[An in depth view of phasing on Light Rods]

Cutting of a Light rod on a node causes the nuclear vibration side to become amplified, and the Electron vibration side always cancels, or goes to "still point" sensation. This is the only way to "raise a field."

Look close at the node points above, you always cut where the Electron shell is crossing zero. A reflection here will place the electron side into a canceling mode 180 degrees out of phase, no matter if you cut on an even or odd segment count.

Cutting on odd segment counts has proven to be interesting, in that there is now an imbalance in how many nuclear polarity swings there are pulling each direction. Cutting short on odd nodes causes the nuclear side to pull more one direction then the other on space.

Looking close at the Nuclear Light Nodes line you see that these are special in that they are always "peaking" in vibration on the ends of the rods, and on the segments "boundaries." The nuclear vibration side is peaking to max on all the Electron shell still points. This creates a special situation for phasing and phase canceling. Cutting Light rods does not cancel the "nuclear mass vibration", it cancels the "Electron shell vibration" and reinforces the nuclear vibrations.

To cancel the nuclear mass vibration we need to first generate a field with one length and then with a second one channel energy into it such that Electron shell becomes amplified and nuclear vibration is canceled. This is the exact opposite that Light Rods accomplish.

Slim Spurling runs two rods out of phase to accomplish this. If you cut an odd number of segments on two rods and then reverse one rod the energy will now cancel outside and between the two rods. However we discover the EM side is still canceled with this method also. If we desire to bring up the EM side as we cancel the nuclear side we need a different method.

Maximum vibration on the Electron shell level might be achieved if we can cancel the nuclear vibrations inside, using reflection alone, and also reflect the electron side in phase so as to amplify EM type outer world interactions.

These two forces are countering at all times, however time is the issue as they are not in phase but pass vibrational energy back and forth inwards then outwards.

What would happen if we could cause a reflection at the 1/2 segment distance without loosing the resonance of the Light Rod? The nuclear side would now cancel and the electron shell resonance would become additive.

I believe we may be able to accomplish this using a disc and a tube, or inside a Joe Cell by changing our gap distance to fractal length. Cut a tuned tube to resonate itself up using an odd segment length. The tube will now become polarized. We set the tube against a flat Aluminum disc that has diameter cut off at 1/2 segment length on its outer edge distance from tube. A standing voltage node should appear here, with a nuclear still point.

Outer rim or disc should become electric and now feed back into the entire system raising the voltage at every point.

Examine the above wave form again and notice there are places where both waves are moving together, and other places where they are opposing. This changes every 1/2 rod segment. One is rising where the other is dropping and both are on the same polarity side of the zero line.

Nuclear energy couples to Electron shell. Cross coupling is thus possible. One tube nuclear vibration will link to the seconds tubes Electron vibration and also the reverse.

If we set up two tubes, we can expect a cross sum and difference. Inside to outside and outside to inside.

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