Earth Dynamo - Cross Flow System

Update 9 / 20 / 2014  [Phi Corrected Chart]

The following data, was derived from a "Sensing Scan," using SS calipers, to locate the fractals operating on the earths core dynamo system.
From this system is derived both the earths magnetic field, and the earths gravity field. [Keshe] I found this to work with a water cell setup, and did get both fields to manifest.

This is the point I believe, to be the energy crossing system between the Aetheric vibrations of Space, and the Down shift to mineral and then biological forms.
Earths core system is then assumed to be two each 12 sided polygon forms of plasma, spinning opposite directions, which sets up the wheel of 24 we can sense on the surface.
Note that if you set 2 each concentric 12 sided polygons into this opposing spin motion, the tips will be crossing 24 times per one revolution of each form, the phase pulse in time will alternate by 15 degrees.

The pi/2 ratio vibration will be pushing outwards at the orbital rings, with higher frequency as you move outwards. A 2/pi ratio is then used across the top of the chart as a multiplier, shown getting smaller to the right. The phi ratio will be pulling inwards, causing the orbital positions to power the motion of the orbits and pull inwards towards the core as gravity. It's higher frequency will be moving inwards so a Phi function is used to move down the left side of the chart as a multiplier, and here the wavelengths are getting larger. The two functions work against one another, one increasing and one decreasing, to set up a gradual shift of wavelengths found crossing the center of the chart as a diagonal line. By applying both ratios simultaneously we see the pattern of the gravitational field emerge.


Inner 9.860000 mm CW
Earth Dynamo Calculation Chart

Outer 32.730000 mm CCW

G Fractal 74.500000 mm

Plasma Fabric

Ratio 3.319473

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Tubes Operators * 2 / Pi * 2 / Pi * 2 / Pi * 2 / Pi * 2 / Pi * 2 / Pi * 2 / Pi * 2 / Pi
1 9.860000 6.277071 3.996107 2.544001 1.619561 1.031045 0.656383 0.417867 0.266022
2 1*Phi 15.953480 10.156301 6.465702 4.116194 2.620450 1.668230 1.062028 0.676108 0.430424
3 2*Phi 25.812731 16.432895 10.461506 6.660001 4.239889 2.699197 1.718362 1.093943 0.696426
4 3*Phi 41.764998 26.588424 16.926716 10.775882 6.860140 4.367301 2.780310 1.770000 1.126817
5 4*Phi 67.575767 43.020069 27.387427 17.435377 11.099706 7.066292 4.498541 2.863860 1.823190
6 5*Phi 109.337591 69.606472 44.312857 28.210441 17.959324 11.433261 7.278640 4.633726 2.949922
7 6*Phi 176.908222 112.623272 71.698202 45.644493 29.058187 18.499016 11.776840 7.497369 4.772973
8 7*Phi 286.237504 182.224455 116.007691 73.852790 47.016146 29.931408 19.054926 12.130743 7.722671
9 8*Phi 463.132281 294.839167 187.700444 119.493814 76.072124 48.429019 30.830871 19.627542 12.495281
10 9*Phi 749.348031 477.049773 303.699318 193.340991 123.084697 78.358152 49.884349 31.757363 20.217365
11 10*Phi 1212.445114 771.866532 491.385496 312.825723 199.151040 126.783490 80.712877 51.383413 32.711697
12 11*Phi 1961.736194 1248.880050 795.061733 506.152019 322.226383 205.135687 130.593434 83.138362 52.927525
13 12*Phi 3174.089163 2020.687920 1286.409884 818.953967 521.362288 331.909541 211.300177 134.517870 85.636736
14 13*Phi 5135.676265 3269.473055 2081.411192 1325.067519 843.564182 537.029638 341.883686 217.649914 138.560239
15 14*Phi 8309.524197 5290.007403 3367.723309 2143.959246 1364.886847 868.913954 553.167804 352.157561 224.190466

Rings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

9 tube set
9.860000 10.156301 10.461506 17.435377 17.959324 18.499016 30.830871 31.757363 32.711697

3 tube set




3 tube set



Further a 5 tube set, or 4 tubes and the outer can  may be programmed using every other highlighted length across the range of noted lengths in the spreadsheet.
The most important length however are the outer two.

Phi Correction

It was discovered in future documents that the flexible value on the chart is phi, and that in reality phi appears in one of its fibonacci forms in most cases, very close to perfect phi but never actually on it.
PI / 2 value however cannot be modified, or the orbital positions will loose geometric accuracy and orbital decay will result.

Modified phi values can then be tweaked for the chart above to hit exactly on actual scanned resonances.
Grantid these tweaked values for phi are very tiny, in the "counter space" ranges, but it is good to become aware, the measured wavelength is the correct one, and the calculated is the theoretical model.
Thus the actual counter spin resonances of the earth core are 9.86 mm and 32.73 mm as you can easily prove to yourself using SS calipers.
Lets compare the Phi corrected chart.

Phi Corrected Chart

Corrected CFS Chart

Note that these values all resonate more accurately, then the original chart above, but at the highest value of the stack are only about .02 mm off actual measured resonance.
Setting Phi to 1.618090510 causes the entire chart to shift ever so slightly, so the entire stack matches the actual measurement of the caliper at resonance.
I believe this reflects more accurately what is happening inside the earth core, and these wavelengths will create more powerful couplings of energy to that core.

Chart Explanation

Notice the whole chart of values was determined from two measurements taken blindly from the feel felt scan of the earths core.
The 9.86 mm, felt as the inside plasma sphere, and the 32.73 mm, felt as the outside plasma sphere, noted in the measurements section at the top, to spin in opposing direction.

From the base highest frequency of 9.8600 mm wavelength at the earths inner core, upper left of the chart, we up shift 2/pi ratio frequency energy all the way out until
we hit the outer layer of plasma vibrating at 32.73 mm to the right of the chart. Numbers of this operation are getting smaller in length towards the outer plasma sphere.

Now also from the outer layer we up shift the Phi energy simultaneously back inwards, to set up a cross flow, up the left side of the chart, moving back into the earths core.
Numbers are getting smaller as we move up the chart and back towards the inside center of the core.
Now these two are operating in opposite directions but perfectly collide on the ends, at one fractal length on each end holding the function of the cross flow perfectly.
This shows how the two fields cross over one another in steps to create both effects of inwards gravity dominance and orbital rings of neutral gravity that oppose them at specific distances.

These two wavelength adjustments seem to counter one another in the crossing, but the longer phi wins as it does in nature, and Gravity is stronger then outflow except
on the orbital rings, like where the moon is positioned and where the two plasmas are setting rotating in opposite directions at the earths core.

In other words, there are two forces at work in the gravity system, one pulling inwards with phi ratio of 11 nodes and one pushing outwards with 2/pi harmony having 9 nodes in the same distance,
to form stable rings on layered distances. Weight is pulled towards the higher frequency component in the Aether, so the two forces are opposing, to create everything we
see around us on the surface of the earth, including the moons motion. Never ending perpetual motion, of the moon. On the surface of the earth we all take one trip around it per day,
absolutely free of charge, and needing no fuel to power this motion.

Exploring the charts with SS calipers, I discovered all the distances couple into the earths core under my feet very nicely.
The coupling of the energy, feels as though one is tapping into a fabric, or a layer of space with a coherent field density at the earths core.

Vibration Cells

I assure you , the Aluminum Tube held at angle across the Vibration Cell on the table is perfectly straight rigid wall tubing.
Using only two SS tubes and a container of water, with the center and inner fractals from the cell chart above, I am able to photograph this light bending gravity effect.

Light Bending Effect Photo

In the photo above the "spacial bend" or warp, is towards the center of the mass of the water in the can.
This is the type of visual warping I have experienced at special places on the earth where vortexes can be observed, now having the math to create one myself.

Note the bottom section of the chart is aimed at Vibration Cell work.
I have successfully injected these frequencies into sets of VC tubes, with pretty strong results.
It seems you do not have to calculate the polygon fractals for the tubes at all, they will self adjust, and self sustain.
Just set your calipers up, touch them on the ends for the correct cross flow direction, and the cross flow does the rest for you.

The earths core is tapped into the tubes, and they take off getting stronger over time until they stabilize on their own.
SS tubes are incredible in this way, and will take on a vibration imprint, even if not cut specifically for that wavelength.
The 316L is even better for vibration then the 30X series.

Magnetic Field Vibration

Adding a magnetic field to the cell, one may set two calipers to 74.5 mm and touch tubes simultaneously to add the vertical component of the vibration.
This was not necessary on my Joe Cell having that fractal as a tube length already by design, and how I initially discovered this coupling effect resulting in magnetic field.

A magnetic field should form from the center of the cell, with flipping fields moving upwards and downwards, that will snap a compass strongly to point directly at them.
This magnetic effect, only manifests where water is present in the cell.

The Cross Flows       [Phi => crossing through <= 2/Pi]

The Cross Flow Formula will cause adjacent tubes to hold one another charged, and actually build over time.
The Cross Flow Formula is based on the concept that random energy tends to move towards the Higher frequency wavelengths,
eventually ending up in the background noise floor. And that higher frequency acts on the aether to create denser space that pulls things towards it.

Gravity is a Phi function, and stability or harmony is a Pi / 2 function. Without Pi there would be no repeating motion possible.
Where we set them in opposition of one another, we get a self sustaining system which is also generating force to spin around it's center.
It is amazing to me that steps of 11 and 9 actually cross perfectly between these two basic wavelengths at the earths core.

As energy moves through the system, one side is operating on the Aether with higher frequency Pi / 2 stability moving outwards.
This side will exhibit more of a spherical effect and less of a gravity effect, setting up all the orbitals where matter will be held at distance and propelled around the center.

The other side of the system is operating on the Aether with higher frequency Phi flow moving inwards.
This side will have more a conical or gravity spiraling effect, and less spherical effect, pulling all mass to the center with a constant acceleration.
The cross flow of these two vibrations, hold and sustain one another, to produce a constant [acceleration force] from a stable center, and causing a rotation of the mass.

Wheel of 24 Phenomena Explained

Light Tech

In the experiments detailed in the Light Technology document, it was discovered that as you rotate a 44.25" Iron rod on the earths surface it will vibrate up specifically at every 15 degree angle of the earths vibratory field.
This is more accurate then a magnetic compass, which will need to be corrected at any one point on the earth due to irregularities and offset angle to earth axis.
This angular vibration resonance, can be used to align positions on the planet to a great accuracy, and it is suspected by myself to be the way the pyramids were aligned so perfectly.
If we see the two inner plasmas of the earth in vibration, each as a wheel with 12 points of vibration in rotation, against one another in direction, at the equator.
Then the resulting motion of the earth is the difference between the force of the two spins.
Since each has different diameter, the spin of each would be different naturally.

The wheel of 24 is an observation derived from direct sensing of the earths directions using light rods to amplify it.

As a long massive rod like the 44.25" is rotated, there is noticed it wants to lock into specific directions where it's energy increases or flares up with the earth below it.
From this one can locate with accuracy greater then that of a compass, 24 directions on the surface, with 15 degree separation in the angles.
Every other one of these feels somehow different, as the two patterns are generated at slightly different times.

The 12 sided polygon has 30 degree steps between each outer vibrational vortex point, and is the natural coupling system to free space.
Where any two wavelengths are coupled along a 30 degree angle they will interact, and out pulse a vibration as they cross alignment.
Consider now, one section of two of these concentric polygons of vibration, at the earths core, rotating in opposite directions.
The first crossing of the points is where we feel the first blip of energy from the core, shown on the left.

15 degree 12x polygon diagram

As the inner one rotates down by 15 degrees, the outer one has rotated also upwards by 15 degrees, and the 30 degree vorticies now cross again
with 15 degree separation from the last time they crossed, generating a new point of vibration between the first two.
This is the equivalent plasma vibrational exchange we can sense on the surface in the 24 directions of resonance alignment.

This alignment is moving along with the crust of the planet so we feel it to be stationary to us, however we are in rotation around the planet at one
trip per day so it is really in motion around the central core of the system, and is the difference in the two velocities of the central rotation.
This is responsible for the earths grid system to some degree.

While the 12x polygons each have only 12 vorticies of vibration in motion on each of the inner plasmas, the crossing of the two systems creates a 24 point wheel that grabs the earth and rotates it.
Note in the diagram above there are shown now three points of radiant vibration alignment along 30 degrees of rotation.
On the 24 points, every other one pulses simultaneously, then we shift 15 degrees and the ones which were dead last time now pulse up.
This sets up a phased differential between the two sets of pulsations separated by 15 degrees.

If both wheels were not in motion, one fixed and one moving, we would only see 12 points of vibration on the wheel rather then 24.
This is the best evidence I have to offer, that the core of the earth has two counter rotating fields of vibration, in which each couple into the Aetheric fabric,
and act to down shift all the frequencies that manifests the planet, from the center outwards.

All the elements found on the earth are unique to earth, and were created here. They have unique isotope signatures.
This is discovered in NMR technology. It is possible to tell if an object comes from earth or "out there," using spectrography and NMR equipment.

From this core dynamo, comes both the gravity field at 74.5 mm vibration wavelength, which holds the moon in it's orbit, and the magnetic field of the earth.
My Vibration Cell with tubes of this length, and cross flows programmed on it, produced a relatively strong magnetic field also when the water is added to the cell.

Showing the interaction of the three wavelengths when aligned to cross one center in space.
The calipers ended up with warped magnetic fields all through them running side to side through them.
This was done right after having programmed the cells to vibrate up as the earth vibrates up.

To date, no one has been able to fully duplicate my experiment with the spining calipers.
I believe it had to do with my ability to tap into the earths core and feel it, causing a vibrational link between my cell and the earths core.
This experiment may work better if it is done directly over an earth node position.

David Lowrance

Further Explanations

Earth Dynamo System

Keshe "At the core of the planet are two plasmas spinning in opposite directions. From this primal field all the rest of the earths layers come into existence. They are self manifesting and self powering from the background field."

Within this structure is the source of both gravity and magnetic field of the earth system. If one is able to emulate this field, it should produce all three forms of energy, Magnetic, Electric, and Self powering Motional  [Vibrational Rotation].

All of us agree the earth is spinning with incredible accuracy to return to it's same position with in milliseconds each year, self correcting from any interferences encountered along the way such as comets meteorites, etc.

7.45 cm Gravity Fractal

The first wavelength I found to have real power, is the Gravity fractal wavelength, derived from the Earth to Moon distance. Where by the moon is held in it's orbit, both moving, and yet remaining at stationary distance from the earth within a small range of non circular motion that is very tiny compared to the distance of it's orbital path. It was found by testing many of the references of others work to eliminate what was not accurate as a field force. 

Calculating Gravity Wavelengths

7.45 cm is it's fractal wavelength at a size we can easily access it with. This can be adjusted to any working length range using 12x multipliers or dividers, and set up in prime stacks of wavelength to any size desired, however it's length is interactive in the vertical alignment with the earths center core. And if you raise and lower it from the surface, there will be variance of the force.

When constructed inside an Aluminum tube, with Bismuth poured into the tube and crafted to this length, it becomes so strong in energy it had to be destroyed after only a few days. It is the force holding the moon in position and pushing it around the earth at constant velocity.

The field moves away from and into the earth straight from it's core center, and pulls everyone to the same center point on the surface. At the same time pushing all into a rotation around it's center at rather high velocity we have come to know as one day where we each make one complete trip around this planet, absolutely for free, while the moon at greater distance, takes one month to get around it.

It is a 711 harmonic off the sides of the two plasmas with both a phi harmonic running inwards to higher frequency and a pi/2 harmonic running outwards to the surface and into all the orbital rings of the planet, forming them into perfect circles of infinite repetition. The pi is the only function that can form circles to repeat, it is present in every orbit as a dominant controlling ratio pushing back outwards.

This is called the cross flow, as phi moving in the opposite direction, pulls all to the one center as an acceleration force, and pi/2 pushes all outwards against it to create order and structure within the earth spheres. Between the two forces is found a constant motion of rotation, that never stops generating circular motions.

So buried within the Gravity force is a second force of organizing quality opposing it. Within an orbital ring is a constant motion to rotate and revolve around the center of gravity of the system.

Thus within the gravity field is the power to spin up any mass, any size, anywhere. This field is everywhere in the cosmos, and is the reason that nothing ever comes to rest.

In the spread sheet of this document is given 8 steps of 2/pi relationship along the top edge of the calculations, and 10 steps of phi adjustment in the opposite direction down the left side of the sheet, simultaneously applied over distance from the earths core. It is the relationship I found to apply to the two plasmas that spin at the core in opposing directions of vector force.

Where you may notice Phi is getting larger in wavelength, and the 2/pi is getting smaller in wavelength as we approach the earths surface, from it's core. Weight is pulled towards the higher frequency side of vibration in the Aether, so each force is pulling in the opposite direction and what we see happening on the surface and all the way up to the moon is the result. Motion without end, as given from the nature of the planetary system.

This theoretical presentation comes out within a few thousandths of a mm, of what I scanned without having any background in any numbering system before the scan was completed. I found the numbers that fit what is observed and felt, and not the other way around. So for me this is not a theory any longer, but an observance of how it actually operates.

Core Plasma

As a "field force," there are two oppositely spinning plasmas on the core, at different diameters. The resultant force is encountered at specific distance away as gravity, but off the top and bottom is found the earths magnetic field being powered from moment to moment by the same rotational system.

9.86 mm

CW motion is being generated from the inner core plasma with a vibrational wavelength of fractal appearance at 9.86 mm, and on any 12x octave we would care to tap into. This is the force pushing outwards and creates the inner layer of the boundary system and pulling all into harmonic motions that repeat.

32.71 to 32.73 mm

CCW motion is being generated from the next plasma layer out at different diameter. This is the force pulling inwards and makes us all heavy without end to the one center, creating the outer layer of the boundary system which pulls inwards against the inner layer to form a boundary layer that results in the three field forces manifest.

These two wavelengths of vibration are happening on the rings of a plasma, as a 12 sided polygon in rotation. The earths motion of rotation is the difference in power between the two forces of phi resonance and 2/pi resonance between these layers.

If you plot a 12 sided polygon, and give the outer segments the values given above, you can then calculate the diameter of each polygon. These are also wavelengths we can couple into as well.

This energy is present on the East West rotational plane of the earth. But the spokes of these counter rotating wheels can be felt everywhere. Best guess.

This is the core operation of the earths vibrational grid system, to the best of my understanding. [I can feel all the lengths given on that spread sheet coupling me directly into the earths core downwards. Each and every one of them is very special to me as a "feel felt" reality.]

Coupling to motional energy of mass. How is this done?

The energy is coupled to the center of mass of an object. In order to manipulate the center of mass of an object it may be hollowed out like a tube, and now the center of mass or weight is located as a ring running along the center of the meat of the tube. The power of motion is centered at the core of the meat of the material along this circle, it is not found outside or even on the surface of the mass or on the inside surface but at the point between them where the weight of the object is centered.

The power to move using vibration is located where the weight is centered within the mass of the object. Mass vibration.

If I then craft a polygon from the data given above, how do I cause this vibration to manifest in the mass of a wheel and then couple into the earths motional system of power?

I must set up the wheels mass to be center on the points of vibration of the polygon, and allow the straight lines to cross between these center points of mass of my wheel. Now the wheel will fit the vibration and all it's mass will take on the same vibration coherently from it's center.

These vibrations are interactive from the center of their positions, and not from the outer edges.

Any device I want to rotate up will be powered from it's center of mass. So the cylinder is a very good approach because now I can operate on it both from inside and outside and chart how the vectors will intersect it's mid point of the meat of the weight.

Simply emulating the earth dynamo may be one option for sure, but this places the inner wheel way inside the outer wheel. And the gravity fractal pointing from outside to inside the center position.

The two wheels are then raised and lowered over the earths surface to locate where they will couple to the orbital rings and take off spinning.

However since we are well inside the orbital rings of the moon and satellites, we are already spinning one day at a time we can manipulate this by adjusting the gravity fractal outside our two wheels to change this rate of rotation using elements positioned outside our smaller ring.

So the G fractal is used as an outside element to manipulate the rotational rates for the two wheels by positioning them correctly in distance away.

We seem to end up with a model of two rings that can spin freely with a third rod of relative mass to position under or over them in some way to cause a difference in the rotation of one day to some higher relative rotational synchronization. Fractal math is used to determine the size of the wheels.

Then realizing that the power of the torque is a direct function of "device mass" one can go from there to create larger ones of good accuracy with more power.

Obviously if we construct a solid wheel it will intercept both spin systems and turn with the rate of the earth and no faster or no slower.
If we instead locate the mass of each wheel centered in the area of spin of only one system, and in a null position of the other sytem, if there is such a dimension, the two will want to counter rotate, at much higher velocity then the earth spins, and then regulating the G fractal around them in distance we can shift the phasing to any RPM we would desire.

In the caliper experiment I position the wavelengths such that they are centered E/W with the G fractal moving down from above, and at critical distance the longer wavelength rotates CCW as shown in the video. While this does not perfectly describe the operation in the earth it was the first time I have produced motion from vibrational wavelengths.

Dave L

Core Ratios

A close representation of 4 of the rotational segments in each layer of the earths counter rotating fields.
From which one may get the feel of counter rotation from segment length ratios.
Inner circle shows the point of CW rotation,
Outer circle shows the points of CCW rotation.
Lines show the relative lengths of the G fractal resulting from the active area between the two circles.
Dots show where gravity starts moving outwards from center.

 The raw diameters and radius from center seems to have little if any interaction.
Only the difference in the two diameters is interactive, or what I termed the interactive zone.
The distance in between the two circles where the above spreadsheet was derived from.

Active Area / Gravity Fractal = 44.146675 / 6.208333 = 7.111
This is where it was discovered a 7.111 ratio is present between the two measurements.
6.208333 is 1/12 of the 74.5 wavelength, the next octave smaller.

If one plays with the Gravity length 74.5 mm and the 44.146 mm length, the calipers become magnetic very quickly on the ends.

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