111 and Fractals

111 Rod Graphic

Showing the addition of a 12x segment [gray], a 1x segment [violet], and a 1/12x segment [blue] to produce a far greater intensity tempic field vibration over the entire mass of the rod.

The interaction of even segment numbered fractals [12x] has always been noteworthy when cutting a single segment [1x] off a larger Octave. The new smaller segment immediately develops a new fractal set on it at the next higher frequency multiple[1/12x]. This does not happen when cutting off multiple segments [2x]. This is the key to the magic of 111 and amplification of the vibrational field.

Even and Odd Fractals

Even Odd Graphic

It is noteworthy that early on we discovered cutting resonant vibrational segments of even length sets, interacts differently then cutting odd numbered sets and looping them back on themselves.
While a square seems to increase and support its own vibrational resonance, a triangle seems to cancel its outwards vibration. As energy crosses a nodal position, the sense is that there is some kind of a reversal of phasing. To increase the radiance of a resonant tube length we cut it on even numbered segment lengths and far more vibrational energy comes outwards.

Rod Graphic

The exception to this rule is where we cut only one segment, an odd number, and now we have a full set of the next higher frequency pop out in full radiance at the next higher frequency, an even number in this case.1 is the exception to the rule for increasing energy by harmonic multiples. Cutting off two in the diagram above only produces 3 nodes and two segments. Cutting off one produces 13 nodes and 12 segments.

Conscious Time

The only thing consciousness has to gauge time relative to something else, is the number of events that can happen in a given clock or EM frequency pulsing system.
Consciousness is anchored in the Tempic field, and not in the EM fields. Our consciousness seems to grab the loudest fractal and use this to gauge time flow rate. Atoms as well seem anchored in this tempic field pulsing system.

As we increase the Tempic field vibrational fractal resonance, time accordingly accelerates for the person within the field. This is because far more exchanges of information can happen between the pulses of tempic vibration. Thus consciousness is not limited by the EM frequencies around us, but by the tempic vibrations setting inside. Where the next higher fractal becomes stronger then the one that is dominant, time accelerates to a higher multiple. This is a conscious process but also involves mass and vibration rates of the background field.

The Magic of 111

Now moving downwards in size with fractals, cut them off at 1 segment lengths, what do we discover?
As we take a 12 x fractal resonance system using say salt crystals [ 32.55 mm] , and cut off one segment [2.7125 mm], we now get the next 1/12x frequency popping out of this smaller segment [.22604167 mm on 12 segments].

This is an even multiple of the prime length and so frequency increases, however mass has decreased, so any torsional gains in frequency are now lost by having less mass in motion.
A 12 x fractal cut to 1/12 length increases frequency by 12 x and looses mass by 12 x and this equals unity, or nothing. We start with 13 nodes and 12 segments and end with 13 nodes and 12 segments.

Now what happens if we instead simply lengthen the 12x segment by 1x more? This is the sum or 10 + 1 = 11 pattern added to the fractal system.
We now have 13x at the original resonance and this will cause a canceling of the radiant energy at the prime frequency because 13 is an odd number, but what happens on the next higher fractal?

13 segments times 12x [the next higher frequency harmonic of the system] =  156 segments now vibrating at 12x the frequency! These smaller nodes actually do pop out on the whole length of the sum of 11 [base12]. We have gained 156 times the radiant energy output for the system, simply by adding one more single resonant segment.We now have 156 segments and 157 nodes all radiant!
If we had added instead 2 segments, the frequency would not have jumped, because 14 is an even multiple on the base frequency fractal length, and it would not cancel. We would still only have 14 segments and not 14 x 12 segments.

With the addition of only "ones" we get a massive growth of the fractal segments and the number of nodes in the system increases exponentially.
This continues to as small as one could manage measuring the lengths shorter and adding them to the rod length. 1111.......

Manipulation of Tempic Field

 There are two effects that need to be fully recognized to understand how cutting the 111 fractal lengths can effect the time flow rate of a system on the boundary.

Adding 111

When we use the number 1 here it represents any fractal system. It could have a natural segment octave of 5, 6, 8, 12 etc... The Octaves natural segment size are recognized only by cutting and counting nodes. Where the frequency jumps to smaller nodes, simply count them and this is the natural nodal segment count for the vibration system you are working with.
The 1 in each position above now represents one full Octave at that length, so 111 is three Octaves. It could be a base 12, base 8, or even base 5 counting system.

When sliding into the boundary consciously it is discovered that increasing the rod length using a summing of 111... causes an AntiGravity or levity effect and accelerates conscious time flow rates.

Subtracting 111

When sliding into the boundary consciously along its closer or heavy side, it is discovered that decreasing the rod length by subtracting sets of 111... causes a Gravity effect and slows the conscious time flow rate.

These two effects pull on the boundary in opposing vectors. The one will feel strong and powerful the other will feel enlightening and light.

Applications of 1111... to Fractals

Now that we have the secret to 1111, indications are that on a UFO sized craft we may be able to get at least 4 magnitudes of 12x, that is 1111 quite easily.
Greater accuracy on the engine may also be possible, however working far below .001" may be difficult for ordinary people.

Gravity Fractal - Earth to Moon

This is the dimension of my strongest Joe Cell tubes, they are a 2x fractal of the 7.45 and are continually charged by the earths field.
10.728 m
89.4 cm
7.45 cm  [12x fractal]
.62083333 cm
.05173611 cm

We need to span at least 4 of these to master the art of 1111

Sum - Levity Length

89.4 + 7.45 + .62083333 + .05173611 cm = 97.5225694441 cm
Now to be sure we get the smallest resonance on the system we must be within .0517 cm on the smallest fractal.
This is .517 mm ~ .52 mm last segment .001 mm accuracy should be enough for a 97.5 cm piece.
97.5225694441 cm rounded to
97.5225 to 97.5226 cm

This is pretty high accuracy for such a long piece but will give us our 1111 value fractal resonance.

Difference - Gravity Length

89.4 - 7.45 - .62083333 - .05173611 cm =  81.2774305589 cm
Accuracy .001 mm
81.2774 to 81.2775 cm

Now getting these two rods together might be quite an experience.
Ideally we would like to set the longer one inside the shorter one and watch them press on one another!
However to reverse nature we may want to place the shorter one inside the longer one to compare.
Will these lengths effect water placed inside them?

Maximum Intensity  1111 Formulas

Obviously the more places we carry out the calcultaion the higher frequency we may achieve, and the more energy nodes will pop up. These formulas are for a faster calculation to 5 octaves or more. Just take your largest full length fractal and multiply by the factor.

12x fractals

(12)x + (1)x + (1/12)x + (1/144)x .............infinity

x = largest fractal size, divide by 12 each time, 5 times for 11111

x (1 +1/12 + 1/144 + 1/1728 + 1/20736)

x (20736 + 1728 + 144 + 12 +1)/20736

x (22621/20736)

x (1.090904)

12x fractals - factor is 1.09090

More accuracy

x (248832 +20736 + 1728 + 144 + 12 +1)/248832


Accuracy 6 octaves

I believe it is approaching 1.090909090909....


8x fractals


x (1 +1/8 + 1/64 + 1/512 + 1/4096 + 1/32768 )

x ( 32768 + 4096 + 512 + 64 + 8 +1)/32768

x (37449/32768)

x (1.14285278)

8x fractals - factor is 1.14285278

More accuracy

x ( 2097152 + 262144 +32768 + 4096 + 512 + 64 + 8 +1)/2097152)

2396745/2097152 = 1.1428570747

Accuracy 11111111
8 octaves.

6x Fractals


x (279936 +  46656  + 7776 + 1296 + 216 + 36 + 6 +1) / 279936

Accuracy 11111111    8 Octaves
I believe we are approaching 1.2


5x fractals


x ( 1953125 + 390625 + 78125  + 15625 + 3125 + 625 + 125 + 25 + 5 +1) / 1953125
10 Octaves


Boundary - The event horizon along the sphere of matter at its smallest appearance - the surface where inside and outside forces of nature meet - each is skewed opposite directions relative to itself
Sliding -    This is the conscious technique used to percieve both sides of the boundary