[A simple perceptual concept for experimenters.]

Spacial Relativity

To understand motion and light does not take a degree, one only need observe the results.
There are two concepts one needs to experience, linear motion acceleration, and spin.
The space manifold is a spiral and causes accelerating objects to spin.

A car is more then enough for both concepts to become familiar.
Accelerate the engine and watch it try to spin, the engine will torque on its rubber mounts.
Take off fast in the car and feel the drag of space trying to slow you.

Inertia is a light speed relativity effect, in that as one alters their motion through space, linear dimensions are effected on all our atoms.
What we feel is the shifting of the linear lengths from the spin of space opposing the change of velocity in our atoms.
We feel this as a pull in reverse of the motion, and it is not subtle or theoretical. Space is like a screw and we spin through it.
Since our atoms are moving at near c they are effected more then we realize by small accelerations.


The cube on the left is stationary. The cube on the right shows the effects to our dimensions as we increase velocity towards light velocity.
We become thinner in the direction of motion, and start to expand out in the direction at 90 degrees to motion.
Acceleration forwards seems to be countered by an almost equal reverse "pressure" and it literally compresses us in one dimension.
Our space bends, or, relative to our matter in motion it bends, getting squashed only in one dimension.
This can be studied in Einsteins Relativity.


In order to maintain a normal relative or unaffected geometry we need to compensate in the other two dimensions setting at 90 degrees to motion.
One method is to spin ourselves in this plane of motion, such that now velocity along the other two vectors is equal to forwards motion.
Now we compress equally in all dimensions, and accelerating is less disruptive to our body, reducing inertial effects.


Another effect is to spin only the nucleus of all our atoms where the weight is actually located. This is where the diamagnetic elements come in. ABCH [Aluminum, Bismuth, Copper, Hydrogen]

This might seem like a tremendous jump from complex Einstein formulas to simply driving a car, but they are very much related.
Experiment with torsion devices in moving vehicles can teach the process and effects if one is aware of inertia.

The 7X GL

The copper 7X GL resonant rod is reactive to motion and pulls inwards on its ends in an acceleration.
If aligned properly it seems to lower inertial effects. If aligned wrong it increases them.

Rods placed running across the car side to side tend to lower forwards inertial effects.
Rods placed lengthwise from front to back of car tend to drag adding more resistance to forwards motion.
The effects are a direct function of the quantity, or "mass" of metals in vibration along those lines of motion.

If you want to aid the forwards motion reducing drag to changes of motion, align the rods [up - down]  and [side to side], or on any angle along that spacial plane.
Very simple.

The effectiveness will be a function of how much of the cars mass you can get vibrating and coupled into the rods.
If you want to lower the resistance of the pistons to accelerating up and down, place the rods at 90 degrees to the piston line.

The Disc

The disc is the perfect shape to apply for "inertia countering" or "inertia dampening" motion through space, as it spreads out in only two dimensions with equal lengths from center, and leaves one dimension free for motion through space.


If the disc is a perfect 7X GL fractal, then you will compress all the directions simultaneously. As the 7X is most interactive on its outer segment it should create a bubble of displaced time flowing along with you as you move 90 degrees to the discs surface. This is the basic UFO design, and is very simple, once you have felt how a resonant rod can effect inertia.

The discs sit horizontal while floating over the earth as the acceleration of gravity is the main countering force. As they move through space however they will tip or tilt such that motion is towards either top or bottom of the craft. Free of the earths gravity they would be moving 90 degrees to the disc.


Em Vectors

Our current technology only sees the Electric and Magnetic fields for the most part. Motion is assumed to be a constant response not recognizing the elastic medium of space as compressible.

In all AC in copper wire however, you will discover that motion is always at 90 degrees to both the E field [Electric] and the B field [M Magnetic].
The pressure behind the actual motion, is not the Electric or Magnetic fields, but always found at 90 degrees to both.
Because we have no definition for the motional field in electronics, we tend to believe the power is in the other two fields, and there is no variable in the motional vector.

We multiply them together and believe this is always the power. However at the power station the generators are being turned over by "pressure" of either water or diesel.
This pressure travels down the transmission lines and is delivered to motors at 90 degrees to the E and B fields.
The medium this pressure rides over is the compressible fabric of space itself, and is not as fixed as EM tech teaches us. It is elastic, and thus when we use non sinusoidal wave forms it gives us back things we don't always expect.

Because the phase is rolling on a power line at 60 Hz, when someone gets shocked there are two possibilities. In the one case they get burned by a flow of electrons. In the second case they will be knocked clear with a powerful pressure jolt. The chances of getting either type of shock is about 50/50. The "pressure" is there in the AC power and it uses "vibration" to propagate.These pressure effects are usually released running from the positive voltage towards the negative voltage, and with lightening this becomes apparent. Stand on a positive charged surface with a HV negative DC electrode over you and you will get a burn. Stand on the negative electrode and you will be knocked backwards in the opposite direction of the electron motions. This was probably why they used to believe electricity travels from positive to negative. The punch that moves things is moving the other direction from the electrons.

The current notion that power is lost if voltage and magnetic field disappear is a major roadblock to the radiant energy events we see now being discovered to actually work
There is another way to transfer energy and it may seem to amplify from the matter of the devices themselves when configured correctly. It also appears to be lossless if propagation is through crystalline metals.

Wilbert Smith gave us a name for this third field, T or tempic field, and well defined its parameters. [I have not found any other concepts predating this so believe he should be recognized for what appears to be an original thought for humans, although he credits the Aliens for the original information.]  The kicker is that any "pressure" generates a T field in the space around the object, and T field will move through everything, dropping off at a longer range then Electric or Magnetic field can reach. It is very much related to inertial effects.

If you diagram an atoms electron field, and realize the motional velocity of an electron is .9999......5 light speed, you may realize that in a car moving at 60 mph the electron is now approaching light speed closer on one side of its orbit and dropping lower on the other side. The Proton spin is doing the opposite as it normally spins the other direction. There is a relativistic effect, and this is very probably related to inertia in space, which actually does warp the geometry of the atoms and create internal pressure fields in space.

When we take off accelerating, we experience being pushed back in our seat, and there is a delay until this force releases as the atoms all adjust to the new velocity of spin in space.

Wilbert Smith
Wilbert states we can modulate this field, and with it bend the speed of light within the envelope of the area effected. He also indicates this is how UFO craft operate.
When one cancels the magnetic field by winding a coil in scalar canceling mode the energy is not lost or canceled, it moves into the tempic field and begins altering the light speed constant of space around it. This effect is not very noticeable unless we start to trap it into a circle, tube, or sphere and continue to pump it up, like a basketball. There will be a layer of increased pressure inside. The inside of the atom generates such a field to hold the electron shells on, a field that both repels at one location and attracts at another forming spherical shells at fixed distances. This is the diamagnetic field, and repels both ends of the electrons shells magnetic polls equally.

Bismuth Scalar Coils
Copper is only pressure interactive when the voltage is changing, it is not a good static device for TEM. Changing the duty cycle on a scalar coil will produce small tempic field charges in space you can sense on a bismuth core. To build up a static tempic field we use devices like the Joe Cell where the waters diamagnetic field can store the tempic field charge to a center core surrounded by rings of pressure, or large tube devices of copper and iron layers. Pure "pressure" on the fabric of space. These are standing waves of pressure. Joe cell tube gaps, where the water is located, must fall between about 1/4" to 1/2" or there is a severe drop of the force and the cell may not achieve stage 3.

On the atoms these pressure waves are moving the shell in and out at very high frequency,  most of the time these pressure waves do not build up to a coherent vibration, but in devices like Hamel cones this is the goal. When all the atoms of an Aluminum cone start to vibrate as "one", the energy comes up and out of the materials and vibrates the entire mass at a lower octave. This is the concept of light rods and the study of how to experience this effect by using accurately cut lengths.

In the Joe Cell the water reaches a state where the outside of the atoms can freely move fast enough, that as the diamagnetic field rises from the water it is able to become coherent. The nuclear vibrations connect between all the atoms and the energy comes up into the cell, as a very small voltage with a very powerful vibrating tempic field wave at a very high set of frequencies. Around the cell can be felt these rings of pressure on a lower octave, they are found to be inches apart. The same sort of pressure waves that probably hold the electron shells in orbit and the moon in orbit.

T Field

Tempic field cannot be directly measured on EM meters, it is however "sensed" at pineal gland very naturally. Some use finger tips with a light touch, others can just feel them after a time of working around them. Layers of the field can be palmed or sensed. Cold or hot sensations are common descriptions.

An AV plug can measure them if the field is pulled off center of the zero point or background pressure level of space. A strongly charged large Joe Cell will produce nodes along the tube leaving the top. On these nodes will be an absence of EM noise floor. To each side of this node there will be a standing pin point of EM, approx .01 volt. These electric nodes are stationary, and can be calculated, they are each exactly the same distance from the node.

For the AV plug see the magnetism site, and measuring equipment section.

For study of the EM nodes
925 Hz
Here you can actually generate an electric field on copper rods in water using specific lengths of tubing. This pretty much proves, the length of a resonant rod can effect the natural galvanic voltage of a copper rod in water if precisely cut on an EM node point.

If "field coherence" is a foreign concept you may want to scan these documents:

Spin Coherence
The Field Forces

All three of the fields can become coherent and rise up to become one larger field. Just as magnetic domains all aligned properly can rise a magnetic field to outside the matter, voltage on a wire can also, as can tempic field. The tempic field shape is however a layered field, generating the rings that hold orbital positions. We can learn to raise these type of fields also.

Dave L
c_s_s_p group

Credits and References

Most of my understanding of Wilbert Smith, density of the space fabric, longitudinal Tesla waves, platonic vibrational physics, were the efforts of Dell Coleman, and Andrew Bellon of c_s_s_p group. Much thanks to both of these members, as a complete overview of both Smith and Tesla is probably a prerequisite to understanding what is happening when you start playing with torsion devices.
Without this prepration one may not recognize what they are observing at all.

Warm regard to Tony Geron of c_s_s_p group , his vibrational art forms, and also T shirt patterns have been an incredible inspiration. Reflected Light can in fact produce vibrational fields, and Tonys work is a standing testament to this. I keep waiting for the levitation T shirt..... I have no doubt it will be comming!

Tony Gerons Web Site       Check out the Cafe Press Shops [left of the page] for one of Tonys T Shirts if you want an experience!
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