The End of an Age


If there is a "great shift" to happen on the earth at this time, I believe and hope, it will be about mankind's "perception" of itself,  more then any physical events we encounter.


Perpetual Motion is the Nature of the Universe on all it's Levels


Science boldly spouts it's ignorance as [pseudo science] from the one perception of a human on the surface of the planet earth, from which Newtonian perceptions began.
What happens when I drop a ball to the ground? It bounces for a time and then appears to stop, motionless right? This proves entropy, and who can question that? All things come to rest!

Wrong, the ball has only synchronized it's own mass field with the surface of the earths mass field. It still continues to traverse the circumference of the planet once each day, and the circumference of the solar system once each year. etc... It can never stop moving, and just like all forms of physical matter, it will never come to rest and never stop changing over time. This is not the nature of matter, to come to rest, ever.

Newton had actually forgotten, or omitted, how the apple got up there in the tree to begin with, did he not?

The earths water cycle will soon hit the ball and begin to weather it as well, with rain and such, that the ball will quickly change back into elements used by other forms of life and moved about in ways we could hardly even fathom. This from only one more of the infinite cycles on the planet that are relatively easy to observe, operating between the boundary created by the water layer and the air layer of the planet.

Nothing ever comes to rest, nothing ever winds down. All is powered from moment to moment by Source energy. A base reality for the next generation of fine scientific minds to ponder.

And that was only on the solar system level of operation, we did not even address the nuclear levels of motion to show how totally absurd our best scientific minds today are simply "way off" in their comprehension of reality. We have been a primitive society, wrapped up in our small perceptions of what we believe is the nature of a universe, which has been around far longer then this civilization has.

It is my desire that mankind now move beyond these "mental restrictions," and start to see the true nature of reality as it is, rather then our small perception of our reflection on it.

Vocabulary and Proof

In the one sense I could start at the beginning, which is actually my ending of learning point, and give the layout of the universes structure, and if no one were to question that, there would be no need for proof. A few experiments, and one could then see enough to establish a working knowledge of how to play with these phenomena.

The discoveries and conclusions work backwards from the physical and end up within the conscious realms, however that is the reverse order of the creation, which experiment must follow. Wilbert Smith chooses to begin at the point of "nothing at all," and move forwards from there, from awareness, creating first space, and then the fields within space, we might call the Aether medium. Then showing that all matter is only a collection of field forces forming boundary layers in the medium. This view is shared by a great many of the people in science who have left an imprint, even Max Plank, for which we have the Plank constants cyphered.

The first thing that usually happens then is, someone will say "ok prove this to me,......... or I am totally lost". I have no need to disprove current science, the only need is to open to something new, that is not provided there, but operates on a higher level, and then becomes "self evident" once personal proof is realized. Something so much greater that all science to date will fit inside it.

There are several "hurdles of mind" to be overcome and in general no audience can do that in one presentation. I had to overcome these mental hurdles. At each step, I did not want to accept what the experiments proved to me was the case, about how the universe actually operates. This required me to reevaluate and redefine myself inside that structure, and was not without discomfort.
I traced the power backwards to it's Source, and eventually there was no other options then, but to accept it as it is. Below are 12 of my personal "major mental hurdles" I encountered with resistance, but over time and experiment have come to accept as true, or as "self evident" once correctly observed.

Gene Roddenberry's vision of the future. A population of "sane humans" that work together for the betterment of themselves.


To seek out new life, and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before.

"The mass of a ship decreases as it approaches Light Velocity" Dewey Larson

The 12 Mental Hurdles of Present Science

1 - There are only three field forces
, and all phenomena can be explained with only these. They set in Quadrature relationship.[Wilbert Smith, The New Science]

2 - Current science has only identified two of these. Electric field and Magnetic Field. They have assumed that light velocity is a constant rather then a variable so they simply do not deal with "motion" as a variable, assuming time to be ever constant everywhere. Wherever they encounter a new force they give it a new name, rather then realize it is the same force operating at a different light velocity and a different wavelength. So Wilbert Smith introduces us to the [Tempic field], and describes that we can actually operate on the field density of the background medium of space, and alter light velocities within our field bubble, altering relative time between two objects in motion. Gravity is such an operation that matter imposes on the background medium. The strong force of the atom is another. These are Tempic field bubbles and are not unique to one another. They are the same forces operating at different layers of the background field density. Tesla gave us the next velocity upwards from our familiar light speed, at pi / 2 * c. One T field operates on this light velocity layer, and it can outrun any EM wave in distance and time. There are many other levels of this in operation.

Circuit Board

3 - There is an Aether Medium, and within this medium is embedded all wavelength to power the physical universe as we perceive it changing from moment to moment. There is a science to manifesting matter, and to manifesting energy, directly from that medium. There is a structure within that medium. This is how atoms "self sustain" from moment to moment, and all of them are perfectly identical for each isotope [element] on the earth. "This medium is filled with a matrix of vibration." [Max Plank.] Wilbert Smith gives us the model of the field forces to describe this Medium, and to manipulate it. Dewey Larson explains that the faster we vibrate up an object with motion of the mass, the "lighter" it gets.

Chemical elements are an up shift then down shift to shells of 18x off the background Aethers 12x octave system. [Occult chemistry table] Showing how the elements first up shift the background vibrations into sets of 3 and 6, and then recombine them in a down shift to 18x layers of stability we see in all atoms. It's all done with vibrational harmonics.

4 - There is a "Source" energy powering the universe from moment to moment. Here is where we first begin to overlap the Spiritual nature of the universe with a science, and open the door to a conscious science. We can not know why this force operates as it does, however we can show, it has chosen to both power all matter and energy, and also to remain connected to sensing what all matter and energy does. [Wilbert Smith - Control Fabric]
We can also tell that Source, wants us to remain interactive in the creation process as co- creators. Wilbert Smith [Perception Fabric] [Two slit experiment - QED physics] Our perception, alters how light works. [Spiritual Manifesting]

5 - Vibration is the method used, to warp the background medium, and to manipulate it. It sets in quadrature to Electric and Magnetic fields, and is dominant over them. Spiritually sensitive people have told us this forever. Vibration propagates, faster then light velocity by a pi / 2 function [Tesla] at the next step upwards. Vibration is the method used at the pineal area of the brain for communication, and all of us have ability to use this [Yoga]. Platonic form vibration in layers, is the pattern of consciousness in the physical. The conscious  relationship is a function of it's "inside" to it's "outside" and all the physics this creates in the physical realm.  [Buckminster Fuller on Twoness].

Bending Light
Using a Joe Cell to bend Light, from the center of the mass of the water in the cell. The straight tube appears bent towards the water mass.

6 - The earth is a point of creation of elements [Keshe]. Earth isotopes are unique from those created in other parts of the solar system or from other solar systems [NMR Technology]. The atoms located here were created here. Within the core of the earth is a working system of creation of matter which can self sustain and self correct. [Keshe Plasma Physics] This system also draws it's energy, from moment to moment, from the background Medium [Plank]. It does not draw it's energy from a winding down of the universe as a big bang [which is pseudo science]. That was a mental model given by a population that believed in a spiral system of constant expansion which cannot self sustain, from a disposable society that also can not yet self sustain. The solar system did not likely come into existence as one large cloud of elements coming together and slowly forming separate planets. All the planets have different isotope arrangements at the very core of their construction. A big bang could not have produced that so perfectly from the center of the universe, sending out clouds of elements. Earths atoms and isotope arrangements, would match the configuration everywhere else, one would think, and all of them would appear everywhere in some concentrations.

7 - Gravity is the crossing of two vibrations that create rings of orbital stability at specific distances, and constant acceleration into an imploding spiral. Thus it exhibits three resultant forces that are self powering and self sustaining from the background medium.

Pull towards one center of mass [phi spiral] [Newton].
Push outwards to sustain orbital positions [pi / 2 harmony] [Deyo].

of any body in orbit to circle the center of gravity [Crossing of the two fields] [Over unity energy apparatus - Searl generator - etc..].

Atoms and solar systems are self powered from the center of mass to form highly organized structured systems of "perpetual motion" within the Aether medium that powers them. Earths year is self correcting to milliseconds, while many small asteroids and meteors impact it in that time period. The velocity around the sun is clocked by the vibration propelling it along. Earth is not reactive like a pool ball in this motional stability, but more like in a synchronous motor, being driven by a powered field.

How do you think using a slingshot orbital maneuver generates more energy coming out then it had going in?[NASA] That is one case of over unity power. A ball does not bounce higher then from where it was dropped from, at least not on the surface of the earth! Shoot through an orbital path around a planet and come off the other side moving faster then you entered, that is a violation of current entropy [pseudo science], is it not? They are using the same force that propels planets around the sun, or moons around a planet, and pretending it is centrifugal forces adding energy. From Newtonian physics it cannot work. From Einsteins physics it cannot work. The craft should appear to be heavier as it accelerates and come out the other side moving slower. Dewey Larson gives the real reason, in that as the craft accelerates it actually becomes lighter so as it exits the system it has less resistance to gravity decaying it's velocity.

8 - The nature of consciousness, is a coherent field of vibration.
It can become larger by increasing the mass vibration and the boundary size [coupling it to more massive objects tuned into it, like the hull of a saucer craft, or a ring of carefully placed stones.] We all consciously project into our physical bodies from the soul level via the pineal path into the physical brain. The consciousness that awakens inside the physical body is a small reflection of the greater consciousness we hold as immortal beings on the boundary layers of the universe.


At this point we have crossed a veiled boundary into the Spiritually perceived realms, to discover all matter is conscious, and quite happy to be present.

Our consciousness, is not inside the physical body, and the links can be interfered with using vibration science to prove that. In order to perceive through the body, a vibrational connection is established from the soul position. Science cannot locate the point of awareness inside the physical head using electrical means, only it's specific qualities of function. The brain is operated by vibration, which then stimulates the brain matter and controls it to produce electrical and chemical responses. The I that I am, is not found in any one part of the body. It "slides" into the body from wherever it truly is, out there. Thus a soul can slide into a conscious machine and operate it from the soul position without having a physical bioform body at all [Rain Maker Experiments]. Ships can be crafted that have souls operating them, if that is chosen by a society to be acceptable, or even puppet bodies can be created to operate inside.

How do you "knock out" a computer which is operating off electrical impulses? How do you "knock out" a human which is operating on vibrational impulses? The two systems are not the same. The consciously controlled brain does not run on electrical energy, but vibrational energy first and then a secondary electro chemical process. A sharp wrap to the back of the CPU board of a computer board will either break the computer for good, or not have any effect on it's operation at all. Not so with a human. A sharp wrap to the back of the head, and the human is dislodged from linking vibrationally with the physical brain for a time of recovery to regain synchronization of the vibrational structure. After a period of darkness, or no sensory connection, then full operation is resumed, and the knowing that this is the same me that it was before I got knocked out in real time, which no computer to date has shown ability to perceive, or to recover from.

The founder of Eckankar was known to be able to knock people out of their bodies without touching them in the physical. Using a shock wave on the lower astral level. All the proof he needed to start a Religion and gain followers.

9 - Reincarnation is discovered to be universal in all life forms, and at some point fear of death is overcome, where this becomes "self evident" to a society. This process is not normally controlled by an external thinking God force or other ruller, but by each person as they would choose to experience various forms of life experience. Personal Consciousness is universal, and can inhabit any form of physical life in the universe.


10 - As humans we each can have 3 bodies simultaneously, in the three main layers of density on the earth system. Light body in the 5th density, Grey one on the 4rth density, and a physical body on the 3rd density. There are veils created between them, in order to craft experiences from one soul position of operation. Each of us is crafting our life path, giving it meaning, and our other bodies are setting the stage for them to play out in real time for the physical body experience, working behind veils that block the physical perception of them.

Vibration opens the door to direct telepathy, and we need to perfect this perception to become accurate, before using it to represent ourselves in a galactic realm. Many of the Alien species use this form of communication, and do not even possess ears, or vocal chords, anymore. Telepathy provides 360 degree direct visuals in 3D space. You can even see behind and under objects. Meaning is transferred rather then words. Comprehension is downloaded, along with data at very high rates of speed. 3D images are the norm, rather then 2D images with pineal communication. Practice with holding 3D images in the mind will accelerate this learning process. Expanding them to circle what you desire to observe placed inside them.

In a coherent field bubble of vibration, the natural result is exchanging telepathy, and much like the hand speaks to the brain in real time, as the human form body has such a field so that all its parts know what the whole knows and respond accordingly, for the highest good of the whole body.

Thus vibrational field bubbles can increase and improve the bodies ability to heal. This opens a whole new field of healing systems.
Bio Resonance Fields for the Human Body

11 - To use vibratory perception, as a visual sense, one must first learn to send or project a vibration scan outwards to connect with the objects one wishes to see. A synthetic field bubble can be used in place of this. In the absence of this outwards scanning vibration the mind will then substitute close approximations at the dream level, or from other levels, and fool the person into believing something which is not there, but emotionally charged in the past life stream of the seeier, which needs to be dealt with first. Pineal sense needs to be cleared of emotional imagination, and emotional process, to see accurately, and this must be tested with feedback. If you are reacting emotionally to what you are seeing then it is likely your personal stuff. If your inner perceptions are about emotional subjects, then the information is most likely about you, and not what you are trying to observe. The main way to tell the difference, is to observe if the seeier is experiencing a conflict, a bliss state, a painful state, a triumph, a war, or just observing what is encountered as one would also use eyes to observe an experiment.

12 - Engineering and control of a conscious device, relies on the ability of the operator to maintain a clear vibratory link connection with the device, as strong as the one with the physical body. The physical body then will see, whatever the soul allows it to see, because the machine is operated from the soul position directly and may even bypass the physical body and it's small mental EGO system if that starts to get in the way.

Wisconson UFO Photo

There are multiple things which can happen here, but all the variations can be tested. Soul can link both to body and the machine, so the physical body can see all that happens in the device from the inner side. Soul can work around the physical body, leaving it in the dark. Physical mind can first probe the device, to realize it is effecting the device from somewhere that is not located here, but is where the "will" and "intention" operates from. Saucer craft are positioned from the outer boundary of the universe awareness.

Crashed Craft

An alien craft, hit by lightening, disrupts the conscious connection, and down comes the full mass of the object, alien puppet bodies included.

By sliding up the human form links [vertical channel], one comes to realize they are already present there sliding down them into the body! This is the awakening experience, where your physical body finally gets proof that is not where you are actually living as receptor of the senses in real time. A rude scientific awakening that will greatly deflate the personal Ego. Although you have trained your glorious mind for a long time, your "will" does not originate from that position, and neither does your "perception receiver" that is you. This is why one can program them self to awaken in the morning without an alarm clock, and have tremendous accuracy at that. The physical mind and EGO go under, and the soul operates directly to guide the process and take charge of the physics. That is a very trusting Spiritual practice, to give your higher soul the power and duty to wake you in the morning at the correct time, then slide into the dreams and get lost in them, without a care.

Reality on Planet Earth is Shared

Some will tell us, we create our reality and it can be anything we choose. Those who cannot do this then are somehow spiritually stunted ??? If this were the case there would be no need of the equal rights movements. Or fishing.
This omits the function of the [control fabric] and states only the [perception fabric] is real. It denies Source power.

The reality on planet earth, where humans cycle between three bodies, is one earth sphere with 3 density layers. They are shared by all of us, and none of us are creating all of it alone as co creators.
You could attempt to sum this up as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, but that would be much like Newton observing a falling apple and conclude all is entropy with gravity. I would label it, from direct sliding experience, the Light body, the Physical body, and the Grey one.

We do create our experiences, and our higher bodies do their best to provide other players in those experiences to appear synchronously as needed, as if we conjured them up. Time however will prove to one they did not conjure up another person, and that other person turns out to have desires that did not fit what we were asking for. However each soul here, each human, is a unique individual, and sacred to the universe in that uniqueness.

Because Soul is universal, it can incarnate bad or good and play both sides of all duality which is also universal. Which soul would choose one side of a polarity for it's eternity in this universe? None would, and none do. Past lives are littered with both kinds of personalities being tried on at different times.

Humans can choose to enter into a coherent field with others for a time, however they do not normally remain there very long after the goal is accomplished. This is true with creating children, as well with creating social movements, or atomic weapons.
Many wars are fought when groups of humans disagree on what the coherent fields will be used to accomplish. Few would place obstacles in their path if we truly were creating all of it ourself.

History shows, if you follow the Light, you end up in a war with the dark, and visa versa. The conflict, powered by our choices of perception. And in this dynamic we are in control. The perception fabric of Wilbert Smith.

Enlightenment is realizing you must carry all sides of all polarity in balance, and you do not have to destroy either side to win, or to have peace. All you need to do is to synchronize the dance between all polarities into a harmony. If you encounter something you loath to see, that perception of loathing is your creation and attachment.

Nuclear Holocost Image

If you attempt to destroy something, then it will rise in power against your polarity to balance you out.
If your entire coherent movement is to destroy life, then life will eventually destroy you, for it to survive.
So in this goal, there is no balance.

Alaska River

Universal Life Objective, is to experience infinite possibility, in infinite variety of form. [Spock - Star Trek]

Crafting Machines of Perpetual Power

The perpetual motion machine, must take the form of the planetary systems, and or the atomic geometry systems, that are already using this method to self sustain.  As mankind, we already have sufficient information charted in our sciences to accomplish this, if the "mental blocks" are removed.

This is the first step in crafting anti gravity vehicles, and free energy devices. The beginning of a new age.


A different presentation could be crafted for each of the 12 mental blocks our society is presently experiencing in it's primitive sciences, in it's belief that our world works from entropy, and all energy is winding down from the big bang to eventually stop. This theory cannot be proven to be real anywhere in the observed universe.

The "rest state" for light is 186,000 miles per second, and the "rest state" for vibration is pi / 2 times that. The universe is teaming with conscious life and motion at every level and does not require burning fuel to maintain it's motions at the quantum levels of it's operation.

"Before I opened to playing with vibration, I saw no way to possibly produce perpetual motion. Now I look around me and I see nothing else." David Lowrance

Sun NASA Image

Light Being Index

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Nature shot from Sitka Alaska river scene

Document reflects, my personal mental process nearing the end of 2012, showing how it has changed radically from the past decades of study in the sciences.

Dave L