Levitation Experiment

11 / 28 / 2008
Levity Length Recorded   ~  166.92 mm     10x fractal

Large Rock Photo

~ 62 cm
~ 20.59 cm
Standing between the large rock and the bank behind is located a point where one feels light.
I noted the vibration and then traced it into the rock,
Surprisingly there were nodes of vibration discovered on all sides of the rock.
Mapping them from all sides leads me to the conclusion
There is a Star Tetrahedron vibrational form coming from the exact center of the mass.
A coherent standing wave from.

Party Levitation: 


Basic Introduction [background]:

5 people gather in a spirit of joy and laughter to experience levitation, as a group consciousness.

Chair is sat with face pointing North.
Person sits on chair, back straight arms crossed in front of chest to opposite shoulders. Works best if person is not leaning back but vertical.

Four people gather around facing inwards towards the central person, in a platonic form, all about equal distance apart in angle [90 degrees]. 

All four place hands lightly on top of the head of the person in the center and begin to count together in a cadence.

On 9 they all drop and position two fingers of  hands held together under knees and shoulders under arms.

On 10 they all lift, and the center person goes up into the air.

If they keep counting and maintain cadence, 11,  12,  13 ....  the person may remain levitated for extended periods.

Depending on the accuracy of the counting cadence, the pure joy focus of all the lifters towards the center person, the person becomes weightless, and time cuts off from the outside world. The sensations can be compared to pure joy and feeling light as a feather. As well a certain stiffness is noted in the body.

My 2nd Experience:

Day after thanksgiving, family dinner, lots of people, so I asked, and they did it again for me. This time when I was in the center, I had my wire and wire cutters, I went right up again, my body stiffened a bit. I cut the rod length of levitation as I came back down, a strong resonance on the wire no doubt. Its been an intense night and all day today playing with this one. The energy is very strong, and full of "Light" of high intensity and high frequency for me.

Person in the middle experiences a crashing inwards of all their outflow field. I noticed I could not sense them at all as a lifter, once their field crashed inwards.

I tried the length in a pitcher of water:

Water seems to disconnect from me with this one. The jug goes dead. The reversal of flow is not normal for life to sustain this vibration I would guess, it seems to draw you inwards to the point of cutting off from everything around you totally. If you are inside you get hit with the energy, if you are outside you get cut off totally and loose connection. This was the same with the crystal, the day it jumped off the RainMaker. It went quiet, and when I reached for it it came up with little effort, then came down hard in my lap, unexpectedly heavy compared to the lift energy. The water jug does not seem lighter however with a single vertical rod in it but it is hard to sense the vibration inside it. It is not radiant.

166.92 mm     10x fractal

83.46 mm is half and makes a good design on the computer for forms like the star tetrahedron. This pierces my third eye so strong I needed to get away from it after a long exposure. This is if I choose to draw it in and resonate it in body parts, as it must move through third eye first.

Audio Tunning:

Noteworthy it resonates almost any audio frequency ending with a 1.  111 hz is the strongest link, I think.

I see the pattern of 10's and 1's in this vibrational form. Here is my list of audio surges that effect the rod:

111, 281, 381, 471, 551, 561, 571, 581,  then I stopped looking for others, and started scratching my head, not just one stronger one anywhere I could locate except maybe 111. It seems to hit them all about the same. 1111 however did not work at all.

I have not been able to duplicate the levitation personally as of yet experimenting with only 4 of these small wire rods, but I am confident it was the vibration present on my body during the lift. The node jumped out at me with a strong indication during the experience and it was the only one that did. I am able to somewhat produce the interesting stiffness in my body but the vibration is too intense to fully explore at this time.

Whether this is a personal vibration, or would work for others is a big question in my mind at present. Party levitation must conform to one of a couple possibilities, it is merely reflecting my vibration back inwards, or there is a unique vibration for reflecting anyones flow back inwards??? A total crashing inwards of the outflow field???

Until we have more wire cutters this will go unanswered for me.

Still it was very exhilarating to once again confirm the effect of levitation is real and almost anyone can do it anytime if a group of 5 are willing, happy, and opened.


Also confirmed the synchronous counting is necessary, if only one person breaks cadence the lift can fail. Knowing this tempic wave resonance effect, bouncing off time on intervals to sustain the wave, it was possible to feel it more strongly also moving backwards, a precognition effect of short duration. I now believe in waves that travel backwards in time! Very hard to comprehend, but sensing it directly leaves little doubt now. I sensed the cadence break of one person just before it happened on the receiving end of the reverse wave in the middle between the counts.

This tells me that in a platonic form all pulses converging must be synchronized together both for pulse "on time" and for "off time," or the resultant convergence will not fully reverse the flow at center. This is why pulsing magnets on a sphere is better then coils with random length wires. If using coils then all the wires will have to be the same length feeding them.

waves diagram

It takes two counts in real time to form a standing tempic wave in space. Between the two counts, waves travel both directions in time across the spread of the event in space. The one event in space requires two events in time to manifest into the reality. Gravity is manifesting within the time parameters having to do with our outflow energy.

In the event where the cadence was lost slightly, it effected both the space event before and after the messed up pulse about where you see it dip below the line in the diagram above. The center persons outflow was able to jump through this in real time and add weight to the body. The weight was very real where the cadence failed "conscious syncronicity" between all four people.

I used the term "conscious syncronicity" here because it broke everyones cadence or pulse rate.

Its hard to express how observing this time phenomena messes with your reality. Slight confusion at realizing I saw the event as "weight" just before the cadence was lost, as two separated conscious events effecting one another simultaneously, yet having the knowledge before it happened. Almost fragments you into two places at once in real time consciously. Like when you are in a jet, and a seagull flies into one of the engines. You know something is happening but during the pulse of the thump you fragment in real time, sensing both before and after, and the event seems stretched out into strange parts not always simultaneous or sequential as normally perceived. We normally become confused for a second or two after such a shock happens, I now see why. We have to ourselves manifest a pulse backwards to make sense of the event as one event. If two birds were sucked in is sequence then we would recover faster.

Well, lots of observations in reflection of this long overdue experiment.

Dave L