Joe Cell Technology and Components

[Technical Release  8 / 28 / 2009]

"Faith in Mankind - We will one day come together as one, within the frequency range of sanity."


Keely in the 1800's conceptualized and demonstrated that through sympathetic coupling, or octave coupling, he could down shift energy from one of three sources. Etheric, Atomic, and Molecular.
This has been well documented and was witnessed by many individuals.

It is well known in physics that as frequency rises the energy increases. What has never been understood well by EM or electronics technology, is how to tap this higher energy level and get it down to where we can release it without loosing all the power.

X rays have far more energy then Radio waves. However can even one person set up a device to collect X Rays and actually output any useful power. Probably not. So there is a large gap between what physics now teaches us and what reality appears to offer from our technology.

What is not often considered is that the higher frequencies of energy are not really EM waves but are longitudinal waves, and they can not be simply received with little EM antennas for direct conversion. They tend to smack what they hit causing a "vibration" or pass right on through them, often causing damage as they pass through, rather then flowing through as an EM radio wave might or a wave through water. This is the difference between Light and EM waves.

The true danger of cosmic radiation is its longitudinal power. That is a compression in the fabric of the Aether traveling along with the wave, that acts like a little hammer. Vibrating at high velocities both forwards and back along its path as the EM component swings side to side.

EM waves traveling along their magnetic field wave have far less effect to smack you, they flow through you or are absorbed along the surface.  Their energy is modulated in the EM sides of the waves oscillation. They cannot deliver near the power.

Chasing The Power

It should, up front, become obvious that to get enough EM energy through a small copper wire or aluminum tube to assist the RPM of a 120 horsepower engine is impossible. The energy form we are dealing with is without a doubt not normal EM energy, and cannot be described accurately using only current EM formulas such as P = E * I. We must also pull in physics and the higher energy contained in the higher frequency light vibrations. This is not only what the Spiritual sensing people tell us, but what physics also tells us. As an example, here is what we now do with this energy in our current EM technology.

Power Supplies - with a Keely view added

There is more energy in a high frequency wave then in a low frequency wave [Modern Light Physics X ray etc...]. Keely knew this and diagrammed Molecular, Atomic, Etheric, as the three higher sources of energy.  

Sine Waves

In a basic DC power supply using common engineering practices what do we do with the high frequency components of the wave?
Beautiful sine wave hits bridge rectifier. Pulsating DC comes out having very sharp spikes shooting to ground between the pulses. Tremendously high frequency components generated in the composite wave, where sharp transitioning turns of the wave are happening.

In a square wave, there is a formula to tell us how many and which high frequency components there are in the wave. Energy of a square wave is up shifted in frequency tremendously. The sharper we square the wave, the more energy of the system is shifted upwards in frequency.

Next we run this beautiful pulsating DC with HF[ high frequency] components into a filter capacitor to smooth it out to a nice level DC. Very pure without any "ripple" we believe we have succeeded at transferring power efficiently. This capacitor stage of operation has one objective, to short out the ripple energy. The side effect is that now as we draw current from this power supply the ripple shoots upwards and the supply itself starts eating up our energy.
Keely would probably roll over in his grave! Tesla would only shake his head and state, I tried to tell you that 100 years ago, but you wanted "metered" power.

That pretty much explains the current negative entropy application in our technology for power supplies as all other supplies only add more of the same to this model. More switching, and more filtering.  Eat the power up front, supply whats left over to the load. Generate as much heat as possible in the components. The real energy has been shorted out to ground right up front, at the first stage of our standard electronics.

This is what we all, already, have access to as information today!

Many Joe Cell power supplies seem to be missing the output filter capacitors, but are diode rich. This is not from bad design!

Experiments with AC

Here is an unusual experiment I witnessed using such a design. The output diodes cause a frequency shift in the upwards direction that can do many intresting things if mixed properly.



The use of diodes with Joe Cells goes back a considerable length of time now. Public domain records on the JCFED site indicate these were shared publicly and have been experimented with for some time now. They have been shown both connected to the cells directly and also used within the power supplies feeding the systems. I will attempt to give a description of what they actually are achieving and why this is necessary.

When a diode switches under voltage and current transition it generates very high frequency hash. In power supplies this high frequency hash is normally shorted out to ground with a filter capacitor across the load. The energy in the high frequency wave form is thus turned into heat in a normal power supply we are familiar with. As the supply draws a load the ripple increases and this is shorted directly to ground by the output filter. It becomes wasted energy. There is much more energy in a high frequency wave then in a low frequency wave, if you have a means to release it properly.

Diodes convert low frequency to high frequency band spreads that are wasted energy. During switching transitions they are up converters. This is considered a bad side effect in normal EM engineering practices for power applications.
From the c_s_s_p archive

"Source of fast transitions where current turns on and off near one critical voltage. Source of the up shift of frequency in the composite wave form. 
Diodes also happened to do this up shift using only the longitudinal wave, and why both I and others have had the most sacred Spiritual experience while playing with them.
We can title this human interaction as [Euphoria Syndrome, or God Loves me Syndrome if you will.] They do turn on the pineal very actively for exploration into the higher vibratory realms, but would do this even for any serious meditator."

Diodes can be powered with either EM or with longitudinal waves directly and will cause up shift of frequency either in an EM circuit under load, or across a torsion device without measurable EM present. In strong torsion devices like the 44.5' coils they can cause mild pain as well.


The pineal report from the archives

"The down side and back to earth, the capacitor in every case lowers the Light. Down shifting.
In series with the diode - the Capacitor "theoretically" passes it, but this is a deception - in practice the larger the capacitor the more is lost to "absorption."
In parallel with the diode - the capacitor is by design a short circuit and converts the light into heat! "

The Cockcroft Walton Circuit, is composed of diodes and capacitors. The diodes are switching all through the output wave, any time you load the circuit.
With a complex waveform much of the energy is in the high frequency components. Where ever a wave turns sharply it still contains the high frequency ac component energy.
Filtering it out now using filter capacitors will simply short out the energy and you will loose it in heat.
If you stack voltage doublers higher then 4 you will not get out any current. Power is equal to voltage times current so you will loose the power. Doublers generate much higher frequencies due to the diode switching, this creates massive ripple, and massive losses.


Capacitors - In series with diode - pass this HF energy but slightly absorb it, larger capacitor absorbs more, smaller capacitor less.

In parallel with diode - shorts out the HF component and kills it.

It is the high frequency component that charges the water and the oil in this system. When the high frequency splatter from switching circuits happens to match the oils molecular resonance frequency band, the oil begins to absorb it directly. This is one of the windows into the engine.

Lamp Dimmers

We were experimenting with lamp dimmers about a year ago, as a Floyd Sweet type addition to Joe Cell Power supplies, and learned that as semiconductor devices they do what diodes do with a twist.
You can now use them to effect what band the HF lands in and move it around.

From the archives
"The dimmer does a strange thing with a beautiful sine wave. As the AC comes in smoothly changing, we now pick one angle along the wave and either slam it on or slam it off. Result resembles a square wave, just full of high frequency complex composite waves. "Spread spectrum" up conversion of frequency across a band of high frequencies.
The better and faster the components of triac diac and diodes, the higher the frequencies shoot.
It is probably the angle of the wave where we clip it that determines where this exact band of frequencies will land.
The steeper the wave shift the higher the frequency rises in the conversion.
Dimmers allow tuning of the output splatter frequency, and do this to the "longitudinal wave" whether voltage is present or not."

The main difference between diodes and lamp dimmers, is that current can be far higher when switching happens. Stronger T waves may be produced. Where diodes switch around 1 volt, lamp dimmers can be triggered to switch nearly at peak voltage or currents.

Dimmers work like adjustable diodes, and allow one to control where the HF splatter frequencies land in the spectrum.
The angle of incidence with the incoming wave determines where the HF will land.
They can be used in normal EM circuits under load, or directly on Joe Cells without EM power flowing. They up shift and tune the output frequency band.


Conventional view - Ripple frequency is too high to bother with.
Actual reality - Ripple frequencies are shooting skywards, and more intensely with load applied to the circuits, as diodes now switch higher currents and bandwidth splatter increases shifting frequency higher everywhere diodes are in transition.

From the archive
"Loading the electrical system increases current, and boosts the energy lost to high frequency splatter. In "our" search it is energy gained not lost.
Tapping the alternator post is slightly higher then tapping the battery directly and there is a little gain. [This is like trying to separate heaven into layers and pretend there are better places up there.] Alternator is the source of the greatest powering frequency component under the hood, very likely. A constant stream of source power, where the HV spark is only a short blip in comparison.

The longitudinal wave from the alternator is lower then from a Joe Cell and can only jump gaps of 1/8" to 1/4" with any level of power to effect the engine. The Joe Cell in blind plug mode can easily jump probably 6".

"While the HV leads do supply higher EM voltages the effects have acted negatively to support vibrational engine performance. The HV leads tend to disturb the smooth flow of energy in all the torsion devices and all the diode wire routing systems that have been tried to date. Stay away from them. They add chaos, and losses to the HF feedback looping."

The Alternator is the highest energy source for HF under the hood of a car, because it supplies more pulses per second then any other device present under a power loaded condition.
It is this "constant stream" that seems to have more power assist energy capability to the engine vibrations.

High Frequency Feedback Loop

An astounding principle noted that if we set up a JC on dimensions around or just under the piston stroke length we now feedback a "piston vibration frequency set" that can more strongly vibrate up the tubes. The tubes now feed this energy back into the engine water or oil and the loop is closed. This tends to feed the Joe Cell more vibration, and the the Cell then feeds the water and oil boosted levels of energy at the proper times.

This unusual synchronization was surprisingly not found in the HV spark plug wires as expected.

Down shift of Energy

Keely - We have seen from the above presentation, there is no good way to use diodes and capacitors to down shift energy from the [high energy - high frequency] levels of our devices to the low frequencies we need for smooth powering applications. The two together up shift and then short the energy out.

Solutions - octave coupling to 12x fractals, with 111 boosting where needed. This probably works with EM as with vibration I believe.
Resonant circuits - built on octave coupling principles, where no filtering is used to destroy the HF components. Any caps must be resonant with coils at the proper frequency for the down shift. 12x, 6x, 7x, 9x,,, etc...... [Don't destroy the energy that is sent to you by God!]

Perceptual Note:

Blue Light
There is, one configuration of diodes that is exceptionally powerful for up shifting frequency. Two diodes across the battery in reversed bias mode, connected in series. At the intersection between them was the purest Blue Light energy I have ever seen from a device. In meditation circles this is referred to as the mental plane blue light, it is experientially the same and possibly why meditators are having experiences with these devices.

This is what I referred to as mixing. It seems the better both longitudinal waves are balanced the higher the frequency shoots.

Archive Post


"The energy is the same experienced in initiations, and meditative circles, and feels rather sacred,...... and it is.
I call this technique "mixing."
Keely would be proud, I have no doubt. However the people locked into only one Polarized Spiritual path may become rather confused, disoriented, or enraged at discovering that both I, Tesla, or the UFO occupants can indeed induce Spiritual Euphoria for them with a device of technical operation, as simple as a couple HF fast rise time diodes attached across their own car battery with the engine running at the correct RPM and a single wire coming from the center point between them.

Last place a Spiritually Polarized person wants to look for God is under the hood of a car [ in the dirty places]. However I assure you that Gods Light and Love is also present in the depths of  ****  for any there to access at any time if they simply choose it. For even one piece of matter to exist there are the two forces dancing in never ending vibration. The Spiritually Polarized person sees only the one side while swimming within the other and yet generally trying to ignore it. The darkness [Aether].

With in this light I have come to experience, that it will manifest in any form of mind we have programmed and sincerely believe. It is not found in the model we impose over it, but in the sincerity of seeking the truth with Love intention directed back towards it. It then flows back over us and can be extended outwards to others. Extend you Love into the Light above, extend your Love into the Dark below, you cannot live without both healthy and active.

The closer we get the two flows to balanced, from the diode manipulation of lengths and crossing point, the higher the frequency of this light shoots up. If there is a neutral center, it is not what we think it is."

Possible Joe Cell Solutions

It may become rather obvious to any who have followed and comprehended this path, the solution is to deliver the proper bands of "spread spectrum" noise to the engine. Water and Oil have a range of absorption vibrations we may  target and hit with the splatter. Piston and air chamber vibrations are also a target. We must do this at all engine RPMS. Trick is that it is the longitudinal wave [fun light wave component stuff] delivering the actual energy and not the EM wave. [Don't get sidetracked and loose the power.]

A series of tuned stages could emulate a JC tube design.

A broad band signal having at least three component square waves mixed, drawing a constant load is an option. Noise circuit.

A set of diodes crossing the - and + mix. To provide a constant range across engine RPM ranges at ultra high frequencies. [Bliss mobile times 24x.]

Where have we seen this mixing used before? Water fracturing toroidal coils right?

Oil parameters change with engine stress, alternator load changes constantly with RPM and electric loading. Water also changes.
We just need to make enough HF hash to feed it all. Best guess.

This is the same design I came up with for measuring nodes, and where ever a vibrational node pops up it will eat its fill, the EM will go dead and the torsion field will rise to record levels. [Like feeding pigs, or the geese, they may get picky at times but will clean the plates up over time and just eat it all.]

TF energy eats EM. We all knew that already too!

Spread Spectrum Schemes

Best choice -

Fibonacci series of numbers [1,2,3,5,8,13] to generate a tremendous set of sums across a wide band spread, each one holding a strong longitudinal powering component and available for transfer of HF energy to the water or oil systems.

This may consist of either Cell tube sets, or actual EM generators under constant load conditions at high frequencies.

Another Choice -

1.618 will generate a nearly infinite spread spectrum of outputs.
If used in a harmonic octave on the 3rd and 6th as Keely describes may become very powerful .
Cutting phi rods has also shown they can assist spin in either direction by using proper design.

Notch Filters

Whatever frequency device you come up with, it will be necessary to identify where the specific Engine coupling bands lie and when [Engine RPM].

It is possible to craft vibration cancelers by using tubes on odd segment lengths such as 3x and 7x etc, to absorb specific frequencies and cancel them.
It is not likely one can filter the longitudinal waves in any other method then this however.

If generating the spectrum with a broad band device, into say scalar coils or a toroidal transformer, using an EM filter will obviously shift its Power Factor and may damage the power of the signal, reducing overall ability to charge the engine. Filtering systems containing large numbers of capacitors will probably have a negative effect on all the energy throughput.

The way vibration couples is on octaves. You can hit your window of frequency in many ways, however the closer you get the stronger will be the results.
Calculating piston sized tube segments should prove interesting in locating one frequency set available.

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