Energy From Rings

Energy Rings side view

All tools necessary to make a dual copper ring energizer.

Energy Rings

Measuring device for mm or inches.
Wire cutters - shown with yellow handles
Copper wire - 19 gauge or bigger is good
Something about finger size for wrapping the copper, and something about pop bottle size for the larger ring.

Beat the copper wires out straight using the rubber side of the diagonal pliers shown above. Lay the wire on a flat table and get it as straight as you can for the cutting process. Roll the high side up and then beat it flat. Keep rolling and beating until it rolls fairly well.

Now set the measuring tool and lay the wire across it , mark the wires with a sharp marker pen, and cut them as accurately as you can or until they just slide into the calipers. On the cut you may feel the energy vibration when they are touching the correct place to cut. You need two of the same length to set up the energy system.

Take one of the wires on one end in the finger tips and feel it. Now reverse the wire and feel the other end. Only touch the one end at a time until you can feel the polarity of each end is different.
You must now place the two wires with opposing polarity then tape them. Bend them around the form, and you are done.

If you want smoother and flatter ends, cut the wires a little long and then use a grinder slowly until they vibrate up or until they just fit in the length of the calipers.
An electric drill with small grinding stone will do for this if you have one around. Sharp end cuts with the diagonals can catch on things, or even scratch skin. You could also just touch them with a file but try to make the ends flat and not rounded if you want more accuracy and more power.

7.45 cm fractal

To make the ring I have used the strong gravity fractal and extended it out to the 1111... infinity calculation.
1111...length =    8.12727 cm is the exact calculation. But the caliper above shows you can only get accuracy to 81.27 mm
If using a ruler just do the best you can and try to feel the vibration before cutting. With the cutters touching the wire in the correct place the vibration will come up.

These wires will polarize, one end male, one end female. Make two and place them together in reverse of one another.
This will charge up very powerful over a little time if worn on a finger.
I have worn the copper up to two days at a time for very solid energy flows.

The large ring is cut to 10.3 inches as specified by Slim Spurling, and is also the same energy type, but not as strong as the ring for me. It is based on the lost cubit length, which is a very unique length to work with.

Throat and Shoulder

To activate the Lower Throat and out to the Shoulders make the above ring with this length.

Picture Ring

With this longer length you will get more wraps.
To send this energy straight to your upper chest or wind area, wear on the index finger.
Experiment with lengths near this 6" distance, or 150mm, as this is the Egyptian rod, and creates an area of non duality.
As usual, self regulate doses of this energy, these are very active vibrations.

Pineal Vibrator

Picture Pineal Vibrator

Copper is cut to a Resonant length of your choosing. This one is 68.77 mm.
The bolt a random length threaded rod that slides inside for tunning and radiance.

Iron takes the Copper energy vibration and radiates it outwards, making the field more interactive.
Tunning the nut, by slow turning will allow you to experience a variety of nodal alignments.
You will feel the energy shifting as you slowly turn the nut to adjust where the end of the bolt intersects the copper nodal system.

Picture Pineal Vibrator

The Vibrator can be held in one hand, and tunned with the other hand to peak the energy intensity.
This is one of my favorite little hand vibrators!


A far more intense vibrational device is shown on the left. A polygon resonant 1" copper tube, with a 150 Mhz resonant coil wrapped on the center CW direction.
See the tube devices, for polygon formulas to create these.
The wire coil is ~ 2 Meters and clipped off by about 2mm shorter then 2 meters. It is an EM resonant length, when touched nearly everyone can feel this one.
The Ferrite Toroidal cores on the right are separated from one another using the Hex polygon formula, it so happens to be the height of a stack of 11 pennies for these particular cores, taped together to keep the cores centers at proper distance to vibrate one another up. Touching the ferrite cores is a very good experience.

The coil shown in the center of the toroidals is a T wavelength at 150 Mhz and is the strongest psi device I have ever worked with to date.
3.1416 meters clipped off a few mm shorter and tunned to vibrate up the coil to the left on its EM frequency.

A self resonant copper tube or toroidal core has very strong vibration at very close range, but removing yourself using distance their fields quickly drop off. Touching them is quite an experience, as a meditation device. They are a good choice for sensory devices like these, held in a hand, when you come into a field of a larger device they will increase in energy, so can be used to meter JC or other device applications for intensity and resonance distances.


Many thanks to Martin of c_s_s_p group for introducing the 150 Mhz vibrational information.
For, Polygon formula, toroidal core distancing, tube cutting, many thanks to David Dawson of c_s_s_p group for offering this line of investigation.
Spurling lengths - Slim Spurling
Experiment and documentation - David L