Wilbert Smith Reviewed

I was asked again "What is a Torsion Field?"

People working with the diamagnetic elements, and devices like the Joe Cell, or even copper coil devices, need a "mental model" with words to enable sharing of the methods of experiment. Hopefully a vocabulary which can assist personal comprehension and experiences as observed. Study of the physics at the atomic level can go quite deep with the conventional science, however some model to understand the fields will assist the experimenter who is learning as they go. I have found Wilbert Smiths model coming up more frequently as a personal tool. While Orgone models are very expressive of the emotional joy and even the power aspects, I have searched out much more in attempt to cross this present art into a science. One picks up the calipers, and begins to tune vibrations directly, then math extrapolation allows for unexpectedly stronger devices to be engineered.

[Extracts from the c_s_s_p group discussion 10 / 3 / 10] (I apologize for the lack of organization of the material, it is as was formulated and many subjects are revisited at various places.) Dave L

Polarity and Zero Point Field

I will attempt to share some mental models. However I note that with hot and cold there is opposite paths, yet temperature has no opposite, it is the balance point you land on with hot or cold shifting your position. [Others here may be better equipped to bring in anti matter and anailation concepts. They are well beyond my experience.] The Zero Point Field, is more like the temperature, and can slide two directions off the background field in a device. I will attempt to give some explanations for the necessary manipulations found to be most effective.


A diamagnetic element is repelled from both ends of a magnet. The nuclear strong force layer in the atom is spherical. This field does not have poles, but has layers of stability where orbital shells are maintained. [A constant linear distance from a center point in space.] A distance has no opposite, that I am aware, it simply is. While there are two paths, or vectors, along it that may oppose in a state of vibration. An electron shell can vibrate, a proton shell also, and also a beam of light.

Diamagnetism is reactive. Bring a magnet near a spinning copper cylinder and it repels more the closer it gets, and the faster the copper cylinder spins. The magnet also gets dragged with the copper, so it receives two forces. See the spinning cylinder experiments, where I studied the diamagnetic elements, versus the magnetic ones. They react differently in this way to motion and magnetic fields.


If any still believe diamagnetism is a weak force, this experiment should lay that to rest forever in their minds, as they observe the magnet being released and flying across the room at high velocity from a copper disc but no such interaction from an iron disc.

Think about how a spinning electron with both north and south poles can stay in an orbit around the nucleus and maintain a correct distance, never crashing into the center and never flying off, though we can throw all kinds of interaction at it to stress it, it will always recover. I challenge you to achieve this using only magnets as modern physics texts suggest. There must be a repelling force to create this effect, and it must repel both poles. The spinning copper cylinder experiment explains this and allows you to feel these forces in your hands. The repelling force changes intelligently and maintains a distance. It also becomes much stronger then any magnetic field I have ever witnessed from a permanent magnet.

Water Vortex Tunning,

[Picture below]

In the tube there are two vortexes, the outer one spins CW down to the bottom, where it hits a sharp tip, and the center vortex spins CCW back up the tubes center and out the tiny hole at the top.
As I increase the pressure on the water supply, I tune the two vortexes, and when they hit a pi/2 ratio it is most notable. What the author describes as "water coming to life." This is one and the same as the pi/2 tunning I have been doing with other devices using length ratios. I can tune the water through about three different peaks by varying the pressure on this beaut' little device. The higher pressure peak, expands it's field pretty large. I get high on life just filling a jar of water if tunning is correct!

Getting out of the box, for me, Wilbert Smith. [Undoing all the pitfalls of a linear science, and starting over.]

You ask how does this fit into 90 degrees? The science part. I love this document as it really messed with my mind a few years back, but is really simple once you start applying it to what we are seeing in the experiments.


This is the geometry of space as consciousness can easily grasp it. Space is 3 dimensional. Length, Area, Volume.

Field forces are also 3 dimensional, although invisible, and here is the entry point for time as we know it. Tempic field, Electric field, and Magnetic field, all at some vibrational frequency. These all fit together the same as space in quadrature. Tempic field is linear drop off, Electric field is distance squared drop off, and magnetic field is distance cubed drop off. Magnetism acts like a volume mathematically, but inside it are the other two forces also at 90 degrees. Just like a volume in space must have three dimensions, a magnetic field also must. A voltage interacts as an area as 2 dimensions, on a capacitor plate. A tempic field as a line in space, one dimension, in rotation describes a sphere, the basis of all matter with vibration moving inwards and outwards.

This is called "quadrature concept." Wilbert gives us four levels of quadrature, creating 12 dimensions of conscious interaction with our environment to create our reality. I am still learning from this model. I just gave you the first two levels. Space, and then the Field Forces. Each have three aspects that are all at 90 degrees to one another. These little packets however are always in motion and precession is the pattern of the atomic models in physics.

The function of spin is so all of us can share a time frame, and thus believe we are all in the same reality. Notice however that what we sense as a life force, is a balance of two spins. In the water vortexer, there is a mix, or proper pressure ratio, that causes the water to come alive. I have identified this "feeling of life" arising from a pi/2  ratio between two vibrating objects that are concentric. Tunning the pressure of the water at the tap changes the ratio between inner and outer vortexes. The unit below can hit about 3 different levels of this as you tune the pressure without adjusting the bottom exhaust port.

Water Vortex Unit

Note the water leaving the top of the unit is spiraling down the output tube and has high mass spin qualities.

Chinese herbal medicine uses the words yin and yang, They classify medicinal herbs with a set of yin yang symbols. Korean JinSing is considered yang yang. Sugar is yin yin.....etc. Life and health are found in a balance state. I believe this is where Reich got slightly lost, trying to vilify yang yang as evil. Either off balance state is not so good for human life. If one eats only sugar they will not do well either.

This root force can also be created at the atomic levels with vibrations of any kind. Mixing, or tunning, is where we create either a life draining force, or a life sustaining one. This is why it is very important to self observe. When a body is stressed out, it goes yang yang, as we use a female spin to counter balance this, the result is ecstasy for a time, like a massage only in a few minutes. However if the body over time goes too yin, then lethargy will rule, and the mind will get sluggish.

Thus there is generally never one set device for healing that is static, or should not be monitored. With exposure however, the body learns to self regulate these two forces, and can then balance stronger fields that might make a newbie feel sick over time.
This is why I have sought for so long a perfectly balanced system, one that can be left active and is still very strong. The pi/2 is the best I have found at this point. The body will swing both ways around it, but if it always returns to this ratio then health and joy may be the result. To me it is stability layering. Since these torsion devices do effect our emotions and our health, to master using them we must also consider how they interact with us. Imagine a power supply that also supports health, and runs off the zero point field. Then imagine one that drains you. I believe both are possible.


I have studied the time reality many times, and never so interesting as with party levitation. The four people count together, and if the cadence is not lost then the person in the middle rises with little effort.
On a failure where one person misses a count, 1/4 of the body gains it's weight back just slightly before the cadence is lost, rather then after it. This is a reversed cause and effect in linear time flow.

This led me to the belief that time is constructed of two vectors passing through one another in opposite directions, between two events or markers. If there is a solid cadence, then there is a fixed ability to stay in time. If cadence is lost the effect breaks down between the two counts, and before the lost beat happens. I could sense who was going to miss the beat and started to fall before it happened.


Where a bird flew into the engine of a jet I was taking off in, there was much mental confusion until a second bird also went through, where immediately my mind knew what had happened and all was clear again. Having at least two events in real time stabilizes the conscious flow. Having only one event, does not. The jet engine eating a bird was a loud shock, or a pulse if you will. It was a stunning event that grabbed my total focus in an instant, and caused a state of confusion.

In the party levitation, you must all have a solid cadence of counting before and after the lift, or the body will go heavy again in the middle between the counts. If counting is maintained with joy and focus one can stay in the air a pretty long time. Getting a group to go past 20 however is pretty hard, as in a state of joy one will almost always be distracted for a single count. I can see how removing consciousness from this reality might cause it to break down and begin to fragment in time. Parts here and there, and no coherent flow.

While time is experienced as events in sequence, memory is also cataloged, and thus we can distinguish one moment or day from the next.  Since memory is a conscious phenomena, "time sense" is then mostly also a conscious phenomena. Wilbert Smith and Tesla both chose to speak only of motion, or frequency, and thus avoid such paradoxes of consciousness. Party levitation however adds much to unify the Spiritual experience, with the science of motion and shows clearly that gravity can be controlled by consciousness alone.

Where a person lifts up into the air almost weightless, from a sequence of four people counting together, well it tosses out all the brute force one expects must be happening in a flying saucer. [We visualize atomic reactors and such.] The person in the middle also has their emotions raised, and all cares in the world are gone, lifted away. It can be a healing experience.

On Wilbert Smith

I still struggle with this. Pondering Wilberts mental model structure and adding to it from my experiences, playing with newer terms. Each time I seem to get a little further with this thought experiment. In each case it seems to prove out for me, Wilbert was right on.

Tempic field is the 4th on his stack, yes I agree. It is a field force, in his definitions.

Space Fabric -

1 - Length

2 - Area

3 - Volume

Then the Field Forces Fabric  [where time becomes necessary]

4 - Tempic  [~Time, Force that extends as a line or longitudinal vibration, the first motion or vector]

5 - Electric [Force that extends as an area]

6 - Magnetic [Force that extends as a volume]

Time is a composite of the Tempic field, spin motion or frequency in three quadrature directions, and memory, as we sense it. I used to see voltage as two tempic fields vibrating at 90 degrees, however three are always present but we may only be operating on one or two.

One of the unique things about Wilberts model is realizing that a line with changing vector can create frequency, in only one or two dimensions as a force vector. Also only one dimension at any one point of it's rotation. Longitudinal vibration from a center point or platonic form.

I think Wilbert believed, trying to include time in the space fabric, ignores that there is "nothing at all" to have motion until a field force rises. And this is well beyond our comprehension as observers of the creation, [up to the point where we possibly master it.] The control fabric [described elsewhere], generates the Aether background field making space seem like it can be warped, however it is only the fields within space that are being warped.

He is looking deeply as what must come before another thing can appear on top of what came before it in the foundation of creation. 12 steps identified in a stack. Well thought out.
Wilberts stack helps me understand how "perceived linear dimensions" can change with the density of field forces, frequency, etc. As Tempic field changes so does light velocity and curvature. However to alter it, there must be field force present to compress or stretch out in frequency. The background field is already present and being sustained as a force, on many layers.

Time is "powered" by the source power of the universe, whatever that is. He sees it as a Tempic field force. The first one of three that are a motional quadrature. This is where time must become present for all else to exist. At the 4th dimension on his stack. Where he gives us much more is to add the next two, Electric and Magnetic field, for me quite unexpectedly at first.

The pulse train we feel, and may be unaware of, is at the base of our time sense.

Conscious Perception within a Background Field

There was some deep mental work I did early on with magnetic fields and light. But where I ended up, was realizing that as more vibration comes into a smaller area and perceives other vibration present, the intensity of perception increases, and conscious time changes in that area of space as a field. The bubble becomes more dense to all passing through it, because all are connected in some way.  This is the nature of a "light node."

One person staring into space, compared to 5 or 6 in a circle staring at each other, exchanging words or creating one center. Finally a condensation of all the awareness present into matter, then gravity or attraction emerges from the center point of the shared perception as one field shared by all present becomes a coherent reality to all present.

I was myself on a beam of light. As I approach other beams passing by me I could only see them approaching and I could not see them leaving me. It caused me to accelerate into a state of joy, but also offered a model for magnetism that makes sense to me. After the pass the intensity or sharing stops. The field you "feel" is the reality we experience. So it must be with all conscious bubbles at all levels of the creation. Life force is a direct result of more intense meeting of light beams perceiving one another at some frequency. [experience]

Something one would write only after having communicated with the Light in a light rod for sure! LOL! You can feel only the vibrations that are approaching you, thus if you slide your awareness to somewhere else, you get a totally different set of information coming in. You begin to see yourself as a radiant being of light also effecting others.


Back to your suggestion, the field forces can be bent, especially magnetic which is the softest one, most cushiony or bouncy one. Rectilinear space, cannot be bent according to Wilbert, as it is the frame reference between all relative forces and density realms existing in the same space. The reality may be flexed and manipulated as a vibrational field  inside space. Wilbert would likely never state that space could be bent, but is the awareness that all field forces are held within.

Study how a magnetic field is warped and bent, although invisible, as two opposing magnets come together. The field between spreads wider, as the gap between is narrowed. The same tempic field sum comes from both states within space by adding the three together. The volume of the field is not altered, only the shape it occupies. They each compensate one another. To alter the tempic field using magnets one must compress one pole inwards in a ring or sphere, so the one polarity of the field is physically smaller then the other pole of the field. RainMaker Base geometry. This creates a tempic field bubble that is off the zero point background spin rates. A density bubble. One can feel it, and only at that point it becomes a real concept.

Later I came to think of space as an Aether already filled with a fine substance that carries all the vibrations, a matrix of possible vibrations we can use. [Terminology can be a problem here, as Wilbert would see only the background field as bendable and not the rectilinear space reference.]

Wilbert only mentions the psychic stuff, but does not elaborate. I must conclude he was very aware of how it can bend our reality within the 3 dimensions of space. He did not see space as a bendable fabric, but a fixed one from his "nothing at all" model having no time element present for it's creation.  This simplifies the math I think. By relating it to an imaginary space that is fixed in awareness which must exist before a field force or time is possible. However if a reality background field, is curved enough it will come back on itself, and only a reference to the rectilinear space fabric could identify that clearly.

It's all words, to attempt to communicate the experience. However the sequence is important. Placing time in its proper location within our observed physical reality.

Modern Physics and More

Physics has measured some things to help answer the questions here.

"This means that in our experimenting with the fields what we're doing is disturbing the 90 degree relationship between the fields. Essentially varying the time flow rates for each of the fields separately. Creating this disequilibrium causes the expenditure of energy to pull the time flow back in line. Restoring harmony! It's really this expended energy that we're trying to tap into."

I agree, one can choose to manipulate only one dimension of the time flow rate or frequency, and this is what a magnet does in order to cause a motion.
A magnet has attraction force aligned in a line, the other two directions of its quadrature field have repulsion. You can prove this by cutting up magnets. If you cut perpendicular to the line of its poles, the pieces will attract. If you cut parallel to the line of its poles the pieces will repel.  This is a distortion of the three dimensions in the "field force fabric quadrature." However I disagree that we can alter the 90 degree nature of the three as they appear from source, as any one layer, I will elaborate.

Within the atom in physics experiments, it is shown that the layers operate on one another, and it is the layering that can bend with respect to one another. The electron has two magnetic fields, an orbital and a particle field, both moving in a precession frequency at different radius but with identical frequency. The two angles of precession are locked together so tightly that only the energy of the sun could bend them into different angles on the one shell. [physics reference]

However the proton shell and the electron shell can freely dance and flip with respect to one another [NMR], and thus Hamel cones designed to manipulate the nuclear precession angles of diamagnetic materials all as one coherent field [weight into speed]. In copper the isotope chain turns as one unit, positive charge then finds a "field coherence" in all the copper that is touching. Electric field acts as one field on all the material present, but also with a mass vibration power present and not locked as firmly into the electron shell. Not so in an insulator or in iron.

Iron is manipulated on the electron shell where an EM field can operate coherently as one. The field does not carry the vibration of it's weight coherently but precesses in motion at 1000 times higher frequency then the Proton shell and turning more freely of it.
Combining copper and iron, is the basis of all our electronics. Silver is the most electric element, least effected by its nuclear EM field or mass vibration to counter or divert the electron flow.

The spinning cylinder experiment with a copper cylinder compared to an iron cylinder will teach one the feel, the reality. The copper extends a force from it's center of rotation out to the magnet and propels the magnet at 90 degrees to the repulsive force. Like the spoke of a wheel grabbing the magnet and hurling it along with the copper in motion as one rotating plate extension. This explains why electrons are hurled around the nuclear core of atoms. An iron cylinder does not project this force at all, because it is not a coherent mass field in iron. Spin the iron up as fast as you like and the magnet will not be propelled along with it but only drawn to its center straight, no matter how fast you spin up the soft iron cylinder. Mass rotation is not transferred to the magnet.

In iron the electron shell is mostly radiant with an Electric and Magnetic force that can rotate without any connection to the mass or weight of the object. Within that shell there is no bending of the three to anything by 90 degrees per electron entity but the T field is absent to us as it is too small to feel or effect objects around it.


The proton shell is most radiant with a torsion or Tempic field force [New model offered]. It's EM is so small it barely reaches to the outside of the atom. [Current physics models, and why it has been ignored for so long, but also true.]

These two forces then can be bent apart because they operate from different layers that are more free to move with respect to one another.

They act on one another to create the precession vibration, by dragging one another at atomic distances because they spin opposing directions.
It is possible that the three layers of electron shells could be bent in this way also, using microwave beams crossing. This is dangerous to health however.

So for me the forces are being bent between the layers. The layers then pull to restore and align, as you are suggesting, to rebalanced the equilibrium between them. The material you choose to work with will have characteristics that will alter these forces of equilibrium.

Diamagnetic materials tend to generate motion, or jump when acted on electrically with pulses or spikes of voltage. Iron does not do that, and silver is probably much less then copper. Aluminum, Copper, Bismuth, Water, Chromium, all have this quality of a coherent mass vibration field, that can be extended outwards and effect other objects directly with a force more powerful then EM. Where we find high pitched noise from motors and transformers is where the copper wire has come loose and is in vibration physically.

As one creates a larger coherent mass field the frequency drops, as the entire field acts as one field taking on the larger distance harmonic vibration.

Gravity Manipulation

To simplify this, high frequency inside low frequency creates gravity. Inverting this, high frequency outside lower frequency creates anti gravity. Thus cross coupling a Joe Cell to a car,[inside to outside] inverts the vibrational frequency and creates anti gravity. Space appears to become warped, however it's really vibration concentration in the background field that is being warped, and that vibration must have a background Tempic field present already to operate on and to pull against.

I can not do it, anymore without using vibration, as a word. Vibration has the qualities of 3 dimensions, and this is why magnetic fields can rise up from Aluminum engine blocks. Vibration crossing in three dimensions, is the same as a magnetic field, only it is originating from the nuclear level, and the electron shell is only following it. An "A" field cohering to a lower frequency that is larger in space.

"A" field originates on the Proton and Neutron shells much stronger, thus is not fixed at 90 degrees to the EM field originating on the electron shells.

Infinity and Zero

Wilberts discussion of zero and infinity is really good also for me. Zero is a quantity below our interest, or perception level. Infinity is any quantity larger then our interest or practical power level to have any effect. Unity is 1/2 way between them, and this describes a field force perfectly in operation. Where we have interactions is from the unity point where things effect one another strongly, only there and around that region.

Thus as to perception of field forces, the Electron shell has zero inertial or gravity effect, and the proton shell has zero EM effect.
The proton shell has unity "A" field. The electron shell has unity EM fields.
Thus in our electronics the "A" field is not fixed but reactive to the other two in operating angle.

You can steer an exchange from the EM side, the weak protons internal EM field we do not see externally will trail it and then the "A" field we perceive will respond as the proton shell turns. You can also do the opposite, and in the JC engines we see magnetic field come out of unlikely places due to the "A" fields large coherent alignment.

It's all vibration. Termed "A field" in electronics, "T field" by Wilbert and Tesla.

I think my mind is clearing on this, thanks for the mental stimulation.

One can read through the physics sites, and take in lots of information on each of the three wave particles in the atom, electron proton neutron, but comprehension comes more from the experience I think. Feel the forces, play with them, toss out what does not fit. It is a process for all of us and as Wilbert quotes "The boys topside" we can not teach you understanding, only assist your learning. Comprehension is not a library of facts, but comes after study of the facts, and can then extrapolate well beyond them.

I truly believe experiencing the Spinning cylinder experiment will alter your perception radically, and why I placed that one first. It was spurned from a book by Crandel who had noticed that all the anti gravity devices used these diamagnetic elements. I could not fathom it without having built the device to feel it for myself and then ponder the why for myself. I was stunned to discover the present EM models are not complete at all and simply stop at the electron shell as if the core with mass or weight did not exist. Now it all seems so simple, yet I have regurgitated another large page of verbiage to attempt to communicate it once again. LOL!

There is no understanding of the Tempic field without motion and without the layers. That is the root of all time sensation experience from my direct experiments to date.

[See the DVD experiment also where I finally measured a small weight change from a vibrational device created using math formula.]

Within the nucleus of the atom is clearly found weight into energy. Modern physics tends to downplay this, but it is present on every chart of the elements. Thus a gravity manipulation would likely come from that location. I could write pages on this alone as I trudged through much material and finally realized it for myself. Modern physics also claims to not understand how the orbital shells are suspended, after all the facts it's very hard to miss the why.

Field Coherence,

Where we come to understand, first that all we see and feel as our physical reality is fields inside a background field, or wave functions creating what appear as layers of fields, and matter with it's organized layers of spin so obviously hanging there. We do not perceive the rectilinear space at all, which is timeless and changeless, but offers a reference to curvature events happening with the fields. That time is an integral part of the motion of those fields at some frequency. What appears a straight line can be in reality a curved line if it passes through a shift of the background field. Manipulation of the field forces is done using  field coherence, and layering of frequency in stable patterns or shells of vibration. For me one must understand the operation of field coherence for this to make any sense at all.

Again, start with the magnet. Cut it in two pieces, count the poles and the blotch walls, before and after the cut. One magnet starts with two poles and one blotch wall. Cut it in half, now you have 4 poles and two blotch walls. Try to comprehend how this magic interaction is possible between matter and field force. Put the parts back together, and ask yourself where did the other two poles of the magnetic field go? How are these magnetic fields so fluidly connected to the matter they extend out of?

If you take two disc magnets, 4 magnetic poles, and then stack them in attraction, two of the poles become the blotch wall of the new stack. A magnetic North and a magnetic South pole touching at center now become a blotch wall. Those two poles no longer attract any iron. You can see the field force bubble is not defined by the single piece of matter performing any one part of its greater whole coherent field.

The magnetic field with only two poles is one field, no matter how many iron atoms are lined up end to end with a magnetic polarity, and no matter where inside the field they come out. All of the smaller parts of a coherent field add to the greater field and their individual field parts disappear as force due to their alignment position. One piece may become stronger at the pole of the larger bubble, and one might become weaker near the center.


We wrap a coil on a soft iron core, send current through it, and a coherent magnetic field rises up becoming much larger then the iron core that generates the field until the core reaches saturation and the field will not expand any more. This field can be used now to interact with others to generate electricity or to pull up a solenoid but the field force expands to outside the matter creating it as one polarized entity. A "quantum" unit.

We then stop the current, and the atoms in the soft iron then start to bounce out of alignment crashing the large singular field, and becoming many very tiny fields that no longer align, but begin to cancel out with now millions of little tiny poles. Heat is the main source of the breakup according to popular belief, but consider also the other two repelling forces within the larger magnetic field adding to this instability in two dimensions of the field quadrature. [We have already cut magnets up with parallel cuts to the pole line and discovered the repelling force inside them on two of their quadrature lines. Attraction only lies on one of the lines.]

We are already master of coherent magnetic fields for the most part. We can make attractions appear and disappear with the flip of a switch. The main reason to study this is to identify the qualities of field coherence, how to recognize it, and how to manipulate it.
This works the same for the Torsion fields or mass vibrational fields, as they become coherent they rise out of the matter often to many feet away. In this coherent larger state we can study the one field, learn to recognize it, and what it can be used for as a single quantum unit in its three common forms found in nature.

Tempic Field Coherence, or Torsion Fields

A torsion field, is where we have an expansion of the nuclear "A" field to well outside the matter creating it. This field includes the mass vibration, and involves the weight of the object in some lower harmonic synchronized vibration.

Since the nuclear area of the atom is locked into the proton shell this projects a reversed spin as the electron shell has, or carries a positive charge spin over it from the diamagnetic elements. This field is very different than a magnetic field, however it can interact with the magnetic field and normally keeps electrons in their orbits. The field creates the order we see in the universe all around us at every level of orbital shells or rings. [Current science remains ignorant and officially unable to identify it at present. LOL!]

When a torsion field hits an iron sheet it tries to push it into an orbit. If the iron will not move then it tries to push it's free electrons, or to align the magnetic field of the iron. This is why it will deflect a compass. The compass has a small needle made of iron that is magnetized. [Same thing it does to electrons inside the atoms shells.]

Deep inside, the atoms "A" field is radiant from the nucleus and causes the electrons to move at 90 degrees to it and also form layers. As the nucleus precesses and flips the electron shells gyrate around also. As a coherent torsion field forms over a larger number of atoms, it's frequency drops and all the atoms begin to precess and vibrate together as one field having two angles of spin precessing oppositely like little cones. This is the isotope chain at approximately 45 degrees [David Hamel revealed for us] but within a range to about 47.5 degrees as sensed with bismuth and magnets these angles can vary slightly with the device materials used.

Thus a torsion field always has two opposing spins present in some balance. This balance is the background or Zero Point Field, and if we unbalance this field we get a gravity alteration, that also effects inertial responses. [Joe Cell Tech and the DVD experiment]

As we alter the RPM of an engine [accelerate], a torsion field emerges from the shaft, this field reacts with the background field that resists its change of velocity [inertial responses]. In the Joe Cell cars we see a magnetic field building up at 90 degrees to this usually vertically and sometime forwards in an engine setting sideways. These magnetic fields appear larger then life extending out from the car many feet as measured with a compass. This is well beyond any familiar magnet one may carry around or play with. Standard magnetic fields do not usually have this physical reach or this large a field coherence.

They are also different then magnetic fields in that one can "feel" them, and meditators of third eye can enter them consciously tunning into the vibration rates. The fields effect human emotions, and depending on frequencies present can shove one into states from "self heaven" to "self hell."  I believe that all the same reactions to Chinese herbs of yin and yang are possible using only these fields.

Most playing with these fields are focused on the result of the emotional feelings at first, rather then on the power or actual frequency band of the fields. One quickly learns how much they are driven by emotional reactions.Until the emotional trauma events are released in the human, the technology will remain hidden as a science, and likely begin as a healing art. I do not know of anyone but a few of us here on the site actually measuring the wave length of these fields with calipers.

For the scientist, the carrot at the end of the stick is anti gravity and self propelling energy devices, as atoms naturally operate. All energy of vibration comes from within, and is powered by source Tempic field of the universe. Finally, a good reason to begin healing our messed up emotional world.

Three levels of Torsion Fields

1 - The Light Rod, represents the line or the one dimensional line up of a longitudinal wave bouncing on a single resonant length, and shows the breakdown of how octaves work and how nodes of vibration are set up where waves shift energy between layers of the atoms while bouncing end to end of the length. The 8x Aluminum GL tube allows one to feel and count the light nodes, measure the distance between them, experience some ecstasy perception, and obtain self proof for a one dimensional T field vibration that rises out of the matter of it's own internal vibrational power.

2 - The cylinder devices, show how rings will form at even distance and set up harmony from chaos patterns in the background field. Dust particles may even go into orbit around the units, and a good digital camera with a flash may capture this effect as little balls of light if the lens is close enough to the shell of one of the rings. With tubes you may learn to alter the math function of circumference to length, adapting a new formula to produce vibration. With the Rain Maker you may get some good shots of dust particles in motion.

3 - The bubbles, spheres or saucers, show how a self enclosed system can shift itself completely to another density, and disappear from this one, by crossing the edge of one reality and entering the next as an enclosed bubble, which is the only safe way to do it. One pole of the field is inwards in all directions, and the other is outwards creating the imbalance in the background field. Platonic vibration on a sphere or a radial set of light rods. [If one is skeptical about this disappearing act read up on some of the other devices like the Parr wheel. I have yet to observe such an experiment, but I think John Hutchison has.]

I have personally experienced about 3 of these other realities, but never physically shifted into any of them. Had conversations with beings in them, as plain as in this reality, while fully awake. [A rare event for me, but provided personal proof at each step.]

Fallout of playing with Torsion field devices will have the side effects of personal spiritual healing progression forced on you. The clearing of the personal emotional blocks and fears, being the first response. Loathing secrets, another response I have noted often. Ones who get good at this are less likely to create unnecessary wars. The fields at their heart are organizing and generate harmony which is very satisfying as one is cleared. I believe it is a natural evolution, and after a few successful introductions, one may naturally embrace it with strong desire.

Personal Outlook

If we have any hope for humans finding mastery of this new science, some form of methodology and sequence of learning will be necessary, to communicate the reality experience to others. Up to now I have focused on documenting the experiments that caused me to take the steps of  personal learning. I do not believe we presently live long enough for this type of personal progress to reach it's completion socially. Where retirement years are so far shorter then our work careers.

For a presentation to have meaning, the student must feel the results at each step and make the connections, something they can touch and feel or see to finally embrace the math underlying it. I have no idea how young a person can be introduced to this, and fully realize it. I have seen at 1 they are opened, I have seen a shut down at 7 where society and social events close it off. I have seen an opening in the 50s, and partial hopeful opening in 30's and 40's. I am certain everyone is likely different here.

First response of the non experimenter of the "fields" is to point at me and state, I am creating a world within myself to avoid the pains of my childhood and escaping into them. [Usually close family will come up with this.]

This is in fact the opposite. These experiments have uncovered many things I would have left buried, and maintained my own personal blindness to. Many times the experiments have left me crying in my chair with total recall of a childhood trauma and a beautiful new explanation to assist healing. All parts of me, that are locked in the darkness have come up to be in the Light of these vibrational bubbles, and fully exposed to my awareness. All experiences good or bad, I have wanted to suppress with emotional charge, are broken loose for new examination. Call this reclaiming the full use of the mind, the heart, and the time track. For we have 8 levels of vibration within us to fully experience the totality of the dance of opposites. What I believe is the prime directive of Source or the "first decision." For Source to divide itself into two opposing flows and then experience all possible forms of conflict or dance between them at all frequencies possible.

The one concept, that remains, at all the levels, is that in a dance of opposites you can not destroy your dance partner without loosing the beauty of the dance. The puritan ideal of purifying yourself by casting out a part you loath is impossible, for the harder you oppose it the stronger it becomes within you, or within others who oppose you at the social level. You learn to accept the conflict within, and transform it into a dance, or you begin to die as one part of your self shuts down it's life flow.

Wilbert Smiths

document is deep. The New Science.

He speaks of the ponderability of space, as I recall.

The field density of an area of space is directly proportional to it's ponderability.  You likely will not comprehend this until it is experienced first hand as increased mental velocity.
This links awareness directly to time flow rate for me, in practice, and shows how where one places focus can alter their time flow rate in the sensed reality.
Basically, if we place our awareness on a high frequency vibration [like the density sphere] we observe and experience many more events in the same amount of relative time. Time flow is related directly to our awareness and where we place it. With a device this can become almost effortless, as vibration penetrates all mater to its very core.

A hand on a hot stove speeds time flow rates, and a lingering kiss slows time flow rates. A few hours can pass without notice for the new lovers.
The twist is that matter also can be shoved, and is also flexible in it's time flow rate because it is also a field, within a larger background field.

All time is relative to spin. This addresses the consciousness of vortexes as well.

There is a universal law, if you will, Wilbert touches on. That of spin being the only form of relative time flow "all awareness" observing it must agree on. [Linear constant motion has no period that all observing it can agree on at all.] Rotation has several aspects that all observing it must agree on. Angle, period, degrees, the word can be different but all intelligent life observing it must agree that one rotation is a unique time division all can synchronize awareness to. This translates to pulses and frequencies.

Once it is realized that our time flow is consciously controlled, based on what level of spin we observe [frequency], then a feel for density is next to come into the awareness. Time then becomes a variable, and light speed becomes flexible, as is the density of space, by altering the background fields already held within it.

Wilberts underlying axiom, that "awareness" is able to observe the physical reality, and in that observing process, these laws must fall as they do, and will become self evident, as one experiences them.
There is no competition in the pursuit of the truth, and all are humbled in the discovery at each step.

Density Sphere

The density sphere, as you can stand to have it fully charged with an earth ground wire attached, will accelerate your mind to the extent you can tune into it and ride out the shift of frequency.
The mind will sharpen and much more information will be processed and comprehended in far less clock time. Even the typing skill will accelerate and, often I have found myself typing pages of material in a few minutes of clock time.

Messing with time flow rates, places us inside the experiment. Thus care is taken to self observe and deal with all problems as they arise. It is essential one takes responsibility to observe the self, and if confused seek assistance from others more used to the effects.

Generally in persons with much childhood trauma, this will begin to surface first, and the c_s_s_p was founded to support and help those experimenting, and having adverse emotional reactions to the fields at first, outside of the public scrutiny. Many of us have gone through, and cleared emotional blocks over time of working with the devices. Some just tough it out, others need to talk and ask for help, like myself. The appearance of this is far less frequent now, and most effort is directly into study of the field manipulations.

The "boys upstairs" offered these scalar canceling coils freely and first, probably knowing that the study of them would lead to personal emotional clearing. In the early days, one would wind a coil, fire it up, have a negative emotion, and then run from the experience, never to return to a coil that makes them "feel bad." The healers long pursuit is to learn to always move towards such bad feeling in order to expose their source and release the negative association we have overlayed on the frequency. The trauma events fragment the spectrum and isolate us from reaching into all that we have access to. Even in Karate it is taught to face your fears in the dream, and they will dissolve.

The coils also accelerate the process known to some of us as Karma, as what we send out to others often returns much faster.
This is simply the physics of increasing the frequency of the time flow rate of our consciousness. It follows that many more events will be possible in one lifetime, and more concentrated the intensity of the responses with all other humans we encounter.

Even if you do not follow all that I am attempting to relay here, please know that the physics of scalar canceling coils, will effect your perception of time flow rates.  Self observe. As the boys upstairs suggest, "play with them." This is the correct attitude, play. One may then wake one evening at 4 am and realize they worked on a project and missed feeling sleepy at the normal time, and also still have no desire to sleep. Successful mind acceleration technique can reduce the sleep needed to feel rested. I have gone days with only a couple hours sleep a night, but those two hours seemed like an eternity of rest.

What is a Torsion Field:

Torsion field - [Personal proof of concept]


The Density Sphere. Near the bottom of the document.

This is rather cheap to build and will introduce one to feeling the pressure and vibration of a Torsion field bubble.

If a ground is connected using only one wire, there is a massive rise in the bubbles pressure and vibrational depth of field experienced.

Earth is not only a source of electrons, but a very large mass filled with many vibrational frequencies.

My experience, "Top of my head is ready to blow off!"

This is proof of concept, that a one wire ground has powerful effect on a torsion device.

After experiment these coils can be discharged by opening the wires, the field will subside over time.

Using the 44.5 foot coils with dual wires that are shorted in reverse polarity, in three planes of motion, you will have a personal proof from direct experience that bending c velocity is possible to sense.
Also that the earth ground will effect the bubbles power levels most strongly. Touching to earth generates a tremendous rise in pressure that takes a few minutes to max out to head pounding levels.

Recommend ones with no experience just jump in and try it. There will be two possible outcomes. You will either gain a feel and a respect for torsion fields, how strong and or dangerous they can become, or you will abandon the concept [not ready fro the wild ride yet]. I do not know of any people who have built 44.5 coils and not observed something real to them.

Recommend the 3 coils at 90 degrees in order to provide a containment. One or two may cause a worse disorienting experience.

Density sphere:

Also, activating and then releasing these coils one will discover how space holds the charge for a time period after the device is released and even removed.
This is a device that will quickly demonstrate the qualities of the Aether as a compressible medium.
Such qualities have been observed in spinning wheels, where on the second spin up it takes less energy then on the first spin up. The space is conditioned with the spin field, and the energy remains in that spot for a time.

After messing with the coils and a ground to a density sphere, hopefully one will feel the elastic qualities, of space.
Much design consideration went into this one so that others could benefit from maximized results with much less experiment then was performed to get there for us.

This is the fastest method I am aware of to provide a personal proof of concept for torsion field reality for the new experimenter who may be very skeptical.

The crystal sphere inside the unit allows me to touch it's surface with a finger and then connect consciously into the device, and it adds power to the vibrating field due to added mass. The "perception" I receive inside my head [vibration] can be viewed as though I am inside the ball. Spherical vibrations, are the crux of transmitting fully visual images in 3D point to point, via pineal area, using the T field. There is a localized telepathy possible, which acts more like a telephone with this sort of device, then as spiritual channels are used to using.

What can you expect from building this one? [Density Sphere]

1 - Introduction to the third force of the universe which can bend light velocity within a field bubble area. [Sheer power to bend perceived space.]

2- A connection for realizing there is a physics related to what we have long considered emotional or spiritual senses - there is a math - there are specific wavelengths. It can be engineered to a very fine level, and yet also reflect the inner intelligence of the material. [We have more recently charted some of the layers.]

3- The particular coil set up will allow you to shut it back down if things get too distorted in the mind. This avoids destruction of the system for shutdown, the main problem with most of these devices.

You could think of this like a warped lens in glasses that distorts the vision, distance appears different in one direction then in another. New glasses may require time to adapt to the distortions. It can cause a headache, unless you relax and just observe. As two time fields form a boundary, moving or looking through them effects mental function differently on each side of the boundary. Mental distortions to the direct senses in real time. A time gradient, or a bend in the field of space. Always best to create one that is spherical, easier to adapt to the sensory effects.

If one were to get a strong headache [very likely] they might initially abandon the device rather then study it further and miss the technical possibilities. It is more likely a person would tend to ignore the headache and not relate it to the device with a weak device. However by building the strongest bubble right off, this is clearly avoided. After a week of being around the device powered up [grounded at times], your own body will begin to either loath entering the room [toxic response], or it will begin to change you, or both, opening your perceptions and speeding both mental input and output. Do not rush your study of this device, it is a personal learning path. I always wanted to make a really good one and put a row of switches on it for shutdown but have not as of yet.

You must develop the ability to "loosen up" - you could also compare it to being inside a centrifuge where ears tell you you are spinning but eyes do not. It takes some getting used to to function in that environment. As you move your head through it , Dizzy is another aspect I had a lot of at first.

I recommend standard quartz crystal over the milky stones, but any material with a crystalline base is best as it will already have a coherent vibration field inside it. Avoid glass, it does not vibrate up the same as natural quartz.

If you build this on say a copper sphere, or even plastic, the effects will still be present, but the mass reactions will be lower. You may question if it is real or not. It is important to discover and experience the reality, in order for the scientific mental models to be realized.

Where a coherent torsion field rises out of a material externally, it produces the organizing rings in the space around it. The power inside these rings will be a direct function of the mass that is in a coherent vibration field. A sphere filled with water, is better then only air.
Any natural crystal is best, next are the metals that conduct and align like copper, iron, bismuth, aluminum, and last things like plastic that simply do not have enough weight to add much to the force of the field. Then finally air, as the copper coils will still vibrate up just fine, only with far less notable power to bend or distort the reality [time flow rate gradient].

The Joe Cell is like a QRP rig in ham radio, you use incredibly low power to set it up and get it pumping out a field. 5 volts or less is plenty. The field can be unstable and can be crashed by having a bad thought. Water is probably the apex of all this vibrational science but hardest to master. Icosahedron form vibration in water.

The density sphere is far more obvious and intense a field much quicker and cheaper, and needs no voltage to get it up, yet you also have the option of pulsing it and even using it as a transformer to study the field rotation of EM in copper in 3 planes of motion. The unit can be configured to pass very complex wave shapes with high frequency components, where iron cores will fail and round off all the sharp bends of the waves.

If you desire a health benefit rather then a "power proof of concept right in your face", then use a GL length fractal on the wiring, or move to using two layers spaced at pi/2 for the "life energy" sensation as I described in the last posts. I may be building this week end if I can figure out a method to make coils to an accurate diameter.

Concentric Copper Coils

[As a torsion field experience.]

My coil diameters come out with 24 turns on each coil if I can create the following diameters.

7.082" - 24 turns CCW

4.5" - 24 turns CW [ 2 each coils]

2.87" - 24 turns CCW

This is measured to the center of the conductor, or the center of mass of the wire on the coil. [12 gauge solid copper with insulation]

The four coils then are set up in two concentric rings and cross coupled [inside to outside between each coil set.]  I do not know if EM will appear, but I may try Aluminum wire also. I do know that if the pi/2 is accurate enough it will likely be a great breakthrough for the 44.5 raw power coils. It will feel right, and not cause headaches.

Finally here are the specs for the 4 coils, as I was able to do the math on this today -

4 Coil Cross Coupled - Marriage

[1 inch = 2.54 cm]

Fractal System 44.5 feet

3 Wire Lengths will be used and drop by 2/pi in size

Wire Length 1 = 1356.36 cm         =     13.5636 meters  =      44.5 feet          =    534 inches          
Wire Length 2 =   863.48559 cm   =      8.63485 meters  =     28.32958 feet    =   339.9549 inches     
Wire Length 3 =   549.71200 cm   =      5.49712 meters =      18.03517 feet    =    216.422 inches

Coils will all be 24 winds and drop by 2/pi diameter, on each step for harmony vibration interaction.

circumference 1 = 56.515 cm        
circumference 2 = 35.97856 cm    
circumference 3 = 22.9046667 cm 

Wire gauge 12 - green insulation
Wire diameter with insulation = 3.8 mm

Coil height 24 turns x  3.8mm =  91.2 mm = 9.12cm   =  3.59"

Stretch coil out to 9.419166 cm + .38 cm  =  9.799 cm   [to hit vertical fractal 144  1X] [.12 mm gap] A loose wind.
Stretch out to 11.99285 cm + .38cm  =  12.372855 cm = [Female Height 2X]  [1.197 mm gap between wires]

Coil Diameter
Coil    Diameter    Metric         [- wire diameter 3.8 mm]       Core Form Diameter

1           2.87"      75.1677 mm                                          71.3677   mm  =  2.81"

2           4.5"       115.904 mm                                         112.10417 mm  =  4.413"

3           4.5"                                                                    112.10417 mm  =  4.413"

4           7.082"    179.8928 mm                                       176.09283 mm   =  6.9325"

Coil Forms

Coil forms used for winding and then hot glue to hold the diameter. [Number 12 solid copper seen in the back with 3.8mm diameter.]
The cans and jar will have to be built up using some kind of wrapping material to hit the exact diameters [on the calipers shown] necessary to create the harmony experience using these powerful copper torsion coil lengths.

Dave L
c_s_s_p group

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