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Creation Symbol
The Creation Symbol
A circle in vibration with a line at a 15 degree skew, denoting another circle to create precessional form spin.

 Spiritual and Technical Preparations

Before this system will work, there are many prerequisites of life.
You may play with this as you can, I believe it to be the very roots of nature, and creation.
It is creation of a Light Orb, that will not only self sustain, but can be sent out to touch others.
It is real and not imagination.

It is based on the science of consciousness and how a self sustaining CU form is brought up from the background Aether.
Consciously linked with and directed with intention.

It is also a very advanced 5th density technique.
At some point after experiencing, the outer boundary, and the oneness of all Space and all objects.
Now the math must also be comprehended, for a form to manifest correctly.
A grounded feel for caliper use is also a necessity, only now you will put down the caliper, and use only the projection of the consciousness to raise the field.

Explore Sweet Space

You must find one frequency, extract it from Sweet Space, and set the two node points in front of your forehead.
The vibration will manifest as a light rod, as you hold the correct two points at correct distance.
This requires caliper knowledge, for tunning vibration.

It also requires, a comprehension and belief, that sweet space holds all the frequencies of creation within it already.
We only need act to hold the correct points still, to create powerful vibrational motions.
We act in reverse, of what is desired, in this respect.
For the greater you act to still the points of the Aetheric background the stronger it vibrates up, to oppose this stillness.

Pick Your Frequency Segment Size then Induce Spin

There are many approaches to this choosing of the base fractal size.
One can work with the Blue Light, and ask to locate a very large prime number fractal length, that will manifest the Blue Light across it's dimension.
Holding only the correct two points in space, now between them, the Blue light will manifest between them, and the two points are only held still in the back ground medium.

Set the circle to spin, using a 7x offset, off the 24x - 0x position of the line.
Set the line into a circular orbital pattern.
This is done just as on the large crystal sphere by holding two points of the circle. Point 0 or 24 and point 7.
The circle will power up and create a sensation in the head as well.

Circle Points Diagram

Set The Pi/2 Harmonic Ring

If you have been playing with resonant lengths, and cutting wires, the Pi/2 ratio between two of these wires or lengths is now recognized as two things,
joining consciousness, with math and geometry.

1 - A pi/2 ratio will cross couple energy between two elements
2 - The resulting vibrational form created between these two elements will be recognized as Life itself, or a living conscious field bubble
3 - If used in platonic form, the circle, or the pi/2 ratio, creates an infinite repeating cycle that has no end.

Pi / 2 is the ratio between the radius or diameter of the first circle, and now the second circle just outside it.
As the second circle spins up, it will create the bubble having a "living field" or a self sustaining vibrational form in free space.

Orb Structure Diagram

Stair through the form, what do you feel?
Move the mouse over the intersections, feel them one at a time.


If you now alter the inner or the outer diameter slightly, this will create a strong pressure, as the gap distance approaches phi, and leaves the stability of pi / 2.
Note: We have only created two circles, and now the feeling of life is present in the Aetheric form.
The next step is intuitive and I do not have the math to offer.
We add the third circle, running front to back, and tilt this circle to exactly 15 degrees of vertical.
As we spin up this circle, the entire form, becomes a radiant, self sustaining, orb.

When you succeed, with a self sustaining orb, note, it will not disappear if you remove your focus from it.
I got up from the desk and came back much later to discover the small 1/4" orb was still right there where I had created it in the Aether.
The Aether will hold and remember the form, as long as the cross coupling system stays in tack.
It will continue to sustain itself from the background Aetheric field.


Playing with feeling the points of tension, from the Aether.

The Physical Equivalent

Few may wish to hear the following message, but it is true to the best of my own perception.
The Orb having only two energetic layers, is created physically by using three elements of matter.
Between these three elements are two relationships, that create the two differential waves in the Aether.
The physical model of this, is Kosols 3SD pattern.
The key to manifesting, Orbs, is in the math, and the accuracy of vibration between the two frequencies of interference resulting between them.
It's really this simple.
Yet to realize it , and to generate this pattern within your own head, is a great realization of consciousness itself.

For within your own head you can set up these two vibrating fields, turning the pi/2 harmony directly inwards and strongly increase your own physical conscious link to the physical body.
The 3SD was also a learning device, although we never understood at the time, how to design, or to adjust it accurately.

Orb 3

Combining the pressure with the Light

This document is at present Incomplete geometrically and mathematically.
Although I have created CU bubbles that did self sustain, I have not yet totally cyphered the true math at this time.
I hope to add to this document down the road as the process becomes clearer.

David Lowrance

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