The Void

While studying Slim Spurlings rings and lengths 10.3 " - 20.6" I discovered the light node count on copper is too many to accurately count or identify. On iron there are none.
Then I discovered a system of dark nodes that is very consistant and simple. Copper has always had light nodes that move about and react with the outer world, where iron has had stable light nodes.
This system of dark nodes, or inflow nodes, is 6x on a 10.3" length of copper or iron. On the iron wire they are all that is present, and the iron pretty much goes dark.

Testing Process

Daves Testing of the Spurling Fractal
Spurling Fractal is a crossroads of many systems, there is no clear single system for light nodes I could immediatly identify.
Some feel like inflow some outflow.

First Scan:
There are 13 segments in 3.43333.... inches and a very strong node there.
10.3" is 3x
20.6" is 6x
41.2 is  12x system???

Dual Copper wire study
2nd scan:

1x -  3.43333"
2x -  6.8666"
3x -  10.3"
4x -  13.7333"
5x -  17.1666"
6x -  20.6"
7x -  24.0333"
8x -  27.4666"
9x -  30.9"
10x - 34.3333"
11x - 37.7666"
12x - 41.2"
13x - 44.6333"
Only rational lengths are 3 6 9

3rd Scan using SS Calipers
10.3" study

.1373"  75x
.192"    53.64x.
.214"    48.1x 
3.1692 9x fractal base
Non linear structure. From 1/75 length to 1/53 to 1/48.1  etc....

4rth Scan using Iron wire
10.3   6x   nulls [void nodes]  Perfect cut wire is dead and quiet with soft iron wire.

SS Calipers  - Dual Copper wire ring
Full of too many nodes to identify accurately.
10.3"   6x void nodes are present also - but extreme numbers of light nodes.

This is a system of dark nodes. The light nodes move into some kind of nonlinear compression.

Dark Nodal System

It would seem this is a Dark Nodal System, and the originating system for inflow.
When viewed from the Void, now it becomes a 12x fractal system of inflow nodes.

1x     1.7166666"
2x     3.43333"
3x     5.15"
4x     6.8666"
5x     8.5833"
6x     10.3"
7x     12.01666"
8x     13.7333"
9x     15.45"
10x   17.1666"
11x    18.88333"
12x    20.6"

Once again we notice that the only rational numbers comming up are 3 6 9 12 etc


Using the diamagnetic materials with this system will produce an extreme flurry of Light nodes all around everywhere when they are in cancelling format of nonlinear appearance.
You can see from my testing above there are too many to make sense of, and very strong all the way down to .1373"
Using Stainless Steel or Copper in cancelling mode, these produce intense and high frequency perceptive Light energy.

Amplifying the Darkeness [The Void]

It would seem that since we have discovered how to increase the Light using the 1111 infinite multiples this may also work with the Dark or inflow nodes.
For a 12x segment system the multiplier is [1.090909090909....]

1x    1.827272727"
2x    3.745454545"
3x    5.618181818"
4x    7.490909090"
5x    9.363636363"
6x   11.236363636"
7x   13.109090909"
8x   14.918181818"
9x   16.854545454"
10x 18.272727272"
11x 20.599999999"
12x 22.472727272"

These are in fact intresting lengths to experiment with if one has made peace with both universal forces of nature.


It would seem that if we work with the Dark nodes on Copper wire, the light nodes become polarized.
One end of the wire will produce a yin feeling and one a yang feeling. One is nurturing and drawing inwards the other is expansive and intense.
If we now cross two of these in opposing polarized mode we have a strong interaction causing the nice female force to become dominant, in figure 8 pattern with male only remaining in a narrow beam out of the center perpendicular to the main female figure 8 surrounding the system. An 8 with a line across the center point.

In Stainless steel, the material itself has both polarites reversing already due to its complex compound structure. We get the cancelling effect with a single wire.
In Stainless steel the balance of polarity is such that the magnetic materials are neutralized by the diamagnetic already, and polarity is cancelled.

Using Iron wire we simply get no polarity from this system. There is no coupling from nucleus to electron shell in iron, it is neutralized internally already.
Iron medium gives us a pure inflow effect with no light at these lengths that I can detect. The difference between the dual copper and the single iron is astounding!

5th density graphic

Consider the above chart I drafted after contact with the Elohim balanced Portal of 5th desnisty. There are multiple paths from 3rd to 4rth density. The only one offering freedom is the central channel. If beings are polarized in 4rth density it is a far lower polarization then in 3rd. Being strongly polarize creates a larger oscillation of lower frequency and makes it harder to raise the frequency.
The more one can overlap opposing polarities and contain both in cooperation the higher the frequency will shoot. The timless central channel is the direct portal to anywhere in creation.