Levitation Math

Due to the work with platonic vibration sensing on the spheres, and finding these patterns in large heavy rocks,
I realized I needed a basic math to relate the inflow and outflow forces, if we could ever comprehend the
relationships necessary for Anti Gravity to be calculable.

Bucky Fuller with Sensing Perceptions added:

At the core of mass sets a vibration having only one frequency
All segments inwards and sideways are identical in length and frequency. 

Vector Equlibrium

The vectorequilibium. [Bucky Fuller] 

Wavelength = c(x) / Frequency

If this lies at the core of all matter its frequency must be very high, and sustained from moment to moment by [Something.] 
"Interdimensional energy robbing [Science]" or "Infinite Source Duality split [Spiritual]" Does it matter?
The given is that it does self sustain. It is recognized in physics and in Spirituality alike.

Mass graphic

"vectorequilibium" [Buckminster Fuller]

"cuboctahedral group relates to the GUT (Grand Unification Theory)." [N. Haramein]

"We all look out and see the universe spining, but where is the reverse spin to interact located? Inside it!
The two conscious forces lie outside and inside. Each have opposing manifold twist." [Dave L]

On this form lies the wall that has been perceived as the "event horizon" or as the meeting place of the God forces "Source" Yin and Yang.
The meeting place of the opposing spin systems underlying the universe.
Energy flows both inwards and outwards but is ever replaced. 

The frequency of this form is its radius and the fractal length of all sides.
Its surface has 8 triangles [black lines]. And it has 6 squares [blue lines] made of 24 segments. 
The same number of segments are used on each and are the same segments overlapping.
From study of segments and sensing them, we know that the triangles will produce canceling spin [expansion], 
and the squares aiding spin [contraction]. This is due to the number of segments, odd or even, and how spin flips between them.


Here is how I sense these, with this form setting in front of me, made of toothpicks and miniature marshmallows.

Hand over Square - increases weight and mass - feels hot, heavy, dragging time slower 

Hand over triangle - lower weight and mass - feels light and cool, accelerating time faster 

We can calculate all the segments as length 2 for convenience, or the quantum vibration length for all matter at the second harmonic.
We calculate the Area of the squares as 4 square quantums.
We calculate the area of the triangles as Square root of 3 square quantums.
Ratio of Outflow to inflow per appearance = 4 / sqrt of 3 = 


Now for the entire package at matters core * 6 /8 = outflow to inflow ratio as a [surface area force, gravity.] 

4 / sqrt 3  * 6 / 8 = 

 3 / sqrt 3 = sqrt 3


Outflow wins by a margin! And gravity sucks!

Party levitation agrees and outflow is the source of gravity. We now even have a math ratio at the distance squared level.



Further if we calculate the volume of the four sided pyramids and the three sided Tetrahedrons 
we get the cubed force ratio of matter which is related to increasing mass as the balls dimensions are changed inside.
Maybe someone can calculate this constant ratio, but suffice to know it is present also as a fixed ratio.

Also the segment length ratio is a constant of 1 /1, as the sum of all triangles legs is equal to the sum of all squares segment lengths, this is 24. 
The number of the directions of the tempic field.

Consciousness meets all boundaries from outside and from within.

On both sides of the wall we have Mass and EM acting oppositely with an increase in segment length.

Inside the sphere we have mass cubing itself, outside gravity squaring itself.
Inside we have magnetic field squaring itself and outside cubing itself.
Between EM and Mass field there is an exchange overlap of one dimension.
From inside to outside mass looses a dimension and EM gains a dimension.
At the boundary mass is converted to gravity, and EM to E field.
The dimension shared, exchanged, or converted, becomes Magnetism [B field] on the outside and Mass on the inside.
It is the ratio or balance of this conversion we are seeking to identify and manipulate.

Further sliding into heavy rocks suggests at the inner boundary of greatest weight, sliding just under the boundary exposes the opposite.
A very high frequency maze of triangle patterns, and extreme bouyancy supporting the weights inwards pull and meeting with an expansive outflow.
The mass field is a radiant interaction of the outer surface of the boundary.
The EM field is a motional field of the tetrahedrons just under the boundary creating polarity as they move out through the squares.

Spin and a Sensing Model

It is not understood exactly why, but it is observed when working with resonant vibrational rods, spin reverses between segments. Whether this is a sine effect of one spin moving to the surface while the other sinks under it, or some other mecanism at work, the feeling is that on a resonant light rod there is a reversal at crossing a node position on the segment. On the node poistions, internal spin is at its maximum vibration, and outer or external spin is at its "still point." The internal spin is the coupling between nuclues where main mass field is located, becoming coherent between atoms and coupling all into a coherent time flow rate mass/gravity field.

If we have a rod that is three nodes long, it will contain two segments. Sensation along the rod will peak at the nodes where mass vibrations are highest. Wire Rods with odd number of segments, looped back to touch ends will Pull inwards, dissapearing from our pineal senses. Rods with even number of segments looped back will become more radiant with outflow.

Traingular vibrational forms with segments cut to resonant lengths feel much different then square ones. On a triangle spin meets at 60 degrees with an odd number of nodes and segments.
On a square, spin meets itself in a supporting loop and becomes more radiant outwards.

Gravity is basically the interaction between objects, of their outflow meeting and setting up attraction back towards both objects from a center point of the mass/gravity fields.
The mass gravity field is sensed comming from the center of a spherical object, and sensed comming from the center of balance of a large rock.
The heavier the rock, the stronger the field, and buried within the field will be found areas where gravity seems lighter or expansive.
These are the triangles getting some interaction out through the system coherently.

Now applied to the spheres and the platonic vibrational forms we only need count segments in each loop and feel.
The manifolds represent what happens as we try to move through space or cover distance.
The one manifold twist is referred to as Outflow, the other is Inflow or Kundilini.
The inflow is nurturing, and brings the sensation of oneness of mankind as well as higher frequency of vibration.
The outflow is harsh and powerful, and brings the consciousness of seperatness of all men, low frequency,
competition between all external forms, and isolating oneself as seperate.

The term "oness of mankind" then can only describe 1/2 the reality.
These manifolds are anchored into the space fabric itself and turn against one another powering everything.
One lies outside and one lies inside and both can be accessed consciously.

Star Tetrahedron

Now the Star Tetrahedron form is built around the vector equlibrium and locked into it also in the stacking of the prime forms of multiplicity.
The star tetrahedron forms in the space between.
This one gives us 3 frequencies, and ability to manipulate and change the balance.

Star Tetrahedron

6 squares

8 triangles

1 radius or diameter 

Triangles however have a different length and are larger, increasing our ability to have more levity [opposing spin area].
Increasing the Tetrahedron vibration amplitude in a sphere should tend to nullify the mass field and produce an EM field.

Star Tetrahedron fractal distance = Sphere Diameter / sqrt of 3 

Tetrahedron leg fractal distance = Star Tetrahedron fractal distance times sqrt of 2 

Tetrahedron leg fractal distance = (Diameter / sqrt of 3) times (sqrt of 2) 

Frequency Ratios

1 to 2       (sqrt of 3 / sqrt of 2)      2 to 1    (sqrt of 2 / sqrt of 3)

2 to 3       (sqrt of 2)                      3 to 2    ( 1 / sqrt of 2)            [This is the RMS value from electronics]

1 to 3        (sqrt of 3)                     3 to 1     (1/ sqrt of 3)

We see from the formulas and frequency ratios, a familiar number pops up from Electronics, when comparing frequencies 2 and 3 together. This may indicate that the Positive charge is vibrant at the Star Tetrahedron frequency and the Electron shell at the Tetrahedron frequency???

We also do not see something we had expected. The ratios do not match any musical scales I am aware of. They do however sound pleasant to the ear, and the ordered structure can be easily felt.

Example for GL length calculation for sound waves:

Placing a sphere on frequency of 394 Hz

788 Hz is radius [stability frequency]

1182 Hz will be [3x of diameter frequency]

Tetrahedron Frequency
1.7320508075688772 / 1.4142135623730951  X   394hz   =   1.224744871391589 X 394  =  482.54947932828605 Hz
Star Tetrahedron Frequency
1.7320508075688772  X   394  =  682.4280181821376 Hz

Play these with an audio program and learn to feel the sensation of the ratios.

Christmas Ornimants, audio sensations:

846 Hz sphere [Diameter Frequency]
1692 Hz 
[Radius Frequency]
2538 Hz  
[Disintegration Frequency]
 [Tetrahedron Frequency]
     [Star Tetrahedron Frequency]

Sphere Frequency Effects

If we hit the sphere with its radius fractal or prime frequency we can expect a return to normal weight ratio for inflow outflow.
If we hit the sphere with the Star Tetrahedron Frequency [3], Blue lines, we see that spin will set up Even numbered jumps and reverse at each one, creating aiding fields.If we hit the sphere with the single Tetrahedron frequency [2], Yellow lines, we see that spin will reverse due to odd number of jumps on all hops. Canceling spin will overlap on every node.

If we hit the sphere with a 3x frequency or 1/3 diameter octave, spin will reverse in each end, odd number of hops.
These are the three systems interacting, which will hold opposing Tetrahedrons as a coherent dual spin systems, as well as create higher density from opposing spin fields.
The two Tetrahedrons will have to spin opposing directions, this is a result of the geometry, number of hops between nodes for each system of equidistant nodes.While one Frequency vibration attempts to hold pulling inwards, the other frequency tends to push it apart, and here we may see the interaction of an atomic shell???

Also intresting to note after much calculation, combining a tetrahedron frequency with a cube frequency appears to results in a star tetrahedron.


David records a fractal resonance from a large Granite rock at 62 cm.
The frequency is triangular and feels light and buoyant.
He later measures nodes along this length at 8 segments.
One segment is thus 7.75 cm = 77.5 mm

20.59 cm is another vibration present on these same 3 nodes on the same rock.
He tells us it feels heavier and bangs his third eye with a strong outflow energy.
This one also has 8 segments. 2.57375 cm each

What is the rocks vector equlibrium, radius, segment fractal length?
What is the rocks star tetrahedron segment fractal length?
What is the tetrahedron segment fractal length?

What are the dimensions of resonant rods that may be used for levitation of the rock?
What are the lengths of segments that would charge up with voltage if placed on a vibrational node of the rock?
Positive charge? Negative charge?

Large Copper Sphere

Copper Sphere
Diameter = 149 mm
164 Hz audio resonance empty
1640 Hz also shows a cube resonance 8 nodes on sphere using Cook Coil.
Hit with a large static arc when reaching for function generators handles, with this frequency present on the copper sphere.
Radius =  74.5 mm
Makes sphere feel strong and vibrant

Filled with sand  - 6 pounds 11 oz

Tetrahedron Fractal =  121.6579905582312 mm

Star Tetrahedron Fractal = 86.02519010925425 mm

3x Diameter Fractal = 49.666666... mm

While none of these lengths seem to be resonant to the background matrix of the earth,
When bringing any of the above rods to a natural nodal position on the Copper sphere filled with sand
there is a vibration that comes up, generated by the spheres mass interacting with the rods length.

Breaking up the heavy pull of the Square

12 - 21 - 2008
Our inner vibrations follow our intentions, they cannot be hidden. A positively oriented person will swing their triangles outwards when interacting with others. This is the link between consciousness and physical vibration.They will greet others with positive conscious alignment. Joe of JC tech speaks of human polarity. If your squares are pointing at others you will become a drag. From the geometry of the inner form of all matter this is manifest as triangle radiance. This form of vibration is uplifting and perceived as the good and the positive force. If you turn your inner vibrations with squares facing outwards,... well build a marshmallow toothpick structure and feel this for yourself. We may perceive this as the negative or heavy on the emotional level.


Picture on left is the normal conscious alignment for interacting with others in a social mode where triangle radiance is maximized in all directions horizontal. Triangles are maximized outwards on the earths surface. Picture on the right is one alignment for opening the Astral tube and interacting with your higher power. With one set of triangles turned upwards you feel lighter, but you have lost one set to interact with others, if approached from the wrong side a meditating person may seem cold, detached, and withdrawn from physical interaction.
There is one other alignment shown at the top of the page where a balance is achieved, but note the squares will always outweigh the triangles overall, we may be perceived as neutral if we are lucky.

Party levitation shows us that conscious alignment is necessary, and that inner vibration will follow it. This is Rain Maker tech 101, when you realize you can manipulate the fields inside a bismuth core using feelings. So what is happening with party levitation? From the emotional experience I would have to say it is a method to break up some of the square patterns into triangle vibrations. How do you cause a square pattern to turn into triangles?


The next picture shows what may be happening. The person in the middle will turn their triangle points at the people around them maximizing joy and uplifting feelings towards each one [Red arrows]. The squares will move top and bottom, heaviness aligned with earth. The four now reach inwards to the center of the square, or top of head, [Blue lines] and establish a new center point vibration. A higher vibration is manifest over the square breaking it into four triangles, and reducing the conscious heaviness, from its center outwards. On the count of 9 the four now transfer the vibration frequency to all the remaining squares on the sides, and the body becomes light as a feather.

This also agrees with another observed effect. Placing a resonant segment at 90 degrees across another will release its pressure, bringing in more levity or light energy and reducing stress.
Propagation [See crossing a bone with a rod]

The feeling from a successful party levitation is so completely uplifting it must be classed as a spiritual experience.
It is probably the result from our natural desire to reflect good towards others, and having four others now reach right into our remaining heaviness and release it for us.
This shows our interconnectedness within the yin and the yang. Also at the very core of our existence in the physical, our total inability to ever be free from both forces.

Add to this the understanding of field coherence, and it is now possible to get a picture of levitation from the scientific perception and the very real physical results.

12 - 21 - 2008
While joining with the large rock today shown above at the beach, two things came in for me. One was a conscious understanding that if and when I levitate the rock, it will be an exceptional experience for both me and for the rock. The rock will receive a second density higher vibration experience and possibly a desire to move to a mobile existence. I will receive an attunement in gravity release mastery. The result of this joining [slide] today led to the realization that levitation is altering the squares, to release for a time the heaviness of perception.
Also that the rock is conscious.

There is a strange magic in levitation, in that the true physical weight is not lost.
The rock on a scale does not change weight, the orientation of the lifter and the lifted is what is altered consciously.
To the lifter the rock becomes light as a feather.


 I cut two resonant lengths and placed over the 6 pound copper sphere at top at 90 degrees to one another.
One is the Star Tetrahedron ratio and one the Tetrahedron ratio.
Place finger on the two pulsing rods for a time and then lift the sphere, it comes up as light as a feather.
This only works if I continue to feel the vibration during the lift, injecting it into the sides.
The two rods crossing the top have replaced the four people, and the counting.
Set it on the scale, it comes back down with full weight to the scale.
I cannot prove this using a scale.
It does not happen until you start the lift.
It is a conscious relativity of some kind involving both lifter and lifted object. It reduces
inertial momentum
and weight during the joinging of the two. Thus it must be involving the mass field.
If the new levity frequency can be transferred back around to all the squares using a device, then possibly
the entire weight can be permanently reduced. This requires getting first an alignment of the spheres nodes
to move square to the top, then locate the four that will appear on the sides and route to center of each the same vibration.

I had one doubter try this tonight also. They were totally amazed that the sphere came up so easy after feeling the rods on top.
The only other device I have run into that alters inertial momentum was the Joe Cell in a moving car.

Further experimenting with these lengths showed it is actually the shorter one,
the Star Tetrahedron that seems to be offering the lightest weight vibration.
Turn the sphere so that the long one is between your hands the weight returns.
Offset this by at least 45 degrees and the lift is much lighter.

Vector Equlibrium

If one knew the segment length of the vector equlibrium then we could determine the base fractal of the universe, at least the local physical universe.
One could then start multiplying it by factors to see what is convienent in our work space range.


All 90 degree functions and relationships must come from the square parts of this structure. This would be the part drawing other objects towards it.
There are 6 squares on the form, and they define the quadrature angles perfectly.
Further a 2x cross placed over it may become the perfect release.
This will synthetically generate a new function  The diagonal from the above diagram.

sqrt of 2

As far as levitating objects, seek out the heavy square fractals and design crosses based on functions of these segment lengths.
These should break up outflow, and reduce gravity attraction. If you view this diagonal length on the vectorequlibrium,
you discover it now defines a new set of squares that are  [sqrt of 2] times larger with 2 times the area,
3 planes, all at 90 degrees intersecting at center of the form.

Coupling Energy

In theory and as we feel in practice, energy can be coupled by alignment of nodes.
We do not know why, but frequencies not related by harmonics can exchange energy across a nodal point.
At the dead center of a node point of mass vibration intense Light is present.
One tempic resonant system can propagate another of  nonresonant harmonics across it.

Experiment could be run to test this, using a sphere of any size set up with its own Star Tetrahedron resonance supported using discs on its surface to vibrate up.
Now one of these nodal points is overlayed with a 925 Hz resonant disc at dead center.
See 925 Hz document for balanced dimensions

Will the various sizes of EM resonant discs now be powered up by the mass of the sphere?
Will this overlay and extraction of energy exchange weight for EM power?

Fullers Suggested Formula Method
          Side                 Radius     Central Angle   Axial Angle       
Tetrahedron     0.6124    109.47°          35.26°      
Octahedron     0.7071    90.00°            45.00°      
Icosahedron     0.9511    63.43°            58.28°      
Cube                0.8660    70.53°            54.76°      
Pentadodeca    1.4012    41.81°            69.04°      
VE             1.0000    60.00°            60.00°
Multiply the desired radius by twice the sine of half the central angle.

Conventional Ratios
Star Tetradedron Side  =  Diameter / sqrt 3
Tetrahedron Side  =  (Diameter/ sqrt 3) * sqrt 2
 Tetradheron side  =  Radius * 1.6329
  Octahedron Side  =  Radius * 1.414227
Icosahedron Side  =  Radius * 1.051414
Cube Side  =  Radius * 1.154734
 VE [Vector Equlibrium] Side  =  Radius

Credits and References

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