Over the years as I opened to many new frequencies of vibration, in my scientific pursuits, I have discovered and channeled information unique to that level of communication.
It should be noted that from the center of each of the Octaves of Vibration the channeling will perceive things differently.
Within some levels of vibration, conflict and polarity are strongly encountered, and on others there is only harmony state.
The process is summed up finally in the "The Path of Descension" Article, or where Ascension tops out.

The following were removed from the technical site, but are now shared publicly to show there is a strong interaction for the culture and the individual if this vibration technology is used responsibly.
Looking back I now see some of these in a humorous light, but at the time all were genuine reactions to the vibration levels I was working from.

The most interesting one is given first, where my higher self makes many claims to me personally of the nature of this universe as a finite structure of creation.

Leaving This World


[A method of Attunement between Equals]

Financial Security

[Nothing you will find in an infomercial for The Secret.]

The Heart Light

[A fourth density light bulb]

A New Perception

[We are the Light - Child Level Introduction to the Perception and Control Fabrics]


[Introducing the benefits of using Ratio of two frequencies.]

The Calling

[A somewhat frustrated realization that descension is the next step, after the healing is done.]

Advanced Priorities

[A channeling from the advanced cultures]


[A look at the Hierarchy System Humans detest.]

Patents for Free Energy Devices

[Forget it!]

Kosols Hitler Joke

[A different view of the Fuhrer]

As Related To Earth Time

[A harmonic system of fractals derived from counting time with a 12x base - Derivation of the "new earth second" for vibrational calculations]

The path of Descension

[Understanding what happens and when, where ascension tops out.]

Pulsing and Mixing

[Comments on unbalanced coils]

The Relativity of pi over 2

[Geometry showing how an observer on the ground perceives the energy level of a tire on a passing car with respect to the driver of the car, giving some new ratios to be explored.]

A time flow rate Indicator for 3rd Octave synchronization

[If you are in a density ship, how can you tell if your time flow rate matches the earth, short of looking outside to see if the people are moving slower or faster then you are?]

The Void

This document contains the most dangerous fractal system I have ever measured. It was documented in the work of Slim Spurling and should not be used without comprehension.