Making Rain Tubes

Project start date 4 / 8 / 2015
A labor of Love, for California.

On the Turning Away - Shaking the Tree Choir


Current science only recognizes a couple forms of "weather control" I am aware of.
One is massive ion release, and the other is cloud seeding on a large scale, for which there may be laws in place to regulate these methods in a particular area.
These methods cost millions.

I am not aware of any laws inhibiting the spiritual practice of personally "tunning to a vibration," using a "rod of power" in ceremony, or making "conscious vibration devices", to assist the "Rain Dance Phenomena."
I feel it could be done with a circle or rocks, but using Copper Rain tubes may be faster for the attunement process. A "diamagnetic field" can accelerate the conscious connection with Mother Earth. Something referred to as the Y factor in Joe Cell work. Now adding the "wavelength data" to the Spiritual practice, is something new, and we will have to see where it takes mankind. The outer tube used in this document is 49 inches in length. The inner ones are Resonant on the earth grid 13.5 cm fractal length system.

Each person using these techniques, which are freely shared, must take responsibility for how they use them in their local area, and in their personal lives.
I can only report my own "perceptions" with this "personal experience" not yet considered as "real phenomena" by mainstream science.

Design Concept

Human Conscious Connection
There is  a major difference between the tube designs here and the ones developed as "cloud busters."
In cloud buster design, the designers would experiment with busting clouds with their eyes. Clearing the skys with their own bodies fields, and energy flows through the body.
As the body and intention was used exclusively, they coupled to the system using a bucket with Quartz crystals and human interactive Orgonite.
Quartz crystals, can couple to the pineal of the human mind, and thus make a system that amplifies intention.
Six copper tubes of 6 feet long, for the cosmic coupling, are anchored into a bucket of human interactive Orgonite, and pointed upwards at the sky to amplify the "personal intentions."
This system has problems, in that most people cannot maintain control of their intentions over time, as life gets in the way, nor should they be forced into that level of service 24/7.
The tubes can just as likely cause a drought if the humans around it are asking for "sunny weather" all the time, and distracted with personal life events, as service to self.
Anyone in the area may effect the weather events, without knowing they are.

Further more, after a torsion field tension stabilizes in one position for a time it stops doing anything.
The weather is more effected by a "change" in the torsion field tension, then by a static device.
Thus these devices should by taken down and only set up when needed.

Earth Grid Connection
In these tube designs below, no Quartz crystals are used, and the desire is actually to decouple the human from the experience.
Instead an inner tube is used with an Earth Grid resonance, and a bismuth core that polarizes the Earth grid.
The Earth Grid then interacts with the Cosmic field, to produce more consistent natural inflow effects.
Earth consciousness, connected into Background field of the universe, and the human is free to have any intentions they desire because they do not tap into controlling the interaction 24/7.
In this way scientific observations prove to become more consistent, and intention is far less important, as the wavelengths used couple into Earth and sky, but not into the human for control.
The key to this success is knowledge of the wavelengths from the earth grid, and for the background field of the universe.

The document may be added to as I build, use the refresh key [F5] often.

Yahoo site for discussion and co ordination of the California "Consciousness Raising" event stream, which may be assisted by "rain tubes" with very minimal cost, if desired.


Day 1  

I cut the first tubes, some excitement in the Jet streams, as if they know .... where I am!
I am directly under that green blotch at the eye of the Dragon over the Pacific.
Seems this was a simultaneous perception experience, of when the tubes were cut to 49 inches, then laid on the earth grid node.

Making Rain Tubes

The jet stream "appeared" to bend and curve back like a Dragon reaching all the way down to the latitude of Southern California!
Maybe the earth actually heard me! There is a conscious link formed with intention, when using vibration resonant devices.

Try as we might from Alaska and Canada, we did managed two times to see rain, snow, ice, actually cross into California.
The first time coming in from the East blanketing the entire Sierra Nevada Range with snow, the second shown below from the North West hitting mainly Northern California.
Note also the inland flow down through the states was the first to reach California, and made the news when it hit the mountain range.

Google Earth Image

I want to also thank Dell at this point for his communing with the Universal Energy, and asking for all these events to work for the highest good of all involved, and to work in the gentlest way possible.
This higher conscious direction, is a part of using the vibration fields to manifest a Rain event, or an event stream.

The Tubes In The Raw

$31 worth of fresh cut tubes along with a few of the older ones from 2013.
The new ones, fresh cuts, are 49 inches in length, and have very clean tips in the photo below.
4 of copper and two of iron.


Raw tubes have been cut to 49 inches, and laid over an earth node on the bench.
The earth node just happens to land at the crack in the center of the bench, it hits the tubes at about 35.5 inches from one end by random chance.

At this point the earth then reached out it's conscious field and enveloped me in it's life vibration. That was all it took.
I did not use any Bismuth at all to have this experience with the earths conscious field.

Here was the last experiment, that was done for Texas and the device used is far more complex, then a simple rain tube needs to be to access the earths conscious Cosmic Source field.

Aetheric Tube Device

Water Shortage States

I discovered that in states like Utah, Arizona, California, etc, where water has been in short supply for the past 200 years, and they do not yet have abundance, there may be laws about collecting rain water.
There may also be laws about "weather devices" that have been scientifically accepted to work, like cloud seeding and very large and expensive ion devices costing millions.

Recommend any become familiar with these local laws. In California traditionally you do not own the rain that falls on your land, the state owns it. In 2012 a new law was passed that allows you to collect rainwater from your roof, but not from the land. This is so the water table will not be threatened and the local public reservoirs do not go dry. Down the road in time, if man learns to live on the Earth with a conscious connection, rain may become "abundant" and these fears of shortage would then disappear.


Experiments proceeded to show that if a rain tube is placed at 90 degrees to the wind direction, centered over an earth node it may produce hail and some lightening.
This one angular set up should likely be avoided.

Setup 1 photo

Here is shown the set up I used for working the California drought from Alaska. Accurate angle, and tube tilt are both a factor in how the weather may respond.
If the use of one 49 inch long copper rain tube is enough, then you are finished.

If not, a complete system can be fabricated that will harness both the Cosmic wave, and the Earth Grid wave, shown below in the diagram, to create a more powerful system.
We connect heaven and earth to generate a life force field, to bring life giving rain to an area.
This must be done locally however. The diagram below is the most current design.

I have the materials now on hand to craft one complete system, I only await someone in California to ask for assistance in this, and become responsible for the tubes operation, if it is gifted to them.

RainMaker Mark 3

Note: The large 49 inch copper tube [cosmic resonator] will work much better if you do not cut the end as shown below. Beware however to deactivate it, it must be placed up in a corner of a room far away from any earth nodes. If laid across an earth node it will continue to steer the jet streams in various ways, it can even cause hail if set horizontal at 90 degrees to prevailing winds.

Aetheric Tube Device System Diagram

Showing all the Tubes on the Bench

Components Photo

Note the cosmic resonator can be somewhat sensitive to mental intention if crystals are added. I do not recommend that approach.
Instead we add the Earth Grid resonator, and allow the earth and sky to drive this system, removing the person from the energy loop.
In this way the system is more stable and predictable. People can have their emotional process of life without disturbing the interaction of the device.

Note that in this new system the large 49 inch copper tube is cut so it can be deactivated from the cosmic field resonance effect at 49 inches.
This turned out to be a mistake, as the tube looses its inner tension and will not pass the field through the butt joint formed when just pushing them together.

A little Braso polish improves the look of the copper tubes. As the large ones were somewhat old and had some stains I had to steel wool them as well, but the larger stains persisted.
The black iron tube got a coat of primer and then gray hi gloss to minimize rusting.

The elements are all slid together concentrically and flat on the one end that will intersect the earth node.

Tubes Assembled Photo

Here is the original ATD design for reference, with some local experiments from 2013:

Aetheric Tube Device

Locating Earth Node Points

California Rain Event


Prior to April 2015 it was noted by several weather observers that the weather was totally avoiding the State of California.
I observed the water vapor images for some time and marveled at how the entire coastline of California would only allow a hot air pocket to form there, and even the jet streams were bending away, splitting both North and South to bypass the state entirely. Snow fall in the Sierra Nevada mountain range was lower then in recorded history, and the melt from this is supposed to fill the California reservoirs for the summer and fall months. Once again this year of 2015 by spring, the snow packs have not recovered and are even smaller.

Thousands of fruit trees have died, and the outlook is very bad for farmers in the State. Many who can, are sinking new wells. Others are taking out trees that once produced an abundant crop of fruit, and are at the point of giving up.

In Joe Cell work it was noted that a vibration field around clean water could produce an inflow and actually cause the weather to come into an area. This was observed in Oregon while turning up several Joe Cells at once. Celery document on Joe Cell work.  In this URL note the "effect on the weather" section.

When working with engines it was also noted when the vibration fields hit the Oil in the engine it creates an opposite sort of effect pushing outwards with an inertial field. These two fields compress against one another to create an energy system that can run the engine in a fueless mode. Documented here. Joe Cell Toroidal Model . This dynamic where I had finally witnessed the manifolds go from about 190 degrees down to touching them with my hand as we hit a fueless operation mode for a short time. When the spark plug fires on the engine these countering vibration fields crash, just as the piston is about 1/2 up, and the inertial field is changed adding energy of rotation to the engine, if all is adjusted perfectly. The field of the engine oil pushing outwards and the field of the water jacket constricting it. When it crashes the inner field shoots outwards and lowers the inertial resistance of the piston motion, as best I can explain it.

Oil creates a field that will push the weather away, especially when the sun hits it.
California, possibly the state with the most cars and the most widespread layering of hydrocarbon and oil films, causes what?
From a standpoint of Earth nodes on the ground covered with oil, we can expect the earth to stop pulling in the weather, as natural earth grid nodes are a major source of the vibration field covering the earth grid at the surface, a major source of vibration energy. The oil layering reverses them to an outflow condition.

I believe this is now the condition of California, repelling the weather away from the land. Add to this the tons of oil leaking along the coast from the underwater faults, oil filled areas of the ocean off the coast.
There is every indication, this pollution may be the cause of the jet stream bending away from the state due to what I would term an outflow torsion field effect.
Effects that have been observed many times with small scale experiments.

What can we do?

Amplify the Earth grid vibration field, and transmit it more strongly through the earths surface along the Grid lines.
When the inflow again exceeds the outflow energy, it should tip the balance and start drawing in rain again.
This is the main concept of the Rain Tubes, the rain dance, the circle of rocks...etc.

Local field - From the study of the earths grid we have the 13.5 cm fractal system to amplify the local fields radiant energy of the grid
Source field - From the background field of the universe we have the 49 inch fractal vibration moving towards the earth core from space

5-6-2015 our member Vern, in the Carmel area, near Monterey Bay set a 49 inch copper rain tube over an Earth node, aligned with his prevailing wind direction, approximately East West.

Rain Tube

Photo compliments of Vern Leffer

3/4" diameter copper pipe cut to 49 inches. Very simple, and a very small thing to do in his area.
I ceased any operations from Alaska to the best of my ability.

We then observed the weather and where it was previously blocked.

Within 24 hours on 5-7-2015 we see rain has breached the Eastern border of California and coming in from the East all the way over to the coast. The result appeared to be fairly gentle, but effective.
A triangle formed blanketing the Northern half of the Sierra Nevada mountain range with a snow pack and pulling rain across the state all the way down to just North of Fresno and as as far up as Sacramento.

Google Image California

I believe the pink is ice, the gray is snow, and the green is rain.

Vern is the first to operate inside the California area, that I am aware of, a historic moment in time for Rain Tube Operators world wide.
Since current technology will claim they are not based on anything real to science, it is really nice to see what they can actually do for our "spiritual perception."
Congratulations Vern on the "beautiful perception" of a rain event in your local area.

In the image below, taken a few hours later, one may notice the connection to the inland flows of rain across the central states as well.

Weather Image Some Hours Later

1:23 AKDT  5 - 7 - 2015

Google Image California

It looks like Monterey Bay is now enveloped with a Rain event, parts of it reaching South of Fresno. The mountains still receiving snow and ice.

1:50 PM  AKDT  5 - 7 - 2015

Google Image

The Snow has now extended across the Southern end of the Sierra Nevada mountains, with scattered rain events now below Bakersfield.

3:50 AKDT  5 - 7 - 2015

Google Earth Image California

The precipitation has reached all the way around to the inside of the mountains also hitting the higher ones that lie between San Fran and LA.
A build up backing up almost to Reno Nevada, as if the earths consciousness knows what has been missing there the past 5 years.
The rain event now even moving out over water on the ocean side completely encircling the new rain tube turned up yesterday.

The block we observed along the water line of the coast is apparently broken.

IR satellite image 6:30 AKDT  5 - 7 - 2015

GOES image

As the blue area formed in California, it also formed in Idaho simultaneously, along the same vector line.
This is an excellent site to look back 24 hours for a replay of the weather.

National Weather Service Infrared

Base Reflectivity

Radar Image

Radar Image

Showing pretty clearly, the water vapor over the state of California is very different then when we first looked at this.
The effect seems to have created a larger system, that delivered snow to Southern California also, dropping 3 to 4 inches in low mountain areas and closing schools down there on Thursday.

Is Verns Rain Tube having an effect?

I make no claims, but after having witnessed, then recorded, events like these on several occasions, I personally "believe" it is.

The solution, is likely to lower our use of oil and oil film layering over the land. The stats I read tell us there is more oil lost to the road systems then has ever leaked into the oceans from spills or underwater releases.
Dealing with car and marine engine oil, is a major problem, but there is also a lot of intentional oil sprayed on roads, and pavement itself is usually tar based.

Covering large areas with new black pavement, is likely closing down the earths ability to attract rain, unless you do something to compensate.
Some place orgone machines around the cities. These are usually built of random wavelengths, but if diamagnetic elements are used they will effect the balance between the two fields of expansion and contraction for a time.

I believe the vibration tubes, may be a way to give us a little more time to complete that work on powering our systems from the background field energy all around us, and eventually reduce our oil "footprint" literally.
Get our earth grid back up and working correctly, and it should attract the water cycle back over the lands of California.
For me, the California drought has been a wake up call, to what may eventually happen everywhere if we keep doing it the same.


If a thing works consistently, a method, a procedure, ever so simple, is it not worth sharing with mankind?
This is merely a report of observed interactions, I have no desire to debate it with anyone.
If you are in a serious drought condition, I would recommend that it is certainly worth a try.
I believe it is all about the vibration wavelength and using a good diamagnetic material.

For the highest and greatest good of all involved!

Credits and References

Google Earth  for the world images and weather data displayed on them.
Vern Lefer  of California for work with a rain tube
Dell Coleman of Canada for higher level work with the universal conscious field
David Dawson of Australia for Original work with the Weather tubes and initial designs
David Lowrance  of Alaska for compiling these documents - and rain tube experiments - contact  <>


Dave L 
4 - 2015