DVD Gravity Effect

Experiment 1     pi/2 Ratio

DVD gaps

1 - 26.262 mm
2 - 39.61 mm
3 - 40.654 mm

[Creates a Tempic field Skew]

Derrived From Quartz Fractal Set

     7X Chart
Layer Length

1      80.325 mm
2      25.944 mm
3      100.552 mm
4      32.476 mm
5      125.871 mm
6     40.654 mm
7     157.567 mm
7     13.131 mm

The above chart was created from a spreadsheet, designed to locate fractal layers using the pi/2 function.
The base quartz crystal vibration length on the top of this chart.
This represents a total of 24 steps or 7 layers of density in 3 dimensions.

13.131 was too small for two nuts to set between two discs so I doubled it. 26.262 mm

Chart Frequency Manipulation

To better understand how this chart manipulates frequency ratios, one must see the two functions applied.

Function 1
Two lengths different by 2/pi or by pi/2 will couple energy [Density = 3 x pi/2]
3 steps of pi/2 will couple energy just fine and vibrate one another up. The two elements if brought together will vibrate one another up of their own mass.

Function 2
Two lengths related by 12x  or 1/12 x will also couple energy [octave]

Using both of these functions one can create sets of distances that will couple across density and across octaves such that the lengths of the resultant sets are very near one another. The mass will still couple vibration to create a coherent T field bubble.
On the chart above as we go from 1 to 7 we are lengthening our pi/2 function,

To compensate then we use a 1/12 x length.
This produces lengths which are closer for a device.

This is a multifunction vibration coupling effect, and generally, the shorter length is the higher frequency, however this can be deceptive at times.
It is possible to end up with two lengths where the longer is the higher frequency, it all depends on how many segments are present.
The purpose of using prime or odd fractal counts in an element, is to cause the frequency to raise by a factor of 12 x over the even number length.
A 12x multiplication will drop the frequency. However an 11x multiplication will maintain the 1x frequency with 11 times the mass in vibration.

pi/2 will create longer lengths, and pull energy out of the atoms core. [Yin]
2/pi will create shorter lengths and push energy into the core of the atoms. [Yang]

One can now see the logic of using a spread sheet.

Palming the lengths in various configurations using SS calipers revealed a possible gravity shift manipulation, between two adjacent lengths from the high end of the chart.

Caliper testing

Note the BB on the left was sensed as feeling heavier, then the BB on the right. The implication is that weight is shifted towards the high frequency filled space. That vibrational wave frequency function determines the density of space.

To further test this implication a DVD experiment was conceived. Goal: vibrate up a larger area of space having a pi/2 ratio shift in frequency along a linear rod.

Discs 1

Note the distance between the discs is set using the calipers above to create two gaps, center to center of mass of the discs. A high frequency gap and a low frequency gap. Now the crystal presence activates the mass vibration in the DVD discs.

DVD line up

Note: any vibrational system can be used I believe. I simply chose to experiment with the quartz crystal vibration stack. The discs could as easily be vibrated up from their own mass as with the last of these experiments, using a polygon formula.

Experimental Observations

The whole area for 15 feet in both directions was warped over time. [A couple days]
A linear shift from the left [compression] to [expansion] on the right was sensed and very notable.

A ~1" diameter lead weight was placed on a postage scale and measured on each side of the rod. A discernible weight difference was observed, about the with of a line on the mechanical scale. This was repeated several times for verification and confidence that a weight shift was actually present.

A linear torsion field warp is also very disorienting to walk through. It feels as if the floor is sloping at the center of this stack. If this is constructed, after the experiment it must be torn back down and a few days for the field to clear completely should be expected.

DVD Type used - Memorex 4X DVD+R

This DVD type is stronger then the CDR discs, its vibration radiance is much stronger.

The concept to be explored here is one of weight shift.
Weight is thrown off into the spacial area, on the side of the higher frequency.
This has direct application to Joe Cells, as well UFO type designs.

Dave L
c_s_s_p group

Experiment 2

24 x System

An extension of the work from several documents.
The 24 x system is well worth the effort to feel and sense. This was taken from study of Leedskalnin's 24x wheel.
The DVD system, can be used, to teach one how linear distances vibrate up, and also to compare different fractal ratios.

24x Vibraton System

Disk Data

Tube Document - Formula

FS = Diameter * (sin (1/2 the polygons angle))
The center of mass polygon form is used as the center of vibration on tubes and on DVDs.

Disc Dimensions - Disk Vibration Experiment

Radius of the DVD vibrational center is 33.705 mm 

FS Calculation  1x

Diameter is 67.41 mm , now apply the formula above with 15 degree angles for a 24 point wheel.

8.798 mm is the segment length for a 24x fractal on the center of the meat of a DVD.

Set the caliper at 8.8 mm and slide a DVD into it, maybe you feel the super high frequency vibration rise off the DVD disc, and hit the third eye center.


13x and 7x Functions

8.798mm fractal multiples

24x = 211.170 mm

13x = 114.384 mm

7x =  61.591 mm

There are the three gaps I am going to set up on my DVD rod.

DVD positions   0    -    61.59   -   114.38   -  211.17  [mm]



These distances are larger then the other DVD experiment.

I loosely placed all four DVDs and all 8 nuts on the rod. A loose DVD will not vibrate up.

I locked tight the first DVD well into the threaded rod, leaving more then 220 mm to play with.

I next locked in the DVD at 211.17 mm and it is very strong! Lights up the whole area between the two that are locked in. Just get this one close and you will be able to tune it nicely. Plenty of gap distance two work between the DVD's.

The 13x and 7x are now locked down, and it feels really nice, compared to the other crystal fractals I was using last time. Not nearly as harsh, and also makes me want to laugh.

Dave L
c_s_s_p group
6 - 9 - 2011