12 - 11 - 2022


Gravity operates between Masses.
The correct target for control and manipulation of gravity is the Nuclear Mass of the atom, in a "coherent field" that is sourced from the
Weight and / or the Isotope frequency mixing system between all atoms.
Gravity cannot be measured using EM test equipment, it is not EM powered, it is a "Mass Vibration" system.
It operates over the Quantum Field Fabric at a dimension of the atoms Nuclear center, which is much larger then the plank length which powers the Protons.

Note the inertial field is different then the Graity field in dimension. Inertia works the same everywhere, Gravity drops off as distance squared.

Vibration Fields

8 - 18 - 2020


With the advances of experimental results from work with vibration technology, it is time to write an updated "mental model" of how Gravity operates.
The first goal in all these theories is to reach comprehension such that our calculations can prove to become accurate.

Mathematical phenomena was discovered, that has bearing on not only how gravity is generated, but possibly on how to modify it.
Identification of the Source of the gravitational field has been a long sought after point of science.

While science continues to conjecture particles such as "gravitons" most of us recognize that the Proton and Neutron are the source of the major weight of all atoms.
Thus the gravitation field is likely found to be linked to these already discovered particles in some way which we can now link to by using vibration field comprehension.

We now go back to the first point of creation of matter. The first atom to appear.

Diagram Origin

The universe has a background frequency that is convergent towards the Proton, and Possibly the Electron, as the two form the first wheel work of nature.
The Electron goes into an orbital spin around the Proton, at a ratio of 658.20222 Hz / Tesla. Electron Proton Ratio
As we saw in the magnetism document this results in 4 separate frequencies being generated back outwards from the two particles in orbital and particle spin confinements.

Further as we add mass to the structure along the table of elements, we get more sets of frequencies for each Proton orbital motion that results, this is the study of NMR and NVR technologies.
The universal convergent frequency, creates mass in the Proton, and with it the strong force of the atoms. Of itself this cannot explain gravity, there is something deeper happening we must define.
Magnetism is created mostly by the Electron. As Electrons path of motion is controlled by Proton through mass vibration, the orientation of Protons magnetic field is controlled by Electron, and the dance continues forever.
This is how the 3 field forces can be locked into a self sustaining form of energy, using correct frequencies and ratios between them.

We have started with the universal vibration that is convergent, manipulated it to produce 4 frequencies that now sustain the atom. These new frequencies are different then the Source field from the universe.
These new frequencies now become radiant outwards of the atom, what happens as they begin to mix in the space around the atoms of all the elements that are present on the earth?

Fibonacci Mixing of the Radiant Field and the 12x Octave Structure of Gravity

Now we must consider that Gravity is a gradient which falls off in intensity at distance by the distance squared. It is a 2 dimensional field force.
Wilbert Smith directed us to notice that the atoms precession is the only field he could see that might produce this force. These are the cones of Isotope alignment, seen through the veil of the Electron shell. Giving this field both a mass vibration [tempic] component, and the electron shell an [electric] component. We can also note the E and P spins are in opposing direction in the same magnetic field indicating the formula to calculate them is the difference, rather then the sum of the two frequencies.

Now we investigate what we have learned with mixing vibration frequencies that appear together in one field.
We have developed a system called the "mediator" function for coupling two different frequencies into a dance and passing energy between them.
We discovered that we can tap into the sum, or the difference of any two frequencies and derive a secondary energy coupling that will become self sustaining also off those two.

Thus for example if we calculate two frequencies separated by a pi/2 ratio, such that the "sum" is equal to a source field frequency, like the 333000 Hz field, they will both interact to self sustain.
This can be shown experimentally on Stainless Steel tubes using calipers or scalar coils to set them up.

When we look at the math of these "mediators," and start to add a cascade of sums and differences, we discover a mathematical phenomena that seems rather unique to sums, that is not present in differences.
We can take any two frequencies in a gradient field, add them together, then in the Fibonacci method, keep adding the next sum from the last two frequencies, we will eventually hit a nearly perfect Phi moving outwards from the center of the atom.
It does not matter what two numbers we start with, it always happens within relatively few steps where we get very close.  
Phi = 1.618033989 ,,,    Fibonacci 1 (3) .ods spreadsheet  With this spreadsheet you can try any two numbers and see what happens.

Spreadsheet Graphic Fibonacci

Now when we hit a nearly perfect Phi moving outwards 1.618033989...  from the atom,  the reverse becomes phi 0.618033989... moving back inwards, where with sums this was not present. Where this phi ratio manifests in the field we get a spiral back inwards, and there is reason to believe this is the actual source of the gravitational field. It is a secondary effect of how matter is sustained from the background field, and thus it is not a primary force of nature. It is an inertial force generated by the Radiant energy from matter moving first back outwards, mixing, and then again crashing inwards to much smaller fractal spacing. Science has identified most of these frequency ranges, and complex models can be calculated.

Diagram Gravity Effect

Thus gravity can be manipulated from just outside of matter, by changing the way these frequencies mix and propagate.
However it is very interesting to note how the Fibonacci mixing will produce levels of 12x segmentation,
matching the measurements we have found in the Gravity wave vibration system having 12x octaves rather then the basic 8x form for matter.

Other Experimental Documents Which Tend To Support This Theory

Gravity Spin Wave

A conical coil system was developed to separate the Gravity vibration from the EM wave. This is theoretical and has not been constructed as of yet.
It uses the 3 6 9 format for vibration manipulation. Where the 9x length should cancel the Vibration extracting the EM from the 6x side, while the scalar canceling occupies the 3x side. 12 - 11 - 2022

Earth Dynamo - Cross Flow System

In this document is shown measuring the earths core field from a direct scan, and realizing the gravitational field has two component mathematical functions.
An inwards phi vibration ratio, and an orbital stabilizing Pi / 2 ratio. These were based on blind caliper measured fractals during a deep earth scan of the core consciously.
The math proved to create a field in water that bent light, a known effect of Gravity fields.

Gravity - The Radiant Light Model

Where it was detected that from light nodes crossing, the effect went from outflow to inflow in the space between the resonant rods.
Gravity appears to be an effect generated inside the space between two objects, rather then totally from inside the two objects.
Center of gravity was also played with, showing that even an irregular object that is hollow will spin around its center of gravity, that may be empty.
As well other models were discounted by the fields calculations alone, which easily disproved some of the other mental models at that time.
Gravity is not a 3 dimensional force, and thus does not act like water pressure, dropping with the cube of the distance.
Gravity does not cast a shadow when moving through two objects. No object even a magnet can shield from gravity.

Gravity Rods

In this experimental document, by using the distance between Earth and Moon, was calculated many possible fractals of the field operating between them.
Many different octave down shifts were experimented with.
It was discovered by using a 12x octave system we hit lengths on the bench that when made using aluminum with bismuth cores, created a distortion in the room too strong to work around.
The Bismuth core had to be destroyed.
The fractal was eventually used in a Joe Cell on stainless steel tubes and was the first cell that did not go dead at night around 2am, when the power grid went very low.
It derived it's main vibration field from directly down, towards the center of the Earth.
The fractal was labeled the "Gravity Fractal" due to the fact that it worked very well to create very stable vibration field bubbles.  7.45 cm

8950 Application to an Engine

In this document we discovered how to set up a field on an internal combustion engine to totally reduce inertia of the engine and the vehicle at all RPM's of the engine.
The field is set up outside the engine in layering to reduce the connection to Earth's Gravity.
A secondary field is set up inside the engine to increase the local Gravity in the car to the center of the engines location.
This is powered from the engines piston and crank motions, and fracturing those frequencies to warp the field fabric around the engine and vehicle.
It uses fractal calculations and the 89 / 50 ratio as was discovered from an earth scan, while study of octal structure platonic forms.

As more layers of the field were added the effect became so strong, it started to feel as if we were setting still as the earth moved around us in the car.
The local Gravity field displaced the Earths Gravity field, and the car wanted to move straight and not take corners.
It took off like a rocket with little resistance from inertial coupling to the Earths field.

To me this was a positive proof that Gravity happens between the car and the Earth, and it can be manipulated in that space between them.
While it may be obvious that shorter range fields could accomplish this if worked from the atomic levels of the matter inside the car, it was also obvious there is likely more then one way to do it.
It was theorized we could apply these fields to the "vector equilibrium" and effect a very short range Gravity field system. Never tested, but from that level it should effect all matter.

10-24-2022 note the strong Gravity effect was noticed with adding the 2/pi ratios to the field shown in the first spreadsheet calculator.
When we set up the field using the scalar bismuth coil, we omitted these 2/pi ratios and the Gravity effect was not as strong, but the inertial reduction still worked well.

VE Fractals in Saucer Craft

In this document was discovered a fractal that vibrates up any and all matter I have tested it on. Thus Gravity manipulation around the matter can possibly be accomplished using only one fractal method.
Diameter = 24.805 mm     Radius = 12.4025 mm
This could however be dangerous if not well contained.

As of 8 - 18 - 2020 this completes the extent of Gravity investigation for the www, site, showing the history of documented effects observed through direct experiment.

It is however interesting to note that via conscious means other gravity effects were hit on for a short time using intuition that were unexpected.
Early on with the Rainmaker experiments in 2006, I had the crystal ball go weightless as it was lifted off the mount, and then it came down with it's normal weight in my lap.
This was a result of consciously asking for an example of gravity release while tweaking two frequencies simultaneously on the scalar coils for some hours.
I had hit some combination where I could no longer feel anything from the crystal and it was felt to go dark to my vibration senses.
Just enough to let me know, yes it is possible, keep with the program ...  Experiments 7 RainMaker Development

It is also recommended that for one exploring Gravity, find and try a technique called Party Levitation.
It is described at the bottom of this document from 2007.  Tempic Field