Earth Grid 13x

Earth Node Ruller

It's Everywhere

After many years of chasing earth nodes on 16 foot centers, I was amazed to find this very small grid will activate anywhere on the surface of the earth. The measurement can be verified using a caliper over any earth node you have located. Unit above was made of  number 10 bare copper wire, then marked with a thin point magic marker. It may be used to align projects that need to couple energy from the earth background field, without having to run a ground wire.

13x is Unique

The uniqueness of the 13x grid is that it distributes the energy along the wire everywhere, and each segment flips between inflow or outflow. For example a 7x segment length will push intense energy towards one end of a resonant cut wire, a 5x will compress towards the center as will a 3x. On a 13x each and every segment seems to be just as strong so makes this the perfect form to cover a small grid.

wave diagram

The earth grids are very specifically located, and slice the planet up into very distinct patterns of vibration. If you align the wire above perfectly North South, or East West, you touch one of the segments on it's center, and now slide the wire around to locate the maximum vibrational location on the earth grid. You will discover that every other segment flips the field from Inflow to Outflow. Place two finger on segments next to one another, you can sense this directly. Now slide the wire 3.375 cm one direction and feel all the segments flip polarity.

Both inflow and outflow are present everywhere on the earths surface, and this cubical grid also works in the vertical alignment as well. For this you will slide it slowly up and down to find the center peak also. This gives us a way to couple into the background vibrational field of the earth, and can be used at the bottom of a project to accurately position it on the earth surface to pull out this energy form. If you now move the wire along the earth, each segment will start to flip and generate a frequency along the wire. This is fun to feel in a hand, as you move the wire quickly towards one of it's ends. Were you aware that our bodies are being surrounded by this vibrational grid, offering both inflow and outflow variation within 3.375 cm to all parts of our bodies as we move around on the earth. Just going for a walk is going to vibrate you up!

Work with this vibration for a while and your sensitivity to the earth will increase tremendously. This project offers a very good way to begin the experience of tunning vibration for a peak level.

Technical Data

1x segment length      3.375 cm
4x segment length    13.5 cm       [Used in Earth Node Location Detection]
13x segment length  43.875 cm

The wire must be ground on the ends down to as accurate as you are capable of measuring.
Where you hit this right on, the copper wire will feel electric and may numb your hand, especially while in motion.


This is the first grid combination I have located where a torsion field can be flipped on one wire segment from motion.
It is unknown if this system in motion will generate EM. It does produce TF flipping on the wire, which we would compare to an "A" field.
Further testing should be done.

This grid is also the first cubical or square grid I have personally identified on the earth.
It is unknown how this grid can fit into the sphere of the earths surface.
Since the pattern is the result of a platonic form vibration, I believe the segment size will remain constant over the entire surface of the earth.

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