[A deep vibrational scan]

Atom Diagram

In order to give the experimenter [slider] a concept of what is being scanned for here, a good mental model is necessary.
The outer electron shell is mostly electric and magnetic in nature, has 3 layer or shells, is very light in weight, and is most near the surface.
It bonds with other atoms, and forms material structure, while the nuclear bundle vibrates inside it.

The proton layers are deep inside near the nuclear layer, these two together form the nucleon.
The neutron bundle, creates a coherent field of energy which sustains all the orbitals, it is composed of two layers of counter rotating plasma,
which is the dynamo system sustaining the atom and regulating its size and shape.
The weight of the atom, or it's gravity field starts just on the outside of the outer neutron layers.

Sensing Set Up

Sensing Set Up Photo

Here is shown two large copper masses I am using to do the deep scan of copper.
Nothing special, they were salvaged from the scrap yard, many years ago.

I have laid out the two inner core fractals on it, to vibrate them for the photo.
I positioned the camera so the pixels on the back side of the lens feel the vibrations.
Thus you may be able to feel them from only this photo, also embedded in the light.



I am using a 4th density scanning method, where one first moves to the center of Soul position in the
human spectrum,  and then access the element imprints to the lower side of 4th, and off to my right side.
Now with a hand on the copper mass, I start inwards while simultaneously doing this on the 4th
where the copper atom is projected from, into the spectrum of the earth layers.
By the time I get into the Neutron layer my head is at a strong field compression level,
and the calipers are vibrating up strongly also.

Each area of the atom scanned going inwards revealed two strong vibrational patterns in layered format.  

Electron Layers 

5.66 mm           8.89 mm

Proton Layers

12.06 mm           15.07 mm

Neutron Layers

7.26 mm            5.22 mm


Dynamo Ratio Neutron Bundle

Coppers inner dynamo ratio is now calculated by dividing the outer with the inner fractal at the neutron level.

7.26 / 5.22 = 1.39080

Outer Electron Shell Ratio

8.89 / 5.66  =   1.57067
Note how close to Pi / 2 this comes out
However the frequencies are reversed of gravity
Hi frequency was found on the outside of low frequency, in an anti gravity format.

Inner Proton Shell Ratio

15.07 / 12.06  =  1.24958540

Balancing Copper Torsion Fields


Balancing Ratio Identified for Copper mass


One of the things about making copper coils with torsion fields on them. You have the CW and the CCW 
coils setting there pulling opposite direction and messing with your senses of which way is up.

Copper has always been nasty for me in large mass coils due to this effect of disorientation.
Now Slim Spurling solved this by running two wires back to back, showing he had never breached copper structure to actually locate the balancing ratio. 

This is the ratio of right spin to left spin which will even out to zero spin overall, and yet produce two oppositely moving flows that counter rotate, or counter spin.
I now have two large masses of copper setting here and putting out this very stable and balanced field, for the first time in my Torsion field experience.
The ratio just found is the key, and I have searched for this one a very long time. Finally charting the inner fields of the copper has paid off big time!

  Copper Deep Scan Wavelength Structures Mapped by David Lowrance 3 - 24 - 2012

Seeking the Copper Diagonal Mediator channel for the copper atom.

24.14 mm

The hairpin is made from 19 gage wire, cut to 7x of 24.14 mm = 168.98 mm and bent in half, with the two ends cleaned so you can touch the copper and feel the inner vibration that is stabilizing the form at it's atomic levels. 
It is quite powerful and yet pleasant. It is the DM wavelength for copper.

With the folded over copper wire, constructed in the last post, one can now directly observe and play with an energy form that will respond to a load.

Stick your finger over the two ends of the hairpin made by bending the 7x in half. Now feel the female balancing energy system in vibration. Get to know her and then do a test. Pull your energy down towards the dark heavy side and see how she responds with a direct flow. Now raise your energy higher, and see how she sinks the excess back to her zero point level of field vibration.

She is the center of the family unit and holds it together. She offers comfort and acceptance to all in her range, and gives a position of harmony state to all.
She is recognizable, and powerful in the stable loving acceptance. Seductive, and stabilizing. She holds both sides of all opposition in pattern form.

Both sides return to her from attraction, as they cycle back and forth around her.

As you consciously pull away, you feel the attraction and the pull to return, and as you push in, you feel the repulsion to move back out to where you feel finally in the correct spot within her harmony balance. 
Slide in then pull out past her boundary, and feel what she does as a response.

This is what we want an Aetheric powering circuit to achieve exactly. 
You let her take control, and it feels so good to just relax in her field.

8 - 28 - 2012

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