Multiple Layered Resonance

[My thinking for the current resonant length experiments. Creating torsion fields using ratio. Exploring wave function based on pi / 2.]

Pi / 2 Ratio
[Pi / 2 triad sets to the 3rd level inwards]

Hold a spherical crystal up to the center of the form above, move the crystal away from the screen slowly to locate its resonant points in layers.
Result for me is intense at 3rd eye on each peak. This is torsion field tunning.
It uses only ratio, and distance, to create coherent vibration.

In the Ratio Document we theorized that there are multiple paths for waves to take through atoms. Previously it was assumed the T field moved straight through space while EM oscillated across it at 90 degrees. In direct experiment with cutting wires and wrapping them on a vibrationally resonant toroidal system, we discovered that this layered system reaches much deeper then only three layers, of what was expected to be M [magnetic wavelength] E [Electric wavelength] and T [Tempic wavelength]. Discovery was that at the 4th and 5th power of this the effect increases tremendously.

A mental model is suggested, having far more spin on spin levels, reaching much further down into matter. Where ever you happen to be in relative size you will perceive three major effects, or TEM, however as you go inwards, these three become generic for the three quadrature forces within your immediate range [postulate]. Vibrational distance becomes the factor and at each level light velocity appears to be altered. Matter is likely stable and self sustaining at every set of three levels moving inwards.

Indeed this may be the fabric of space or the Aether itself as well as matter. Multiple layers of spin on spin. Infinite curl on infinite light velocity.

Light Vibration

If you are not familiar with light vibration the following is review.

Light moves as a circle vibrating forwards and back of its motional direction. It is a longitudinal vibration of space that can be modeled as a wheel rolling along, braking and then accelerating with frequency. It is very thin, and can be polarized to slide through a slit much narrower then its wavelength.
Light is thus a tempic field wave, and not an EM wave as such. Light is not bent by a magnetic field, it is only bent by a gravitational or tempic field.
E field or electric field oscillates at 90 degrees to Tempic field and with the two present creates an electric charge.
M field vibrates at 90 degrees to both and a magnetic field vibrates in all three possible directions of space holding a volume.

[Magnets] M field drops off as a function of inverse distance cubed - it drops off very fast. 
[Capacitors] E field drops as a function of inverse distance squared - not as fast and has a further effective reach then M field 
[Torsion or Tempic Field] T field has a linear drop off and has the greatest reach of all the fields - Joe Cell energy can easily jump a gap of 1/2" to 6" and still feed enough vibration to an engine to lower inertial vibration.This field is known and the "A field" in electronics and physics.

Tempic field concept was introduced by Wilbert Smith in his paper "The New Science" and purported to also be the energy of consciousness or pineal gland function, thus meditators have been into vibrational fields for a very long time but have never had the science to support them until Wilbert came along. Vibration has been considered an art or metaphysical path to date. Seeing the "inner light" was discovered by Tesla to be only raising the frequency to a certain level where pineal function already lies.

Simultaneous Light Path


In the polygon document we show how to calculate two light paths such that energy passing through both will arrive simultaneously, resulting in a physical vibration manifesting on the nucleus of the atoms where the weight is located. The tubes cut using these formulas vibrate up and can be sensed by sensitive people. This is basically light powering.

Perimeter coupling shows one method of coupling the energy, found to exist in the pyramid of Giza. If light energy follows two paths with equal distance, it will begin to oscillate.

The atom having many layers is a complex system of many possible paths. Setting up a simultaneous pulsing of light between two different paths through the atoms is one way to vibrate up and energize matter from the inside outwards.


The DVD disks can be set up to feed one another, as can the toroidal cores using the HEX formula. This vibration once present becomes a source of energy as it is self powering.

The Basic Model

Fractal Addition

We measure a waves velocity as the time it takes to move between two points in space without considering its actual path through space is anything but straight. As all waves are in a state of vibration the peak of the energy is covering more ground then this straight path. The straight path does not exist per say, there is also motion in other directions to be added into the actual velocity, and so our measurement of light velocity is not completely accurate if referenced from the waves peaks and troughs. Because a vibration travels multiple directions it actually covers more ground then the propagation path. Time as we perceive it is based on the rate of vibrations, as is density we find ourselves located in.

Above diagram showing an energy path between two points on a copper wire, covering actual distance of 1/2 a circle, while appearing to move between two points that have 6 atoms bonded into the metal between them.
Formula for 1/2 the perimeter of a circle is 1/2 pi times the diameter.  Diameter or distance times 1/2 pi is the actual distance traveled along the curved paths. This becomes important if the wave carries another frequency component vibrating in another dimension or angular skew riding on top of it.

Electron shell can be thought of as an oscillating wave, but note the energy is not contained within the diameter, but within the electron shell, the sphere. From the outside on any one point the wave will appear to be a normal EM wave moving at c velocity.

If we line up a string of 6 atoms and now start to calculate the actual distance of the waves E field shells, we get 6x times 1/2 pi.
If we now instead take a line 6x longer and add up the same function we get the same distance. 6x times 1/2 pi.
They are identical no matter the frequency we use to calculate the path!
In fact no matter the distance we use to locate the actual distance traveled of the energy bundles between two points the formula is the same as if we calculated it at the atomic level and added up all the atoms lengths.

For this example then Light speed is thus really C times 1/2 pi for energy moving along the energy path.
1.5708 c   Teslas Formula

Now if we add a second layer of vibration to the path of the first wave, pictured at the bottom of the diagram, we get another longer distance of the overall wave from point to point, again by the same factor.
1.5708 squared c, we are now two layers deep on the vibrational shells into the material substance layer of 3rd density.

Light speed perception now becomes rather flexible depending on which frequency wave we place our consciousness upon. 
It seems to be different depending on how deep we go into the pit of adding more wave changes to the energy in motion through space. Light speed is however only perceived as c where the actual velocity of the inner most waves lies far above this. Experiencing curl on curl on curl a great many times. To give this curled up wave a path to come up and out of the matter, all we need do is build a length that will resonate it. Offer it a new straight line path, as an antenna or the curve of a sphere and couple the energy outwards.

From the two wave velocities that Tesla gave us we now have the model for postulating and testing for many others.

Multi layered Light Lengths

Pi / 2 chart - 7 layers deep

 Length              x/2                x/6               x/8               x/12             x/12^2              x/12^3
Multiplier         Fractal          Fractal          Fractal         Fractal
    1 x
    1.5707 x
    2.4674 x      1.2337          .4112           .3084          .2056

    3.8758 x       1.9379          .66460       .6808           .4539          0.03782
    6.0880 x       3.0440         1.0147        .7610           .5073          0.04228            
    9.5631 x       4.7816         1.5939       1.1954          .7969          0.06641

  15.0217 x       7.5109         2.5036       2.0741         1.3827         0.1152              .009602
  23.5960 x      11.7980        3.9327       2.9495         1.9663         0.1639              .013655
  37.0646 x      18.5323        6.1774       4.6331         3.0887         0.2574              .021449

  58.2209 x       29.1104          9.7035      7.2776        4.8517          0.4043            .03369
  91.4532 x       45.7267        15.2422    11.4316        7.6211          0.6351            .05292
143.6543 x       71.8272        23.9424    17.9568      11.9712          0.9976            .08313

225.6516 x
354.4528 x
556.7731 x        

  874.5772 x
1373.7827 x
2157.9328 x                                                                                                              1.2488 x

3389.6729 x                                                                                                              1.961616x
5324.4857 x                                                                                                              3.0813x
8363.6826 x                                                                                                              4.84 x 

For cutting wires and experimenting with coupling energy between them

Wavelength 2  = Wavelength 1 * factor from above chart
Wavelength 2 = Wavelength 1  / factor from above chart
Which formula you choose will determine if you are bringing energy out from inside matter[outflow] or sending it inwards [inflow]


2 meter RF wave
X4 wave = 2 * 3.8758 meters =  7.7516 meters

Polygon Light Speed

If vibration waves actually jump with platonic form the numbers change slightly. Charts for comparison testing.
12x fractal
With polygon propagation of the energy things are somewhat simpler.
FS length = Diameter * sin ( 1/2 the angle)
FS length = Diameter *  .25881

6x FS length = Diameter *  1.55291

X0    0. 64395   M
X1    1               E - our perceptual Light velocity c
X2    1.55291    T

X3    2.41154
X4    3.74491
X5    5.8155

X6    9.0310
X7    14.02441
X8    21.7787

X9    33.8204
X10  52.5203
X11  81.5595

X12  126.654
X13  196.684
X14  305.434

Arranged in density bands of quadrature.
These numbers represent earth fields based on the wheel of 24 present here.
They are ratios of resonance distance between density  layers, and relative light velocity factor on each one.

144x fractal

72x FS length =  Diameter * 1.57067

X2      1.57067
X3      2.46700
X4      3.87486
X5      6.0861
X6      9.559
X7    15.0146
X8     23.5829
X9     37.0411
X10   58.1793
X11   91.380
X12   143.52900

8x fractal

4x FS length = Diameter * 1.5307

This covers the most abundant fractals and one can now see the 144 fractal system is very close to a circle ratio.

Circle                 1.5708
144x polygon     1.57067
12x polygon       1.55291
8x polygon         1.5307

It was discovered the 144 chart is more effective for polygons and finally the pi / 2 chart stands as the superior chart for polygons solved to infinity.

Observable Physics

Observation leads one to the belief that the three fields do not work the same. That is Electric field does not manifest as a polygon, but a sphere. This could well be a polygon in motion, however Teslas link between the first two fields is based on a circle or 1/2 pi and not a polygon. This means the function between density is polygon however at each layer of three it is likely spheres and donuts.

M = Donut
E = Sphere
T = Polygons and nodes on spheres

A new 12x earth fractal table is postulated.

X0     0.6366          M waves   circle
X1     1 c                E waves    circle
X2     1.5707963    T waves    12x polygon

X3      2.43931        M waves  circle
X4      3.83166        E waves
X5      6.01876        T waves




That should be enough for experiment to prove which table will actually couple!

pi / 2 ratio
[3 Triad Levels of Squares]

Experiment has now shown me the nature of density levels. They are likely based on pi / 2 ratios. Any density boundary can be held within 3 resonation frequencies.
Is the pulse felt staring into the center of the above graphic the universal pulse?

Adding Phi pressure

Move the crystal sphere inwards until you feel the pressure outwards. Slowly pull it back to find the inwards pull outside this.
The head can be used as well to sense this reversing pressure effect.

Generating an orbital distance force, and showing that phi misses the stability rings, but generates pressure towards them from both sides.
The effect is created by setting the blue phi ratio, and the red phi ratio to overlap at their pi / 2 stability distance.
Both inflow and outflow meet at the boundary of pi / 2.

These are light wave interactions of distance and ratios based on hemispheres.

The surprise for me, phi is not the function for jumping density levels but is the force that holds things in place, stuck to the boundaries.
Phi has always generated non controlled release of power, it must be balanced to stabilize on one boundary layer to become useful, otherwise it's just down the rabbit hole.

Ratios of a Field Force

Pi Layers

Three layers bound together on a density model. Syncronization is based on simultanious pulse distances.
r is the center ring of the three considered. To the outside lies r * pi/2, to the inside lies r * 2/pi
This pattern can move inwards or outwards infinitly.

Phi Added

Generating a compression layer from both sides using Phi and phi functions.
Make 5 rods off a base resonant vibrational system to feel this effect.
Note the bottom rod is [r3 * phi] length but sets up CCW spin in the outer layer pushing inwards.

To set up a vortex on a spherical crystal use the quartz resonant lengths for r

7X Chart 
Layer           Length
1           80.325 mm
2           25.944 mm
3         100.552 mm
4           32.476 mm
5         125.871 mm
6           40.654 mm
7         157.567 mm
 7       or 13.131 mm

[Pick three layers, and then set up phi from both sides.]