Using the hands for amplified health.

Hand Positions

Experience Inflow and Outflow


When the 50 mm resonance is at the center of the 150 mm resonance it will create a divide between compression force and expansion force.
Set the thumbs inside the compression force, and the fingers one at a time inside the expansion force.
Thumbs are the infinite Source. See if you notice the difference.

Another more healing set of lengths might be 76.77 mm and 25.59 mm to charge up the fingers and thumbs as shown above.
These are based on the spinning node fractal 8.53 mm. It may be easier to feel how it jumps to the top of the head.

Fingers crossing

Press the fingers tightly between the fingers of the opposite hand.
Point the tips directly through the meat of the other hand.
Stare at the thumbs and feel the top of the head.
Power lies in the effect of the thumbs to draw inwards, and connect this energy to shoot out the top of the head.
Do not force this energy to move, simply set the inflow feeling at the thumbs, then watch it move out the top of the head.

Home Position

Return flow is outwards on the fingers of both hands, shooting directly up the meridians of the opposite hand.
[When the thumbs contact the higher self through the top of the head, it will answer back with a flow pushing back down and then out the fingers.]

In this position, whether you are aware of it or not, the centers between the finger bones on the back side of the hands will energize, and this will begin to shoot up the arms.
This energy moving back up the arms will feed the lower body and bring it into an energized state.
This is a power position.

Use of Both Polarities

Thumb Flows

In Yoga often this hand position is taught as a means to shoot energy into the lower body by shooting it out the thumbs and into the finger of each level.
This methods is good for a little, but as there is no release, it attempts to overfill the universe with a forced outflow.
The correct balance of the universe needs both inflow and outflow generated from one source, to set up the stronger vibration from that source area or field bubble.
We reverse the thumbs to inflow, and let them suck the energy inwards, now as energy flows out the fingers it can complete its mission to flow towards an inflow field.
The lower body will go into a state of radiance much faster and the two flows will automatically connect jumping through the connection where the finger touches the thumb.

Regulator Balance Sequence

This is one of the 4 main flows of the healing arts for the physical human body.


The regulator flows are on top and bottom of the web between thumb and index fingers.
Take your time and feel them as you move the point of touch around on both top and bottom simultaneously.
When you get them both positioned correctly, there will be a balance felt from head to toe.
This can be done with index finger and thumb of one hand to the other hand either way.

Thumbs Crossing

The thumb position of the regulator home hand position.
One thumb presses inwards towards the Regulator point on the other hand, the opposite thumb touches from under on the same center on the bottom of the hand.
Maintain this as you  now close the two finger tornadoes into one another seen below.

Regulator Home Position

Home position with regulator flows held in crossover thumbs.
This may cause the entire lower arms to tingle up as the energy crosses between infinite Source energy and the regulator flows of the body.
This is the universal balancer position.
 This is an excellent hand position to end with.
This one can take 20 to 30 minutes to fully balance the body.
Just hold the position and wait for the body to balance itself out.

As these begin to feel more natural, you can separate your two hand without changing the finger positions, and feel the two tornadoes each one holds.
The two rotations from each hand moving out the fingers and back in the thumbs, forming two opposite spinning circular fields bubbles.
Play with the diameter of the two bubbles so they generate the power of this spin for you.
When you get the diameter just right, the two energy balls will light up with a denser energy contained inside the field bubble.
You do not have to power this yourself, the background field will do it for you when you get the diameter right.
The spin will create a flow around the small circle of the finger thumb combination, it will jump through the air between them to complete the boundary layer.
These are your body calipers.

The Helix Beam

Helix Beam

If you establish the power flow, from your higher self with the two index fingers and thumbs,
you can use any set of fingers to send a beam outwards from the body that will connect with a remote object like a Lazar.
As both fingers will be in the outflow mode , the energy leaving the two fingers will twist around itself making a Helix.
In general it will twist right over left, but it can be consciously reversed.

When that beam intersects a remote object, information will flow backwards over it, for you to read or feel from it's center of mass.
In this way you can collect information, at distance.
The thumbs will carry the information directly through the head, where it can be received.

Point the beam at the center of an object then close the eyes, and feel that object all around your head, and read it.

The finger method, intensifies the energy flows.
These are not the only methods.

12 - 24 - 2016
Dave L

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