AFH  - Aluminum Foil Hemispheres

12 - 14 - 2008
Kosol core Tech
Phase one of this experiment is to become adept at working with the conscious qualities of this energy around a spherical mass.
This is the least expensive spherical project I have done to date, and one of the most profound.

The Sphere is probably the most useful of the platonic forms.
It's ability to make a home for almost any frequency is truly amazing.
This is shown with the simplest of devices, and yet a very powerful one.
Torsion or vibrational fields produced by the spherical layering of Aluminum foil
and Glad plastic wrap can be an addictive experience for the sensitive builder!
If you are not intrested in purchase of a Quartz crystal ball consider this project.


The system above has only three layers of hemispheres and uses both 90 degree and 45 degree angles.
Resonant rods will couple into the center node of a hemisphere and amplify its vibration.
Also resonant wires can be formed into circles and glued to hemisphere halves to impart the frequency perminently.
Kosol uses hair as well to place a frequency imprint.



[I have chosen to work with cheap materials for my first hemsiphere device trial.]
Sand from the beach - washed and dried fully - cavity resonant structure
Plastic Christmas Ornaments - 3.1" or 79 mm diameter
Heavy gauge Aluminum foil
Glad press and seal
Sheet rock knife
Hot glue gun
Duct tape

Sequence 1

The sphere is cut at the top [sheet rock razor knife] with a large enough hole to fill it easily with the sand from my sand bucket and sealed with a piece of strong duct tape.
Shake vigorously back and forth to get all the air bubbles out and fill fully before taping.
Now the first layer of glad press and seal is added for a sure dielectric layer.
I have chosen to come as close to one layer as possible and most all excess is carefully trimmed away.
I want a constant known thickness between all my foil layers if possible.

Hemispheres are 4 layers of Aluminum thick. This is done by folding the foil sheets into 1/4 sections of what is rolled off.
Bend the foil into a hemisphere over the ball. I folded creases from the corners outwards and then rolled them all the same direction over the ball.
Finally work them flat to the ball, then mark with a felt pen to leave a good size gap at the equator.
Slightly spread the foil remove it from the ball and then cut it with the scissors.
Fit the hemispheres using a good dab of hot glue at the center inside and hold till it cools.
Run a bead of glue around the edges and hold firmly util it dries hard to the sphere.
Work out the creases to get as flat and smooth a hemisphere as possible.

Foil Layering

Now lay the next layer of press and seal, one layer to the equator stuck to itself at the edges and cut as close as possible.
This will leave a small bump in the hole between the foil already under it.
Be sure no foil is left uncovered or you will get a short circuit between layers.

Layering Patterns


Shown above on my third Hemisphere pictured left, I realized there are multipe ways to lay the fourth layer that will provide different results.
Pictured on the right I am probing the two layer ball for all its torsion nodes and realized mine has 8 on the wheel of 24.
This means the device is a torsion active form and already is producing vibrations that are resonant on the spheres with only the first two layers at 90 degrees.
I discovered that I can align it with the earth also and it will flare up on the 24 directions.
I carefully marked the nodes to ponder the next layering angles.


I ran tests on the hemisphere at two layers and discovered it has specific vibrational resonance below 3000 Hz that are very strong.
This is an old RainMaker base with scalar coil inside for vibrating up the sphere.
A very strong fractal at 846 Hz was present after the third layer.

In phase two I will experiment with the 4rth layer angles and attempting to generate voltages and electric currents.
For a time however I need to fully "feel" the vibrations capabilities from the system at 3 layers.
They are very intense and providing some intense visuals, as well esctatic energy.

Dave L
Kosol Core Tech