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1 - A success with idling an engine with injector wires removed.
2 - Also an alternator setup that powers load without drawing current on the Regulator side of the alternator.

Engine Running with Injector wire disconnected

Daniel provided diagrams, pictures and a video, as well a few messages to describe his line of thinking.

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Re: [Joe Cell Free Energy Device] Power supply
Hi Adrian, thanks for asking about this as it gives me the opportunity to explain myself more clearly.

This will also lead me to understand it better myself, as I am also still learning.

I will not go through and answer every question, as that would defeat the purpose of you thinking!

So....In a conventional battery, the power transformers for the home, and the appliances we use, indeed even the huge electric generators that industry use to service our electricity requirements, the polarity is negative earth.

This is what gives us a negative earth current at the termination of the secondary windings after a battery charger or inverter or transformer.

Leedskalnin said that the two magnetic currents had the effect of either building up or taking apart atoms. Negative to take down, positive to build up. One makes fire hot, the other doesn't. Ever seen the blue flame in an open fire? you know, the one right in the middle of the furiously hot fire? Ever been told that the flame is cold? It is what causes rust, and the equal and opposite is how the implosive reactions of material, such as that of Hydrogen and Oxygen recombining, can convert oxides back to their bases and such.

Anyway I digress.

In order to use the polarity of Positive earth, simply reversing the wires from a battery is not enough, as it has been charged using a negative earth power source.

This Negative earth power source is generated using the North poles of magnets. Within the generator itself, the stator core is oriented that way on purpose. By the men who built it. Now remember, there are always opposites to everything. And they are always equal.

So in the negative earth, positive active current flow, the electrons, being of a negative charge, flow down the wire and back to the positive side of the battery. From the source through the load, and back to the source. The alternator gives the higher potential difference so we can add loads to the system.

The alternator is oriented with a North pole core, and generates a S+ current that does the work. Charges flow from the higher to the lower potential, and opposites attract. So by definition, there is also a N- charge on the attracting side of the battery, the positive. By putting a load on this side, it will perform work.

Now, there are always two flows here, opposite directions, one in the wire, the other on the outside, on the wires potential surface. Science has labeled it Electromagnetic current, and told us it is weak and can't really do work. One field is doing the work here. That is the negative earth. N-. The current is flowing to the higher potential positive side of the battery, S+, boosted by the charge from the alternator.

You put this negative to the center of the cell, it is the source of the current and the electrons flow to the outer wall. Where is the larger surface area? At the cell wall.

Now, let's use the other side, the South pole , in the alternator core. This makes the opposite charge flow in the wire. Positive earth. So now we have N+ current coming from the alternator, and it is the higher potential, generated current, and S- as our earth to do work.

In the battery we have positive (S-) and negative (N+) poles. We also have their opposites along with them N+ in the positive and S- in the negative.

Now we are generating a S- current, so it's attracted to the N+ side of the battery. THE NEGATIVE. It has the higher potential difference as it is the generated current. We now have positive earth. Only the flow is reversed, the battery terminals and all else remain the same!

The current will still flow from lower to higher potential.

Now let's hook up the cell with the source at the center. Positive earth, that is, the negative lead from the battery. Now which way is the current flowing? From negative charge to positive charge?. From the higher potential to the lower one, regardless of polarity. So from the S- center to the N+ outside and we split the negative because of the larger surface area, and the alternator provides the potential difference.

Still from the center out, and undetectable from an electrical point of view, except now, instead of the higher potential being on the center tube, it is on the outer wall and the flow is from there to the center, doing the work of charging up this capacitor with the energy of the magnets. The building up side, this field is connected to the surrounding environment, the radiant field.

Now, I think,...

A standing wave of limitless potential is setup within the system. So the system, being designed to provide momentum, does so by it's charge potential interacting with the lower potential of the planetary field, all derived from the magnets of the alternator core, the ones that "build up" as Leedskalnin puts it, and the scalar wave of the car and planet / universe / matter.

Hope this makes a bit more sense now.

Thank you for the question!


Images Provided

Daniels Circuit

Showing the test cell where the three wires connect from the circuit. One note says "insulate regulator from frame," and then the regulator is crossed out in red and seems to be bypassed. A coil is added now. It would appear now in red, the alternator is being regulated by the cell, as well as having its output in the cell.Feedback to regulate the alternator, dirived from the cell.

Vedio of Alternator and Cell

Coil Dimensions
message # 27860

I am working with his note that it measured 12 ohms and 0.4mm and you need lots of wire to get that figure.
His full coil measurements are 48mm long and 34mm wide.



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Hello, Shalom, mozaltof, or G'day!

I am new to this whole forum thing and am still finding my feet, so forgive me if I miss a post or something. Okay, I've been looking at this for a while now and have come to realize it is, more than anything, all about the power supply. Now, a generator will produce current in either polarity, right? What about an alternator? Don't we have to "split the negative??" I have posted videos on youtube as TrodanEnterprises.

You will see the difference there between normal d.c. current and what my alternator setup puts out.

Rob, I have noticed that I cannot reverse the field windings polarity and get a current out of the alternator, even when I reverse the direction of the armature, why not and how might I do this??

I am getting to the end of my tether with this whole planet, and the refusal of people to accept a new way of looking at things, I have tried to get someone, anyone, with money to listen and bring this forward, but I am not having any luck and am simply getting stonewalled.

So I will tell all that I know. Here goes... There are four poles in a battery, N+,N-,S+ and S-. A lead acid battery will have the N pole at the "Negative"(N-), side, and S pole at the "positive"(S+). These are the dominant fields. They run through the conventional engine and alternator. Positive earth. Now, beside these charges, running along with but in the opposite direction, are also the opposites. So negative side has S+ potential and positive has N- potential. It is this N- and S+ that we want.

This is Edward Leedskalnins' work, not mine. I have simply put it all together.

Now, the Center of the cell is conventional negative, right? and the outer-side is positive? This should be N- and S+ current. The plates are arranged so the larger surface area is N- from the positive side of the power source.

Therefore, if we reverse the polarity of the generator or alternator and, instead of running "negative earth" run a positive earth. Generate positrons, not electrons, and "SPLIT THE NEGATIVE" you will find your devices coming alive.

I don't have the money to prove this or even to make a device that will show this, but I have the experience of this field, and what it can do.

I ask you to listen, and try it out, and put my name to it.

Joe X said so, Tesla, Edwin Gray, etc, etc. The power we want for this to work does not come from filling a thing with electrons, but the opposite.

Oh, and don't restrict the voltage, let it set it's own field up within the alternator, or generator for that matter. You will find the "positive" side can than be disconnected. But keep the positive isolated from the rest of the field within the conducting side of the system, the chassis or frame etc. or the field will collapse.

External Doides

Diodes have been assembled outside the Alternator.

Alternator Data

Alternator Cataloge Page

James In massage # 27858

Reversing the polarity of an alternator rotor generates exactly the same amount of voltage in the three-phase stator windings, or at least the voltage is balanced well enough to be called the same. In an alternator rotor there is one slight difference when polarity is reversed. Normally the pulley end of the rotor iron core is of a north pole polarity. This is set by the manufacturers in some cases or it is developed after a few hours of operation with dc passing through the rotor.

This residual magnetism helps the alternator get started producing an output. If the rotor polarity is changed, the new polarity of the core fights the original polarity as far as generating a voltage. Of course with the regulators used today this is not much of a factor.

Daniel didn't rewind his rotor coil, he only reversed the polarity of voltage applied in order to obtain a south pole at the pulley end of the rotor core. I discussed with him about rewinding it, but he didn't.

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