity fractal - gravity
7.111 is the ratio of the gravity length to where the two plasmas form along it at the point of generation this is a special form of fractal math using a base 10, or a 10x down shift on the .11 part.

44.147 mm  is the distance between the two plasma centers, and ends up with 9 segments on it , if you cut a wire this length you can count them.

Now we will show how these fit together geometrically, as a "mental model" is necessary for design comprehension.

Overview of the Earth Core Plasma Vibration

Overview Geometry

Vibrations move in a straight line, electric currents and plasma moves in a curve.

This has now been proven beyond a doubt with the tube experiments.
Energy exchanged between the two counter rotating plasmas, which are free standing and self sustaining, has a vibration pattern we can feel all the way out to the earths crust, as a wheel of 24 points.
This is generated by the two plasma spheres each having a wheel of 12 points in vibration, and counter rotating. While each layer of plasma has a different voltage or charge on it and different radius from center, the energy exchanged between them is one of vibration or the strong force of atoms. This force is known to have strong tempic field sheers. The force projected outwards at the surface of the outer plasma bubble quickly down shfits from a 9x octave inside where it is generated to the gravity fractal wavelength. In this down shift, what we feel as gravity is created in the difference of the two frequency layers. High frequency pushed inwards low frequency pushed outwards creates a gravity warp in the Aetheric medium.

The upper left diagram shows one way to map and then calculate all the different vibrational segment lengths. The diagram on the upper right shows the active area where energy is being exchanged by both spheres to hold one another in place and power the rotation of the earth. From this active area the three forces all come together. The lower diagram is the lofting chart where all the segment wavelengths can be solved for, it is one wedge of the vibrational system at it's equator. The active area on the right side of this chart will give us many frequencies which will interact strongly as they couple into the earths core. The wedge is cut through the middle to form two 15 degree angles, so as to use trigonometry to solve for ratios in right triangles. This is the root of the polygon formula found in previous work.

Fractal Segment Length [FS] =  diameter  x   (sin  (1/2 the angle))

From this diagram you can now see why we use 1/2 the angle to get to the right triangle, to find the length of the 2 vertical segments using the sin function. Positioned in this way the two vertical segments will exchange energy along these 15 degree angles. The radius is then doubled to add the two short lines together, and instead the diameter can be used for the 2x multiple we want to calculate.
A right triangle is a triangle having one 90 degree angle. The sin of the triangle is the ratio between the smaller side and the longer side or hypotenuse. Most all calculators now have a sin function. So here you can see how using the sin function will help us quickly find the wavelength of one of the active energy patterns in the core of the earth. It can then be used also to find the radius or the diameter of that layer.

Diameter = FS / (sin (1/2 the angle))

Inner Earth Plasma Diameter  =   9.86   mm / (sin (15 deg))  =    38.09611 mm
Outer Earth Plasma Diameter = 32.712 mm / (sin (15 deg))  =  126.38946 mm

Radius = Diameter / 2

Inner Earth Plasma Radius  =   38.09611 / 2  =  19.048055 mm
Outer Earth Plasma Radius = 126.38946 / 2  =  63.19473 mm

Active Area Plasma Coupling

Active Area Width  =  63.19473 - 19.048055 =  44.146675 mm
Width of the band of interaction between the two layers.

Gravity Fractal Ratio

Active Area / Gravity Fractal =  44.146675 / 6.208333  = 7.111
6.208333 is 1/12 of 74.5 mm a smaller fractal of the Gravity wavelength.

Circumference or Perimeter

Circumference = pi  x  diameter

Circumference  Inner Plasma  =  pi  x    38.09611 mm  =  119.682459 mm
Circumference Outer Plasma  =  pi  x  126.38946 mm  =  397.064199 mm

If we now divide this by 12 we will have a point of simultaneous T field and E field crossing. Where the polygons points meets the circle, and the two types of energy flow converge at the single points. The ratio between them, will be the T field wire to the E field wire length difference.However we do not know for sure the plasma will be moving straight between them on the curve, as it tends to move at 90 degrees to the T field wave, yet both are in rotation overall.

As we believe from scanning, the plasmas counter rotate with a definite torque, and the physical path of electrons or protons will actually be the curve or the perimeter of the circles and not the polygons. Only the vibrations take the straight line path.
So if I were wanting to generate an electric current on a coil, I would likely chose the length of that wire based on the perimeter of segments curve, rather then on it's polygon segment length witch will be slightly smaller.

Earth Dynamo

In the short video at the bottom of this document, I showed how the three caliper settings can cause a force of rotation between three Stainless steel calipers. [At least it works here in Sitka this way.]
This shows that the longer length plasma vibration wants to rotate CCW looking down on the earths surface, and the smaller one wants to rotate CW, as the G fractal is brought exactly down over their alignment through the center of the each one.
You have to get the alignment perfect for this to happen. When you do, the two bottom calipers end up magnetically charged in some very interesting ways, impossible to accomplish with an external magnet.

In the wedge lofting diagram above, remember also there are 9 segments in the active zone between the two vertical lines. I have yet to map them to see if the 9 are equally spaced on the 44.147 mm wire.

Playing with calipers and the above calculations revealed something of interest.
When setting up the difference of the two diameters of the inner core, at 44.15 mm, with the gravity fractal at 74.5 mm
There is a strong magnetic field produced on the SS of the calipers. It also works with the 6.21 mm G fractal at 1/12 shorter.

The raw diameters and radius from center seems to have little if any interaction.
Only the difference in the diameters is interactive, or what I termed the interactive zone.
Active Area / Gravity Fractal =  44.146675 / 6.208333  = 7.111
This is where it was discovered a 7.111 ratio is present between the two measurements.

5 / 16 / 2012
Dave L